Top 10 Best Smartwatch Under 10,000 (Review and FAQ’s) – 2023

Are you looking for the best smartwatch under 10000 ? Well we have got you.

Smartwatches have evolved a lot through time. The earlier versions of smartwatches were only able to perform some minimum functions that weren’t of much use.

But now, smartwatches have become so advanced that to perform a variety of functions, you won’t even have to take your smartphone out because your watch has become cable enough to perform it.

Many things need to be kept in mind when you are purchasing a smartwatch. Every brand offers a variety of features in its watches. Your price range decides which product you can go for. 

A smartwatch even keeps tabs on your health.

This feature helps you know that you need to accomplish your goals and reach them by the end of the day so that you stay fit and healthy.

Things like heart rate sensors, oxygen monitors and GPS are also being offered in a smartwatch nowadays. This way you won’t have to take your phone out of your pocket to do such tasks.

In this article, we have provided a list of articles that have the best features in them and the price range is also under your budget.

This will help you pick the best product out of all by measuring the pros and cons of the product.

These products are one of a kind and have a lot of features to consider.

This list will also help you find the watch you are looking for directly instead of brainstorming through various articles and products.

So let us go through the list together to pick out the product you are looking for. You can also check some of the Best Smartwatch In India.

Best Smartwatches Under 10000 in 2023

1. Garmin Vivoactive 3 : Best Smartwatch Under 10000 

This watch belongs to the brand Garmin. This one is an unique watch, for usimbg it, you can pay for your purchase. The Garmin Pay contactless payment feature allows you to do so.

At this time when the COVID-19 virus is prevailing, contactless payments are encouraged. There are thousands of free watch faces available for you which allows you to customize the watch according to your preference.

There are a lot of options available for the apps and the widgets from the Connect IQ store of the brand.

You will get more than 15 preloaded indoor sports and GPS app options available to you in the watch.

The sports app includes yoga, running, swimming and many more. The watch monitors your fitness level and the steps you have taken in a day with the VO2 max and the fitness made estimates of yours.

When you pair your watch with your smartphone through the Garmin Connect and Live Track, you get connected to an amazing range of features available in the watch like getting notifications and automatic uploads.

In the smartwatch mode, the battery of your watch can go on for 7 days straight. The display size of the watch is 1.2 inches in diameter. 


  • The watch is very comfortable for you to wear the whole day. 
  • The watch provides the most important metrics when you play sports.
  • You can leave your phone at home and go for a run with your watch being connected to Amazon Music. 
  • The brightness can be adjusted to your convenience.
  • The daily activity is measured accurately.
  • The calls can be received directly through the watch.


  • The battery life when GPS is on is almost 10-11 hours and not 13.
  • The GPS accuracy is not perfect.

2. Amazfit GTS2 

This fitness band from Aazfit is a watch made precisely to measure the heart rate, the distance travelled in a day, the calories that you burn, the steps that you take and the quality sleep that you get.

In total, it will accurately measure your health to let you know that you need to work out more or less.

The screen is as wide as 2 inches and is AMOLED and always-on. The design is square in shape to provide a larger display area so that it can carry more information on it.

This watch is made in such a way that it deeply optimizes the power to last for a longer period of 14 days. The watch body is slim in size so that you don’t have to charge it frequently.

GTS smartwatch allows you to control the music directly via Bluetooth and through this you won’t have to pull out your phone, again and again, to play/pause or change the song.

It is waterproof and can withstand very deep depths.. It also supports multiple swimming scenarios and automatically recognizes the swimming position you are in to measure the calorie burn and other data.

There are 12 sports modes available on this watch. 


  • The battery life is amazing even if constantly used.
  • The display is easy to navigate. You can directly click on whichever app you want.
  • The features of the watch are outstanding. 
  • The app is convenient and doesn’t drain the battery of your smartphone.
  • The price is also reasonable.


  • The weather app on the watch is not good and shows incorrect temperature.
  • There are only 2 customizable watch faces onlyis 2 watch faces that are customizable.
  • There is no user guide manual available.

3. Garmin vivomove HR

This is the third watch that we have on our list and is again offered by Garin. The colour of the watch is gold with leather straps. One of the Best Smartwatch Under 10000.

