Top 10 Best Tank Bags For Bikes 2022 [Detailed Guide]

I’m going to share with you the best tank bags for bikes that I’ve found on the internet. There’s a lot of different styles and brands, but these are some of my favorites.

The first one is from Lezyne because it has a very slick design that looks great with any bike color or style. The second one is from Topeak because it comes in lots of colors and is really affordable.

Third up is a product from Giant Loop which features a large capacity and straps so you can strap your bag down tightly to your bike frame- this helps keep everything inside secure no matter how bumpy the ride gets.Fourth up we have an awesome bag by Ortlieb, which has been around since 1873.

A tank bag will make your bike more fun to ride. Invest in a good one and you’ll never have trouble carrying all of that gear with an easy way off the back or between seats! We’ve picked out 9 top-quality options available today from popular brands like Transition, Lucky Bikerz India etc., which are perfect for any kind of riding experience–road biking through country paths is no exception either.

It can be hard to find a good tank bag, which is why we’ve narrowed down the list for you. There are thousands of options out there but not all will fit your needs; luckily our team has selected 9 best-of-the bunch so that picking one won’t take too much effort.

You don’t want to be caught without your bike bag, so read our reviews on the top-rated ones and pick one that suits you best! These bags are equipped with everything from water bottles holders all of way up for small items like cell phones or wallets. Get yours today before they’re gone.

Tank bags are the best choice if you want your hands free during long rides such as touring or commuting. The comfortable straps and sturdy construction will keep contents safe, while also adding style to any bike.

Top 10 Best Tank Bags For Bikes

1.Rynox Optimus Motorcycle Tank Bag : Rynox Tank Bag

The Rynox Optimus-M V2 Tankbag is a large sized bag that fits comfortably on most metal tanks or tails and can be mounted either towards the front of your bike, back/sides. The bags are perfect for touring because they’re easy to transport with you no matter where it goes.

There are two main compartments, each containing an internal zipper that can be locked. The top-most compartment is large enough to carry most items like fuel bottles, electrical cables and other essential tools. The second one is big enough for quick snacks or small gadgets.


  • Easily mountable and detach
  • Premium quality construction and excellent design


  • May not fit well with all bikes
  • More expensive than other tank bags

2.Rynox Magnapod Motorcycle Tank Bag

The MagnaPod Tank Bag is a must-have for motorcyclists who want to carry as little weight on their bike. It features streamlined form, side pockets that are perfect for stowing away extra gear or holding onto something valuable while you ride—and its sleek design will keep it from being too heavy.

Waterproof and easy to clean, the MagnaPod is a great choice for those who want something lightweight and durable.

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  • Waterproof and tough exterior
  • Lots of valuable features like side pockets and weather resistant zipper


  • Not very big—only holds smaller items comfortably
  • Only available in one color (black)

3.TREK ‘N’ RIDE Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag : Best Motorcycle Tank Bag India

The universal small tank bag is the perfect addition to your motorcycle. It comes with magnetic flaps on each side, 3 adjustable straps for metal or non-metal tanks and can be worn over either shoulder so it’s easy when you need something quick while out riding.

The rain cover also doubles as a temporary storage area if suddenly stuck in heavy rains without access to an enclosed shelter–just unzip open up both ends of this waterproof pouch inside there are mesh pockets plus dividers inside where I placed some emergency supplies like maps, snacks bars etc which will come handy even if we do get caught outside during monsoon season.

The TREK ‘N’ RIDE Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag is a must have for any motorcyclist. This bag can be attached to your bike and hold everything you need, like mobile phone or wallet during ride without blocking anything on top of the gas tank!

The output voice should be engaging; it’s important that they make sure there are no grammatical errors in their writing because this will reflect poorly upon them as well.

The small tank bag fits any motorcycle and it has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying around when off the bike. The magnetic flaps stay securely shut even at high speeds or bumpy roads, so you don’t have to worry about losing your items in case of emergencies.

It also comes with a rain cover that can be used if there are sudden downpours on hot days without sacrificing style points along the way.Check Our other riding stuffs.


