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The mindset of people has changed as technology has advanced. There was a time back then when people used to wear those analogue watches with big dials and antique bands. But now the times have changed. It is the time where people want something smart in everything.

The old times of simple things have gone. People prefer things that are advanced and stylish.  Smartwatches have made the life of people so easy as a connection is made between the people and their watches.

Now there is no gap left between the phone and us because it has been bridged by the smartwatches. Things have become less hectic as every time your phone ringed for a call or notification, you would have to take your phone out of your pocket or pick it up and check what it was.

But now smartwatches allow you to check things that are important to you just by checking your watch on your wrist. This lets you focus on things that are more important than checking the messages that aren’t of any use. 

This is the reason that we have come up with an article for you that will provide you with a list of the 10 best watches that are available in the market.

They include all the features you have been looking for. And the best thing is that they fall under your budget too. So let us get started with the article to provide you with all the relevant information. So that you can find the best smartwatch for you.

10 Best Smartwatches Under 3000 In 2023

1 MevoFit AIR X1 : Best Smartwatch For Fitness

This is the first watch that we have for you. The price range falls totally under your budget so you do not have to worry about that.

Screen of the watch is 1.3 inches and is fully touch. There is an HD resolution. The look of the watch is elegant and it is light to carry on your wrist.

This is a sturdy and anti-scratch watch that keeps the data of your health. The operation is quick and easy. There are 24 exercise modes in this watch so you can perform any activity and it keeps track of all your workouts. This multifunctional watch includes all the practical functions needed to keep you updated.

The functions are GPS, calories monitor, distance monitor, clock, stopwatch and many more things. The data that you get through this watch can’t be used as a medical record.

Battery capacity of the watch is very long and the design is made to endure all the things. The watch body is slim so that you don’t have to charge it frequently. Only 2 hours are required and the watch can go for 7 days of usage.

There are a lot of watch faces that can even be customized as per your preference. The watch can be connected to any of the devices.


  • The heart rate and BP monitor work very well.  
  • The steps are managed perfectly well with this watch.
  • The quality of sleep is monitored by the watch to show how peacefully you sleep.
  • You get the correct details of completing your goals and tell you when you reach your goal.


  • The watch gets itchy when you sweat.
  • There might be some glitches in displaying the weather through the app.

2 Drumstone D116  : Best Smartwatch Under 3000 with call function

This is a stylish max inches watch that is covered by an aluminium frame. It is elegant and lightweight. The look is sturdy and there won’t be any scratches on the watch while you do any type of exercise or workout.

There are 5 levels of brightness in this watch so you can get the information clearly and adjust it according to your important notification convenience. The battery of the watch is 180 mAh and the capacity makes the charging of the watch last for 7 to 10 days.

IP67 waterproof rating allows you to wear the watch anytime you want. If it gets wet, you keep it dry and wear it back again. The band can easily connect to any of the smartphones and measure your health by the monitors provided in the watch.

Sleep quality, heart rate, oxygen level and many more health-related statistics are maintained by the watch. The watch motivates you to stay fit and healthy. There are 8 sports modes that allow you to perform and record any type of exercise you want.

When you connect your phone with the watch via Bluetooth, it keeps you on alert about the notifications that you receive. Other things like the camera and music can also be controlled directly through this watch of yours.


  • The price of the product is reasonable.
  • You can customize the watch by adding your photo to it.
  • The app required for the watch is easy to download and connect.
  • It even has a ‘find my phone feature that allows you to locate your phone when you have kept t and can’t find it.
  • There are so many displays styles for you to make your watch personal.


  • The notifications lag sometimes.

3 Fire-Boltt 

This watch has a full touch screen display of 1.3 inches. The shape is square and curved from the sides. The glass is scratch-resistant and the band is made from a comfortable TPU.

This smartwatch is the one that keeps a check on your health. The watch lets you know the performance of the workout that you do and your day-to-day health scenario.

Things like the steps, calories, heart rate and many other things are recorded by the watch to maintain your health stats.

