Top 15 Best Riding Jackets Under 10000 In 2022 [Detailed Review]

Best riding jackets under 10000 are not easy to find. That is why I have compiled a list of the best ones for you to make your decision easier. 

First on my list, the Ariat Women’s Legacy Riding Jacket with its fitted design and crop length makes it perfect for riders who are looking for something that gives them more mobility while still being stylish enough to wear out in public after they finish their ride.

Another great thing about this jacket is how well insulated it is so even if you’re outside during those chilly days you’ll stay warm and comfortable.

The Legacy also includes stretch panels along the back and shoulders which helps keep you free from restriction as well as an ergonomic fit around the chest area so if you need some extra room.

The best bike jackets are guaranteed to make you look stylish and keep your clothes clean.

Bike riding is an exhilarating experience, but you also need the right gear.” A good quality jacket should provide both protection from the outside elements as well as style statement that’s sure catch plenty of attention on its own.

Biking is a great way to keep fit, and it’s also an adventurous activity. But biking can be dangerous if you aren’t wearing protective gear like bike jackets!

Bike Jackets help protect your body from road rash; scrapes cuts and other injuries that may occur while riding the bicycle. It’s important for bikers of all skill levels (beginner or pro)to find out what fits best so they don’t interfere with movement or cause uncomfortable pressure points against sensitive areas such as arms where heat generated by exercise ends up being most pronounced

There are many different types of bike jackets out there that range in price, style and quality. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or practical we have compiled this list with some amazing options from top brands like Puma & Adidas so check them all.

Top 15 Best riding jackets under 10000

MOTOTECH Scrambler Air Motorcycle Riding Jacket - Combo Colors
Armoured Riding Jacket; CE Approved / Certified Armours; Detachable Thermal and Rain Liners
BIKING BROTHERHOOD Unisex Xplorer Jacket, Grey, 2XL
material_type : Polyester

; size_name : XX-Large

; item_weight : 606

Reflective details to make the rider more visible to other road users; optimal levels of protection against impacts
Rynox Stealth Evo V3 L2 Jacket (Small, Black)
Reflective strips on front and back for night-time visibility; Soft collar with cozy padding at chin for additional comfort
Royal Enfield men's JKSS20R02 Windfarer Riding Jacket (Olive, Large, 42 cm)
Genuine YKK zippers at centre front Cushioned comfort collar;; Pockets – 4; 2 front pockets, 1 chest pocket and 1 pocket in the inside lining,
Royal Enfield Urban Scout 2.0 Jacket Olive (2XL) 46 CM(RRGJKL000017)
Water resistant; Genuine YKK zippers; Zippered vents at chest and back; Shock absorbent EVA foam back protector
Royal Enfield Summer Riding Jacket Black (S) 38 CM(RRGJKB000027)
Fit: Tour fit, regular; Personalised Fit: Adjustment tabs at biceps, forearms, cuffs and waist
Royal Enfield Stormraider Riding Jacket Grey (S) 38 CM (RRGJKM000079)
Genuine YKK zippers at centre front; Trouser connection zipper; Cushioned comfort collar;
Royal Enfield Men's Explorer V3 Riding Jacket (Black, XL, 44 Cm)
Genuine YKK zippers at centre front Cushioned comfort collar;; Pockets – 5; 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets and 1 pocket in the inside lining,
Royal Enfield Girl on Wheels Women Riding Jacket Olive (XL) 43 CM
Ventilation: Zippered vents at shoulders, forearm and back ensure ample ventilation

1 – MOTOTECH Scrambler Air Motorcycle Riding Jacket : Best Riding Jackets India

Motorcycles are a great way to enjoy the open road. When you ride, your safety is paramount so it’s important that every detail from gear and clothing all the way down be considered carefully for protection in case of an accident or emergency situation arise during riding activities.

That’s why at MOTO TECH they make sure our products have been designed specifically with both functionalities as well as fashion which allows bikers can feel comfortable while still looking good on their bike.

The Scrambler 3-in1 All Season Mesh Protective Riding Jacket is a great way to stay comfortable and safe on your next ride. The armor offers protection from falls, while the detachable thermal/rain liners give you versatility for any kind of weather conditions.

