Top 7 Best Riding Jackets Under 5000 In 2021 [Detailed Review]

Riding jackets are pieces of clothing that provide protection to your upper body against the cold. They also help protect against rain, wind and other elements while you’re riding. There are many brands out there with different prices, but it’s important to find one that is affordable for you. We hope this article helps you find the best riding jacket under 5000.

When you are biking in India, there is a lot that can go wrong! It’s important to make sure your bike has all of the right gear for any given situation.

One thing I always take with me when riding through new territory or another country filled with language barriers is my trusty Lonely Planet Guidebook as it contains essential information on everything from public transportation options (like buses)to emergency services nearby if something does happen out on roadways–and even where some delicious vegetarian restaurants exist within walking distance so no matter what happens during our trip here at home,

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When spending time outdoors like many people love do whether this takes place inside city limits or outside them altogether.

The sun has an enchantment that makes everything unbearable. If you don’t have a good bike jacket, then the heat will make your sweat profusely and it can be hard not to get overheated when biking for long periods in Indian weather conditions where there are numerous high temperatures each day.

To avoid this problem we created our listicle about jackets under 5000 rupees which should provide protection against excessive sweating while also being affordable enough so everyone could afford one.

Top 7 Best Riding Jackets Under 5000 [Detailed Review]

Royal Enfield Streetwind Riding Jacket ( Black , Medium , 40 cm , RRGJKK000002)
Suitable for all-day rides with 100% Polyester outer shell; CE Level 1 protection for shoulders, elbows and back
Royal Enfield Men's JKSS20R01 Streetwind V2 Riding Jacket (Brown, Small, 38 cm)
Genuine YKK zippers at centre front Cushioned comfort collar;; 2 front pocket with zippers;
Royal Enfield Men's Nylon Riding Jacket (Black, 2XL- 46 cm, |RRGJKH000043)
Impact zones: 650D polyester for abrasion resistance at shoulders and elbows; Impact protection: CE approved protectors at shoulders and elbows
Snaefell Performance Racing SPR Torque Motorcycle Jacket (Black, XL)
Reflective Prints: Reflective prints for maximized visibility; Adjustability: Adjustable Velcro straps at waist, cuff and forearms.
XTS Gear Men's and Women's Airhead Riding Jacket (Black Red , Extra Large)
Shoulder, Elbow and Back: CE Level 1 protectors certified to standard EN1621:2:2012; aximum Ventilation: Lightweight and sturdy 3D mesh panels
Biking Brotherhood Unisex Metro Riding Jacket (Black, XL)
The textile Fabric can handle light drizzles
Royal Enfield Streetwind Riding Jacket ( Olive , XL, 44 cm, RRGJKK000010)
Suitable for all-day rides with 100% Polyester outer shell; CE Level 1 protection for shoulders, elbows and back

1 -Royal Enfield Streetwind Riding Jacket Black : Riding Jacket Under 5000

A breezy day on the open road can be thrilling and invigorating, but it is also very uncomfortable when you’re in a motorcycle jacket that doesn’t work for keeping out water or wind. Leather material tends to trap body heat instead of releasing it which makes one feel even hotter under the blazing sun

Some people think riding through hot conditions such as summer must not only provide an exhilarating experience; there should also come some sort – no matter how small- measure protection from potentially harmful elements outside with them like rain/wind so they don’t get too dehydrated before their ride ends

The Streetwind Riding Jacket is made with 100% Polyester to keep you cool in all weather conditions and provide protection against UV rays while riding your Royal Enfield bike throughout your daily commute or weekend adventures. This lightweight yet durable jacket also features a specially designed back shock absorbent which reduces vibration during long journeys, keeping both yourself as well as the vehicle safe.

This jacket is made for comfort, protection and style. The curved sleeves provide better coverage of your elbows while also having an adjustable strap at the waist which allows you to make sure it’s not too tight or loose on that one specific area.


  • Very lightweight/waterproof
  • Reflective striping improves visibility in dark conditions
  • Good value for money


  • No security pocket

2 – Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Riding Jacket Black : Cheap Riding Jacket

The modern-day athlete is subject to the test of their life in a matter of moments. We all know that protecting your skin from harmful rays is important, but it can be hard finding clothes that won’t make you feel like an obese person wearing one too many layers on top each other when outside exercising or playing sports.

You might think that a stiff and thick fabric is the only kind of protection you need for work, but this isn’t always true. A typical jacket can make your everyday life uncomfortable if it’s not designed properly to fit around other pieces like an elastic waistband or extra pockets on cuffs– which means they’re often too tight in certain areas where we carry our phones!

The Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Riding Jacket is the perfect way to keep your cool on hot summer days. The mesh fabric allows air circulation while you ride or walk around town, and it can even be removed in order for an open-air feeling during those warm periods.