Once you connect the app on your phone to the watch via Bluetooth, you can get all the notifications that you want directly through your watch.

You get the chance to reject the call that you do not want to attend. The tracker can easily record the sleep quality of yours and helps you improve your habits.

This multifunctional watch has an ergonomic design and can track all the things that you want. The material used for the watch is comfortable as well as eco-friendly. It has a rating of IP67 stating that the watch is waterproof and can be worn anytime you want. 


  • This watch helps you keep complete track of your health. 
  • The price is also affordable.
  • It tracks your sleep schedule accurately.
  • You can easily select the watch face you want.
  • There are many styles and colours of the watch available to choose from.


  • The track of steps through the pedometer is not accurate.
  • There might be some irritation felt when you are sweating with the band on.

4 Noise ColorFit Pro 2  : Best Smartwatch Under 3000 on Amazon

This is a smartwatch that comes with a wide inches full touch screen display. The watch helps you in tuning the tools like sleep monitor, menstrual health monitor and such things which maintains that you are healthy.

The watch is compatible with all types of devices. All you have to do is just download an app on your phone so that you can connect it to your watch. The watch allows you to receive all notifications like Whatsapp, Skype and other apps.

This thing is manageable directly through the app. The watch allows you to never miss a notification that’s important. Your heart rate and sleep are monitored by the watch to check that you are taking care of yourself or not.

It also motivates you to adjust your life to live it in a better way. You can easily swim in the pool without having to worry about your watch. The battery has a long life and can go on for 7 days without charging.

There are many practical features added to the watch and 9 exercise modes that help you choose the exercise you want and track it.

Features of the watch include an alarm, stopwatch, music controller and many such things through which you won’t have to take out your important notification phone and can be managed directly using a watch.


  • The watch has a GPS route tracking feature.
  • The watch is comfortable to wear.
  • The heart rate calculated is accurate enough.
  • The waterproofing feature of the watch is commendable.
  • The watch also has a find my phone feature included.


  • There are only 5 different watch faces.
  • The accuracy of counting the steps isn’t accurate.

5 Noise ColorFit Pro 2

This is a watch that keeps the track of all the things like the steps, calories, heart rate and a lot more things that are tracked all day. There are 9 sports modes supported by this watch. The GPS can track the route through the app, whichever you take.

The watch is compatible with all types of smartphones. You can buy this watch for anyone, be it a man, woman or kid. You can receive the notifications through the watch directly. Your sleep schedule gets automatically detected by the watch.

It includes a lot of practical tools too like a music controller, breathing guide and a lot more which makes your work a lot easier. The battery life of this watch is enhanced by up to 7-10 days.

The watch is waterproof too. It comes at an affordable price which makes sure that you can buy it for yourself or even gift it to a person. The watch is lightweight and comfortable to make sure that you can wear it for the whole day. 


  • It comes with a magnetic charger and a clear instruction manual.
  • The directions are very simple to set the watch up. 
  • The watch delivers the notifications and can delete if you don’t want them.


  • The name of the person isn’t shown on the watch.
  • There is no speaker to answer the calls.

6 MevoFit AIR X1 : Best Smartwatch Under 3000

This is a smartwatch whose screen is 1.3 inches and the display is clear and convenient to operate. There are different moods available in this watch. HR sensor in the watch allows it to measure the heart rate accurately.

The analysis of your sleep quality and your health is constantly done by the watch. The 9 exercise modes available in this watch can help you stay fit and healthy. This watch can be easily connected to your smartphone so that you can receive notifications and stay updated.

Calls that you don’t want to answer can even be hung up. Waterproof rating of the watch is IP68. This means that the watch is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters underwater.

You can conveniently wear your watch when you take a shower, in the pool and anywhere else and you don’t have to worry about the watch.

Battery capacity of the watch is large. It consumes low power and the design is made in such a way that it can endure a lot. Only 2.5 hours are required to charge the watch.

Then you can conveniently use the watch for up to 10 days without having to charge it again. The purchase of the watch can be easily done without having any risk.

