Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000 – Latest Buying Guide 2023

If you are looking to buy the best sewing machine in India under 10000, then you have come to the right place. We will help you find out which sewing machines offer quality and durability at an affordable price.

At present, there is a wide variety of brands available on the market that sell these types of products. Some of them are great for beginners while others might be more suited for experts or experienced sewers. The good news is that we’ve done all the hard work so now it’s just time for you to choose which one suits your needs.

The best sewing machines under 10000 will help you craft just about anything, from clothes to home decor and sports. With these amazing devices in your hands (or on a stand), there’s no limit as long as we can think of.

The variety of sewing machines is vast, and there are many different options for those looking to buy a new one. The following article will go over some helpful tips when making your purchase decision as well as give an idea about what kind of features you might want in the machine so it suits all needs.


Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000 – Our Top 10 Picks

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine (White and Blue) with Free Sewing...
Automatic zig-zag sewing machine with compact free arm. Pressure Adjustor : No; Thread Tension Control: Manual ; Stitch Pattern Selector: Dial Type
Usha New marvela Pink Electric Sewing Machine-Pink and White
Compact and portable with handle
; Color coded face plate and 7 in-built stitches
; Applications including lace fixing, quilting, rolled hemming, smocking
Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney (Hood Classy HC TC BK 60, Baffle...
Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor; Control Type: Touch | Max noise(dB): 58; Baffle Filter is suitable for Indian kitchens and requires cleaning every 6 months

1.Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

The USHA mechanical sewing machine is the best you can buy right now. Whether it’s for an experienced sewer or someone who would like to learn, this device has everything they could need.

It includes 7 built-in stitch patterns and 24 different types of stitches along with 4 step buttonhole feature that allows users greater control over their work when making even complex garments easier than ever before thanks in part by its bright LED lights encased above presser feet which make working easy as pie.

At first glance, this sewing machine will seem like any other. But don’t be fooled! Out of the box you’ll get 5 different types of presser feet with it and some accessories that every beginner should know how to use (like an automatic needle threader).

With all these features at your fingertips through dials on top for changing stitches easily- no matter what type they need or want; beginners can now enjoy using their new toy as well without feeling overwhelmed by choices – just turn around whatever style catches one’s eye best suited for making something special happen.

The upper thread tension features a lock making it easier to do reverse sewing and create special stitches, while the automatic bobbin winder helps you have more free time creating instead of winding bobbins.


  • Automatic needle threader
  • Presser feet and accessories included
  • LED light for easy work lighting


  • Squeaking noise

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2.Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine : Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000

Singer FM 2250 is a good machine for beginners who are looking to buy an industrial sewing machine under Rs.10000 with all the necessary features and functions that they need without breaking their budget.

This basic Singer comes equipped with easy threading system, automatic buttonhole stitching option (4 steps), 10 built-in stitches including zigzag stitch which makes learning new patterns easier than ever before – perfect if you’re just starting out or want some extra help on what those complicated ones mean in real life terms.

The Singer 9925 has been called the best deal in sewing machines, and for good reason. With an adjustable thread stitch length from 0-3mms that can be set without changing needle types or tools this machine offers a lot of value with its inclusion into your home.

You will also get free accessories like a dust cover as well as a zigzag presser foot out of box when purchasing one which really sweetens up on all those other things you need to buy before getting started right?

There are only few models under 10k nowadays which come equipped not just with single needles but equally generous offerings such as automatic buttonholing capabilities too – something available nowhere else at nearly half price by comparison.


  • User-friendly sewing machine for beginners
  • Automatic buttonhole stitching option.


  • Difficult to remove bobbin thread

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3.Usha New marvela Pink Electric Sewing Machine

The USHA portable sewing machine has come a long way since it’s early days. With 7 built-in stitches and 14 stitch functions, this lightweight (7kgs) device is perfect for the person looking to get into serging or embroidery without breaking their back! It also features an auto-trip bobbin winder so you can have all of your cloth stabilized in under 30 seconds when using one single thread colour at once – no more tangled-up threads again.

This little sewing machine can do it all! Small but mighty, the thread cutter will make your projects easier and quicker. For beginners or intermediates alike this is a great beginner’s tool that should be in every sewer drawer because you never know when something small like an elastic casing might come up again.

Just ask any one of my friends who has finished their last-minute project thanks to me bringing them some spare parts from home before heading out for work early morning rush hour traffic mess hall cafeteria ready take what He needs to leave behind light load carry on walking go get another beer finish making shoes.

The Manual Thread Cutter works well compared with other machines at its price range and makes threading a needle a dream come true. The automatic bobbin winding wheel is easily attachable with the press of one button so you can get on with your creation in no time without having to worry about dealing with hard-to-reach areas around spools of thread – just wind it and go.


  • Sturdier than most models


  • Short power cord.

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4.Usha Janome Marvela 60-Watt Sewing Machine : Best Sewing Machine In India Under 8000

The USHA heavyset sewing machine is an excellent choice for those looking to buy a new and affordable model. This durable product has got the power you need, with its 60W motor running on tap mode or high-speed settings depending on what your project requires; it will take care of any fabric type from thin cotton threading up properly against thick denim without fail.

