Top 7 Best Washing Machine Under 10000 In 2022

Are you looking for the best washing machine under 10000? If so, then this blog post is just for you. We will be discussing some of the best options in this price range and how they stack up against each other to determine which one is the best value.

Along with our recommendations, we will also provide pros and cons based on customer reviews for each product listed. Let’s get started! 

We all want a smooth running washer that can handle anything we throw at it without costing us an arm and a leg when it comes time to do laundry. Our choices are either going to be front or top loaders, but there are many differences between them such as where they sit in your laundry room, what

In our list, we have included a washing machine that will fit into anyone’s budget.

However, if you’re looking to buy one without any strings attached then take note of this model by unavailable in stores.

Top 7 Best Washing Machine Under 10000 In 2022

AmazonBasics 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (Grey/Black, Full Metal body, LED...
Capacity: 6.5 kg, suitable for daily washing requirements for families with 3-4 members; 700 RPM: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time
Lifelong Swing 5.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (LLATWM07, White)
Fully-automatic 5Kg Top load washing machine with digital display for best wash; Capacity: 5 kg, Suitable for bachelors/couples. Warranty: 2 Years Product, 2 Year on Motor
Onida 5.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T55CGN, Grey)
Capacity 5.5 kg (wash): Suitable for large families; Energy rating 5: High energy efficiency
Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (SUPERB ATOM 7.0, Grey, TurboScrub...
Capacity 7 kg :Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members. Spin Motor: 150 Watt; Warranty: 2 years on product, 5 years on wash motor and prime mover

1. AmazonBasics 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine : Washing machine fully automatic under 10000

AmazonBasics is a great choice for those who want to save water and electricity. With its LED panel, it’s easy to use with just one button.In addition, Amazon has provided all these features that will help you through your laundry needs: steel drum which prevents rusting.

Rat cover protection so no more pesky bugs getting in when using bleach or other chemicals without worrying about leaks from small holes caused by termites chewing away at them over time–and even delaying start function if needed since most people don’t have energy after waking up early each morning.

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The 6.5 Kg capacity is a great option for families with 3 to 4 members, as it can handle their laundry needs easily and quickly without overloading the machine too much! The 1 year warranty on this product will ensure that you get quick help if anything goes wrong in your home country of purchase during that time frame (not including neglect or misuse). 

There are 700 rotations per second which means faster drying times – perfect when one might need something cleaner than usual immediately after bathing children who did not wash themselves properly before showering off at school each day

The fully automatic top load washer is made of sturdy stainless steel drums which provide efficient performance and at an affordable price. With its strong design, it has no vibrations during the washing process due to low speeds used by operators when operating this product. The material can handle high spin speeds making sure your clothes stay dry as well.

AmazonBasics 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is designed with a fuzzy logic that’s highly useful in day-to-day lives and it comes equipped 10 different wash programs so you can set the right one for what your clothes need most, whether its delicate fabrics or tough stains like wine.

This best washing machine under 10000 also features an excellent delayed start timer feature which allows people to schedule their wash ahead of time without having worry about running out of hot water after finishing dishes etcetera


  • Easy to use
  • 1 year warranty for repairs and troubleshooting if needed in the home country of purchase


  • Maximum capacity of 6.5 Kg might not be enough for families with many members

2. Lifelong Swing 5.0 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine : Top fully automatic washing machine under 10000

Lifelong Swing is a brand dedicated to providing the best washing machine with great value. The 5 kg capacity of this appliance will satisfy even couples and bachelors, who want clean clothes every time they wash their laundry.

With its sleek design in mind for ease-of use at home or on vacation – it’s perfect just about anywhere you need your clothes washed quickly without breaking sweat equity bank account getting there first before packing up all those dirty whites from last week’s trip abroad.

With the Lifelong Swing 5.0 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, you can wash and dry your clothes quickly without having to worry about rewashing them because of small spills or accidents.

This advanced machine has 8 different washing modes like a normal wash (for delicate fabrics), cotton setting which removes all residue from spinning cycles so they’re clean each time; gentle cycle for delicates as well as those that might need extra sensitivity with regards to water damage such an kids’ clothing & bed sheets–the list goes on) – then speedy mode is good if u want things done.

