Top 10 Best Smart TV Under 60000 In 2022 [Detailed Guide]

In this blog post, I will review the top 10 best smart tv under 60000. The first one is LG 50LB590V 49 inch which has a great picture quality and 4K resolution. It also has Dolby Vision HDR technology with excellent contrast ratio of 10M:1 for enhanced color accuracy and brightness of 1500 nits.

The next one is Sony KD-49X8000 39 inch which is a curved TV with a fantastic design that fits nicely in any living room or bedroom space.

The world has never been so bright and tuned-in. With many great inventions that deal with the latest technologies, humans have become lazy – for this reason we can easily do our tasks without difficulty or stress by using these smart devices such as Smart TVs which come in different sizes to meet your needs; there’s one almost guaranteed perfect fit.

What makes it more appealing is their ability use artificial intelligence (AI) technology: They will learn about you over time and tailor content just right based on what they know about how much time someone spends watching TV vs reading articles on webpages versus playing games online…

The Top 10 Best Tv Under 60000 list below features models from some well known brands like Sony LCD & LED Televisions 4K HDR

Top 10 Best Smart TV Under 60000 [Detailed Guide]

Samsung 125 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA50TU7200KXXL (Titan Gray) (2020 Model)
Resolution : 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) | Refresh Rate : 60 Hertz; Sound: 20 Watts Output | Powerful Speakers with Dolby Digital Plus
Samsung 109 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA43TU8000KBXL (Black) (2020 Model)
4K (Resolution: 3840x2160), Refresh Rate: 60 hertz; Connectivity - Input: 3*HDMI, 2*USB, 0*VGA
LG 126 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50UM7290PTD (Ceramic BK + Dark Steel Silver)
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) | Refresh Rate: 50 hertz; Sound : 20 Watts Output | Powerful Sound
LG 126 cms (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50UM7700PTA | with Built-in Alexa (Ceramic Black)...
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) | Refresh Rate: 50 hertz; Sound : 20 Watts Output | Wireless sound (2 way Bluetooth)

1.Samsung 125 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV : Best Samsung TV Under 60000

The Samsung UE40MU6300 is a 50 inch television that delivers high-quality images with its 1080p resolution. It also includes all the latest technologies such as 3D cinema mode and UHD Upscaler, which upsamples lower resolutions to give you clear pictures of your favorite movies or shows on this big screen.

The unique thing about it? Its size–the border around each image has been reduced greatly so we can watch what we want without any distractions; plus full display capacity means no more squinting when watching football in HD programming modes either (I know my friends who do!).

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The slim led TV is an ideal choice for those who want to save space and have a good-looking television. It only takes up as much room on your wall or in one corner of the living area, so you can fit it without taking away from other necessities like furniture and decorating colors! The immerse crystal display will not damage your eyes either – plus we all know how important that is when choosing anything related with vision health these days.

Plus there’s no need to worry about what our kids might be watching thanks this color combination: two benefits come together nicely here because they make anyone happy while viewing them (especially adults), but most importantly they set off feelings of convenience since installing such TVs at home becomes effortless by simply connecting via.

One of the best features about this one is that it has great sound quality, and can provide high-quality audio. You’ll also be able to connect your smartphone with a Best TV Under 60000 in India 2021 so you can easily play videos on its big screen.

Believe me – I know what my friends like 😉 There are plenty more cool things worth mentioning: brightness control for those who need help adjusting their level; 3 HDMI ports allow users greater flexibility when connecting devices such as gaming consoles or HD Cameras (I always set mine up properly).


  • The TV comes with a stand as well as two legs.
  • The model is also available in 55 and 75 inch sizes.


  • This is one of the most expensive models on our list.

2.Samsung 109 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This is the most advanced 43 Inch Smart TV. With a screen size of 43 inches which are equal to 109 cm, it’s perfect for watching movies and playing video games on this big-screen television! The crystal display also comes with wide colour quality so that you can enjoy your favourite programme or movie paired up nicely with loved ones nearby

I hope these two TVs help narrow down what type of televisions suit their needs best.

It comes with a Samsung crystal 4K processor that gives you very clear picture quality and fast performance, so it’s capable of handling the most demanding features. With this powerful chip inside, your TV also offers Ultra HD resolution which can provide viewers with sharpness like never before.

