Best Sewing Machine In India Under 15000 – Latest Updated 2023

If you are looking for the best sewing machine in india under 15000 rupees, then this article is just for you. I have done a lot of research on different types of sewing machines and ended up with this list of five top-rated models.

These are all very good machines that will be great to learn how to sew or if you do some occasional stitching. All these models have received excellent reviews from people who bought them online, so they should all work very well too.

Once you have a sewing machine, your clothes will be ready for wear in no time. It’s easy to mend or stitch new pieces on old ones if they get worn out before their due date! A good quality multi-functional garment should last longer than one without any repairs because of this proverb: “A stitch in time saves nine.’

Do you need a sewing machine for your clothes, but don’t want to spend too much? Then we have good news. In this article, we will help find the best budget-friendly and high-quality sewing machines under 15000 INR.

You know that sewing machine selection can be a tedious task when there are many options available in the market. So, we have curated a list for you with some of our favorites and reviewed their best features so it will help make your decision easier on which one is perfect for what type of work.

The first step before purchasing any new tool or gadget should always involve determining why exactly do I need this? Is my intention personal use only (like repairing garments) then maybe something cheaper would suffice while someone looking to create clothes from scratch might want more power but less affordability–or vice versa if budget isn’t an issue then don’t waste time shopping.


Best Sewing Machine In India Under 15000 – Our 5 Picks

Singer Promise 1408 Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White), Metal Frame
Easy threading easy - Straight forward threading path saves time; Heavy duty metal frame - Machine remains still for skip-free sewing
Singer Simple 3223 85-Watt Automatic Sewing Machine (Green)
Warranty: 2 years on product; Power: 85 watts
Usha Janome Allure Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White)
Machine is lightweight and comes with a carrying handle; In built sewing light, Thread cutter on needle bar
Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Electric Sewing Machine
32 Built-in stitches; 1-Step buttonhole; Built-in needle threader; Top drop-in bobbin

1. Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

Singer is a well-known and the most trusted brand for its sewing machines range. The Singer Promise sewing machine has all of your needs covered from beginner to professional with ease since it offers features like a heavy-duty metal frame which helps you stay put while stitching without any skips in between.

The Baby Lock DSST Basic 8 is a great machine for any sewer. It comes with eight built-in stitches, including six basic types such as straight and ZigZag Satin Blind Hem etc., plus one decorative stitch.

In total, this model has 24 functions so you can create anything your heart desires without the hassle of getting in between threading needles or worrying about where things should go on their own.

You’ll love how easy it is when using these features thanks to its automatic 4 step buttonhole which gives off an even more professional look than before – perfect if creating clothing that will be worn by people who want their garments done professionally but don’t know what they’re doing themselves (like me).

The Paragon XC3 sewing machine is an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for any type of seam. With its easy-to-use threading path and snap-on, presser feet feature it makes this model perfect for beginners or experts in the industry because they will never again have loose stitching like before with other models that had uneven stretch problems resulting into messy looks!

This may be good news if you’re looking at investing your money wisely; however there are some drawbacks which include limited range when using wider fabrics (the widest width goes up only 25 stitches).

This Sewing machine carries a variety of accessories, including an all-purpose foot, zipper foot , buttonhole stitch guide, and more.

It has 2 years’ worth of warranty to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! The brand itself is also known for the superior performance it delivers which makes this product even better value at 15000 INR (made by Singer).


  • Built-in Stitches
  • Storage Drawer
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame


  • Nothing

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2. Singer Simple 3223 85-Watt Automatic Sewing Machine

The Singer Simple 3223 85-Watt Automatic Sewing Machine is another great product by this reliable company. This automatic sewing machine can be used for free motion like stipple quilting, monograms and even buttonholes.

The 4 Step Buttonhole system makes your task very easy with just four simple steps to complete them all at once – making it one of the best machines under 15k in India.!

This Singer promises to be both sturdy and powerful with its strong metal frame, which is essential for professionals who need fast work but still want something that can last long.

I would recommend this model if you’re looking for a great gift; most people stay satisfied with what they purchase from Singer despite having higher budgets because of their great track record (not to mention the fact they come under 15000 INR).

The Stitch Selector Dial is the key to all of your favorite stitches. It’s easy, quick and versatile – there are 23 built-in sewing options that can be customized for any occasion or material!

The machine features an assortment dial with three rows full of little boxes where you’ll find everything from basic stitching (think: hemming) right down to decorative work like Applique Embroidery; whatever kind of dress needs addressing? There will always be the perfect solution here if it has “sewing” in its title.

The best sewing result can be achieved only when the bobbin is properly wound and inserted. SINGER Simple 3223 comes with a front-loading bobbin which makes winding easier, as well as ensures that there are no fabric bits getting stuck in between your machine’s feeding mechanisms because of its smooth needle plate surface maintained by darning plate placement over teeth so nothing runs up against them.