With reflective branding that improves visibility during nighttime rides as well as softback, Eva Foam inserts protecting against accidents or injuries this jacket has everything you need when it comes time get out there – road warrior style.

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  • 3-in1 All Season Protection
  • Stylish Design + Excellent reflective for night riding
  • Waterproof & Breathable


  • May run a bit small

2 – BIKING BROTHERHOOD Xplorer Grey Jacket : Level 2 Riding Jacket

The market is saturated with jackets that don’t last, offer poor protection or just aren’t worth the money. 

BB on the other hand offers quality at an unbeatable price – you’ll be hard-pressed to find better deals than what we have here.

Their products are designed for riders who want to look good without sacrificing safety or performance. Their jackets have a unique mix of hard armors on elbows, shoulders and back while maintaining maximum airflow during hot summer rides.

This makes them perfect everyday use as well as long trips in any conditions with their amazing ventilation system that will keep you cool no matter how much time it takes out there- safely protected by Xenex armor too – all at an unbeatable price point so even those tight budgets can afford the protection they need.


  • Maximum Airflow
  • Maximum Protection (Xenex)
  • Stylish Design + Excellent Reflective Graphics Cons May run a bit small


  • Size runs a little small so it is better to go for size up.
  • Material quality could have been a bit better but one can overlook as you are getting the product at such a low cost.
  • No waterproofing/water resistance

3 – SCIMITAR Razor V3 L-2 Riding Jacket

Whether it’s a sunny day or night, the weather can change quickly and unexpectedly. One minute you’re out on your bike and then seconds later there’s rain drops hitting you in face!

Bike riding is an amazing experience that allows people from all walks of life to enjoy time spent outdoors together while getting fresh air- but sometimes when we least expect them.

our favorite moments are suddenly cut short by bad luck such as being caught up with unexpected storms – so make sure not only do I bring my helmet (as well as extra clothes), but also remember some snacks just in case something goes wrong

You need a jacket that can keep up with you, no matter what the weather throws at it. This is why we created our Scimitar Razor V3 riding jacket and Thermal vest combo which has everything one might ever want in their outerwear!

The removable thermal layer provides warmth when needed most (i.e., during chilly mornings or afternoons) while also being easy to wear underneath another shirt for those warmer days; plus all zippers are waterproofed so they won’t get hurt by any snowstorms – not even if its a raging blizzard outside.

The Scimitar Razor V3 Riding Jacket is a tactical, waterproof jacket that professionals can rely on. It’s been designed to be worn by both men and women so everyone has equal access it comes equipped with removable armor so you don’t have to worry about washing your suit before taking off work or going out during rainstorms.


  • Removable Armor
  • Waterproof & Breathable


  • No cons were found

4 – SCIMITAR Viper 2 L2 Jacket : Best Ridning Jacket Under 10000

The urban jungle is a chaotic and wild place. You need something that can keep up with your style, but also stay professional at all times.

You want to ride in the city but don’t know what you are wearing. Maybe looking good is more important than protection? Or do not care about fashion and just need something that keeps wind blowing at bay with its armor-like material on your backside piece.

The SCIMITAR Viper 2 L2 Jacket has everything from high-end performance fabrics, ventilation panels made specifically for hot weather riding conditions (and comes in an array of colors), plus it provides impact protection – all while still being stylish enough so others won’t glare when stopped next to you on public transportation.

It’s a good thing that we know how important staying safe while riding is – especially when commuting around town or going out at night. With its sleek design and great fit, this jacket makes sure you don’t sacrifice safety for style.


  • Reinforced stretch panels
  • Ventilation system
  • Reflective piping


  • It is not water proof

5 -Rynox AIR GT 3 JACKET

The Rynox AIR GT 3 JACKET is a no-nonsense jacket for those who don’t want their ride to be anything less than enjoyable! This new, improved model features an adjustable waistband and handy pockets that enhance your on-bike experience.