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This TV has everything you need to make your home huge and huge again.

Don’t worry about the sound on your old, outdated television set– this one comes with a powerful audio system that will provide high-quality sounds when needed.The best part is its sleek design; there are very few borders which makes it seem like an all-in-one entertainment device instead of just another bulky box in the room (which we know they can sometimes be).

In this situation, you can use Home Cloud to transfer all your important files and data. This will allow for a safe haven from which to store them safely outside of any possible disaster’s reach in case something were ever fallen upon us again like last time when we lost everything due only one little mistake on our part.

With so many great features it has such as HD video quality with suggestions based off popular shows/movies; there’s also an excellent smart function that saves me hours every day trying out different streaming sites until I find what fits just right – well not exactly but close enough considering how much free entertainment is provided here already waiting patiently at my fingertips whenever.


  • The TV comes with a stand as well as two legs.
  • It has an extremely sleek design that makes it simple to hide away when not being used.


  • This is one of the most expensive models on our list.

3.LG 126 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV : Best Smart TV Under 60000 In India 2022

For people who are looking for a TV that can deliver high-quality images, the LG UHD 65A9500 is one of the best options. This television features 4K resolution and an IPS display to provide quality pictures with accurate colors in any lighting conditions or viewing angle.

Not only does it offer sharpness but also brightness – so there’s no need for you turn up/down your source while watching videos because everything will just look perfect.

Along with the Ultra HD video quality, it will also provide you perfect colour images and in this way, enjoy videos of actual colours. It does not affect your eyes so that can benefit health too!

The major problems some TVs have when viewed from certain angles is poor colour reproduction which irritates a lot but Hyperion solves all these issues by providing 100% accurate representation across different viewing angles – watch at any angle without worrying about what’s happening behind or beside them because they get everything right on screen for every shot no matter how big (or small).

The TV is incredible. It has powerful built-in speakers that are capable of delivering crystal clear sound to any corner of your room and along with the loud volume, it also provides rich dialogue in all sorts or genre from movies to music videos alike.

The processor on this smart tv will be faster than you can imagine as well because I’ve used one before which had quad core speed

And if those aren’t enough for ya then just know there’s an option where you can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth headphones so when playing HD games such as Minecraft: Dungeons.


  • The TV has a thin bezel so it looks sleek and elegant without being too bulky.
  • It’s easy to setup with a user friendly interface.


  • This is one of the most expensive models on our list.

4. LG 126 cms (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV : Best TV Under 6000 In India 2021

The best 4K tv under 60000 in India is the new model from LG that has great smart functions. This TV comes with WebOS operating system and built-in wi-fi, so it’s never lost connection again.

It also supports bluetooth technology which means you can stream music straight out of your phone or tablet without having an outlet nearby for charging cables – just listen through its speakers instead.

With powerful connectivity capabilities like AI tech such as Google Assistant & Alexa enabled by voice command navigation services this SmartTV will have all the features needed to watch content anytime anywhere on any device seamlessly.

The Apple TV is now even better with its new Airplay 2 feature. This allows users to share the files of their phone onto this television set, which means you can watch movies or listen tous on your own device without having them stored locally.

It also has a smart remote that comes preprogrammed for easy navigation through various features like shortcuts and hdtkeys so everything just flows seamlessly into place when using it as intended–no more hunting around trying different apps until someone figures out how exactly what function they’re looking for because there will always be one right where YOU want it.

The TV has an impressive 178 degree viewing angle so you can enjoy whatever game or show with your friends no matter where they sit. The exterior design of this product is also very appealing, making it one-of-a kind for any room in the house.

You’ll love how slim it really is because more people are looking to buy TVs without bulky built ins these days; plus who doesn’t want their furniture able ot fit into smaller spaces? This 4GB memory storage + 1.5GB RAM will allow all sorts if heavy duty use while still maintaining fast processing speeds thanks to its Quad Core processor which works great when playing games too – even those not listed on


  • The TV comes with a 1-yr warranty for parts and labour.
  • The design of the TV is very appealing because it’s thin and has a clean exterior.


  • There have been complaints about faulty remotes arriving in some cases.

