What Makes Laptops With Solid State Drives Better ?

Covid-19 has brought about unprecedented changes to both our academic and professional lives.In this post, we have listed What Makes Laptops With Solid State Drives Better ?

The rise of remote studying and working has increased usage of our electronic devices, mainly our laptops which we rely heavily on to accomplish our daily objectives.

In order to optimize productivity, we are always looking for alternatives to upgrade the performance of the laptop. 

One way to achieve this is by upgrading the hard drive of the laptop. The Hard drive is the laptop equivalent of the human brain; its main function includes storage of your data like images, videos, documents etc.

The two most common hard drives in the market at the moment are the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and the Solid-State Drive (SSD).

You can check an SSD here.

In this article we will mainly be talking about how the SSD is a better alternative to the HDD and why you should potentially consider switching.

1. Smaller & lighter

The SSD is much smaller than the HDD as it does not have any moving mechanical parts and therefore, it can fit into laptops with ease and, yet be as efficient if not more than the HDD. 

2. Faster

Its completely normal if your laptops speed has been on the decline.

Over time the existing hard drive in your computer gets accumulated with data. 

An SSD’s boot time is roughly 50% faster than that of its counterpart. They even read, write, and open files much quicker than the HDD.

3. No heat & noise generation

Annoyed by the noise coming from your laptop ? The SSD’s superior build quality and lack of mechanical moving parts  guarantee almost no noise.

This means you can work in noise free zones and shared community workplaces without causing any disturbance.

Additionally, the SSD helps in reducing the heat generated which is normally quite bad for your laptop.

4. Minimal power consumption

If you are someone who is always on the move and requires a strong battery life, then SSD is your go to option as it consumes less power than its counterpart.

As a result, you will not have to rely on bulky power banks or hunt for power sources.

5. Durable

As the SSD’s do not consist of any mechanical moving parts, they can absorb shocks with zero to minimal damage, thereby making them more portable.

They normally have double the lifespan of an HDD. 

To summarize, if you are looking to multitask, game or use advanced software then SSD is your best bet as they can access data quickly.

Although it might be slightly more expensive than the HDD, it works out well in the long run. It also has a negligible carbon footprint.

The absence of moving mechanical parts means it consumes only 20% electricity as that of an equivalent HDD.

If you are considering buying a new laptop just because your laptop has become slower, making noise, generating excessive heat then upgrading your existing hard drive to an SSD will be a much cheaper alternative.

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