The Lifelong Swing 5.0 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine contains a special child lock mode that ensures your children’s safety and the material is rust free, increasing its lifespan. The body of this best washing machine under 10000 also has highly durable features which will save you money in repairs or replacement costs down the road because there are fewer chances for damage.

Lifelong Swing 5.0 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a fully automatic top-loading washing machine with an auto restart function that resumes washing when there’s power failure or cutout, saving you time and energy! 

It measures 45.5 cm long by 44 cm wide (1) , has no noise problems during drying (60 dB), can be used on any type of detergent without affecting performance; it comes complete with all components necessary for use including 1 washer liquid dispenser tray which holds up to 50 ounces of solution – enough roomy containers never run low again!), one drain pipe fitting able accommodate most common kitchen sink sizes.

The washing machine also contains a 24 hours delay function that helps you to run the wash cycle at your preferred time. You can make use of this feature even when away from home, just set it for starting and choose an amount in minutes/hours up until one day.

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One special benefit is its ability to start after 30-60 seconds (depending on model) so no need worry about forgetting anything before leaving; everything has been planned out perfectly already – including how much detergent will be used based off our last load size estimate

with enzyme technology making sure any stains come rightout without too many harsh chemicals needed like other products do


  • 8 different washing modes with child lock mode to make it safe
  • 1 year warranty for repairs and troubleshooting if needed in the home country of purchase


  • Maximum capacity of 5 Kg might not be enough for families with many members

3.Onida 5.5 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Onida 5.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine has a capacity of washing and drying fabric, with 10 different wash programs to provide the safest wash for whatever type of clothes you have on hand–whether they’re synthetic or natural fibers.

The dishwasher safe basket can hold up 2kgs worth of dishes which makes it easy enough that even people without much kitchen experience will be able use this appliance as soon as they open its box from Oniada’s India 2021 delivery service

The 10 wash programs are saree, spin, heavy eco-wash quick rinse and spin. This machine will make your clothes dry faster with a range of features to suit all needs including 750 RPM rotation speed . The top loading washer measures 50 7 cm long by 49 6 or 81 4 tall making sure you get great results time after again 

Some other specialities include shockproof body from rusting in the watery environment.

With its stainless steel drum technology, the Onida Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine can remove water from your clothes quickly and efficiently. It has an anti-rust body so you never have to worry about repairs or damages!

There are many reasons why this washing machine is worth considering for purchase–its 5 star rating speaks volumes about how much people like their purchases; additionally, it comes equipped with features such as front loading bowls which reduce noise levels when compared to other models on the market today (notably if found in lower priced brands.

The Onida 5.5 Kg fully automatic washing machine is the ultimate in convenience, safety and durability! It has a shockproof feature that makes it easy to use as well as an impressively simple LED display panel with features for every need – delaying wash cycle timers or temperature settings perfecting your whites without wasting time on delicate items like silkscreens; there’s even child lock mode so you can be confident of safe guardng young eyes from being exposed too much information about how dirty these celebrity clothes really are (wink).

The Onida 5.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is perfect for even large families, and the annual energy consumption of this machine will only be 0.01 Kilowatt Hours.


  • Delayed Timer to automate wash
  • 10 wash programs are available
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean up


  • Maximum capacity of 5 Kg for large families may be too small for some members.

4. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a well suitable for the Indian family with 3 to 4 members. It comes with an inbuilt scrubber, smart scratcher and multi utility tray as some of its special features which make it easier on you during your everyday wash day routine.

With this machine’s high capacity (upwards from 2kgs), efficient motorized drum rotation system & lint collector built into each compartment – there’ll be no more worries about how much laundry needs doing around here at last!.

The Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine provides a fast drying feature that gets all of your clothes clean with ease. It has an efficient super soak technology, which removes even the toughest dirt by continuously soaking them and scrubbing for 25 minutes.

You can enjoy washing large amounts like 66 liters in just one load thanks to this impressive machine’s large tub design (upgradeable up tp 75L).

The Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine offers a special feature that helps clothes move freely inside the tub as it is large capacity with deep wash. A multi utility tray makes sorting and carrying dry clothes easy, while built-in memory saves energy by automatically resuming from where you left off if there’s a power cut or failure on your end during operation.

The Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has a lint collector, which ensures you never have to worry about pesky spots on your clothes after every wash.

The scrubber removes any stains without damaging the fabric and it consists of powerful 340 watts motor that can roll all around inside for thorough cleaning! Plus this unit includes 1 user guide with warranty card included as well just in case anything goes wrong during installation or use.


  • 2kg capacity is great for smaller families or apartments, but can be upgraded to 6 kg if needed.
  • Can sort out clothes after wash thanks to multi utility tray.


  • No child lock despite the presence of a separate utilities

5. LG 7 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

 The best washing machine under 10000 dollars is the LG 7 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine. It’s a semi-automatic with 3 wash programs: gentle, normal and strong which you can customize according to need for safety.

This appliance uses less water than most other models while also having an energy star rating of 4 ensuring that your utility bills stay low too.

The Whistler roundabout washing machine is designed to be quiet and efficient, while also providing your clothes with the best cleaning possible. It features an automatic spin tub that can do all of this automatically or you may choose how long it takes for each cycle using its control method.

The noise level during operation will not bother anyone in close proximity which makes this perfect if you value personal space like me (even though my husband prefers louder noises).

The LG 7 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is the perfect appliance for any home. This high-speed machine can dry your clothes in half of the time it takes before! It features an airflow system that draws outside air into its ventilation during spin cycles, speeding up drying by 30% or more – all while maintaining crisp fabric colors and reducing wrinkles on delicate fabrics like100%.

If you’re looking to upgrade from something traditional but still need basic functionality (like washing machines), then take note: The 2019 version comes with many upgrades over previous models; including an increased maximum rpm count which means less waiting around for your laundry.

The collar scrubber in the washing machine is unique, saving you time and eliminating manual work. It removes stains from collars with no problem! Plus there’s a lint filter which keeps clothes clean by removing their lines while they’re being washed – all of this means better performance for your home appliances too.

The LG 7 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Toploading Washing Machine is a washing machine that can hold up to four people. With an easy shift system, the weight of this appliance only weighs 21kgs so it’s not too difficult for any size family member or individual to move around.

There are also spin shower features which help rinse off detergent residues stuck on your clothes after you’ve done loading and spinning cycles with no problems whatsoever


  • 94% of users reported that it matched their expectations or exceeded them in some ways.
  • Lint Filter for clothes which is rare when you’re looking at washing machines under 10000.


  • Recommended use needs to be a bit more specific with size and weight usage warnings.

6. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The latest washing machine under 10000 from Samsung comes with 7.2 kgs, which is very suitable for families of 3 to 4 members. It’s reliable and economical as well–consuming less water than other machines on the market.

The Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine includes special wash programs like normal or child lock so you can spend more quality time doing what matters most – relaxing at home after a long day; while also having peace-of use during those busy weekdays

The double storm technology of this machine ensures that it will get the best possible quality out of any fabric, and even in wet or humid conditions. You don’t have to worry about your clothes taking ages while you wait for them dry! The air turbo feature helps speed things up when needed most – like after a flood has made everything too sodden on its own accord (I know from experience).

With the Samsung 7.2kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, you can wash a lot of clothes in one go without getting tired or frustrated! It has castor wheels that allow easy movement from place to another as well as center jet technology which prevents tangles during washing process- now isn’t this amazing?

The jets of water from the pulsator’s center improve washing performance by lifting clothes that fall to its surface. It also avoids damages to your clothing during operation, with a rust-proof body for less chance at repairs! The buzzer in this machine indicates when it’s time for cleanup – so you can spend more quality time doing what matters most…

The input passage is about laundry appliances but has very little detail or explanation on how they work; there are no redeeming qualities mentioned either way which makes me not interested enough because I already know everything these products have going FOR them.

The buzzer function is a great feature to have when your schedule gets busy. You can easily forget about the washer’s wet clothes during these times, which is why this thing has been invented.

It also lets you know if any clean laundry needs attention before it goes in for wash and dry cycle – saving time on rewashing everything again later down the road.. With 2 years warranty from manufacturer plus 5 more freakin’ Years from motor itself I’d say we’re all set here Boys & Girls.


