Best UPS In India 2023 – Latest Buying Guide

Finding the best UPS in India can be a daunting task, with so many different brands and models available on the market. However, by taking into account key factors such as price, features and performance, it is possible to find the perfect UPS for your needs. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best UPS options currently available in India and help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you. So whether you are looking for a home UPS or a commercial UPS system, read on to discover our top picks. 

Though we all experience powering down, whether it’s due to an unexpected power cut or because you’re trying not drain your devices battery life by keeping them turned off when not in use for some other purpose. But what about computers? They require special attention and care so that they don’t get damaged during these unfortunate events!

The following article will list the best UPS For PC list which can help keep our precious machines safe from any damage caused by a sudden loss of electricity at home/office.

A UPS is a great way to protect your computer from power fluctuations and other surges that can wreak havoc on the machine. If you’re looking for an upgrade or are planning on purchasing yet another gaming PC, be sure these best buys will keep them running smoothly.


Best UPS In India In 2023 – Top 10 Picks

APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA / 360W, 230V, UPS System, an Ideal Power Backup & Protection for Home...
Three Battery Backed up and Surge Protected 6A, 2/3 Pin Output Indian Power Socket; 1x7.2Ah Battery provides 20 - 75 min. Back-Up time *as per the load
APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND 700VA UPS (Black)
700VA or 390 watts; 3 battery backed cum surge protected sockets, one surge only socket; Safely-shutdown your PC when battery runs out
iBall Nirantar UPS 622 - Uninterrupted Power Supply to Your Personal Computers, Home Entertainment...
WARRANTY - 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase; Auto restart while AC recovery
VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 - 600VA- Application Desktop UPS
Application: One computer with 43 cm TFT monitor& one printer (except laser printer); Product Warranty: 24 Months

1. APC BX600C-IN 600VA/360W UPS System

For the buyer who is looking for a reliable, no-nonsense, and great-sounding UPS with enough features to suit your needs in Indian conditions; The PAC BX600C would be perfect. This ups has all that you need from an effective power attribute device which can ensure safety of data stored on any PC or laptop connected with it as well.

If you’re looking for a UPS that will keep your devices safe and sound, then this is the perfect solution. With an automatic battery health check feature as well as loud alarms to signal any problems in time of emergency or power cut; there’s not much more peace of mind than knowing it’ll be on hand when needed.


  • Very affordable price
  • 600VA/360W
  • Automatic battery health check
  • Loud alarms signal any problems quickly


  • Only three outlets

2. APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND

If you’re looking to get a high-quality UPS for your home computer and don’t want the hassle of installing bulky power backup devices, then this APC BE700Y-IND is perfect. With its four socket compact design that’s made specifically with Indian buyers in mind who experience frequent blackouts or brown outs due their location near some unstable areas like mountains or nuclear plants.

The UPS is a great buy for people who want to use every possible inch of their room. The ability to give yourself 10 more minutes when saving files and other work in case of power cuts, as well as its compact size that can fit just about anywhere are two unique features this product has going on.


  • 420 watt
  • 4 sockets
  • Fits almost anywhere


  • Only gives 10 minutes of backup time.

3. iBall Nirantar 622

The iBall Nirantar 622 is a high-quality UPS that operates on your Indian home with style and efficiency. It has been designed to meet the needs of customers in this market, whether they are looking for recharge time or automatic restart capabilities; energy saving design elements such as its low standby mode operation without power loss thanks battery safeguard systems which allow longer use between charges.

If you were after a great-looking and efficient UPS with a decent battery back up then the Luminous UPS 600va would be an ideal product for you. Instead of having any fancy attachments or LED displays, the UPS has a fairly simple design that makes it a perfect buy for the first time buyers. Here are the unique things about the Luminous UPS 600va.


  • High-quality UPS
  • Stylish Design


  • Longer recharge time


After being bombarded with the various ups and downs of life, it is important to invest in a quality piece like the VGUARD UPS SESTO 600. With its Big power button that lights up when you need some extra juice for your computer or laptop; after using this great device we felt more confident about our tech needs than ever before.

The unique features include -a sleek design without any unnecessary frills-easy accessibility thanks to an LED indicator light on top so there’s no guessing which direction they’re supposed be facing (that means less chance during spills), not to mention how much easier cleaning will become since everything can go right into one small place rather then scattered all over.

5. Luminous UPS 600va

The Luminous UPS 600va is a great choice for those who want an efficient and stylish product that can also provide back up power. It’s not equipped with any of the fancy features found in other models, but instead has simple design elements like its plain black exterior or lack blades on display terminals which make it perfect as your first time purchase.

The product is energy efficient and can be used with a wide range of appliances. Additionally, it offers a two-year warranty on the product and five years on the battery. It also has a low starting load that makes it perfect for smaller devices.


  • Low starting load
  • Energy efficient
  • Wide range of compatibility


  • No advanced features
  • May be too simple for some users.

6. MICROTEK Legend UPS 650

The Indian electricity system is well but not excellent like Western countries. In many parts of India, people don’t connect their household appliances to inverters such as televisions and refrigerators because that can be expensive for them in terms on cost-effective power distribution networks which are badly organized here due to lackadaisical government policies or corruption among officials who control these things.