5. Sony Bravia 123 cm (49 Inches) Full HD Certified Android Smart LED TV

The TV you buy depends on your needs. If it’s for the bedroom, Sony would be an excellent choice because their Bravia televisions are known to provide high-quality images with slim bodies that look beautiful from any angle; this model, in particular, has almost borderless designs which will allow viewers maximum viewing area without obstruction or loss of detail due its full screen display capability – perfect if cinema screens William Hague style.

The Plasma TV is perfect for movie and game lovers. It has a stand that allows it to be easily placed on any table or wall, depending on your preference; this lightweight television also provides you with all of the HD quality videos so whether watching movies or playing games will never lack detail again.

With X-Reality Pro technology included in every display from Samsung TVs line up including these models – we know how happy viewers can get when they see their favorite show come alive before them due to its enhanced image clarity thanks only at 1080 pixels resolution which makes everything seem ultra-realistic.

The TV offers a Bass reflex speaker that allows you to hear the sound which is very deep and rich. You can feel this in your ears when it falls on them, exciting for any person who loves music or wants their 7.1 home theater experience without having surround sound speakers.

The smart features allow users access movies, songs from all eras of time traveler favorites like Grease: 40th Anniversary Edition soundtrack album released digitally by Paramount Records via iTunes Store® (iTMS) along with other content providers such as Netflix ® .


  • High quality images with slim design.
  • Can be connected to mobile devices because it has smart features.


  • There have been complaints about this tv not having a good sound system.

6. Sony Bravia 164 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV : Best 4k Smart TV Under 60000

This is the best TV for work because it comes with X1 4K processor that will make your smart device to run smoothly and provide high definition videos. Now, you don’t need search more on internet since this model provides everything at once: resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4k), rich color display capabilities along with fast processing speeds.

The Sony Bravia TV is one of the best TVs to buy if you’re looking for a high-quality device with great picture quality and fast moving objects.

It comes equipped with an advanced feature that will give your old, outdated television screen clarity when playing video games or watching movies in motion mode because it has technology like this.

The picture on this TV is like nothing else. You can play games without worrying about forgetting to turn off your television, because its Audio features will let you hear everything perfectly well with headphones or speakers.

Plus there are thousands of apps and Android dashboard that give access immediately into the world wide web for whatever purpose one may need them- whether it be seeking out information or entertainment purposes; all without needing another app download from an unknown source online (not even Google Play).

This remote is a lifesaver! To make your work easier and avoid typing on the internet, just say “Ok Google” then speak about what you want.

It also comes with many protection such as dust protection that will keep any TV dust-free even if we don’t clean for long period time – this could be one of its best advantages over other models out there today.


  • Provides 4K quality images and high performance for fast-moving objects.
  • High Definition picture and sound that is perfect for working with videos or games.


  • There have been complaints about this tv not having a good sound system.

7. Panasonic 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD LED TV

The Panasonic Smart TV has a lot of great features that will make your life easier. For one, it comes with an IPS (in-plane switching) Super Bright Panel which increases the brightness so you can view this LED display from any angle without having to turn on lights or wear sunglasses when watching at night time.

You also don’t have worry about running out if batteries anymore because they are built in and battery lasts up 40 hours before needing rechargement.”

The Panasonic TX-50GT5003 55″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV is the perfect television for those who want to watch their favorite shows and movies in full high definition. With this model you can experience HDR technology, which provides very sharp images that seem as if they are right before your eyes.

Even with far distance viewing it will be easy enough because of its Adaptive Backlight feature that makes sure no matter what type scene appears on screen brightness level adjustments are made automatically so clearness never gets lost out there either.

The best 4K TV under 60000 is here, and it has everything you need. With this model’s built-in Home Theater system capable of delivering high quality audio that will make the ear only hear sounds from its own speakers while ignoring all surrounding noise, your viewing experience can be incredible.

Not to mention how much easier connecting with smartphones becomes when using one big screen instead of two small ones; imagine being able to see videos on Facebook right before eyes without having close another device or HDMI cable? Now possible thanks for Panasonic latest invention –

The world’s finest Full HD smart remote controller which lets users operate their set just by waving them around in front above an IR sensor located somewhere near where batteries are stored inside.


  • The best 4K TV under 60000 with amazing sound quality, multi functional remote controller and high performance.


