Top 10 Bicycles In India – 2023

One thing most people across the world share in common is riding a bicycle, we have all been taught how to ride bicycles by some elderly figure in our family usually our parents. In this post, we have listed the Top 10 bicycles in India.

It is probably the most liberating feeling to finally be able to steer yourself with the perfect balance and to never look back again. Once picked up, riding a bicycle is something that you never forget.

However, once we start growing up and start getting busy and occupied with our academic and/or professional lives we kind of lose time and giveaway cycling.

Although, most people reinvigorate that interest once they have gotten slightly older and are looking at healthier and natural alternatives to both enjoy free time and exercise.

Top 10 Bicycles in India in 2023

  • 1. Firefox Fusion 29D
  • 2. Frog Defeater Pro
  • 3. Hero Octane Salamander
  • 4. Montra backbeat 29r
  • 5. Avon Maxo 26 inch
  • 6. Hercules Fugitive 27.5 inch
  • 7. Urban Terrain UT1000
  • 8. Mach City Ibike
  • 9. Cosmic Eldorado
  • 10. Hero Next 24T

1. Firefox Fusion 29D – Top 10 Bicycles In India

Firefox Fusion 29D


Key Highlights

  • 21gears
  • Lightweight
  • Rapid-fire shifters

The latest mountain bike of Firefox’s 29th series, does not fail to impress.

Firefox, generally pride themselves with the best accessories and customer service across the country.

With a heightened steel frame, it is quite strong yet relatively light. It has 29’’ inch double walled alloy rims and a 29/2.10’’ tires which are the best in the industry at the moment.

Additionally, it also comes with 21gears and rapid-fire shifters from Shimano and a 50mm front suspension fork.

Its 660mm steel Handlebar promises a superior build quality  and excellent design.

Due to all the aforementioned reasons this cycle comes in at a weight of just 17-18KG. It has been priced also relatively well, with an MRP of Rs20,600.

2. Frog Defeater Pro – Top 10 Bicycles In India

Frog Defeater Pro


Key Highlights

  • double disc brake
  • combined break & shifting
  • Shimanos rapid fire shifter

Another great model, the Frog defeater pro which also comes with a heightened steel hand tail frame which possesses excellent tensile strength and thereby is very rigid.

Additionally, it comes with a front suspension fork, a 29’’ double walled alloy rims and a 29/2.4’’ tires, a 7-speed rear wheel free wheel, a 3-speed front crank sit and 21 gear combinations.

All these options make it an extremely well-built bicycle that can come into handy while off-roading. It also comes with Shimanos rapid fire shifter with a combined break + shifting option.

Moreover, it also has a 660mm handlebar with allow stem and a double disc brake option. All these details and specification and yet it weighs only 18.5Kg’s and can be bought for a price of MRP RS18,500.

3. Hero Octane Salamander

Hero Octane Salamander


Key Highlights

  • 7 speed freewheel
  • 21 gear combinations
  • 160mm disc brake motor

Another great bicycle manufacturer familiar to all of us, the Hero bicycles. India’s largest bicycle manufacturer that makes bicycles for people of all ages and types. 

They have been exporting these bicycles to a host of countries outside India and are known as cycle of life.

This specific model comes Alloy hard tail frame a front 100mm suspension fork with hydraulic lockout.

Additionally, it also has 21 gear combinations with a rear 7 speed freewheel and front 3 speed crank sit.

This bicycle also comes with Shimanos altes rapid fire shifters and break lever combination. It also has a front and rear disc brake option with 160mm disc brake motor.

Moreover, It also features a 29’’ double walled alloy wheel set, a 29/2.10’’ tires and a 680mm alloy handlebar.

Probably, the highlight of this bike is that it only weighs 15.8KG’s and yet offers all the other features. This bicycle only costs Rs 20,600.

4. Montra backbeat 29r

Montra backbeat 29r


Key Highlights

  • 7 speed freewheel
  • 21 gear combinations
  • 3-speed front crank sit

Montra another reputed Indian brand that believes in customer satisfaction by offering a warranty and accessories most needed by the customer.

This bicycle comes with a 6061 aluminium alloy frame, a 60mm front suspension fork with a suspension lockout.

It also offers 21 gear combinations; a rear 7 speed freewheel and a 3-speed front crank sit.

Additionally, it also offers rapid fire shifters by shimano, mechanical disc brakes both front and rear with a 160mm disc brake rotor.

It also comes with a 680mm steel handlebar with alloy stem, a 29’’ double alloy rims and a 29/2.10 kenda tires.

It weighs a mere 15.8Kg and costs only MRP Rs20,500.