However! There exists an inexpensive Microtek UPS alternative model available locally with all good features along with automatic voltage regulator protection against data loss when there’s suddenly clashing occurring between batteries at different capacities from having been used before being fully drained out (which has happened often enough.

7. V-Guard Sesto Dx 600 – 600Va Desktop Ups

The V-Guard Sesto Dx 600 – 600Va Desktop Ups is one of the best UPS for PC. This product comes with a reliable design and brand value, which has been proven to be effective in providing power backup without any doubts whatsoever.

The build quality of the product is highly reliable and you can consider it without having any issues. It comes with two years onsite warranty, which also makes for a very long time if compared to less trustworthy brands in this industry that offer only one or few months at most.


  • 2 Years Onsite warranty
  • Very Reliable Design
  • Brand Value


  • N/A at the moment.

8. CHAMPION UPS 800VA (Home, Shop & Office)

The CHAMPION UPS 800VA (Home, Shop & Office) may be small in size but it makes up for its small stature with a variety of features. Not only does this product have indicators that show when power consumption gets too high or if there is an overload situation going on but also has one yellow light which turns on to alert you should those conditions arise.

The power supply is a necessity for your phone. Without it, you won’t be able to use the device at all and might as well just stick with flip phones! Luckily this backup light has two years’ worth of warranty which will ensure that if anything goes wrong in those two whole decades-long spans then we can take care them quickly without much hassle on behalf of ourselves or Gadget Guard’s end either way so kudos there fellas (or ladies).


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Small and Portable
  • Indicators Show Power Consumption and Overload Situations


  • N/A at the moment.

9. APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS System for Personal Computers

For those who need to power their computer systems with higher voltage and lots of watts, then definitely the APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS System is a safer bet as compared to other choices. You can consider grabbing this product if you want your system protected better than what else might happen in case there’s an outage or something worse happens because it ensures safety for all devices connected on its networking.

This product has two LED lights for notification, which let you know about several factors. It’s perfect if your concern is safety and peace of mind.


  • LED Notification Lights
  • Higher Voltage and Lots of Watts
  • Safer Than Other Choices


  • N/A at the moment

10. Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS

The Zebronics company is known for its high-quality products and a reliable brand in India. The UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that they offer will meet all your needs, from providing an energy boost to keeping you up-to-date with the latest technology.

The battery backup of this portable charger is 28 minutes long, which will allow you to charge your phone without any issue. This device also comes with all sorts of features that ensure the best use and can withstand wear and tear; therefore it’s perfect for travelers who want an affordable way plug in their devices while traveling abroad.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • 28 minutes of battery backup


  • None found yet.

Buying Guide For Best UPS In India

Best UPS In India

There are a lot of UPS in the market. It can be quite confusing to decide which one to buy. This buying guide will help you choose the best UPS for your needs.


The first thing you need to consider is the capacity of the UPS. It should be able to handle the load that you need it to handle. If you have a large home or office, you will need a larger UPS.


Another thing you need to consider is the brand. Not all brands are created equal. Some brands are better than others. Make sure to do your research and find a brand that you trust.


You should also consider the price. A cheap UPS is not necessarily a wise purchase. There are many inexpensive UPS available in India, but you will need to make sure that your power needs are met by it.

Low Self-Discharge Rate

While buying a UPS, one thing that should be considered is the low self-discharge rate. This means how much does a battery can hold its charge when not used for a while. The best ones have a rate of around 5% per month.

Fast Charge

When looking at an inverter or a backup generator, find out how fast it charges itself up after running out of battery juice. Some take several hours to do so and some can do it almost immediately with no loss in battery power.

Battery Voltage

When it comes to buying a good inverter, you need to check the voltage of the batteries that come with it. If they are not matched with your system or device voltage, then they won’t work. For instance, if your household device voltage is 220 volts and you have bought a battery with 110 volt, it will take at least 10 hours for the battery to charge itself back up and it will lose most of its charging capacity in the process. This defeats the purpose of having a backup generator or an inverter because your devices won’t run even for few minutes when there’s no power in your building/household.


Another thing you need to consider is how long the warranty is. A good UPS should have at least a one-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best UPS In India

Best UPS In India

What is UPS?

The name UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a machine that provides battery backups while an electrical power supply fails or any changes in voltage, and it acts as an automatic stabilizer to protect your device from system failures due from the lack of electricity at just about any time you need one.

How to calculate the UPS capacity required?

UPSes can measure in volts-amps (VA), but not all of their capacity is equal to current drops. For example, a system might have more VA than needed for a power outage when it comes time to turn on systems again and still maintain optimal battery life as well because UPS’s cannot deliver more energy compared with what they’re rated at – there are limitations set by older units which may cause them worse case scenarios like battery failure or just outright shutting down completely during an AC blackout period.


The best UPS in India are right here at the lowest prices. We’ve partnered with top vendors to bring you quality products and hassle-free service. With us, you can find a range of options for different needs including industrial power protection, data center solutions, uninterruptible power supply units (UPS), surge protectors or battery backup devices among others.

Whether it is an office building that needs uninterrupted electricity or your home computer that runs on AC current – we have what you need. Our experts will help guide you through choosing the perfect Best UPS In India for your situation so contact them today to get started.

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