The heavy fabric of the embroidery machine enables you to run smoothly and evenly over its feed teeth. You can use your hand for holding folds or edges tightly while stitching, instead if using a foot pedal which would make it difficult because these parts are delicate due to their small size

The durable metal frame keeps this sewing device aligned properly so that even when working with large projects like elaborate patterns involving many threads at once there is no chance they will shift out-of-place thanks in part to how sturdy everything feels throughout the operation.


  • Great for Free-motion Quilting
  • Versatile Stitch options


  • Only 3 Available Bobbin Winding Patterns

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3.Usha Janome Allure Sewing Machine: Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000

Get the Usha Allure Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine for your home or office! This efficient machine can do neat and clean work in less time.

It comes with an automatic zigzag, free arm to stitch on cloth without having any worries about holding it tight while you’re doing other things like quilting etc., all thanks to its cool features that make this product one of a kind among others available today.

The Singer ED 2001 sewing machine offers a variety of stitch patterns and length options to suit every tailoring need. It has two dials for pattern selection, as well as three different foot types (straight stitching; zigzag; tricot) which helps you achieve precision when making alterations on your clothing without having any problems with perfectly aligned seams like in the past!

The built-in features include 13 preprogrammed stitches such us buttonhole/blind hemstitches or shell tuck seam finishes – all designed specifically by experts who know what they’re doing best: yours truly here at The Stitching Duration LLC.

This lightweight, portable sewing machine is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It has 21 applications that include stretch stitching, button fixing (with an auto-tripping bobbin system), rolled hemming satin stitch zip fixing; smocking – all in 860 SPM.

There’s no need to purchase any extra tools because this baby comes with everything needed right out the box–no messing around trying to find what you need at your local store when it could already be here waiting on YOU.

If you are planning to purchase this sewing machine, we recommend the “With KIT” offer. You can get a Free Sewing Kit worth 500RS with your purchase and in some selected cities free demos will be available too.

Before going for it make sure that demo service works well where ever you live because there’s nothing like wasting good money when something better could easily come out of nowhere.

This appliance is incredible; its easy-to-use features help unleash creativity while still being efficient at what it does best -sewing up clothes quickly without any hassle whatsoever., making hemispheres around 15000Rs seem like such affordable prices now doesn’t.


  • Great for Beginners
  • The slim design is great for storage.


  • Slightly Noisy Operation

4. Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Electric Sewing Machine

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Electric Sewing machine is a modern and trusted sewing machine. This versatile device can be used by beginners as well as professionals in order to create apparel, accessories or even furniture with remarkable features such like lightweight construction for easy handling plus long-lasting battery life up to 4 hours on average use.So we can use manual sewing machine after that Best Manual Sewing Machine In India

The Singer Fiber Content L54EW sewing/embroidery head works perfectly alongside this high-quality product that comes at less than 7700 rupees making it affordable enough for everyone who wants great quality without breaking their budget.

You can use this multipurpose sewing machine for any fabric, from thick to thin and it won’t break a sweat giving you professional results on seams, hems or edges– plus the ability to sew more than just regular stitches!

Sewing has never been so easy -with a reliable Singer that does what it says without hesitation while being affordable at the same time. This lightweight, portable sewing machine is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

It has 21 applications that include stretch stitching, button fixing (with an auto-tripping bobbin system), rolled hemming satin stitch zip fixing; smocking – all in 860 SPM!.

When creating the perfect project, it’s not always easy to find all of your materials. The Stitch Selector Dial on Thingo! helps you with this by giving 32 pre-installed stitches and 110 additional ones that can be chosen from for any type of sewing need–from basic tasks like binding edges or hemming fabric; decorative work such as making satin stitch nests (perfect if you’re into cross-stitching) then there are even kitchen Knots which would make great embellishments around house like adding poms onto hats etc.

The lightweight construction of the Singer 3342 is one thing that will appeal to beginners, but it’s also very sturdy and can withstand regular use–which is always great. It also comes with a high-quality motor which makes this an option for professionals too– without paying extremely high prices.

At last, there is no need for tedious buttonhole construction with the easy-to-use Button Hole Machine! It’s perfect if you’re looking to sew bracelets or quick alterations on your clothing.

With just one step and consistent results every time – this nifty little device has everything a sewing enthusiast could ask from it: an automatic needle threader that saves tons of precious seconds in manual tasks while also being small enough not take over any room at home (although we think its looks kind of cute).

This machine has a top drop-in bobbin, which is very easy to thread and see. Its transparent cover allows you the ability to monitor your progress so that there are no pesky outages during sewing projects with this model.

In addition, it can customize stitch length by increasing or decreasing width depending on what look is desired from the customer’s perspective.

The Singer Model 15000 sewing machine is the best choice for beginners. It includes general-purpose feet, buttonhole feet, zipper feet, and more.

The package comes with everything you need to get started including pre-cut threads that are color-coded according to fabric type (there’s even an easy guide on how), bobbins in different sizes so your bobbin won’t run out mid-project like I did last time auxiliary spool pin because accidents happen sometimes.