The Royal Enfield Streetwind V2 Riding Jacket is ready for any adventure with its CE-approved armor protectors and sturdy materials.

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  • CE approved protectors at shoulders and elbows
  • Mesh fabric provides airflow
  • Breathable and lightweight design keeps you cool and protected under any circumstance


  • The mesh fabric should be thicker to better protect the rider during a crash situation

3 – Royal Enfield Nylon Black Riding Jacket : Best Riding Jacket Below 7000

Do you find yourself in a bind when it comes to finding a motorcycle jacket that is both affordable and stylish for your daily commute or weekend adventures on the open road? Look no further than this Nylon Riding Jacket by Royal Enfield. The mesh fabric construction allows airflow through the body while offering protection from UV rays, ensuring you stay cool during hot summer days.

This particular style features princess seaming to make sure you look attractive and well put together, giving you that extra boost of confidence every time you head out for a ride.


  • Mesh fabric gives you some relief from hot weather.
  • Detachable sleeves allow you to better regulate your temperature depending on the season or time of day.
  • Strong seams, with several areas reinforced by dipped material and stitches


  • Zippers on cuffs and waistline can be tricky and snag easily on clothing underneath.

4 – Snaefell Performance Racing SPR Torque Motorcycle Jacket : Best Budget Riding Jacket India

This motorcycle riding jacket has 600D Cordura fabric and hi-vent mesh panels for good airflow, which allows you to feel comfortable on the road. The reflective surface will keep drivers aware of their surroundings when cycling at night or in low light conditions.

The Snaefell jacket is made with dual-density CE-certified foam armor that provides significant impact retention in case of a bike crash. You’ll find YKK zippers on affordable riding jackets like this one, which makes them perfect for any biker looking to stay safe while they commute or ride their favorite mode of transportation.

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  • Dual Density
  • CE-certified
  • ·600D Cordura fabric provides great airflow
  • ·Reflective surface ensures


  • The mesh is very delicate and can tear easily

5 – XTS Airhead Riding Jacket Black Red Color

The XTS Airhead motorcycle jacket is the perfect choice for riders who want to feel safe on their ride. This CE-certified Level 1 protector offers protection from abrasion and has 3D mesh panels that let air circulate, ensuring good ventilation while also being resistant against dirt so you can stay cleaner longer.

For added durability there’s 600D heavy duty PU coated polyester fabric with a robust design sure to withstand any tear or scrape in its path no matter what comes up next

This high-visibility jacket is perfect for riders looking to take their commute or evening ride. Made with materials that provide low light visibility, the XTS Airhead riding suit has reflective details stitched onto its chest and back so you can be seen in dimmer conditions.

Additionally it features detachable rain ponchos as well as winter liners which are both removable if need be during warmer months of year or just use them when cycling through inclement weather like snowstorms or heavy rains without worry about getting wet coming into contact even though there’s no risk whatsoever while wearing this awesome apparel item thanks once again leather jackets online store.


  • Comes with removable liners and rain ponchos.
  • Reflective details for increased visibility at night


  • The stitching could be better and the zipper area tends to tear easily

6 – Biking Brotherhood Riding Jacket

These types of riding Jackets under 5000 that are a branded jacket made out tough mixed fabrics. This provides both style and protection with its textiles combined with mesh panels for ventilation during your ride, making this great alternative to more expensive brands like Motoluxe.

The hard armor is CE-approved so you know it can protect all vulnerable areas on the body when needed most without compromising form or function in any way whatsoever which makes me feel just slightly safer braving traffic as I head into town today

The Brotherhood Riding Jacket is made to withstand the elements. It features water-resistant fabric and 3m reflective piping on both front and back that make you visible when riding at night time.

The two pockets of this jacket allow you to keep your items safe and sound. The internal pocket can hold small accessories such as phones, headphones or cards while the external ones are perfect for storing anything from cash notes during an emergency situation.

The summer riding jacket is great for hot weather, but it can also be used in the winter because of its thermal liner. The inside fabric helps keep you warm and comfortable while still offering some ventilation that makes something different from other jackets on sale today.

This rain jacket is perfect for rainy days. It can be used in the rain without being too uncomfortable, but remember to use it sparingly so that you don’t damage your new purchase.


  • Textiles for protection while being breathable at the same time.
  • Hard armor for safety
  • Reflective piping on both front and back adds visibility when riding at night time


  • Some find the arms to be a little too short

7 – Royal Enfield mens JACKET RIDING JACK

This Royal Enfield Jacket is made from 100% pure leather, it’s stylish and keeps you warm. It has a hood that can be removed, making it easier to wear under the helmet. It also has two pockets where you can keep your phone safe while riding your bike.

