How to Check Window is Genuine or Not 2021 [Simple Ways]

Do you ever wonder How to Check Window is Genuine or Not? There are many ways to check, and this article will walk through the steps of how to do so. The easiest way is simply by looking for a hologram on the window itself. These can be found in any number of places, but they should be visible without having to put too much effort into finding them.

If there isn’t one present, it’s possible that your window is fake or has been replaced with an aftermarket part that doesn’t have the same quality as OEM parts would provide. You should also shine a light at different angles around the window while checking for seams where two pieces of glass were joined together during manufacturing. If none can be seen, it’s likely not genuine either.

At this point, if the window still seems to be genuine it is time to check for other ways that would indicate that it’s not. You can take a look at the packaging where the window was stored when you first received it and find out what sort of glass is being used in your vehicle.

There are many different kinds of glass with varying degrees of quality, durability, thickness, price, etc. It’s possible to get cheap replacements which will likely only last about 6 months before needing replacement again.

Microsoft’s goal of reaching 1 billion devices with Windows 10 has been scrapped, but they’ve still managed to get close. The company announced that 800+ million people worldwide were using their genuine updates by March 2019 and this number is only growing as we speak! But what about those who aren’t?

There are some malicious copies floating around online- these fraud updates could end up compromising your files or even result in data breach for you if unchecked properly

Disadvantages Of Using A Pirated Windows 10

How to Check Window is Genuine or Not

Pirated versions of Windows 10 come with several drawbacks. For example, Microsoft charges a hefty amount for these updates and they can be expensive to upgrade if you don’t purchase the full version upfront – which may seem like an attractive option at first because who doesn’t want free stuff?! But here’s why pirating software is never worth it:

Piracy comes at great cost not just in terms of financial but also moral issues such as intellectual property infringement (which carries heavy penalties) or even violence toward those operating outside prescribed norms/norms violations. The truth about downloading something offline vs trusting legitimate stores.

It Is Illegal

First, it is illegal to download and use pirated software. If you’re caught using a product without proper licensing, you could face fines and other legal problems if the company decides to take legal action against the user. (Of course, this depends on local laws and how strict they are when it comes to infringement.)

Piracy also has an impact on the economy in many cases. When companies see that their products aren’t getting much profit from users, they may decide that making such pieces isn’t worth it financially- leading them to shut down or move into different fields such as creating software for smartphones or computers instead.

Finally, pirating software also hurts computer literacy in general because people who pirate often do so because they are unable to afford the real product or because they are too young to have their own credit card. By forcing them to pirate, you are depriving them of the opportunity for a better future.

Compromise Of Privacy And Security

Pirated copies of Windows are not the only threat to your important data. You could also have hidden malware on a stolen or modified license that would access everything in my example, without being aware!

The risk is greatest for those who store personal information like bank account numbers and passwords; however all users should be cautious when using any type of pirating software which may give an attacker full control over their device(s).

Hackers Might Use It For Illegal Activities

Pirated versions of Windows might function without issue, but there’s something happening behind your computer screen. When you activate a pirate license for the software and install it on your device in order to use that specific cracked version – hackers can easily gain access not just into what is shown onscreen or when secretly watching online videos using Adobe Flash Player (a plugin used by many websites).

They could even steal passwords from other sites where users have saved them! It only takes one hacker being aware about this vulnerability so please don’t rely solely upon any type pirated programs either free downloads off internet forums/content sharing networks etc., which are always temporary until their website expires.

Reason Why do we need to Buy Original Windows From Microsoft?

There are many reasons to use the authentic Microsoft software, and we will explore a few of them here. 

There’s no need for you to worry about getting caught when your company uses genuine updates because they’re only available from official sources – not even if that means being at risk instead! There can be unforeseen consequences down this road as well: what happens if something goes wrong with an operating system? It is better than risking everything on some unknown version just so it takes less time or effort in comparison.

You Get Your Money’s Worth

The quality of the software will not be compromised. You can seamlessly move from one device to another, and you won’t have any speed problems with your app either.

Technical Support

The software is a must-have for businesses that want to stay ahead in their industry. With it, you can have peace of mind knowing your data will be secure and backed up on our servers at all times.