  • Top drop-in bobbin.
  • Affordable


  • The instruction manual isn’t very helpful for beginners.

5. Brother Gs-3700 Electric Sewing Machine : Best Sewing Machine In India For Home Use

When we’re looking for a simple and easy-going sewing machine, the Brother Gs – 3700 Electric Sewing Machine with Extension Table comes at the top. It’s great because it can already do so much without getting too complicated.

It has an electronic motor built in which makes embroidery possible as well other various creative features such like home decorating ideas or anything else you could think of that would need some fine handiwork done on them.

The Brother Gs-3700 sewing machine provides a number of features to help you get the desired result. It’s primary attraction is its 37 built-in stitch system and eight one step automatic buttonholer which enhances it utility for both beginners or experts alike.

The LED light on this powerful device allows enough illumination while working in dimly lit areas, giving your project an elegant finish without difficulty with visibility during daytime hours too– perfect if someone needs assistance operating their own serger.

The automatic needle threader makes it easy to do effortless and hassle-free sewing without stopping because your threads won’t break.

The free arm feature of this machine allows you the flexibility for embroidery, quilting or even patchwork fabrics with ease thanks in part to enough room on its extension table that can hold fabric spread wide open while providing space below where other designs may hang nicely as well.

Stitch Together Stitches is more than just a sewing machine! It’s got all of your basic needs covered with accessorizing accessories. The DVD manual will make sure that you know how to use every feature and get it running like an expert.

This versatile and lightweight sewing machine can be a great option for those who are on the go. It has been awarded as one of the best 15000 INR machines, which makes this product an excellent choice in today’s market.


  • Very Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Instructional manual might be better with visuals.

Buying Guide For Best Sewing Machine In India Under 15000

Best Sewing Machine In India Under 15000


It’s important to know what you want the sewing machine for before buying. If it will be used as a casual duty, then look into lightweight models that can be taken anywhere and don’t need much maintenance however

If your work involves designing clothes or repairing garments professionally there should always come with an industrial-grade machine because these types of products often require more power than lighter duty items like altering clothing at home.

If you want a versatile machine that can do it all, then there is no better pick than the sewing machine. Quality machines are usually high quality and come in two varieties: mechanical or computerized for those who prefer one type over another depending on what they need from their equipment at any given moment in time.


The brand is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a sewing machine. If you go with a well-known make it will last much longer and will even come with additional perks like service centers nearby in case your product needs maintenance.

Big brands usually provide more durability, ease of use, and efficiency than smaller ones that only offer basic features at best.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any exceptions or that buying small brands leads to an inferior quality item; it just means that big companies have established their name worldwide so users can trust them for high-quality products.

Basic stitch requirement

If you are planning to buy a sewing machine, make sure it has the basic stitches like straight stitch and zig-zag. You also need an option for triple motion so your projects don’t leave behind any crooked edges.

With these features in mind before purchasing anything else be sure not only look at what kind of power source or if there’s one ready right out of box but take note as well on how much weight can handle too – especially since we know most machines aren’t designed with heavyweight materials such us denim jeans in mind.


The cost of the sewing machine is something that most people tend to keep in mind while shopping for one item or another, but it’s important to remember that a high price doesn’t necessarily mean a good product.

A lot of companies sell their items at extremely inflated prices because they think consumers will buy them for them being expensive by default. If you have time and patience – go through consumer forums and see what other users have to say about their products so you can get an idea as to whether or not it might be worth paying taxes just to own one of their machines.

Don’t forget that there are lots of affordable options out there too.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Sewing Machine In India Under 15000

Best Sewing Machine In India Under 15000

Does the quality and the brand of a sewing machine really matter?

Yes, the quality and brand of a sewing machine will determine its performance. A high-quality or branded one produces good results consistently over time.

A stitching device is essential for making clothes look great! In order to do this well you need both an excellent product as well as someone who knows how use them properly so they can produce their best work on all aspects from finishing touches like buttons down through consistency between cuts .

You also want something easy enough that even beginners should be able make quick adjustments if needed without any trouble whatsoever.

What is the best machine for beginners?

Our pick for this product’s category is Brother XM2701, which has 27 built-in stitches and comes with one step buttonhole facility so your garments can look great everywhere from beginners who don’t know much about sewing machines yet all the way up through professionals who want their clothes finished quickly and efficiently. It also comes with an automatic bobbin winding system.

How often does a sewing machine need to be serviced and cleaned?

Machines are workhorses, and if you don’t take care to properly clean your machine it can cause so many problems. For instance lint buildup on the cotton fabric will gum up everything in its path which then leads into an unproductive sewing experience for all who use that particular piece of equipment.

It’s important not just when things break down but also at regular intervals like every few months or depending upon how often they’re used by different customers/clients (depending).


We have found the best sewing machine in India under 15000. It is a Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in stitches, 10 One-step Buttonholes and Free Arm Darning Plate. This product offers many features including an adjustable stitch length dial that ranges from 1 to 4 mm which helps you create different types of projects effortlessly.

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