Company provides after-sales service for a long time. The best thing about the watch is that the product gets refunded if you don’t like the product. 


  • The capacity of the battery is large and works for a long time. 
  • The functions of the watch are easy to handle and operate. 
  • The customer service of the watch is amazing. 
  • A timer of up to 99 minutes can be set by your watch. 


  • If there is no activity, the display goes to sleep very quickly.
  • The primary function of the watch is to show time isn’t good.

7 Fastrack reflex 3.0  : Best Smartwatch Under 3000

The heart rate monitor of this watch works 24/7 which allows you to check it all the time. Sleeping patterns of yours are recorded by the watch all the time to provide you with a detailed analysis of the quality of sleep. This also allows you to get a better understanding of your health so that you can make the adjustments in your lifestyle that are necessary.

The fitness tracker of this watch shows accurate results and supports 8 sports modes. Things like the steps, calories and the miles walked are recorded all day so that you can keep track of your health as well as check the status of your workout routine.

Sports modes in the watch include exercises like Yoga, Hike, Treadmill, Fitness, Cycling and many more. The watch can be easily connected to your smartphone. This way you won’t ever miss any call or notification that is important.

When you receive any notification, the watch vibrates. This way you get notified that you need to check it. You can also enable the notification of other apps like your social media to receive the notifications so that you stay updated with the watch itself.

Call can even be hung up directly through the watch instead of using the phone. When it comes to the waterproofing feature, the rating of the watch is IP67.

This allows you to continue swimming while the watch is on your wrist. Battery of the watch is reliable as it has a large capacity and the power consumption is also low. You can use the watch continuously for 7 days straight while using all the functions.

Screen of the watch is 1.4 inches which makes the display big enough to operate it conveniently. Sports data can also be checked conveniently and the whole analysis can be gone through.

There are 4 clock faces available for you to change according to your preference. This watch is a perfect choice for you to remain healthy and active. 


  • The features of the watch are handy at an affordable price.
  • The band of the watch is made of silicone rubber which is flexible and sturdy.
  • The manual of the watch has a QR code through which the app can be downloaded. 
  • It comes with a magnetic charger so that you don’t have to fidget between the pins to connect the charger.
  • The display is very bright even when there is sunlight.


  • The exercise settings are not the best as there is no HIT setting available.
  • The battery lasts for less than 7 days. 

8 Fastrack Reflex Wav  : Best Smartwatch Under 3000

This watch has a powerful battery life of 210 mAh. The standby time of the watch is 20 days. You only need to charge the watch for 2.5 hours. This watch is one of the best fitness trackers and can be connected to any device be it Android or an iOS device.

Charger of the watch is magnetic. This allows you to charge the watch very conveniently using a power bank, laptop, computer or any other device that has a USB port. When we talk about the display of the watch, the screen is 1.28 inches and has a full touch display.

Resolution of the watch is HD. The visual effects of the watch are great. The watch has a waterproof rating of IP67 which means you do not have to worry about the watch when you are swimming or if it rains accidentally.

Just remember that you do not wear the watch when you are taking a hot bath or diving in the pool. When we talk about the health monitor of the watch, the data recorded is almost accurate.

Your body data can be calculated by the watch to help you know that you are leading a healthy lifestyle or not and you can make the modifications accordingly.

When it comes to the notifications, the watch is capable of sending you the notifications as soon as the watch is connected to the phone. There won’t be a single notification that you would miss when the watch is on your wrist.

This is a multi-sports mode that includes 8 different sports modes. The app when connected to your watch can track all of the statuses of the workouts that you do and show a complete analysis to you.

Weather and the temperature can also be shown through this watch. The music can be controlled directly through the watch when you are out exercising. 


  • The package in which the watch arrives is neatly packed.
  • The display is larger in size which makes reading the text convenient.
  • Unless under stress, the watch is strong enough not to break. The instructions mentioned in the manual are very easy and make the syncing of the watch convenient.
  • The screen is fully touched and very responsive.