The 7 built-in stitch patterns make sure there’s plenty of variety in every design while also making sure this portable device never runs out of options when working at home or anywhere else where space may be tight–it only weighs around 8 pounds so transportation should not pose many problems either way round since most people can carry their own machines without a problem.We have a other lots of affordable sewing which you afford.

The Singer 4450 is a tiny, lightweight machine with a fast stitching speed. The free arm can be found under the presser feet and it has 4 different stitch types to choose from including leather upper sections! Even though this model doesn’t allow you change its setting for faster or slower sewing times- there are other alternatives out their that might suit your needs better.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable sewing machine that can take care of all your basic needs, then the Singer 4450 is going to be one option worth considering. The fact that it comes with 4 built-in stitch patterns makes it an attractive proposition especially when you consider how little this model costs!

The Bobbins are color-coded to ensure smooth threading and easy maneuverability even though there’s no need for a manual – just insert the bobbin into the slot and start stitching.


  • Affordable


  • There’s no reverse stitching button

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5.Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

This old-styled mechanical sewing machine is a good choice for those who want to keep working even when there’s no electricity.

The best thing about this particular model of machine, which comes with adjustable presser foot pressure and can be used on different fabrics depending on what type of curtains you’re making using your chosen fabric design software – not only will they look great but also last longer due to being made from high-quality materials such as metal parts rather than plastic or other cheaper types found in some machines out there today

Innovative new designs that have been created through years of technological advancements allow us now more flexibility than ever before when it comes to designing new products for our homes, which is why you’ll be hard-pressed to find any home in the near future without at least one computer.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable machine that can take care of all your basic needs or even something more advanced that allows you to record stitch patterns and save them for future use , there are plenty of options out there just waiting for you to pick one up!

For many people, the most important thing when buying a sewing machine is choosing one which looks good in their room since it’s going to be spending lots of time here after all–considering how much time we spend using these machines, this shouldn’t come as much surprise if you think about it.

The machine offers a plastic base with storage space for accessories and covers to keep dust off from your threads. You can adjust the motion of this product by using its lever, which also has another advantage in that it’s easy-to use even if you’re new at sewing.


  • Ideal for beginners.


  • No reverse stitching button.

6.Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine

This versatile sewing machine can be used by professionals and those who have manufacturing hubs. With an impressive stitching speed of 750 stitches per minute, this device has got everything needed to produce high quality work without any difficulties whatsoever.

Every part made from stainless steel makes it very durable while also providing functionality for various purposes such as buttonholes or zippers that are too small for other machines on this list due their lack thereof in dimensionally accurate parts

This professional-grade product features higher levels than many competing brands do – especially when considering how fast modes go at 300 Stitches Per Second.

It’s quiet, easy to use and has a decent bobbin for it being offered at such an affordable price point. All in all, this is one product that can truly be enjoyed by everyone – from beginners who are just starting out to professionals looking for a solid machine to take care of their sewing needs without having to spend too much time around one.

The automatic needle threader allows you to get the job done even faster while the large spool pin makes it easier to replace worn-out bobbins or find replacements when needed. The built-in light ensures that seeing under low light conditions isn’t an issue – something experienced sewers have known about forever but which is less well known among new fans of this ancient art.

This heavy-duty sewing machine is perfect for professional sewers. It comes with 6 built-in stitches and can be adjusted up to 5mm which makes it great for using different fabrics without being limited by what you are working on at the moment.


  • Can be used on thick fabrics as it can adjust to 5mm.


  • The presser feet is not included

7.Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner

If you’re looking for a great beginner’s sewing machine, look no further than the Magicfly Mini. This little guy can stitch up any size of fabric with ease and comes packed full of extra goodies like an extension table so your workspace doesn’t have to fit into just one small area.

The kit also includes 42 different types or threads in varying colors which will be perfect when creating custom items on this adorable gift come future birthday season – don’t forget about our free shipping offer while it lasts because once these sell out fast there won’t always be more where they came from again around here.

This machine is a great little workhorse for anyone who wants to craft beautiful items with their own two hands and we know you’ll love this one so much that we’re willing to offer it at an amazingly low price point to keep things fair for everyone! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, click “add to cart” while supplies are still hot cause once they run out, they’re gone forever yo!

This is an electrical sewing machine with a dual-power operation so you can adjust your speed according to what kind of project needs doing. You’ll be able to do all types from lightweight fabric like net or lace, right up through heavy-duty leather and denim – this thing has got it covered.

It comes equipped not only as a regular hand crank model but also one powered exclusively by batteries which means no more cords getting tangled during transport; just take 2 hours worth out the box (included) then head onto whatever activity awaits without worrying about running low on power before finishing everything off at home later tonight because we know how much time those end bits usually consume while fishing around looking for yet another outlet location nearby.


  • Can be used on more than one type of fabric.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • It’s a bit smaller and less durable than other models

8.Rajesh Smart-eee Sewing Machine

You may not have heard of this sewing machine brand before, but it’s definitely a good purchase for those on a budget. Under 10000 rupees you can get your hands on one! This small-sized device is capable in both thick fabrics like leather and denim as well as its “inbuilt pressure knob” offers adjustable levels to produce whatever look or stitch style desired when working with these types of materials.

