How To Transfer Files Between 2 Laptops

Bought a new laptop ? trying to transfer data from your old laptop to the new one,  trying to transfer your personal data to your work laptop or vice-versa ? do not worry in this post we have mentioned 3 different ways on How To Transfer Files Between 2 Laptops.

This article will provide you with multiple solutions to transfer files between two laptops. O

ften this can come off as a very tedious task, but using the methods listed below it can be achieved in a jiffy.

File transfer can be achieved both wired and wirelessly, the former probably being the quicker option. 

1. File transfer using the Cloud

Probably one of the most hassle-free methods, transferring via the cloud is the most convenient and requires minimum effort.

This can be achieved using the cloud service of companies like google (drive) , Microsoft (OneDrive), dropbox etc.

All you need is an account on these platforms, on signing up you receive a free space storage of up to 10-15GB.

All you have to do is upload files from the laptop that has all the data/files and download it to the laptop you would like to transfer the data to. 

However, this might not be the best solution if large files, videos, software’s have to be transferred.

As mentioned earlier you are limited to only a certain free space anything above that initial space would require you to become a premium member which calls for a subscription fee.

Additionally, the speed of the file transfer relies heavily on your internet speed.

2. File Transfer Via External Storage Device

Yes! We are talking about USB’s/flash drive or hard disk drives.

USB’s generally are small and pocket sized making them portable and travel friendly, the only downside to this is it’s relatively low storage capacity.

However, that’s where the Hard disk drive steps in, a device roughly the size of your palm offers both the size benefit as well as more storage space.

All you have to do is connect these devices via the USB port and copy paste or move your files into them.

Once the device is safely ejected it can then be inserted into the new laptop and either moved or pasted.

3. File transfer Via Email


Another simple yet effective method that works best if you have to share something small and important is via Email.

You simply have to Email yourself the files from your source laptop and then access them from your email ID on the other laptop.

To conclude, if you are looking to transfer large files and prioritize security over speed, using an external hard disk drive or an USB is your best bet.

Not only is it safe and secure, but its also quite pocket friendly in terms of space.

However, if you are looking to transfer smaller files more frequently, transfer using the cloud is a great option.

Nonetheless, you can use any of the aforementioned methods as there are only minor differences that set them apart.

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