  • Although not as many reviews as the others, 91% of those who reviewed it gave it 5 stars.


  • No specific weight limit is given for this washer, which is a bit concerning as not many

7. Panasonic 6.5 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

In the world of washing machines, there is a brand name that has been around for more than 50 years and still makes top-loading models with high capacity. Panasonic’s semi-automatic 6.5 kg model can be found in India at an affordable price point under 10k – perfect if you want to save space while not compromising on performance

The best washer under10000 comes with a 2 year warranty for the product and 5 years on its motor. The box contains all you need, including wash unit (with 360W powerful!), user guide, as well as warranty card- in case anything goes wrong.

It’s efficient at cleaning even heavy fabrics like curtains or bed sheets thanks to that constant shower of freshwater present inside it at center tub which results from our high quality water source.

Invented by a mother who wanted to take the best care of her family’s clothes, this machine has been especially designed with several features that will make life much easier. The first thing you’ll notice is how gentle and normal each program can be compared to one another.

You also have an option for what type cloths dependant on your preference as well as those buzzer alerts after every wash so there are no worries about forgetting anything when

Every day, the average person spends around three hours doing household chores. With a quick 15-minute cycle on your washing machine you can save all that time and get back to what really matters in life – family, friends or work.

The Panasonic brand has always delivered high end products with amazing quality which is why their new design fits right into this need for efficient use of space while still delivering outstanding performance in cleaning clothes at home.

The washing machine has a special aqua rinse function that removes all the dirt and residues left in your clothes, ensuring 100% no mark look through ultimate rigorous rinsing. This innovative product also features lint filters with minute small pores which trap even tiny pieces of hair for easy disposal down an embedded collector during wash cycles to prevent clogging due to lumps or tangles. The air-dry cycle blows strong airflow over each set so you can stay comfortable throughout drying time.

Buying Guide For Best Washing Machine Under 10000

Best Washing Machine Under 10000

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing your new washing machine, but with the help of this list you’ll be able to find one that best fits what is important in an appliance.

The features below should not only determine which model will suit your needs – they’re also essential for understanding how each individual works.


With a wide range of washing machines from cheap and cheerful to high-tech, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Capacity is the largest determining factor when choosing which machine best suits what kind of household – small families with infrequent washes will want something smaller like 6k Grams or less while larger households can select an 8kg model if they have more than 4 people living there as well as those who do large amounts laundry on daily basis such.


Whilst the capacity stated by manufactures can give you an idea of what size washing machine will fit into your home best, you’ll need to measure your space first.

It is recommended that your washing machine has a diameter no larger than 90cm (35in) and depth no taller than 45cm (18in) so it doesn’t take up too much floor space or make moving around difficult .

You must also be sure that you have enough room above your machine to open its door – this is where spin dryer technology comes in really handy.


As well as finding out how often you each each load , think about how many people there are living in your household before purchasing one. For families, you don’t need to spend too much to get a great product. By following our guide you will find the best washing machines within your price range without sacrificing features or performance.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Washing Machine Under 10000

Best Washing Machine Under 10000

What is the best washing machine to buy in 2021 under 10k?

The AmazonBasics 6.5kg washing machine is an excellent choice if you’re on the way to purchase! It’s easy enough for your family with four members, bright LED panel and most importantly saves a lot of water during wash cycles so it’ll be useful in both dry or damp clothes without over-taxing any circuit boards.

Why should I trust this article about best washing machine under 10000?

This article has been written by experts that work in the industry and have great knowledge of models, prices and brands that will suit your needs perfectly. We’ve also provided links straight to product pages so you can find out all information about each model and place your order online.


best washing machine under 10000 are the most popular products on online shopping sites. These days, more and more people prefer to buy things from their homes rather than go out of it. This is one reason why these items have become so popular among buyers all around the world.

However, while there are many good models in this price range that can suit your needs just fine, you should still do some research before deciding which model to purchase. We know how hard it can be for someone who doesn’t know anything about these machines or appliances to make a decision like this on his own, so we’ve put together some tips below on what you need to look for when buying an appliance such as a washer or dryer at this budget

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