This watch has smart features that allow you to stay connected to your smartphone like the music control, notifications of incoming calls, text messages, calendars and reminders and many more things.

It is available when the watch is paired with your smartphone. The Elevate wrist heart rate technology allows the watch to measure your heart rate.

There are wellness monitoring tools available in the watch that tracks your stress levels, has a relaxation timer and also helps you in managing the level of stress.

The screen of the watch displays the steps that you take, the calories you burn, the distance you travel, the heart rate of yours, the intensity minutes and the VO2 max.

The look of the watch can be changed effortlessly with the industry standard 200 m accessory bands that can be released easily.

In the smart mode, the battery of the watch goes on for 5 days and in the watch mode, the battery can go on for 2 additional weeks.


  • The battery life of the watch is amazing.
  • The time is shown on the watch all the time. 
  • The weather data can be quickly accessed through the watch itself.
  • The screen is good enough to show the messages as well as the name and number of the person who is calling. 
  • The heart rate meter and the pedometer work great.


  • The display is a little inconvenient.
  • The size is a bit bulky.
  • Under sunlight, the screen isn’t bright enough.

4. Amazfit GTR 2e : Best Smartwatch Under 10000

This watch has Amazon Alexa Built-In which allows you to ask questions, get translations, set watches and alarms and do much other stuff that Alexa allows you to do.

This watch is just like a work of art on your wrist. The thin and borderless design of the watch looks very beautiful to wear.

The display is 1.39 inches and is an AMOLED-HD screen that is covered in glass. It is available in a range of colours, to match all of your dresses and occasions.

There are 50+ watch faces available from which you can choose the one you like. You can even personalize your watch by using your own picture.

It measures your sleep quality and stress level which helps you understand the physical state that you are in. you can activate the sports mode and the watch will make an analytical report after you have finished exercising.

You won’t have to select the sports mode annually as there is intelligent recognition available in the watch. The watch is 5ATM water-resistant; if you are a swimmer, this is perfect for you.

The watch body is thin and has a high capacity battery.

The watch has a special feature of voice control; using it, you can go offline and still access a number of alternatives.


  • The look of the watch is classy and the build quality is great.
  • The display is convenient.
  • There is GPS in the watch for you to record your running track.
  • The Always On option can keep the display awake.
  • Amazing battery life, surpassed every other watch.


  • Many of the notifications received get duplicated.
  • The Alexa feature comes in the update to be released soon.
  • There is a shortcut screen which is not very helpful.

5. HUAWEI Watch GT 2e

This watch from Huawei comes in 4 different colours.

The display is 1.39 inches and the screen is AMOLED HD. it also has a memory of 4 GB in it. The connection is of Bluetooth 5.1 and the watch is GPS supported so that you can track your running status and movement.

Watch is 5ATM water-resistant so that you can easily swim and perform other activities easily while wearing the watch. It is one of the Best Smartwatch Under 10000.

The watch can connect with smartphones having Android 4.4 or iOS 9 plus software. If you have an iOS device, then the watch face available in the store won’t be compatible with your device.

It has a magnetic charging thimble to provide you with convenience in connecting the charger. Voltage required is 5V.

The watch can go on for 14 days and has 15 professional workout modes. There are many features available in this watch like the GPS, Sleep monitor, music control system and fitness tracker. 


  • For measuring your fitness and your health, this is a great watch.
  • Many workouts are pre installed.
  • The look is nice and professional. 
  • The sleep tracking feature of the watch is accurate.
  • There are 100+ watch faces.


  • The glass of the watch is too fragile.
  • You should not use the watch while doing heavy lifting.
  • The straps are too soft.

6. Timex Fit Smart Watch 

This smartwatch from Timex is a fitness tracker and has amazing battery life. The battery of the watch lasts for almost 25 days straight when you use it regularly;y and when the GPS is used, the watch can last for 20 hours continuously.

The display of the watch is the always-on one and keeps showing the time always. The watch can measure the heart rate with the HR zones and HR zones training.

This watch keeps track of your activities all day 24×7. It measures the distance you travel, the calories you burn, the quality of sleep you get and the pace at which you run on the treadmill.

There are sen=dentary reminder options available in this watch. You can also set 3 alarms on it. There are multiple workout modes available in this watch like outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, indoor cycling, walking and many more.

