Best Smartwatch Under 15000 [Expert Review] – 2023

In this list of best smartwatch under 15000 we have covered some of the best smartwatches one can get their hands on.

A few years ago, we would not have even dreamt of smartwatches after smartphones. But here we are! In a world that is now entirely dependent on technology- be it work, studies, or even fitness. And smartwatches themselves have come a long way.

Smartwatches can now be connected easily with your smartphones and even come with inbuilt coaches that will guide you through your exercises.

The data collected by the smartwatches is analyzed to suggest to you the best ways to improve your health through their app on your smartphone and finally achieve those new year resolutions you take every year.

These watches will not allow you to make any excuses to skip your daily health routine. In this pandemic time when health has taken a front seat, these watches are therefore rapidly gaining popularity among the Indian masses as well.

The features that were once available in smartwatches for which you had to shell out a big chunk of your money are now available in your own budget. At the same time, the market is also flooded with cheap knockouts.

So if you’re looking to buy a smartwatch under 15,000, to gift it to someone or for your own use, here are some of the best smartwatches available these days. 

Sorting these choices on the basis of their features, functionality, battery, and so on, here is a curated list to help you choose your latest smartwatch right in your budget!

Best Smartwatch Under 15000 in 2023

1. Oppo WiFi SmartWatch : Best Smartwatch Under 15000

Oppo has stepped into this domain of smartwatches too now after their successful run with the smartphones. With their rising credibility, their smartwatches are also of great quality.

It has a glossy display of 1.91 inches and comes with massive internal storage of 8 GB. It has an AI watch face and 430mAh battery with VOOC Flash Charging.


  • AMOLED Flexible Dual-Curved Always-on display that makes the interface smooth and colorful while giving a shiny look to the smartwatch.
  • Schott Xensation glass protection: This will protect your AMOLED screen and set in an aluminum case, it gives the watch a chic and elegant look.
  • Fluoro-rubber straps: Remember that irritation on your skin that metal bands of the watch cause on your wrist? You can rest easy with the rubber straps of this beautiful watch even while you sweat as you hit the gym.
  • Two processors! This watch comes with two processors- Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 which works while performing routine tasks and the other one is Apollo 3 processor for power-saver mode.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS- it connects with other devices via Bluetooth v4.2 or WiFi connectivity.
  • Battery: while its 439mAH battery can last for a good deal of time but its fast VOOC charging is well optimized and charges the watch very fast.
  • Manage calls and notifications- you can manage all your WhatsApp and other apps’ notifications as well as pick or reject calls through this watch only, and don’t need to take out your phone.
  • It has a sleep tracker, a heartbeat monitor, and multiple sports modes. It is bursting at its seams with all the health monitoring features Oppo has added to this watch.
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Cuztomizable watch face.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • It comes with a BlueTooth connectivity feature but since it has an option for Wifi connectivity as well, it doesn’t pose any major issues.

2. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 

This classy watch is a major attraction in this price range. It comes in different variants- Classic and Cobalt.

All the people who love minimalist design will love this watch as it doesn’t compromise on its health features while serving some great looks.

It has three different chipsets which perform different tasks and thus use the 402mAh battery very efficiently. It is definitely one of the Best Smartwatch Under 15000.


  • 1.39 inches Round AMOLED display of this watch has high looks and quality. 
  • Amulet display- The display is crisp and its brightness is high enough to be used in the sun as well. It also has an auto-brightness feature.
  • The classic version comes with 2.5D glass protection, a fluoroelastomer strap, and a stainless steel body.
  • Cobalt version comes with sapphire glass protection, leather strap(with an extra band!) And cobalt alloy body.
  • It has three processors. STM32 manages the user interface. Apollo 3 is used for sensors. Cyprus Processor manages Bluetooth calls and music.
  • Comes with Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity.
  • Out of 4 GB internal storage, the OS takes up 2 GB, leaving 2 GB for the users.
  • The 402mAh battery comes with fast charging and goes from 0 to 100% in just 40 minutes.
  • You can manage the notifications of your apps and pick or reject the calls via this smartwatch.
  • It has many features such as a sleep tracker, HR monitor, Gyroscope sensor, and GPS which are all designed accurately.
  • It is dust and water-resistant up to 50m underwater so don’t shy away from wearing this watch when you go kayaking next time.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.


