Best USB Hubs in India – Latest Updated [April 2022]

In this post, we will be listing out some of the best USB hubs available in India. These are our top picks and have been carefully selected by a team of experts in the space with extensive experience in reviewing products. We’ve also put together a buyer’s guide for you to make your purchase decision easier. 

We hope that this article helps you find your perfect hub! If not, don’t worry because we’re continuously updating these lists as new devices come out on the market. You can always use our search bar for more information about any specific product or browse through our other posts.

A USB hub is a device which can extend the number of ports on your computer. It’s usually used when someone feels like there aren’t enough available, and it gives power to all connected devices through an external supply that draws its own electricity in order not affect other things running off batteries or even plugged into another outlet but still taking up space with cords trailing out behind them.

Best USB Hubs in India – Top 10 Detailed Guide

iBall Piano 430 4 Port USB Hub (Black)
Slim, compact & durable; Compatible with all usb type c port laptops and devices; Rubber footpad & shiny body
Quantum QHM6660 4 Port Hi-Speed USB Hub with Power Switch (Multicolor)
4-port USB 2.0 charger with extremely fast data transfer up to 480 Mbps; Each port is Standard A-type port with up to 100mA current port

1. iBall Piano 430 USB

The new generation of thumb drives are here! These slim, shiny and steady finish devices come in an easy accessible ports on the top for instant access. With a lightweight design that is both portable (you can take it anywhere) as well as sleek looking, these USB sticks will become your favorite accessory – perfect when syncing or charging data sharing needs with friends easily at any time making sure they’re always up-to date too.

There are no drivers to install, simply plug in the Piano 430 USB into any PC or laptop’s USB port and you’re ready to go! It will be recognised by Windows within seconds.

2. Quantum QHM6660 4 Port Hi-Speed USB Hub

This compact and lightweight hub is perfect for the on-the go lifestyle. You can take it with you anywhere, use it in any situation – no matter where your adventure takes place! It supports up to 127 different devices including laptops running Linux or Android as well as iPhones/iPods containing iOS software applications such that makes this device a must-have if mobility is key to. you.

3.AUKEY 4-Port Hub

The AUKEY 4-Port Hub is perfect for travelers. This portable hub provides four individual ports, two high speed USB 3.0 and two low-speed connectors to give you enough space on your desk while preventing messes or distractions that can bog down productivity when working away from your home base.

This hub is great for anyone who needs to connect their pen drive or charge up their phone. It works on iMac, MacBook / Pro / and Air Mac Mini as well! And the best thing about this product? You can get it at an affordable price- which makes it easy both financially and time wise since you won’t have any trouble saving up all that money each month just because there are other bills too.

4. QuantumZERO USB 3.1 7 Port Hub

If you need a USB hub with many ports to handle quick power charge and data transfer, then QuantumZERO’s USB 3.1 7 Port Hub is perfect for your needs. This product has Superspeed powers on its side as well as VIA chipset which gives it amazing compatibility across all devices.

There’s also an incorporated battery charging compliant port that allows users the ability charge their phones or other gadgets while transferring files from one device into another without needing any electricity around for assistance; this means no more waiting by those outlets at night if unexpected work leaves us shut off from our computers during business hours – we can simply plug in when there isn’t enough sun shining through windows.

This power inverter is designed with a compact design and sturdy build so you can take it anywhere. It also has an external power supply that ensures your device will never stop working while protecting against any potential surges in voltage or frequencies on the grid.

5. AUKEY USB 3.0 Hub

The AUKEY USB 3.0 hub is a portable and compact device that provides five ports of high-speed data transfer for your devices on the go! It features an easy plug & play design, as well as built-in cable to connect with different systems without having any extra wires mess up what you’re doing.

With this hub you can charge phones or sync flash drives easily while traveling because there’s no need worry about finding power outlets anymore – just attach one end into the outlet via included proprietary connector (the other side has two Built In Lightning Connectors).

The green LED indicator will give off light when connected properly so using these hubs isn’t risky whatsoever since all necessary connections have been made already.

This hub is extremely portable as well and can be taken to work, trips, etc., offering a really high transfer speed. It also charges your devices such as headsets or phones so you’re always prepared.

6.Anker Data Hub A7516011 4-Port USB Charger

This Anker Data Hub A7516011 4-Port USB Charger is a great way to charge four devices quickly at once. This hub allows you connect your computer’s old school port with 5 Gbps speed in order transfer large files, organize photos efficiently and easily pipe HD movies through it in just seconds.

The durable built-in cable has sturdy casing & heat-resistant connectors which ensure longevity so there’ll never be any problems when using this product on Linux/Mac systems or Windows PCs alike—available for both 32bit+64bit versions too if needed (it supports them).

This hub has a range that is perfect for any home or office, and it can even be used in public spaces with its low-powered input. Most importantly though (and this may seem like common sense), the device won’t charge devices needing higher power levels unless specifically instructed otherwise by their manufacturer.

7.TP-link UE330 USB 3.0 3-Port Hub Adapter

If you’re looking for a small yet high-quality USB hub, then the TP-link UE330 is perfect. This small and light device has 3 ports that offer quick transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps with its fast USB 3.0 connection support on any OS including Windows, Chrome OS etc.

It also acts as an Ethernet adapter so it can provide 1000 Mbps stable wired internet too! The best thing about this product though? That’s easy – just plug & play capability makes installing drivers simple without having installers programs take up space or disrupt other processes running in your computer systems.

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8.Xmate 5 in 1 Type-C USB Adapter

If you’re looking to get serious about your data transfer speeds, then the Xmate 5 in 1 Type-C USB Adapter is worth checking out. This nifty little device offers 3 high speed ports with up to 5 Gbps bandwidth for transferring any kind of files quickly.