The handle strap is 24m and is adjustable. It is made of silicone and the circumference of the wrist to which the watch can adjust easily is 8 inches.

It is water-resistant up to 100 ft. The watch gets synced to your smartphone and can be used easily to keep a record of your fitness level and exercise.


  • There are 4 physical buttons available on the watch.
  • The touchscreen option can be disabled during workouts.
  • The watch is 50 meters water-resistant.
  • The watch has an automatic HR and sleep monitor which is optional.
  • With a single charge, the battery lasts for about a week or two..
  • You can also get the basic weather notifications through the watch.


  • The colour of the screen isn’t bright enough and it is too contrasting.
  • A lot of clicks have to be done to return to the main screen.
  • The statistics of the previous day’s exercise isn’t available on the watch.
  • When you use workouts, then only can the heart rate history be tracked.

7. Amazfit Bip U Pro : Best Smartwatch Under 10000

This watch in our list is again offered by Amazfit. It is available in a single colour only : Onyx Black which looks classy and smart when you wear it on your wrist.

The battery life of the watch is commendable and goes on for 45 days. The model has the seqcial covering of the lithium polymer battery, capacity of 190 mAh.

With a single charge for 2.5 hours, the watch can go on working for a time period of 30 days. The build of the watch is light in weight as well as thin. The watch only weighs about 32 grams with the watchband and the thickness is only 11.5 mm.

It can be worn all day very conveniently. The watch has an optical heart rate monitoring feature.

There is a built-in GPS system in the watch through which you can track the steps that you have taken, the distance you have travelled, the calories you have burned and the quality of the sleep that you are getting.

There is also a multisport tracking system there in the watch which allows you to keep the statistics of the activities that take place in your daily schedule.

You can easily receive the notifications of the calls and other Apps on your cell phone directly through your watch so you don’t have to check your phone again and again. 


  • The battery of the watch goes on for a number of days.
  • The battery lasts for a couple of weeks so travelling while wearing the watch becomes very convenient as you do not have to keep in mind the charger of the watch as well.
  • The waterproofing of the watch is great.
  • The design is light, thin and looks elegant when you wear it on your wrist.


  • If you leave your phone at home when you go for a run, there won’t be any feature to play the music.
  • You do not get a calendar view of your workouts through the default app.

8. HONOR Magic Watch 2

his smartwatch offered by Honor has a display screen of 1.64 inches. The AMOLED display of the watch provides you with a vivid visual field and a fine-finger touching feel too.

The colour display of the watch provides great visuals and the brightness can be adjusted according to your own preference. The 2.5D glass of the watch is pleasing to the eyes of the user.

It is also very smooth to touch. The dials of the watch are replaceable. The watch is made for super long endurance. The battery of the watch can go on for 10 days with typical all-day usage.

The TruScreen 4.0 heart rate monitor keeps measuring your heart rate 24×7  and obtains an algorithm to show the precise readings. And keep continuous supervision on your health.

If there are any abnormal results, then you get alerts too. When you are working out or are present at a high altitude, your oxygen level is being measured by the watch to keep you alert. It also allows you to manage your stress by teaching you various breathing exercises with the help of the app.

The watch has 95 different sports modes available on it. The watch si suitable for both indoors ou outdoors use.

There are 10 professional workout modes available too like walking, swimming, cycling, running and the other ones. With personalised guidance, the watch offers you a high-level fitness tracking system.

You can stay active and engaged by finding the workout of your choice. The watch is a great life assistant as it sends you the notification of any activity that takes place on your cell phone.

To connect the watch to your phone, the Huawei Health App can be downloaded. The services offered by the company are also great.


  • The look of the watch is of premium quality.
  • It is light-weight
  • The AMOLED 1.64 inches display of the watch is the major piece of attraction. 
  • The screen of the watch is clear.


  • For every task, you need to access the Huawei Health App.
  • The watch faces available are fewer. 

9. NYSW World Best Thinnest Luxury Smart Watch

This watch in our list has an appearance just like the traditional watches but in usage is a smartwatch.

This hybrid watch helps you keep organized and productive all day as it is a perfect companion for men.