  • The raise to wake feature can be a bit troublesome at times.
  • Doesn’t include an always-on feature.
  • It can only pair only with OnePlus’ earbuds.
  • You can’t install third-party apps, you have to make do with only pre-installed apps.
  • Only compatible with Android devices.

3. HONOR Magic Watch 2 : Best Smartwatch Under 15000

This Honor Magic Watch is one tough nut. It has a huge battery life as well as great features. It is good for both a great sporty watch or a daily-use watch. It also has a route back GPS feature and also includes camera control features.


  • The AMOLED display of 1.3 inches and stainless steel bezel
  • Always-on feature with Gorilla Glass protection to keep it safe during High-intensity training and workouts.
  • 790mAh battery life that will last for almost 20 days on a single charge!
  • Dust and water-resistant up to 50 m underwater.
  • 4GB internal storage out of which 2 GB is available for users.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS via Bluetooth v5.0 and also a good WiFi connection feature.
  • It includes an inbuilt mic and speaker
  • 100 sports modes are packed in this smartwatch. 85 of them are customized and 15 are professional. 
  • Route back GPS allows you to trace your steps back in the exact same path!
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Includes SpO2, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, air pressure monitor, altimeter, and so on
  • It has a Kirin A1 processor.


  • A bit bulky-looking
  • Doesn’t support third-party applications, you will have to work only with the pre-installed apps in the smartwatch.
  • It tends to go out of stock really fast!

4. Huawei GT 2 

This second-generation Huawei Watch GT (46mm) keeps the classy looks of the first generation but updates the features. Its speaker allows the user to accept the calls directly from the watch.


  • 1.39 inches AMOLED display with high resolution, bright colors, and sharp images. It’s perfectly usable under bright sunlight as well, thanks to its light sensors which adjust the brightness and optimize the battery life.
  • It’s lightweight and slim with its sleek glass screen and steel casing.
  • It comes in two variants like the OnePlus watch- Sports and Classic
  • The classic variant has a leather strap
  • The sports version has a silicone strap, making it a popular choice among swimmers.
  • Inbuilt mic and speaker to work on calls or listen to music.
  • 4GB internal storage that can be used to download songs. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be the type to get distracted with their friends’ texts or memes on your phones while changing the music on your phone during a workout. This watch will keep you focused on the exercise.
  • It also includes multiple sports modes as well as an inbuilt personal coach that will guide you through a seven-phase workout.
  • Its step tracking is quite accurate.
  • It also has a stress relaxing feature, sleep tracker, and heart rate monitor.
  • It includes basic utility apps such as stopwatches and alarms and so on.
  • It has various customizable watch faces.
  • Its battery backup is fairly good and takes a little over an hour to charge completely.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects.


  • No wifi connectivity option
  • No Near Field Communication feature
  • Some variants can cost a little over 15000

5. Amazfit T-Rex Pro : Best Smartwatch Under 15000

Another smartwatch for hardcore outdoor use comes with various updated features. It is a favorite amongst outdoor sports enthusiasts thanks to its 100+ sports modes.


  • 1.3inches AMOLED display which might seem bulky but is lightweight and sleek.
  • Sharp and crisp display
  • Stainless steel case rugged body with tactile buttons with 15 military-grade certifications. You can navigate the interface through these buttons as well.
  • Sweat-free silicone material strap which gives maximum comfort even while you sleep.
  • Can be paired with both Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth v5.0 or WiFi connectivity.
  • It has a 390mAh battery which can last for around 20 days if used moderately.
  • You can see the notifications of your apps on this watch easily.
  • It comes with a sleep tracker, hr monitor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Air Pressure Sensor, GPS, and 100+ sports modes.
  • It is dust and water-resistant up to 100 m underwater.
  • The product has a year’s warranty.