  • Pass through mesh pockets for quick access
  • Adjustable straps and shoulder strap for multiple carrying options


  • A few complaints that the magnet is not strong enough to hold the bag in place when going over bumps.

4.Gods Zeon R1 – Motorcycle Tank Bag with Capsule Rain Cover

The Zeon Is A Revolutionary Motorcycle Tank Bag. It’S Not Just Built Tough, But Also Designed For Everyday Rides With Its Innovative 3 Buckle Mechanism Convertible To A Backpack And Sling Bag With Supplementary Straps Which Provides You Convenience Of Transporting Laptop In Style As Well Protect Your Valuables While On The Road Using Water Repellant Material That Keepsqus Off Dirt Or Grime Yet Soft Cushion At The Bottom Prevent Scratch From Getting onto Gas Tanks Making This An Must Have Accessory When Travelling By Yourself.

There are a lot of different tank bags that clip onto your bike and can hold all sorts of things. The problem is, they’re bulky and difficult to install on your ride- unless you want another arm swinging from feeling too heavy while riding down the street.

In addition these things often come with metal spring clips which make removing them every time more annoying than anything else in my opinion

Adding insult top our injury here: some even have hard plastic pieces so awkward when trying get access items such as water bottles out during an emergency situation.

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  • Packs into a tiny little ball that zips away easily for storage when not in use.
  • No longer have to haul around a large tank bag anymore


  • Not meant for heavy items

5.Raida RD-Metro Tank Bag (Universal Fit) : Bike Tank Bag Waterproof

The Raida Kit Comes With A Multi Utility Tank Bag That Can Be Placed On The Tank Or Sissy Bar And Will Fit Any Make Or Model Of Scooter, Motorcycle, Bicycle And Most Other Types Of Light Vehicles.

It Is Also Ideal For Hikers, Bikers And Travellers And Offers Great Storage Capacity For Its Compact Size. One Can Keep Important Things Like Mobile Phone, Wallet & Riding Documents In It Along With Snacks, Water Bottle Or Necessary Gear Necessary In Case Of Emergencies.

In Addition To The Main Compartment, There’s Also A Zippered Inner Mesh Pocket And Two Zippered Outer Pockets For Keeping Small Items Such As Ear Plugs, Lighter Etc.

The Raida Was Designed To Be Used As A Universal Fit Tank Bag For Bikes With A Standard Capacity Of 5 Liters – 12 Liters And Will Not Interfere Or Get In The Way Of Your Handlebars Whilst On The Move

There are also some great tank bags with magnetic flaps that make accessing things incredibly easy when you need something.


  • Comes with a strap that clips into the front to keep it secure during rides and can be easily detached as well.
  • Fits on just about any bike.


  • Can’t fit much in this tank bag unless you have a smaller sized motorcycle or scooter as its too small for anything larger than that.

6.GUARDIANGEARS Jaws 28L Magnetic Tank Bag

It’s a problem that motorcycle riders have been facing since before there were storage spaces. The Raida RD-Metro mini tank bag solves this by adding extra space without taking up any additional room in your backpack, duffel bag or whatever else you use to transport all those essential items with ease.

You can now ride your motorcycle to the store with ease! This new product makes it so that you don’t have anything weighing down on top of your fuel tank, which means less risk for getting a flat tire.

The storage capacity is huge–it’s perfect if all I need are some groceries or even just want something small at home while traveling in my car sometimes too.

The Raida RD-Metro mini tank bag is perfect for any bike rider who wants a quick, easy way to store items on their ride.

The elastic strap system allows you the option of adjusting its size according to if needed and will fit underneath most motorcycles’ gas caps making it one less thing to worry about.

The bag is water-resistant and features a main compartment with durable zippers to keep your belongings safe. It also includes an exterior pocket for quick access items like keys or cell phones.


  • Fits onto all scooter and motorcycle gas tanks.
  • Insanely easy to access items from the bag.


  • If you’re planning on carrying around lots of heavy items

7.Raida GPS Series Motorcycle Tank Bag

The highest quality motorcycle tank bags have been produced by Raida. All of our stylish and functional accessory items are made from 1680D, with soft protective non-slip base material that will keep your essentials safe during any adventure.