  • A few complaints that it tends to overheat quickly after being switched on for long periods of time.

8. Haier 165.1 cm (65 inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV

The Haier 65 Inch Smart Television is a great choice for anyone who wants the best of both worlds – big screen TVs and high-tech features. The ultra vivid picture quality will make you feel like your right in front row at any sports game or concert, while also giving you access to all sorts streaming services that allow unlimited online content via apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

This product even has an built-in Chromecast capability so it’s easy as can be playing video games on this amazing TV without having another device nearby too thanks heavens because my hand would get tired from using two controllers simultaneously sometimes when gaming with friends over Skype/texting during parties where we play Fortnite Battle Royle RV Wrangler PS4 etc.

With a screen size of 65 inches, the Sony X830D is one of the slimmest TVs on today’s market. Along with its small body and thin border, this model offers an even greater viewing experience for your video consumption needs! With 3840 x 2160 resolution (which provides Ultra HD visuals) you’ll enjoy watching videos in their full glory without any compression or distortion – it feels like real life!

The input voice reads: “Now before talking about smart features that this tv has” One thing I must tell you.

It comes with Dolby Decoder and this will give you the sound quality as heard in theaters. You can experience such a loud, clear voice that it’s like being at an actual performance! The refresh rate is 60Hz so there won’t be any lag time or disturbing delays between actions on screen; everything has been intricately planned out to provide excellent video clarity for all viewers – especially those looking forward towards their next big game day.

It has the powerful Android operating system, so you can enjoy many apps and play games on it. Along with its technical features like being energy efficient; this phone will save your money too.


  • High performance and high quality sound make this device a great choice for your all in one entertainment center.


  • The only major drawback is that the TV tends to overheat when used consistently for several hours at a time

9.TCL 138.7 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED TV 

TCL is a very famous company in making the best quality TV with extra and more features. This model by them is one of India’s Best QLED TVs that can satisfy all your needs, even though it comes at an affordable price range.

It also has some added benefits like being able to view photos from phones on this Smart TV without worrying about storage space because there are 2GB RAMs available for you inside 16 Gigs memory so every photo will be saved while watching videos or playing games through its app store etc., which means no need sending pictures back n forth between phone camera roll & screen anymore since everything just gets stored within minutes here instead.

This is a 4K QLED 55 Inch TV, that will give you ultra HD video quality and detailed images. The clarity of the screen makes it ideal for movies or gaming with perfect colour combination from any angle in your room no matter how far away they may be!

It also comes equipped with Dolby vision technology which protects eyes from any damage while watching content on this device – so go ahead enjoy all those HDR goodness without worry about damaging them later down road!.

The QLED technology makes this TV better than any other. The remote has voice command, so for everything that you need not type on a keyboard or press buttons with your hand, just say “Hey Google!” and it’ll do the work.

Alongside apps like Netflix Amazon Prime Spotify Tubi etc., there are many OTT programs preinstalled in addition to thousands more available through google play store download if needed—all at an ultra HD resolution of about 4k x 2k pixels per frame (or above).


  • Quality sound and video quality makes this a device a great choice for your all in one entertainment center.


  • The only major drawback is that the TV tends to overheat when used consistently for several hours at a time.

10.Sanyo 164 cm (65 inches) Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV

Sanyo is a brand you can trust for their televisions. Their latest models have the ability to be both big and smart, with over 60 inches of screen size that will take up your entire living room wall.

Sanyos’ Android operating system comes complete with many apps as well as OTT streaming services which allow users to watch all those shows they love without cable TV costing them an arm or leg in monthly fees. If this sounds like something interesting then head on down below where I’ve listed some great deals from our partners at Amazon India.

The video quality of this TV is amazing, as the resolution is 4K and it will give you U-HD videos.Now talking about technical functions, there’s quad core processor with 2GB RAM to store all your photos for easy access on one screen.

It also comes equipped with Chromecast built in so that even if your phone runs out battery life halfway through watching something at home (a common thing), no problem–you can still stream it directly via WiFi without missing any important footage or dialogue; not bad right?

The only setback I foresee would be bandwidth limitations since many users don’t always have an internet connection available wherever they go but fear not because these TVs come bundled.