  • You will not be able to make or accept the calls. You can only reject calls through this watch.
  • The GPS doesn’t include navigation.
  • You can’t download third-party applications on this watch. You can only use pre-installed apps.
  • It does not have any internal storage.
  • You can’t control the music through your smartwatch.

6. Fitbit Versa 3 : Best Smartwatch Under 15000

Fitbit is the most well-known smartwatch and fitness watch brand.

It has now released a budget line, delighting fitness enthusiasts with a budget.

It can cost a little over 15000 but it’s still not too expensive.


  • Its design is highly appealing while still being comfortable. 
  • It includes activity trackers which monitor calories intake/burnt, activity/inactivity, distance, sleep, heart rate, hours slept, steps, active minutes, sleep quality, and so on.
  • It can be connected to your other devices via NFC, Bluetooth v4.0, or WiFi
  • Its body is made of aluminum and is available in black, grey, and peach colors.
  • It has an LCD 1.32 inches screen with a capacitive touchscreen.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS as well as Windows OS
  • It also includes an alarm clock, goal setting reminders, real-time coaching, and a stopwatch.
  • It has an internal memory of 2.5 GB
  • It is waterproof and lightweight.
  • It has decent GPS
  • It has easy to use FitbitOS


  • This Fitbit Versa, unfortunately, does not have onboard memory to store songs which can be a huge disappointment to music lovers like me.
  • The Lite variant leaves out many good features.

7. Huawei GT 2 Pro

This classy watch comes with a wonderful display in this price range. It has a great Huawei’s Light OS. It has wonderful features and great looks making it a stunner in this price range.


  • It is thin and lightweight.
  • It has a round dial with stainless steel casing but it has ceramic bezels, giving this watch a premium look.
  • It also comes in two variants- Sports and Classic.
  • The sport variant has a black silicone strap, perfect for water sports lovers. 
  • The classic version comes with a stunning leather strap and a beautiful grey dial.
  • It comes with a great AMOLED display and it makes it a delight to navigate through the watch as the images look bright and crisp. It is known to have the best display in this price range. It is also perfectly bright enough to be used under natural sunlight.
  • Its touchscreen is delightfully smooth and responsive.
  • It uses its own chipset which is perfectly compatible with this watchmaking the interface and user experience very smooth (like butter! Any ARMYS here?)
  • It has a great GPS that will connect as soon as you turn the watch on. You won’t need to find a signal and connect the GPS when it’s time to start your run. (No excuses now!)
  • GLONASS and GALILEO make the distance and route measurements quite accurate for the GPS of this watch as well.
  • Its TruSeen 3.0 will precisely measure your heart rate and its mobile app will then suggest you some personalized exercises to improve your health.
  • Its TruSleep 2.0 also works very well and analyses your sleep patterns and also suggests ways to improve your sleep schedule and quality.
  • It is packed with features for basic use such as a compass, alarm, find my phone, flashlight, and a stopwatch. 
  • You can swipe down on the watch and check your missed notifications.
  • You can reject the incoming calls but you can’t pick or answer from the watch as it doesn’t have an inbuilt speaker.
  • It is water-resistant up to 50 m so you can wear this while you go for a swim.
  • It has multiple sports modes kike Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Trail Run, Pool Swim, and so on.
  • It tracks your speed, distance, calories burnt, muscles built, and so on.
  • It can detect your strokes as you swim and make suggestions to improve them as well.
  • You can choose a range of Watchfaces from the Huawei Watch Face store. If you’re offline, you still have the option to choose from pre-loaded watch faces.
  • It has great battery performance and can last for around a fortnight of regular use.


  • No Near Field Communication feature.
  • No internal storage
  • No wifi or music can be loaded on the watch.

8. Huami Amazfit GTR 

If you’re a fan of old-school analog watches but still want the features of a smartwatch, this watch is perfect for you. It is the Best Smartwatch Under 15000 that one can get their hand on.