It has 25 different stitches built in which can be used to produce many different designs, making this machine ideal for both beginners and professionals alike. It also comes with easy-to-follow instructions so getting started is as simple as possible.

This sewing machine will sew through 40 layers of denim at once! Plus you’ll get free needle threader included with your purchase to make things easier when the time comes; no more backaches or irritation caused by tired eyes trying to put everything together manually – RRP 8999.


  • Check Has a variety of stitches, textures & more.
  • Check Includes needle threader.


  • Is not recommended for detailed items.

9.RZChome 12 Stitch Sewing Machine

RZChome’s sewing machine is one of the best in its category. It has 12 built-in stitch functions that you can set using the dial button, and it comes with a LED light right under your needle so you can work even when there isn’t enough lighting around! Out of box delivery includes both an foot pedal as well as 30 feet (10 meters) worth thread to get started on projects immediately.

If you are just getting started in the world of dressmaking, then this is an excellent choice for your first sewing machine. It costs less than 7800 and comes equipped with all basic features that should keep beginners happy until they can afford their own more elaborate machines or find someone who wants give them one as gift – which happens to be something people do often around these parts!

Mentioning its anti-slip bottom pad also ensures stability while working on it so there’s no need worry about slipping hazards either due to lack traction between threads when threading up new needles etcetera, resulting in an improved user experience overall.


  • Check Has a LED light.
  • Check Comes with 30 feet of thread free of charge.


  • Is made primarily for beginners

10.Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

The SINGER sewing machine comes with a dust cover that has got some storage pockets for your accessories. You will get 6 built-in stitches and one automatic buttonhole feature so the work can be done faster than ever before! The body is made of heavy-duty metal to ensure durability, making this product perfect for any professional who needs quality materials without breaking their budget.

The Brother Innovashield VM3115 sewing machine has been designed with the beginner in mind. It’s got a light that can be adjusted to any position, a bright LED screen for working on dark fabrics and nights when it’s hard to see what you’re doing due to its proximity next to your eye line as well an extra foot motor which means beginners won’t need electrical tape or other tools around anymore to.


  • Check Has anti-slip bottom pad.
  • Check Includes free accessories for beginners.


  • Is only made for beginners.

Buying Guide For Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000

Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000

Don’t Compromise With The Features

Why choose between a basic and high-end sewing machine when you can have both? It doesn’t matter how much is your budget for the machines, so don’t compromise with features.

Along with basic stitching and sewing abilities there must be some advanced options such as an automatic needle threader/ cutter , LED lights display screen etc., Even if it’s more expensive to get all these added benefits we’ve included only one under10000 Rupees in our list.

Build-Quality Is Important Too

Although 10,000 is a budget-ranged sewing machine price range and you won’t get high end models with premium build quality. That doesn’t mean that your purchase should compromise on the basics either.

Make sure to take care of any new equipment properly so it lasts longer than just one season or use whatever tips we included in this post for some helpful advice on how best to maintain them over time.

The best portable sewing machine will depend on your needs. A durable metal frame can be a good investment for those who use their machines often and have minor injuries from falls or clumsiness, while plastic models are more compact but don’t offer as much stability when in use.

Stitches Per Minute (SPM) Speed

The stitching per minute is the measure of speed at which your machine can stitch. If you’re looking for an all-purpose home sewing machine, it’s important to consider this factor in order not get overwhelmed with different speeds and fabrics.

For beginners, the adjustable stitching speed feature of a sewing machine will help you learn how to work it. You don’t need 10k or more for fast machines because these are available at lower prices that have sufficient speeds needed when doing basic tasks like hemming pants with an elastic waistband – but if your budget is higher then look into something even faster.

Weight of The Sewing Machine

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty sewing machine, it’s important to consider not only the weight of your home but also where in that space each one will go. A lighter option might be more suited if buying on an airplane or while traveling elsewhere because then there would absolutely no room constraints whatsoever.

Along with the features and price, you must also look at weight. We have tried our best to pick only medium-weighted sewing machines under 10000 instead of portable ones because they’re usually lighter in weight but heavier on your pocketbook.

You can compare them by visiting the product page–instead of buying cheaper yet bulky models for home use, go ahead with a mechanical heavy-duty machine which will last longer than expected.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000

Best Sewing Machine In India Under 10000

Where to buy best sewing machines under 10000 in india?

If you are looking for online shopping, you can buy machine from flipkart, amazon. If you are looking for offline stores then you can check all the big electronic shops in your city.

What is the best sewing machine under 10000 in india?

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic and Quilting Machine with 60 stitches & 6 automatic 1 step buttonholes is one of the best multi-purpose sewing machines that comes at this price. It has got all the features that beginners need to enhance their skills be it quilting or stitching dresses.


The best sewing machine in India under 10000 is a great option for beginners and experts alike. You can get a variety of features that will help you sew with ease, while still getting the perfect stitch every time. Whether you’re looking to make your own clothing or accessories from scratch, this is an excellent investment for any home sewer who wants their work done right the first time.

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