The intuitive design of this rain gear makes sure you have enough freedom while handling the bike as well as protects against inclement weather or unexpected hazards suchs happened last week when we had hail storm come out from nowhere…

The new Modular jacket is the perfect balance between weight, durability and breathability. You can now buy just one or all of your layers together with this lightweight 3D mesh construction that features dual-fold knit 600 Denier PU coated polyester fabric tear-resistant interlocking dobby weave restraints under our MODULAYER system to keep you protected no matter what weather decides upon for its arrival.

Choose weather protection from any number of options like soft neoprene trimming on collar cuffs which prevent chafing skin caused by excess friction while riding in hot conditions without sacrificing comfort; double stitching around zips slides seams pts making sure nothing comes apart during intense activity.

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  • Protection on the Neck and on the Wrist Area
  • Adjustable Waistband
  • Breathability of 20,000 g/m² / 5,000 g/ft² per 24hrs.
  • Mesh Lining for maximum ventilation
  • Removable Waterproof Liner


  • No Air Vents on the Back Side of The Jacket


As a motorcyclist, it is important to stay safe while riding your bike. But how many of us take the necessary precautions?

A recent survey by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that improper helmet use was one of the most frequent ways riders can put themselves in danger on our motorcycles and scooters, accounting for 47 percent or more crashes where someone involved had died.

In fact wearing what looks like any old hat could be saving you from serious injury! Another alarming statistic: only 12% wear protective gear such as pads between their legs when biking without pants inside streets with high speeds near roadways.

Motorcycles are one of the most dangerous vehicles to ride, and there’s a big problem with accidents in India. If you want to keep yourself safe while on two wheels then here is some advice from Rynox: 

-Always wear an approved motorcycle helmet that fits well enough so as not to cause harm during collisions; it may even have special neck-straps designed just for this purpose should also protect your head against injuries such as bumps or blows when hit by other cars’ doors without warning. Make sure its color contrasts sharply enough

The Rynox jacket is made with 3D mesh fabric which makes it lightweight yet sturdy enough to protect your body during an accident or fall off your bike.

Other features include reflective panels so other motorists can see you easily when driving by and dual stitching on slide zones, if one does get into an accident there will be less damage done to their skin by sliding across asphalt or concrete roads.

Under our MODULAYER system we now offer just the riding jacket as well as all of its layers together according what specific individual needs they may have based upon how adventurous he/she wants his/her commute path might potentially become


  • Dual Stitching Slide Zones
  • Reflective Panels for Better Visibility When Riding at Night or in Poor Weather Condtions


  • No Air Vents on the Back Side of The Jacket


All motorcycle riders know that a good jacket is essential to wear while riding. The problem with most jackets on the market, though, is either their weight and bulkiness or not being protective enough for long-term use when needed most in an emergency situation such as popping off throttle at high speeds due to wind resistance or hitting something unexpectedly 

such as another vehicle’s side view mirror which might cause you lose control of your bike – it could also result from running out energy before making contact with whatever object caused this event happen

Do you ride a bike? If so, this is the jacket for you! With its dual-material design and ventilation panels on back & arms that allow air flow through freely even during hot summer days to help keep cyclists cool. It also features CE Level 2 protectors at shoulders & elbows along with stitching across slide zones makes sure riders are safe no matter what happens while out riding their bikes.


  • Reflective Panels for Better Visibility When Riding at Night or in Poor Weather Conditions.
  • Dual Material Design for Protection Against Accidents While Biking Cons.
  • No Back Air Vents


  • Does Not Come With A Rainproof Cover

8 – Rynox Storm Evo Jacket

It’s important to find the right jacket for your Overlanding trip. You need one that is lightweight, breathable and tough enough in case of any emergencies on long journeys through lush jungles or scorching deserts alike.

Most jackets are made from heavy fabrics which make them bulky when not being used but also prevent you form getting hot since they can’t transfer sweat away like other types clothing would do so choose wisely- some kind might be better suited than others depending upon where will use it most often during trips.


  • Lightweight, Breathable & Durable in Emergency Situations
  • Reflective Panels for Better Visibility When Riding at Night or in Poor Weather Conditions.


  • No Back Air Ventilation


The STEALTH EVO 3 JACKET is the perfect coat for any winter occasion. It’s water repellent and packs down small when not in use so you can take it anywhere.