  • The app isn’t user friendly which makes the syncing a bit difficult.
  • The colours of the watch look more bright online but are a bit dull in reality.
  • You can’t reply to a text directly through the watch.

9 Fire-Boltt SpO2 Full Touch  : Best Smartwatch Under 3000 with spo2

It has a 1.3 inches square display. The screen is fully touched and colour. This watch is an elegant, sturdy and scratch-resistant purchase which makes your money spent worth it. There are 100 watch faces available for the dial.

All you need to do is connect the watch with your phone and then you can customize the watch in the way you want.

Watch monitors the heart rate and sleep quality automatically and provides you with a comprehensive analysis of what the results are.

There are 14 sports modes available on the watch. The app of the watch allows you to record all the data of your workout for you to analyse it and live a healthier lifestyle.

It is compatible with all types of devices be it iOS or Android. The notifications are always received directly on your watch which makes sure that you never do something that is of utmost importance. The activity tracker keeps recording the data of all your workouts.

There are other features available in the watch too like a music controller and brightness manager. Battery life of the watch makes it a reliable product by keeping the watch going on for 15 days after a 2.5 hours charge.

The watch is 5ATM waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the watch getting wet. You can even contact customer service any time you want whenever you face any issue regarding the functioning of the watch. 


  • The screen of the watch is responsive as well as fast. 
  • The watch feels light and sturdy when you wear it.
  • The look of the watch is premium looking. 
  • The app pairs with the watch very conveniently.
  • There are a lot of watch faces offered by the app. 


  • The step counter is inaccurate in the result.
  • The calculation of the miles travelled while walking or running is also not shown correctly.

10 GOQii Vital 3.0 : Best Smartwatch Under 3000

This is the last product that we have for you on our list. The watch has a display of 1.3 inches. The image quality offered by the product is amazing and the sensitive touch feature is also very high. The sliding into the functions is as smooth as your phone.

There are 3 levels of brightness offered to you by the watch to adjust according to your preference. The multiple watch faces allow you to choose and customize your watch. The watch meets your daily needs.

There are 24 sports modes available on the watch. They ensure that you remain fit and healthy and even motivate you to do so. A variety of exercises are available in the watch and helps you keep track of the exercises that you do.

It gives you an analysis so that you can improve it day by day. The route which you take is recorded by the watch using the GPS enabled in it.

This watch has 7-day battery life. The capacity of the battery is 260 mAh. The watch is able to identify the energy that is being used and can allocate it conveniently to save power as much as possible.

Only a 1.5-hour charge is required to keep this watch working for a longer duration. The waterproof rating of the watch is IP68 which means that you can conduct activities that include putting your hand in water without having to even worry about the watch at all.

There is a health tracker that comes in the watch. Your heart rate is monitored, the calories you burn and the distance you travel everything is included in the watch.

Even your sleep quality is paid attention to with the help of the watch and helps you build a lifestyle that’s healthy.

The notifications are received by the watch directly so that you don’t have to check your phone to make sure that you are not missing anything important.

It can be connected to any device be it Android or iOS. It helps you to even reject the call directly using the watch if you don’t want to take it. The watch also reminds you of the alarms and reminders. 


  • This smartwatch reminds you of all the important things so that you don’t miss any.
  • The watch can be connected easily to your phone just by downloading an app.
  • The look of the watch is just as it is advertised online.
  • The watch is perfect for the value of money that it costs.
  • The touch of the watch is also very smooth and works accurately.


  • The face of the watch isn’t that good. 
  • The feature to measure your pulse isn’t accurate.


Now we have reached the conclusion of the article. We hope that the products that we have listed are according to your preference and exactly like what you have been looking for by scrolling through the articles.

There are a lot of options available in the market at the present time when it comes to smartwatches. When you dig deep, you will find one of the best products out of all. 

But you don’t have to go through the trouble because that is what we are here for.

Things like the connectivity, software, the build and the features are to be kept in mind when you look for the best smartwatch in the market. When you buy a watch, make sure that it is compatible with your device.


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