This riding jacket is made for men but women who are used to wearing mens clothing should fit quite well in this item too! The hoodie is removable, making it easy for you to store when not using it during warmer months of year or when cycling through inclement weather like snowstorms or heavy rains without risk of getting wet coming into contact even though there’s no chance that’ll happen because there’s no way whatsoever that water will get through this awesome apparel item.


  • 100% pure leather
  • Removable hoodie makes storing simpler


  • Pricey compared to other jackets on the market today

Why Motorcycle Riding Jackets Better than normal Jackets ?

The exclusive jackets that are procured for motorcycle riding have protective material within them. The basic jacket has a Level 1 and 2 armors, designed to protect you from falls or contact with other vehicles on the road while cycling.

The ultimate safety gear, these armors provide protection to your shoulders and back in case you fall from a motorcycle during an unfortunate accident.

You might think that if you fall, the impact will be absorbed by your clothes. But it turns out most of our falls are onto hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt- which means even if there’s some protection involved (a bruise may still happen), they’ll probably feel worse than what happened before!

If this sounds familiar then don’t worry; because chances are high enough for any bruises to heal up quickly without much pain at all thanks again in part due making sure we wear jackets every time we’re outside nowadays.

If you’re looking for the best protection, look no further than Level 3 armor. These jackets are normally reserved for riders doing high-speed track riding and they offer unmatched levels of safety in case your bike goes down hard on any surface!

But if you are on a budget, don’t forget about these affordable jackets. Remember to invest in your own protection!

Buyer Guide

Best Riding Jackets Under 5000


You should always try to buy jackets that come with removable armors. There are different levels of protection in every jacket, the best ones offer Level 3 armor where you can still feel safe when riding even at high speeds thanks to its design and protective layer.

Reflective piping

The lighting conditions on a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Just think about what would happen if a car driver couldn’t see you because you weren’t visible? You need to make sure that your jacket has reflective piping somewhere on it, ideally both front and back. This way there won’t be an excuse for not being able to see you from anywhere


This is probably one of the most important factors here- choosing something comfortable for you. If you don’t feel comfortable in a jacket, you won’t wear it often and there’s no point of buying expensive jackets if they’re going to sit in your closet or garage for most of the year.


Manufacturers design their products to be used by men with average measurements- this is because us ladies have smaller frames than most men. That being said, there are still some brands that have sizes that cater to women with slimmer builds too.

So keep an eye out when shopping around not just with motorcycle jackets but other types of apparel items as well!

Price Tag

You can get a good quality jacket for under 5000 INR today so never think twice about spending money on one item or another. You can find riding jackets at this price that are made of high-quality leather and they come with armors too.


Before you buy, think about what your needs are. Do you want an item that will keep you hot and cool at the same time? Then get a jacket with removable layers of fabric like we mentioned earlier- this way you can adjust them depending on the temperature!


This is very important because it’s almost like buying a brand rather than just another jacket online.

If you’re new to the motorcycle world then chances are high that people around will recommend certain brands for you to look out for when buying something.

But if they don’t (or if your friends aren’t big riders) do some research yourself or ask us at Motorcycle India- because we can help.

Season jacket

Depending on the season you’re riding in, there might also be a need for other types of layers or jackets- think about investing in something that can keep you warm during winter and cool by the time summer comes around.

This way it will be easier to adjust with what’s best for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Riding Jackets Under 5000

What is the best brand for motorcycle jackets?

It’s hard to pick just one- we’ve all heard of brands like Alpinestars and Dainese, but they aren’t the only ones out there and that’s why we feel that it would be unfair to pick just one or two.

You can always check our site for reviews on different items from specific brands!

How hot are motorcycle jacket in warmer weather?

The great thing about many types of motorcycle jackets is the fact they come with removable layers which you can use depending on how cold it is outside.

In hotter temperatures, you might want to remove a few armors so it doesn’t get too hot inside them while riding your bike!

Do I need a special type of jacket for a cruiser?

In short, yes. But in detail- it depends on the type of cruiser you have and what your personal needs are.

If you’re looking to buy a cruising motorcycle, make sure that you do adequate research before going ahead with the purchase because there might be certain requirements you need to know about!

What is the best budget for motorcycle jackets under 5000 INR?

Finding high-quality items under this price point isn’t too hard actually- especially since so many people rely on eCommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart these days.

There are also some really good brand names out there that offer jackets below 5000 which aren’t low quality but just priced at an affordable rate.


If you are thinking about purchasing a stylish, branded bike riding jacket for your next adventure don’t forget to check out any one of these top-rated jackets. We have explained which ones will be best suited depending on the weather conditions in order to keep yourself safe while looking great.

A new outfit is always exciting but if it includes cycling clothes then that excitement level spikes significantly because not only do they make us look good; there’s also protection offered by wearing them outdoors. Thanks For reading hope you wise choose wisely

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