5. Avon Maxo 26 inch

Avon Maxo


Key Highlights

  • Steel frame
  • Double walled alloy rims
  • Front and rear disc brakes

One of the oldest companies in this field, Avon had initially started with an idea to provide economically feasible transportation alternatives to the common man and have done extremely well in achieving this goal.

This specific model just like the ones mentioned above is equipped with both front and rear disc brakes, a steel frame and double walled alloy rims.

The highlight of this bike are the mudguards used to protect the bicycles body from getting dirty and it’s stand that can help you halt for rest when required. 

6. Hercules Fugitive 27.5 inch

Hercules Fugitive 27.5 inch


Key Highlights

  • Disc brakes
  • Double walled wheels
  • Geared and gearless option

Hercules was named after the Greek God as it showed the characteristics of the bicycles, they manufacture which are durable and tough.

Another leading and reputed Indian brand headed by the Tamil Nadu based Murugappa group, Hercules bicycles are of a certain standard and never fail to disappoint.

This specific model comes with the option of geared or gearless brakes.

This bicycle also comes with a steel frame, 29’’ double walled wheels with disc brakes. Its superior front suspension makes it easy to ride uneven terrains or surfaces like potholes and rough terrains.

Moreover, at this price point its premium build and quality paint are a bargain.

Although it might be relatively heavier than its counterparts in this range.

7. Urban Terrain UT1000

Urban Terrain UT1000


Key Highlights

  • Ideal for all terrains
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • double walled aluminium rims

When it comes to bikes in India, Urban Terrain is a fantastic brand.

They produce bicycles for all types of terrains and roads, and the best part is that they pay close attention to detail and quality.

There is not a single Urban Terrain product that does not live up to its name or has quality issues. It is no different with the UT1000 21Speed.

It is designed and engineered to look and sound amazing on a variety of journeys, and it succeeds admirably.

Moreover, this makes it one of the best adult bicycles in India. It is one of the few bikes in the world that can provide you with the smoothest drives possible, minus the jerks and shocks that are quite common on Indian roads.

The wheels have a 27.5-inch diameter, with double walled aluminium rims for added strength. The front and rear disc brakes are mounted, and the front suspension is supported.

To conclude, Steel is used for the frame, and the package also has a stand and front or rear reflectors.

8. Mach City Ibike

Mach City Ibike


Key Highlights

  • Provides Comfortable Grip
  • Alloy V Brakes For Power Braking
  • Thermoplastic Rubber Grips For Long Lasting

When it comes to bicycles in India, Mach City is another up-and-coming brand.

Through their creative campaigns and excellent products, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the industry.

Until now, none of their offerings have let down consumers, and almost all of them have been praised in the market.

Additionally, their incredible curation is undeniably because of their quality and prompt customer service.

Thermoplastic Rubber Grips are used on the bike, to ensure that the handles are durable and provide the rider with easy handling and control.

Riding the Mach City Ibike is more enjoyable than ever before, thanks to its firm grip and simple controls.

In addition, there are occasions where you could apply the brakes in a split second to prevent a crash.

9. Cosmic Eldorado – Top 10 Bicycles In India

Cosmic Eldorado


Key Highlights

  • 60mm Travel With Black Steel Crown
  • Dual Disc Brakes With Alloy Levers
  • Shimano Grip Shift Front Derailleur

Cosmic is another extremely common bicycle brand in India these days.

They have managed to win over the industry in a limited period of time, and now everybody of different age groups can be seen riding their bikes.

This lovely model has a total of 21 gears, and the wheels are reinforced with Henli double alloy.

Moreover, the tire’s dimensions are 26/2.125’’, allowing for incredible improvements in performance, traction, and stability.

The average frame height is 19.5 inches and is made of steel. Zoom suspension is on the front, and the package has a gel seat cover in addition to the bike. 

10. Hero Next 24T – Top 10 Bicycles In India

Hero Next 24T


Key Highlights

  • Mountain Bike
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Perfect for Beginners

Right now, the Hero Sprint Next 24T is considered a hot property.

This product has taken over the markets, and rightly so, as it comes from one of the biggest names in the biking industry.

It has everything you want in a dream bicycle: speed, convenience, and style.

The wheels are 24 inches in diameter while the chassis is 17 inches in diameter. The bike’s minimum rider height is 2.10 feet, and the highest rider height is 3.8 feet.

Moreover, there are calliper brakes on both the front and rear ends, and it comes with 18 gear combinations.

The seat has a Rexine saddle that can be adjusted, and a steel frame.

To Conclude, you must ask yourself a host of questions. Buying a bicycle with your own money for yourself can be quite daunting, you are always looking for the best price to performance ratio without compromising on the quality, comfort, durability, style, design, and weight.

Therefore, in order to further help you, I will suggest few things you should consider before jumping into an investment of this kind.

