Himalayan Accessories India – Best Of 10 Review

The Himalayan Accessories brand is a company that focuses on creating beautiful and stylish bags, accessories, and apparel for women who want to look fashionable while staying true to their ethical values. They stay true to this mission by ensuring that all of the materials used in their products are ethically sourced and produced using sustainable practices. 

They also donate 10% of every sale made to fight human trafficking through Solace Women’s Justice Initiative. For those looking for a way to support an organization they care about while still looking good at the same time, Himalayan Accessories makes it easy.


Himalayan Accesorries 2023 – Top 10 Review

ZANA INTERNATIONAL Himalayan Leg Guard with Slider (Black)

This crash guard compatible with himalayan for bs6
We recommend using this setup for off road/ dirt road usage ideally
Zana International Himalayan Saddle Stay (Black)
Patent Design exclusively available from ZANA MOTORCYCLES; Mounted on 4mm steel plates for optimum rigidity
Zana International GPS Mount for Himalayan BS3 and BS4 (Black)
1. Made of Powder-Coated Mild Steel.; 2. Compatible with the Himalayan BS3 and BS4 .

1. ZANA INTERNATIONAL Himalayan Leg Guard with Slider : Himalayan Accessories Zana

After the Royal Enfield Silencer Crashed , you know what to do. But with no good options available in India and expensive aftermarket parts that can get scratched easily by obstacles off-road trails it’s best not just any old plastic crash guard will do!

We at Crash Guard realized this problem and decided we need better protection for our bikes so they’re made from high-grade aluminum alloys which offer great strength while still being lightweight enough when biking long distances or taking curves quickly without worrying about damaging anything under usual conditions – unless someone runs into me then hello trouble.

If you’re an adventurer who spends most of your time on unpaved roads or muddy tracks, this guard is for you. It’s sturdy and rigid so it won’t add extra weight onto bike while providing maximum protection from rocks & branches with sliders included in Zana crash guards that protect engine casing as well foot pegs under hard landings- at only 4500 plus shipping charges (both official distributor prices), we think this leg guard is a steal.

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2.NightEye Led

As you know, the stock Headlight of Himalayan is Halogen and it heats up a lot. Another this drawback that there aren’t many brightness options available with your bike; so to remedy this problem we recommend getting third-party headlights for when out on adventures.

While buying lights from us two different types are available: led only (which costs around 1500) or complete kit including both bulbs as well as wiring harnesses – since most people end up wanting more than just one bulb at some point in their life span anyways.

Despite being a new adventure bike, Himalayan did not receive much love from aftermarket parts makers- the only place to get one is amazon.in and our favorite is NightEye led headlights with 9,000 lumens which will brighten up your days when on trails while also making sure you can see properly in poorly lit conditions. And if you’re worried about wiring, rest assured – both bulbs come with its own harnesses so installation is a breeze!

There are many brands of headlamps out there, but the MadDog ones will be better for your needs. The available stocks get exhausted quickly so it’s best to get them from local dealers instead if possible.

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3.Zana International Himalayan Saddle Stay

Royal Enfield has been a favorite of riders for years. The company’s first motorcycle, after independence in India and at just about any time since then that you could think about – it seems like everywhere this bike would go- people wanted to be on board with all it had to offer.

It was reliable because who doesn’t want their ride being dependable? And not only did these machines allow them adventure but also freedom from oppression or captivity too; long journeys across vast distances can help release inhibitions so let loose by confined spaces.

But what good is exploration without sustenance along the way? Many users quickly realized they couldn’t rely solely upon panniers alone if going further than short weekend getaways due to how successful the saddlebags were.

But come on – do you think Royal Enfield designed their bikes with that in mind? Of course not! So over time, riders from around the world have been coming up with creative ways to find additional space for essential items they might need when away from home.

We here at Crashguard India know your problem and we found a solution: Zana International Himalayan Saddle Stay with this product strapped onto bike’s rear rack, it’ll hold most of your stuff- including a helmet most likely. This universal fit cradle is ideal for heavy-duty use and comes highly recommended by customers who bought it before us.

The company has come up with a new innovation to help riders carry their luggage in style and comfort. The Royal Enfield pannier mounting kit allows you secure two separate bags simultaneously, without any hassle whatsoever. This sturdy yet stylish design is available only at the moment so get it before its gone for good.