This smart TV offers a sleek and intuitive design with some hot keys, such as direct buttons to Netflix, YouTube Zee Play Google play so you can navigate there quickly.

You’ll also find an input for connecting your phone thanks to Bluetooth technology which allows videos or audio files stored on devices like smartphones connect strongly into this television set’s speakers.


  • With this TV, you’ll also get a remote as well as a keyboard to make your experience as easy as possible.


  • The only issue with this smart TV is that it lacks WiFi capabilities, meaning there’s only Ethernet available.

Buying Guide For best smart tv under 60000

Best Smart TV Under 60000

Smart TVs are designed to connect seamlessly into your living room while offering an additional source for entertainment. Even though, buying a TV is not rocket science, there are still some things that should be kept in mind before making the purchase. Here’s what you need to consider before shelling out your hard earned cash on one of these devices:

Screen size

This is probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing between different models. A typical rule-of-thumb is that bigger screens offer better viewing experience, which is true but only up to a certain extent because if the screen size becomes too big then you run into problems like eye pain or sometimes even nausea after prolonged usage.

The recommended minimum screen size according to experts is 42 inches and the ideal screen size varies depending on the distance of the viewer. If you are planning to buy a TV for home usage then 60 inch models are good enough but if you are buying it for commercial use like public places, bars or restaurants then go with the ones that have 80 inches screens.

Power consumption

This can be one of your most important deciding factors since electricity bill tends to become rather steep after every year you neglect it. The range is between 118kwh to 150kwh per year which might not sound much but this number tends to grow exponentially over time.

There are certain brands that offer TVs with advanced technologies which help save power by reducing their wattage requirements, so check out these options carefully before making up your mind.

4K resolution

It probably sounds a bit confusing since a simple resolution is already given as 1080P instead of 4K. The thing with all the new technologies is that they tend to complicate matters and make things hard for the common man even though it’s quite easy to understand.

So, in essence, you need to buy TVs with 4K resolutions (2160P) as they provide much sharper imagery than full HD devices which can be easily found in the market now. These TVs offer four times the resolution i.e 4096 x 2160 pixels and produce better quality images thanks to advanced upscaling technology. 

HDR and OLED panels

Both of these technologies help produce images that are sharper than what you see in regular TVs. The HDR models use color palettes which aren’t available with normal TV sets and this helps improve the picture quality even more while OLED offers much better contrast ratios because it doesn’t require backlight system to function.

These tend to be pricier options but if you can afford them then they are definitely worth investing your money into.

Remote control

If you are looking for a customizable remote control then look no further since most TV brands offer smart remotes directly compatible with their devices, allowing users to switch between different modes easily.

This is also helpful when you have multiple people at home watching TV or playing on some other device simultaneously since you can use a single remote for multiple purposes.

Frequently Asked Question For best smart tv under 60000

Best Smart TV Under 60000

OLED TV Under 60000 ?

The best OLED TV is the one with all the bells and whistles. Featuring Google Assistant, this 55 inches panther Q1 Series model from OnePlus will give you quick access to your search engine via touch screen or voice command.

With an affordable price tag as well for those on a budget conscious lifestyle – it’s hard not be tempted by these features at such unbeatable prices- check them out today if they interest you too.

What is best smart tv under 60000

The best smart TV has the most useful new features which are compatible with your OS of choice. With OS compatibility, you get a great app support and can enjoy using all your favourite apps on your big screen display.

With OS compatibility, the OS experience will always be optimised for the TVs. Of course, there are some OS options out there which offer more functionality than others out of the box- however that’s also dependant on how much work each brand puts into making their version comparable to other OSes. 

Best Sony TV Under 60000?

Sony TV’s come in many sizes and shapes to suit every need. The best one for you will depend on your size, budget and preferences.

A great way make sure that the product suits all those qualities is by checking out our wide range of Sony TVs available today – we have something which covers everyone from large screens perfect if space or just want more screen real estate down into tiny models ideal for smaller homes with limited storage room as well as elderly people who may not be able reach near their own set without help.


Best smart tv under 60000 are the new rage. With so many available on the market, it can sometimes be hard to find one that suits your needs and budget. To help you out with this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite picks for high-quality televisions at an affordable price. Read more about how they stack up in terms of size, features, quality, and more!

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