It helps you keep connected to your phone by reminding you of the calls, messages and other notifications that you receive.

When you receive continuous reminders, they might become a little annoying. You can choose the pattern you want in this watch and choose the notifications that you want to know.

Vibrations are felt at any notifications.With a single full charge of the watch, it can go on working continuously for about 10-14 days.

It also connects your pedometer Bluetooth watch with your phone so that you can keep track of all the things like the distance, calories and steps.

There are also some special sports modes available on this watch. The watch is 5ATM waterproof so you can even wear it when it is raining.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the product, then the company pays your money back. 


  • The functionality and the look of the watch are very aspiring.
  • It has a perpetual calendar.
  • The watch dial is of high quality.
  • It can connect very easily to any Android or iOS device.
  • The watch works for 10-14 days after getting fully charged.


  • You would have to be patient enough while setting it up as it takes some time. 

10. Fossil Fb-01 Hybrid Smartwatch : Best Smartwatch Under 10000

The last and one of the best smartwatches under 10000 that we have on our list is from Fossil. This is a Hybrid smartwatch.

The watch conveniently works with all the devices be it iOS or Android. The battery of the watch is so long-lasting that it doesn’t need charging at all. It lasts for up to 12 months as it is the coin cell changing one.

The cell can go on working for almost 12 months. The watch maintains the activity and sleeps tracking system with a long-term progress view in the companion app.

You can even customize the goals that you want to achieve through the app. You can receive the notifications of the apps and the calls and the information about the contacts that you are the most about through the app.

This happens with the help of the discreet hybrid smartwatch vibration and your hand movement.

You can customize the buttons on your watch to control the music that you play when your phone rings if you want to take a photo and many more things.

You won’t have to adjust your clock as there are automatic time zones available on this watch. The watch adjusts the tie for you.

Whatever time is being shown on your phone, that will be displayed on your watch automatically.


  • The diameter of the watch is 49 millimetres so the display is big enough.
  • Customizable buttons.
  • It is very lightweight, only 6.91 ounces.


  • The metal body of the watch is not very strong and durable for long term usage.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Here are some faqs that you must read to know more about the smartwatches that are available in the market and the features that they have.

Can smartwatches make calls?

Yes many of the smartwatches available in the market have the feature to make calls directly through the watch instead of using the phone.

The watches will have to connect to your phone using Bluetooth. Some watches are available on LTE.

The LTE version of making calls is a bit expensive but it allows you to make calls without having your cellphone with you. It drains the battery faster.

Can a smartwatch take photos?

One of the most used features on a smartphone is the camera of the phone. This feature hasn’t been available in any of the smartwatches for now.

Some of the watches do have the feature that allows you to control the camera of your phone directly through your wrist.

This proves very helpful when you are taking group photos. The watches aren’t designed in such a way that they can replace the smartphone altogether. 

How do smartwatches measure heart rate?

This is one of the questions that has been asked a lot. Most of the watches use the technology called Photoplethysmography. In short, we call it PPG.

This helps in measuring your heart rate. To measure it, a green coloured light is projected through the watch on your skin.

The speed is a hundred times per second. The reflection of the light is captured. More light is reflected within your heartbeat, this helps the watch measure the rate at which your heart is beating.

There is hardware that is used for PPG and it is called ‘Optical Heart Rate Monitor’. The measure that you get is accurate enough but isn’t 100% correct. 

Conclusion –

So, here we are. This was our comprehensive list of the10 best products for you, at very affordable prices.These come with a number of amazing features.

To some people, a smartwatch might seem like a luxury product but to some, it is a product for daily usage. It helps you connect to your phone directly using Bluetooth.

This reduces the number of times you take out your phone to check the notifications that you receive all the time. Not all notifications are useful so they don’t deserve your precious time to be checked again and again.

This is the reason why smartwatches are available in the market. Purchasing a smartwatch for your daily use is not as simple as it appears to be.

You have to go through a lot of things before finally spending such a high amount of money if you are purchasing a top-notch product. Often people confuse smart watches with fitness bands.

So make sure that you do not get confused when purchasing a watch for yourself.

We hope that you have added the product that you liked the most to your cart and will purchase it immediately. Smartwatches are made to ease your life.

So go and buy one without giving any second thoughts to it.

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