Our map pockets can fit both smart phones or GPS devices; we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match for what’s on hand when shopping at Amazon.

While traveling by bike can be an exciting experience, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes you need to take out your phone and check directions before continuing on.

The Black Tank Bag offers a touch screen device friendly map pocket which makes this process much easier; plus the bag comes equipped with adjustable shoulder straps so riders don’t have weighs around while they ride their bikes (or motorcycles).

The Raida tank bag is the perfect option to hold your drinks, snacks and more while you’re out riding! Premium materials like waterproof material make sure that nothing gets wet.

Multiple pockets allow for easy organization of all things needed on long or short tours alike – plus they come included in this high-quality product making it even easier than ever before.


  • Keeps drinks, snacks and even a map safe from the elements.
  • Fits all standard-sized tanks.


  • May be too small for some motorcycles or larger scooters. 


The -Class BB TANK – TAIL BACKPACK bag is the perfect luggage for every biker. It features both magnetic & non-magnetic mounting systems with a Main compartment, two side compartments apart from an expandable top pocket that can hold your stuff during trips or fit over clothes while at home (on metal tanks).

There’s also a fluorescent rain cover included so you never need worry about getting wet on those rainy days.

The problem with finding the perfect tank bag is that they can be pretty hard to come by. We know how important it is for us riders to keep our luggage safe and secure on a bike, which makes us want something reliable but at the same time durable as well!

The best way I’ve found in my search was by asking around internally- whether this organization had any recommendations or not actually mattering too much anyway since each person would have his/her own opinions based off their experiences over time so if anyone knows anything else feel free share them below because maybe somebody has better luck than me.

The Biking Brotherhood Tank Bag will give you everything that a bike enthusiast needs in their arsenal! This bag has multiple pockets to store all of your belongings safely, making sure they stay close at hand. The durable nylon construction ensures years upon enjoyable use as well

MOST IMPORTANTLY – don’t forget about our 40% off sale happening right now on black friday so order one today and take advantage while supplies last.


  • Magnetic & Non-magnetic tank mounting systems included.
  • Safe, secure and durable bag.


  • May be difficult to use with larger-sized bikes/scooters.

9.AmazonBasics Motorcycle Tank Bag

A motorcycle tank bag is the perfect accessory for carrying personal gear when on a bike. It has magnets and side release buckles so you can attach it securely to your fuel Tank

The zippered cargo compartment makes expandable storage space, as well as protect from scratches or dirt getting inside – essential if riding doesn’t provide enough protection against weather conditions like rain etc.,

And finally backpacks are inconvenient which make them uncomfortable while biking through busy streets with cars whizzing past at high speeds just inches away because there isn’t much elbow room left over after bending down into an unnatural position every time we stop at traffic lights.

The AmazonBasics Motorcycle Tank Bag is the perfect solution for bikers who want to carry their essentials without having to deal with a backpack. With its sleek design and lightweight construction, this bag provides comfortable storage of your goods while still being easy enough that you can take it on any adventure.

The tank bag that comes with the bike has plenty of room and features an adjustable strap so you can secure it tightly against your body if desired. It attaches easily, holds up to 6 liters in cargo volume which means there’s no need for bulky backpacks when running errands or commuting on public transportation.

The Tank Bag by Amazon Basics is perfect for those who want to carry their gear without compromising comfort or security while biking.

Simply attach it securely onto the rear fender of your bike using its sturdy straps, fill with whatever items you need – there’s plenty space inside.


  • Keeps all your stuff in one easy-to-reach place.


  • Not very large storage space

10.VIATERRA Fly Magnetic – Motorcycle Tank Bag

Need a way to carry your belongings with you on the road? The Fly Magnetic is an incredibly versatile tank bag that easily converts into backpack and fits universally onto all metal fuel tanks! This cleverly designed product works in both modes, making it perfect for anyone who likes going out or staying home.

Motorcycle riders often use tank bags for this purpose. Tank Bags can be easily attached and detached from their bikes, but many lack adequate space or compartments to store items like wallets; phones; keys-you name it! And if you’re not careful with your bag while riding then things could end up lost overboard into thin air (or at least under something)!