  • It has a round analog frame which makes it look extremely classy.
  • Its titanium body is lightweight and durable. It has leather straps making it look quite dapper.
  • The leather straps are quite comfortable and it has many holes on the strap so it can fit easily on the wrists of all sizes. Talk about body inclusivity!
  • It comes with 5 preloaded watch faces on its app but you can’t customize these watch faces as it doesn’t allow you to access third-party apps.
  • It comes with 1.39 inches of AMOLED display. It also has an always-on feature and its display is sufficiently vivid.
  • It comes with a pretty accurate heart-rate monitor thanks to photoplethysmogram. It easily detects the blood volume change and alerts if the heart rate is too high or low.
  • It includes 12 different sports modes such as outdoor running, cycling, yoga, and the like, and an inbuilt GPS and precise distance measurement.
  • It is water-resistant up to 50 m underwater.
  • It has basic utility features such as a stopwatch, compass, weather, find my phone, call reminder, music control, and the like.
  • It has NFC which allows you to make wireless payments through your watch
  • It displays all your applications’ notifications and incoming calls.
  • It has a DND mode if you don’t want to be disturbed by the calls or notifications.
  • It has a great 410mAh battery thank can last around 20 days if used moderately. With GPS and heart rate tracker and other sensors turned off, it can last for more than 70 days on a single charge. It takes around 2-3 hours to charge completely.


  • It can’t store music
  • It doesn’t allow downloading third-party applications.
  • GPS signals are sometimes weak and disconnect frequently. 

9. Fossil Gen 4 

This smartwatch comes with Android Wear OS 2.0 and thus becomes the most compatible and accessible choice for people looking to buy a smartwatch in this range. If you prefer metallic starps for that elgeant look, then you will like this watch.


  • It comes with the most stable and evolving OS that supports a massive range of applications. It will not have any stability issues that users of watches with different OS often have to face.
  • It is sleek and lightweight but it is also just as sturdy.
  • It comes with a wonderful OLED display that is quite responsive and reacts instantly to the touch. It is readable easily too, without having to turn it into awkward angles to operate the watch in public.
  • Its Snapdragon 2100 Processor packs a powerful punch and makes it a delightful experience to use this watch.


  • It doesn’t have important fitness sensors such as GPS and heart rate sensors.
  • It doesn’t have NFC despite its price.
  • Its battery lasts only a day or so.

10. Amazfit Stratos : Best Smartwatch Under 15000

It fits right in the budget but this watch still has great features making it a great deal if you consider the features this watch is packed with.


  • It comes with such a detailed user interface that you’ll have to read the manual. You can view the content of the notifications from various apps, including third-party applications.
  • It has an always-on display
  • Its battery lasts for around four days with moderate usage.
  • It comes with a GPS feature.
  • It comes with an amazing lap cycle feature that works wonderfully with swimming and other similar activities.
  • It is sturdy and solid. It can easily handle water splashes during swimming or other shocks.


  • Due to the massive amount of information, the user interface is a bit messy and confusing.
  • It is slightly heavy as the makers have seemed to prioritize the sturdiness of the watch over its sleekness.

Now that you have been made familiar with a variety of smartwatches with different features and prices, you are now free to choose whichever one suits you best.

It does not matter if you’re a swimmer or more of an adventurous sports person, this list has tried to cover all possible needs of people with different priorities and varying interests.

However, beware of cheap knockouts available in the market and shop wisely if you wish to have a good experience with your smartwatch.

Quick Tips for Buying a Smartwatch


Always check if your smartwatch will be compatible with your smartphone. Sometimes, some watches are not compatible with Android or iOS.

Sometimes, watches are compatible with all types of smartphones but their features can be limited on the OS they are not very compatible with.

So you need to check it before you invest in an expensive smartwatch.

OLED or LCD display

Many smartwatches come with vivid AMOLED displays but the catch is that it drains battery very quickly.