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4.Zana International GPS Mount for Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is an amazing motorcycle, but it lacks a GPS mount. Without one you won’t be able to navigate through the wilds of India! And that just isn’t fun at all.

That’s where Zana comes in with our custom-designed-GPS holder for your bike which fits perfectly on any make or model and looks great too without giving up easy access to all navigation features as well as matching whatever color scheme might suit best depending on what type vehicle you ride around town.

5.ZUPIN Stainless Steel Motorcycle Bike Radiator Guard Protector

The Art of Motorcycles Radiator Guard Royal Enfield Himalayan is designed to protect your motorcycle’s radiator from debris like rocks and branches that are kicked up by tires, while out on rides. A lot people don’t realize the importance for this part in an engine’s function since it could lead them into some serious complications if damaged or not cared for accordingly.

The improved intake design of the K&N Aircharger Performance Intake System maximizes air flow so you can get more cooling performance for your engine. This means fewer overheating issues when on long road trips! Plus, it comes in an attractive design with no joints that will cause water seepage and corrosion or rusting which is good because we all know how important maintenance is to have a reliable vehicle.

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6.SIMATC Hazard Flasher

This “One and Only” Plug and Play Hazard Module for Royal Enfield Himalayan can be fitted easily without any cutting or splicing of wire. The Original Royal Flasher module is capable of blinking one pattern, but this hazard-equipped rhinestone-encrusted bad boy has been designed so you never have an issue with sending out too much light in your location’s darkness.

With multiple styles available including rapid fire blinks that will get anyone’s attention from afar plus slow flashes if visibility isn’t necessary right away then there should always something just perfect at hand when it comes time to signal others about danger near approach possibilities – no matter where they may happen upon someone else warning them about whatever hazardous situation.

Now with our “One and Only” Plug & Play Hazard Module/Flasher you can be seen from much longer distances when on road trips or commuting through busy traffic areas. You’ll even feel safer while driving in foggy weather conditions.

7.BOBO Jaw-Grip Waterproof Bike Mobile Phone Holder Mount

Keeping your phone handy while riding a bike can be quite difficult. The biggest problem that most bikers face is to keep their phones in a place where they are easily accessible and don’t get lost or damaged from falling off the handlebars during an accident.

In this case, we recommend using our Jaw-Grips which expand up to 6 inches wide for all popular models on mobile devices with 4 inch screens or more! It also has full access ports so you won’t miss any important notifications if something happens suddenly out there on the road.

The Bobo Jaw Grip Waterproof Bike Mobile Phone Holder Mount is an easy way to mount your smartphones on bikes so that you get a good view and access while riding. It has been designed with all these problems in mind, from bulky holders heavy for biking or running around town, scratch-prone surfaces like roads where cars drive over at high speeds every day of the week without replying to insurance claims-and any other activity where there’s some bumpy terrain.

This device is a great way to keep your tablet or phone out on the go. This mount can be used with devices of similar size and screen type, such as Apple iPad Mini 4 Google Nexus 7 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 inch tablets, etc.We have lots of motorcycle accessories please check them.

8.NexusGears/Art of Motorcycle Master Cylinder Guard for Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan rear master cylinder protector is made from high-grade 304 stainless steel to provide a durable and long-lasting product. The sleek black or brushed finish ensures you don’t have your bike scratched by debris while riding, which can happen with other products out there on the market right now.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan headlight grill is not available in India. NexusGears Headlight Grill for the popular bike will provide you with all of its features and benefits, including protection from flying debris on road or off-road which can damage your lights! Get this durable accessory now before stocks are gone.

9.PoweRage / Red Rooster Performance Exhaust

The Slip-On exhaust system is the first step in a vehicle tuning process and they offer great balance between price and performance. This will change your bike by adding more power, improved performance or even just some extra sound! The result of taking design very seriously can be beautifully crafted stainless steel with race-proven materials that’s yours for less than $200 dollars

The slip on Exhaust System provides both gainful modifications as well as beautiful looks at an affordable cost – perfect if you want something different from what’s already there without breaking the bank.

PowerEdge Performance Exhausts are easy-to-install and will fit right onto your bike without any modifications needed. This makes them a great choice for people who don’t want to make significant changes but still want more power, better performance (and improved sound!), all with an exhaust that can be installed in just minutes.