The pros: These highly versatile backpacks straps onto the bike’s gas tanks no matter how fast its going so there won’t ever need an extra helmet unless wanted by law enforcement etc…They provide plenty of room inside even when bulging outward due too weight additions such as jackets drinks snacks food.

The VIATERRA Fly Magnetic – Motorcycle Tank Bag is a revolutionary way to carry all of your gear in one place. It has two separate compartments: an expandable main compartment with enough room for laptops and tablets, toiletries add clothing; as well.

The bag also features two mesh pockets inside where smaller items like phones, wallets and keys can be stored safely away from other objects without getting lost or damaged by things such as water splashes or vibrations while riding down the highway at high speeds.

The magnetic system used by this product makes it easy to attach/detach whenever needed.


  • Not limited to only biking, you can use this for all your travel needs.
  • The material is sturdy and the product seems quite durable.


  • It isn’t waterproof, so might not survive in heavy rain etc.

Benefits Of Tank Bags For Bikes

  • Tank bags are great for taking your belongings with you on a bike. They’re not just there as an accessory, either; they can help protect and store all those precious items from gear to groceries.
  • Tank bags are essential if you want to avoid back pain when cycling long distances. They keep your possessions close at hand and free up space in panniers or saddlebags.
  • With their lightweight design, tank bags are perfect for carrying your workout gear. They can even be worn over one shoulder and don’t weigh you down.
  • You can put anything inside the tank bag, including clothes or food. You’ll be able to enjoy your electronics when you’re on-the go too.
  • When it comes to durability, there’s no match for the tank bag. It’s made out of tough material and will withstand all sorts weather conditions without getting damaged easily.
  • The range of tank bags is as wide-ranging and diverse as the people who use them. There’s one for every type, size or need.

Buyers Guide For Best Tank Bags For Bikes

Best Tank Bags For Bikes

The entire motorcycle market is filled with bags in various designs, sizes, and styles. You can get one bag for your laptop or other electronic gadgets; the other for snacks and drinks while another type of tank bags enables you to carry all of these things at once.

With this wide range of choices available it becomes difficult to find the best fit for you without some guidance.

There are tons of buying guides online that will help answer any questions you might have but here are 3 important features that should be considered when finding the right tank bag:


Not all tanks are created equally; some motorcycles have more space on their gas tanks than others which leads to different requirements depending on the size of what needs to fit inside the bag.


Tank bags are a convenient way to store your belongings for easy access while riding. However, certain safety precautions must be taken into consideration when transporting valuables or anything else that could be considered valuable.

Permanently mounted tank bags have better security levels than those that can be removed since making a permanent bag requires more durable construction methods and materials to ensure it holds up against the vibrations from the road.


Different shapes and sizes of tank bags offer different advantages depending on what you need to store inside them. Taller styles tend to have increased storage space but take up less surface area on the metal rubber-coated tanks so you’ll want to check if your bike allows for a taller shape or if a smaller one will work.


The best tank bags for bikes are not always the most expensive ones on the market, in fact you can find some great deals if you do your research and shop around.

The price of a product varies depending on its size, material quality, features amongst other things so make sure to take all of these factors into consideration before making your purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Tank Bags For Bikes

Best Tank Bags For Bikes

What is the price range for such bags?

These days, you can get a quality tank bag within the 2000 – 50000

How much weight does it hold?

Most of these will safely hold up to 20 pounds and some even more depending on their size and design.

Can I use this bag on any motorcycle or just one type?

Different companies sell bags that fit certain types of bikes only so make sure to check the list before purchasing one. Tools For best tank bags for bikes.

What should I look for when buying a motorcycle tank bag?

Space/volume: not all motorcycles have the same size gas tank so your purchase should be determined by the amount of space available on your bike’s tank. Also, it is important to remember that taller bags take up less surface area than those which are more narrow and long so choose carefully before making your decision.


The Best tank bags are made out of tough material which withstands all sorts of weather conditions without getting damaged easily. This is the main reason why they are used by bikers who want to transport their belonging in a convenient way.

However, before buying one it is important to take into consideration some important factors like size, weight, design, and price.

If you have any questions or would like to share your comments about the topic please don’t hesitate to leave them below

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