Why You Should Consider Cycling

Cycling is one of the best outdoor activity.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests that in order to stay healthy adults aged 18-64 must practice moderate-intensity physical activities for at least 150 minutes, which can be achieved with just 20 minutes of cycling daily.

Moreover, cycling frequently increases blood flow and strengthens your heart muscles and therefore, it is a natural antidote to reduce cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure etc.

Additionally, cycling also helps in boosting one’s mental health. If you have been stuck at home during lockdown and are extremely frustrated, pick up a cycle and cycle to natural landscapes like mountainous terrains, by the beach and across lush green patches etc.

Cycling is both a physical and mental stimulant, it can instantly change your mood for the better.

Another reason to take up cycling is for the environment, the most environment friendly mode of transport is cycling.

Cycling emits no carbon whatsoever which is great for the environment.

Additionally, if more people pick up cycling it will reduce the number of cars/motorbikes being purchased which indirectly benefit the environment.

Moreover, cycling also does not require a lot of space in terms of parking etc. This is one of the main reasons

Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands is a paradise for bicycles. They have separate cycle tracks, 2 regulates speeds of 30 and 18 Mph.

They have decreased the number of cars on the roads by half in a span of 30 years. 

Now that you are well aware of the pros of cycling, there are different types of bikes that cater to everybody’s needs.

Types Of Bicycles

The 3 most common types of bike available in the market are the road bikes, mountain bikes and the hybrid which is a mix of the previous two. The road bike is mainly used for rides in cities or plain roads.

Moreover, they are quite fast thanks to their aerodynamic design and thin tires although they might not be the most comfortable for long distance rides or journeys.

Mountain bikes on the other hand are for riding on different rugged terrains and rough landscapes, they are usually bulkier and heavier than the road bikes and are often more comfortable than them too.

Finally, we have the Hybrid bike which basically offers you the best of both worlds, it is a safe bet for someone who wants to frequently commute within a city with their cycles whilst occasionally off-roading once in a while.

I will list the top 10 bicycles (mix of the aforementioned types of cycles) in India so you can go out there and improve not just your physical & mental health but also help in the fight against climate change. 

The first and foremost question you must ask yourself is why you want a bicycle, because as mentioned earlier there are multiple types of bicycles that cater to very specific needs.

Do you need one just to cycle in and around your local vicinity ? or a trip to the grocery shop ?

In this case your best bet would be just a normal road bike. Or do you need one because you want to improve your fitness and want to go on occasional trips with cycling groups ?

In this case your answer would be either a hybrid or a mountain bike.

Or are you looking to participate in a racing competition and trying to go pro, then the Mountain bike is your best bet. So, choose wisely as this is the dealbreaker and influences all the other factors.

6 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bicycle – Top 10 Bicycles In India

Geared or gearless

Once you have narrowed down the use of your bicycle you will eventually have to pick between geared or gearless bicycles.

Typically, geared bicycles often offer you more control over the bike and can be adjusted based on the terrain you are riding.

Whereas the gearless bicycle will often involve you exerting more or less force based on the trail you are riding. Therefore, consider picking the right option based on your use of the bicycle. 

Comfort, build quality, design, and colour.

Usually, the faster the bicycle the lesser the comfort.

Although there are exceptions. If and when you do invest a significant amount in order to buy bicycles you do expect a certain standard of comfort, style, and design.

It is often very rare to find a bicycle that offers all.  Additionally, comfort of your seat can be modified or upgraded using accessories like seat pads etc.

If you fancy a design or colour that is very unique or rare you can always get it custom made.


Once you have invested a hefty amount into a bicycle you surely want it to endure all your long, short, and rough rides.

Additionally, you want to optimise its use and make sure that you have got value for your buck.

Moreover, The durability is usually influenced by the materials used to create the bicycle.

So, kindly pay attention to the materials used for your rims, wheels, body, and handlebar.


Probably the most important yet often neglected factor is the brand or company you purchase the bicycle from.

Additionally, I cannot stress how important this is, as a company’s scale and reputation nine out of 10 times gives you an insight into the type of products they offer.

Moreover, established companies like Hero and Hercules have excellent customer service and provide you with warranties which is an excellent option for first time buyers who are not very familiar with what they are purchasing.


Finally, lets talk about the finance involved as this is the factor that will decide the type of bicycle you buy.

Not too long ago, we were able to purchase bicycles that were well within the 2-5k budget.

However, over time with the advancements of technology and the plethora of new features in the market these bicycles cost almost 2-4 times of what they costed a while ago.

Although, once you have completely scrutinised the different types of bicycles that you can buy, even if it costs slightly more, go for it.

Do not compromise on the quality just for a few thousand rupees here and there.

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