PoweRage Performance Slip-On Exhausts have been designed specifically for Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles in order to give you everything you need at an affordable price point. With our slip on exhaust system, we offer increased horsepower as well as a unique look that will turn heads wherever the road takes us.

We provide three different finishes so no matter what kind of riding experience someone has they can find their perfect match with Power Rage performance parts from any store or dealership near them.

10.Jerry Can For Himalayan

This is a specially designed Jerry can that will keep your fuel safe and secure for long rides. The product featured here has an unusually large 5-liter capacity, making it ideal as a means of carrying enough gas without running out in remote areas where there may not always be another option around to refuel you.

This also makes the jerrycan perfect if all you want to is ride on roads with less frequently traveled supply routes – which would otherwise mean having several smaller bottles scattered about instead one big tankful at home or near work.

Buying Guide For Himalayan Accesorries

Himalayan Accesorries


A good quality Himalayan accesorries can be trusted upon . And a bad quality one will not only break your trust on the company but also damage your vehicle. It may lead to accidents and many other problems for you . So check the reviews of the product before buying it from any dealer or online store.


This is mostly related to the price of customers made by dealers. If they are providing customers with good materials at low costs then there must be something fishy going on behind those curtains, which u should not expect from them.

A high-priced customer does not necessarily mean that they will provide you all that what you need in a single package. You have to check out reviews of people who bought customes from them and then decide to go for it or not .


If your customers bring low sound from outside but from within you can hear a high noise then there is something wrong with it. This will lead you to accidents and in case of vehicles like Royal Enfield Himalayan, it may even damage the vehicle which in turn will be a big loss for you.

So please make sure that when they check out the bike before providing it with customes, also make sure that they measure everything correctly according to the models made by Royal Enfield .


If you are buying customes from dealers then make sure that the company offering them is providing warranty for there customers. If there is no warranty provided with it , it may mean that they are selling low quality product sand u will have to face problems later on without doing any good for your vehicle.


This refers to the stability of th ecustomes. A perfect customes should be stable enough to stay in one place along with being flexible so that it does not makes any noise when riding the vehicle at high rates of speed.


Make sure that proper direction of sound or silence is maintained throughout the journey so as to ensure the safety of yourself and others who might be traveling with you. Not all customers prioritize this but if you want to be on the safe side then please make sure that things are done in their right direction .


Not all companies delivering customes are branded one. Many of them are either new people trying to make there way in this field or dealers who just goes with the flow without caring for these facts about good quality customes . So before buying anything check out reviews online and then decide that what to buy and from where.


Check the material used for making the customes. A good quality product will last long but if its low cost , it might be made up of substandard material which u cant expect to last long . But you have to make sure that it is capable of handling the heat produced by vehicles specially motorcycles like Royal Enfield Himalayan.


This refers to size of the vehicle on which they are going to provide you customes. If you are planning to buy customes for Royal Enfield Himalayan then make sure that the customes is properly fit into it . Properly means that they should neither be too big nor too small but just perfect in size so that its convenient for everyone who travels on roads with their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions For Himalayan Accesorries

Himalayan Accesorries

Who can provide customes for Royal Enfield Himalayan?

Any dealer who sells good quality customers for vehicles like our beloved Royal Enfield Himalayan is capable enough of providing you all that what you need in just one package along with warranty and aftersale services.

So please do not waste your time on dealers who does not have any name in the market but just want to earn something extra by fooling people into believing them as legit companies so that they buy there goods at throwaway prices without doing proper research over internet or asking other people who are using their products.

What are some of the common problems faced by customers due to use of bad customer ?

Mostly , people complain about high noise from customes or low sound from it . When your customes for Royal Enfield Himalayan is not working properly , don’t hesitate to contact them and tell them about the problem so that they can take care of it immediately without wasting any further time.

Are there any dealers who sell quality customes at a good price ?

Yes , there are many people out there who actually know how important having a set of good quality customes means to everyone especially when you have paid a lot for buying it.

It’s really very difficult to get things done in case of damage or something else which might cause problems later on. So make sure that u get the best possible deal from an online store that sells high-quality goods at affordable prices.

Where can I get more information on customers for Royal Enfield Himalayan?

This is the era of the internet so please search over it for good results on Google, Bing or any other search engine online. You can get hold of information about all these companies selling products online which is actually better in their customization services along with a proper warranty on each customization done on vehicles.


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