Not only does it come equipped with 2 card readers (1 standard/micro SD) but also includes both an HDMI output as well as DisplayPort input – giving users even more options when connecting their devices into laptops that have these ports available onboard; all thanks again those plug and play design features which make set up easy breezy at its finest possible form.

9. Quantum QHM6633 4 Port Hi-Speed USB Hub

This USB hub is perfect for connecting with desktops and laptops. This product features 4 high-speed ports that offer speeds up to 480 Mbps, giving you the ability connect all your devices in one go without any lag time or buffering issues.

It has superior built quality as well anti rusting technology which ensures its durability so it will last long even when used often throughout a day at work or school – not just on weekends like some other brands might do.

In addition, there’s no need worry about compatibility either since this should be plug n play compatible regardless if using Windows XP/ME2000 Mac Linuxor whatever else.

10.Portronics POR-717 M Port 24 USB 2.0 HUB

The Portronics POR-717 M is a small and portable USB hub that can be used to charge your devices or sync data with laptops/computers. This product has an aluminum body for durability, which makes it highly durable while being compact enough so you don’t have too many items cluttered on your desk at home or work space.

The 480 Mbps speed means quick transfers between different types of files like photos from camera; videos shot by phone etc., making this device perfect under all circumstances–unless things go wrong somehow (which does happen sometimes). With 1A power input capabilities as well as compatibility across most operating systems including WIN 7+8-, 8 XP Vista Linux RHEL / CentOS cmd IOS 10.

Buying Guide For Best USB Hubs in India

Best USB Hubs in India


The quality of USB hubs available in India is not very good. That’s because most brands don’t put much effort into building them, and also because they are produced really fast to keep costs down resulting in substandard products that break easily (or even sometimes catch fire).

To avoid the risk of your money or time being wasted, always ask for pictures of the product you’re about to buy before confirming any sale – this will allow you to see exactly what it looks like; what colors it comes in; if there are any dents or chips on its body etc. Although not necessary, it’ll be helpful knowing these little details so you can confirm if the quality matches your expectations before buying it.

Plug & Play

If a USB hub has the compatibility to be plugged in and work without any drivers or special software, that’s a pretty good indication it’ll last long term since there won’t be any additional processes running in the background which could potentially cause problems in the future.

So when looking for a USB hub always check if its plug and play compatible (sometimes referred to as “driver less” instead) so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong down the line from day 1.


Last but not least – availability is also an important factor to consider while picking out a new USB hub . If you’re buying online then obviously it can get delivered at your doorstep within days of ordering, however if going through physical retailers then you’ll have to spend some extra time finding the one you want.

This is why it’s good to know whether a certain brand or model is available on Amazon or Flipkart before buying since the shipping speeds on these sites are usually very fast and you’ll be able to get your product delivered from whichever site is closer to your home.


Last but not least, always check the warranty period of any new USB hubs that you’re considering buying . In most cases they should come with at least a 12 month warranty upon purchase, however sometimes brands will offer different warranty periods depending on what type of products (and how much money) you’re spending.

So when in doubt always check out who provides the best replacement service for their customers – this can save you hundreds if not thousands of rupees down the line if anything goes wrong.

Transfer Speed

In terms of factors to consider when looking for a suitable USB hub , it’s also good to check what transfer speeds you can expect from the product. Obviously the higher these speeds, the faster files can be transferred between devices – which is especially useful if transferring large files like movies / photos etc. Some USB hubs will even support multiple types of transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps (which isn’t really necessary but nice to have) and you’ll be able to see this information in their official descriptions online so always compare each option before buying.


Before making your final decision on any new USB hubs , it’s always a good idea checking whether or not they are compatible with other devices that you plan on getting soon since there’s nothing worse than having to buy a new USB hub every time you change devices down the line.

So before buying always make sure it’s compatible with your smartphone, laptop or PC, because there are some hubs that only work with one type of device which means spending more money if planning on buying multiple products in the near future.

Power Source

When looking for the best USB hubs to buy, also check what kind of power source they’re using since this can often be different depending on their price range. The cheapest models usually come with an AC power cable attached (which plugs into any regular socket outlet) while higher priced hubs may come with additional features like fast charging support – so always read their descriptions carefully before confirming any purchase.

Memory Capacity

Another excellent factor to look out for before buying a USB hub is the type of memory it has available. In most cases there should always be at least 4GB worth of flash memory which will allow you to save some files directly onto the device without any issues – however higher-priced products can have up to 64 GB or more so this really depends on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best USB Hubs in India

Best USB Hubs in India

How many ports should USB hubs have?

While it’s true that for most home users 4 or 6 ports are more than enough, some of the higher end models may offer up to 12 – which means you can connect multiple devices at once without any issues.

Are all USB Hubs made with 100% genuine products?

Most USB Hubs in India are made during high quality manufacturing processes so they will also last much longer compared to cheaper brands out there.

Which brand is best in terms of quality and price range?

We recommend buying one from Anker , since they offer excellent options within each price range (and even below 200 rupees) making them an affordable choice for just about anyone.

What are the best USB Hubs for laptops?

This will depend on the model of laptop that you have since some of them may come with multiple USB ports built-in – however if not, there are plenty of high quality 4 port hubs which should fit right onto any type of laptop without causing too many issues.


The best USB hubs in India are the ones that make your work, gaming and internet browsing easier. These devices can help you to charge phones with ease or transfer files back and forth seamlessly. To find out more about which of these products is right for you, read on! Our team has put together a list of the top 10 USB hubs available in India today so that it’s easy for anyone looking to buy one to get their hands on them without any hassle. We hope this post helps you choose wisely when buying an essential device like a USB hub. Happy shopping!

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