If your priority is long battery life then opt for a black and white display.

OLED, as compared to LCD, allows the smartwatches to be lighter and more sleeky so if you want a more lightweight and elegant look, opt for OLED.

Touchscreen vs Touchless

While you’d think you’d opt for touchscreen without a doubt, you should keep in mind that the screen of these watches is no more than few inches.

It might pose a problem to operate a touchscreen especially if you are outdoors on an adventure. The gesture-based actions are still in an experimental stage.

There is a lot of swiping that needs to be done if you wish to switch from one app to another or remove the notification from the screen.

Therefore, there are many watches that combine the touchscreen with tactile buttons that allow users to navigate their watches through buttons.

Many well-known brands have introduced this feature in their watches that allows users to operate their smartwatches while wearing gloves as well.

Design and Personalization

You can always swap the straps with third-party straps if you wish to personalize your watch. Nowadays, some sellers allow you to pick your favorite color and material as well.

There are many watches that come in different variants to humor different types of audiences.

For example, many watches listed above come in a classic or a sport version where classic has leather strap while sport version will have a different strap to facilitate the outdoor activity usage.

You can also choose whether you would prefer a round dial or a rectangular one as there are now many options available in the market.

Many watches also have the option for analog frames which make a wonderful gift for our elders who still might have a bias for the analog watches or the younger generation looking to find a watch that will match their aesthetic but still give them all the qualities such as the health features of a great smartwatch.

App selections

Lately, there has been huge progress and many apps are now compatible with smartwatches.

But you have to check if your smartwatch can support these apps too as many smartwatches on a limited budget do not allow third-party apps.

They come with many basic pre-installed apps that you might need such as a stopwatch, compass, weather, find my phone, call reminder, music control, and so on.

Fitness features, GPS, heart rate monitor

To attract the fitness buffs, many watches now include various activity tracking features that track your steps, sleep, heart rate, calories intake and calories burnt, muscles made, and so on.

So if you wish to use your smartwatch primarily to track your health then you should opt for a watch with such features.

There are many watches that come with the additional feature of warning the user when their heart rate is too slow or fast.

Many analyze the data and suggest ways to improve your health and there are some watches that come with an inbuilt trainer who guides the user through series of exercises.

If you are more of an athlete and often go on runs then GPS is a good feature to invest in but you have to keep in mind that all these sensors drain a considerable amount of battery.

Calling or payments

If you are a workaholic and need your smartwatch to prioritize your work then you can consider watches with LTE and inbuilt mics and speakers that will allow you to operate your calls through your watch itself.

Now many watches come with an NFC feature that will allow you to make wireless payments without using your phone.

Some fitness watches have started including this feature in their watches as well. We have included some watches with NFC feature in our list as well.

Battery Life

There are many factors that will affect your smartwatch’s battery as we mentioned in previous points such as display colors, GPS, trackers and sensors, and so on.

There are now many great smartwatches that can last for a few days on a single charge. It depends on how much you use your watch and how do you use it.

If you are a person with a hectic schedule, you can opt for watches with fast charging that will save you time, pun intended. 

There are various options available for charging too now as there are watches that need to be plugged in and also watches that simply need to be laid on a charging puck to be charged.

As mentioned in the list, the Oppo watch, for example, comes with a fast VOOC charging.


Excluding the fakes, smartwatches are still on the expensive side for many people.

Therefore, you must decide which budget suits you best and which features are an absolute must-have for your lifestyle.

It is possible that there is a great fitness smartwatch available in your budget but you wish to have NFC and hands-free call operation feature as it more relevant for you.

Then you have to look for a watch that fits your description in your decided budget. Sometimes, the price varies with colors too.

You are now ready to buy your smartwatch and now armed with all the kinds of information that will allow you to choose the best smartwatch for yourself in your budget.

The only problem that you might occasionally encounter is that sometimes be that these watches often go out of stock really fast so you have to be quick and observant.

It is also suggested to check different sites as sometimes, the price varies from one e-shopping website to another.


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