The importance of having access to reliable technology shouldn’t just apply when there’s an emergency – make sure this isn’t something only contractors or employees know how do with ease by upgrading through us today.

Reduced Risk

Your device is protected at all times. You’ll never have to worry about it being compromised in terms of security and privacy, because you can rest assured that your information will be kept safe with us.

Differences between Genuine and Cracked Version of Windows 10

There are some differences between the genuine and pirated version, but normally you don’t notice them. Cracked software is usually more dangerous than just having an unlicensed program because it often comes preinstalled with malware that can infect your computer or phone without permission from users such as yourself! 

If downloading cracked apps sounds like something shady to do at first glance then think again: there’s no proof of any kind showing where these files come from so we never know what type in danger we might be putting ourselves into by trusting strangers online.

A genuine copy of Windows 10 is always better than a cracked one. Cracks are usually created by hackers who want access to your personal information or use malware on their computers.

In order for them be able to open up programs that you have legitimate rights to without permission from an administrator account holder but if this were not enough the cracks can slow down performance over time leading some users into experiencing errors while using certain functions expected out off sorts including being unable start doing work at all even before installing new software updates which may affect business efficiency negatively.

How to Check Windows Is Genuine or Cracked

Way 1: Use slmgr.vbs /dli Command

Click on This PC and then Properties in order to see information about your operating system. Click through the tabs at top, scroll down if necessary until you find Windows activation section where the product ID is given out by Microsoft for each installed copy of its software products such as Window 10.

Generally speaking when Right-clicking or tapping “CTRL + ALT” keys together followed immediately thereafter with a space bar being pressed while having been clicked upon from within whatever task may have been selected via Mouse Mode.

But there’s one thing you should note. Whether Windows 10 is genuine or activated, the status looks like it in the System Properties window. So how do I find out if my copy of Microsoft operating system is original? You can use Command Prompt to validate your install with a command that will show which version number applies for any updates from now on.

  1. In order to open the Run dialog, press Windows logo and R on your keyboard simultaneously.
  2. Type slmgr.vbs /dli and press Enter key to display license information, which you can access using the Software License Manager (or other software licenses). Type “slms” for your system type at startup without quotes then click OK before continuing on next screen.

Some people might think their Windows 10 is activated using activator software and it cracked when in fact, this could be because of the expiration date. The output tone should still remain professional even if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your device.

If only partial product key and license status are displayed, but not the expiration time or anything else it is usually an indication that Windows’ operating system is genuine.

Way 2: Check If Windows 10 Is Genuine via Settings

A lot of people think they’re purchasing a new computer but what they really have is an old one with Microsoft’s latest operating system installed. To ensure that your Windows 10 is genuine and not pirated, follow these steps: click Start then Settings; scroll down until you see Update & security in the bottom right corner (or if using keyboard press CTRL + U) – choose this option before clicking Activation on left side panel.

If there are two buttons labeled “activate” than chances are good your OS was indeed activated through purchase instead of theft or gray market product like Refurbished Computers which includes repairs at no cost but comes without warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the Windows product key?

Here’s how you can find your lost Windows product key.

At this point, if everything is activated properly and working as it should be then there are no more steps required – just make sure to save that number for future reference.

If not yet done so write down what was provided by Microsoft or another tool before moving onto the next section where we’ll discuss available apps designed specifically with users in mind who may need help remembering their activation information like yourself (we recommend using one of these six free third party applications).

Is your copy of Windows activated? Is it genuine?

It’s time for you to tell us what the experience was like.

Were your questions answered? Did it seem legitimate or not-so much so that something fishy might be going on, as in this case where someone has claimed their copy of Windows 10 is genuine but there are some warning signs suggesting otherwise (i.e., activation)?

We want know all about how things played out after reading through our guide! Let others share.


The window will have a “W” on the seal. It is important to note that there are fake seals out there so it’s important to know this before purchasing or installing an expensive new replacement window. You can check for fakes by looking at the lettering and font of the word ‘Window’. A real W should be in all caps, while a fake one might not be.

Another way you can find out if your new windows are genuine is by checking their quality – they should also include a manufacturer’s warranty card inside them as well! If you need help determining which company sells genuine products, contact us today! We’ll provide you with information about how to tell if your product meets our high standards.

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