A bulky or shapeless garment might keep your body warm, but they’ll never look good on a person with style like yours-Rynox knows this better than anyone else because we’re designers at heart: Our goal was to create durable jackets that still looked sleek enough wear them into work every day without sacrificing fashion flair for functionality.

The STEALTH EVO 3 JACKET is a perfect choice for those who want to stay dry and warm no matter the weather. It’s waterproof, windproof as well as breathable so you can wear it comfortably all day long without feeling overheated or uncomfortable in your clothing. The coat also packs away small enough that even when not being used its just one more item ready should something happen on an adventure.

The Reflective Soft Shell Jacket is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s stylish and functional design makes it perfect when the weather changes, rain or shine.

The underarm vents allow heat to escape on warmer days while keeping moisture at bay during rainy times; we’ve also included reflective panels so you’ll always be seen in low light conditions like nighttime – even if drivers can barely see their own hands due to poor visibility.


  • Dual Material Design For Protection Against Accidents While Biking.
  • Reflective Panels for Better Visibility When Riding at Night or in Poor Weather Conditions.


  • Runs Small, Order at Least One Size Up For Comfort

10 – Royal Enfield Windfarer Riding Jacket Olive

The Windfarer jacket is a stylish and functional riding jacket. It has the perfect balance of style, safety, comfort.

The wide range hood keeps your head warm when it’s cold outside while still providing plenty of space for an optional face mask in case you want more protection from wind or rain on those sunny afternoons galloping through open fields at full speed with friends around you in an unfortunate moment where one forgets what happened before he got into his bike accident because life just doesn’t stop happening does it.

You get all of the comfort and safety you need while looking good with just one jacket! Switch out your liners for different weather conditions, or use it as an everyday commute garment.


  • Available in All sizes


  • No other Colur Variant Available

11 – Royal Enfield Urban Scout 2.0

Royal Enfield has been a staple in the motorcycling community for many years. But with all these advancements and innovations, there’s no reason to be left unprotected! That’s why we designed this jacket that will keep you protected from outer elements while still allowing ease of movement.

It is lightweight so even when riding at high speeds or long distances comfort isn’t sacrificed because weight matters too.

The design of the bike is a true innovation. It provides complete freedom of movement even when riding aggressively through traffic or over rough terrains while also being comfortable for longer journeys with children in tow, ensuring that you have an enjoyable time on our product throughout its lifetime.

You can’t go wrong with this urban scout 2 jackets! The sleek, protective exterior looks great and is highly functional. It’s perfect for those who want to protect themselves while also looking good on their bikes- whether you’re riding a motorcycle or driving one of those fancy cars that goes too fast around corners.


  • Universal Fit
  • Water Resisdent


  • Available in Single Colour

12 – Royal Enfield Summer Riding

The Jaisalmer is a stylish jacket that offers protection from the sun, but it can be hard to find comfortable riding gear for hot weather. This Summer Riding Jacket was designed specifically with your needs in mind and made of nylon air mesh fabric covered by double layers on all key points where you need extra protection against heat like shoulders pads or elbows.

It also comes equipped with reflective panels so when nighttime comes around they’re visible even if light levels are low – making sure there’s no chance whatsoever of getting lost while out bike touring during these scorching months ahead.

The Summer Riding Jacket is the perfect way to stay cool while you ride. And if it’s not enough protection, we offer CE Level 2 back protectors separately for additional coverage on your back or upgrade with our Shock Absorber Back Protector Insert sold as an accessory item.


  • The jacket looks great and seems very durable
  • It already has protection in all the right areas such as the shoulder, elbow, and back.


  • Seems a little tight when you put it on

13 – Royal Enfield Stormraider

The Royal Enfield Stormraider riding jacket is a high-quality, multi-functional and stylish leather coat jacket that comes with CE Level 1 armors to provide protection against falls. This means it has all you need for long rides in the rain or cold weather thanks to 3D metal plates sewn into its padded shoulders which are designed by Eidgenossenschaftliches Forchungszentrum Oberland (EFO).

This motorcycle jacket is made to stand up against the elements, with water resistance capabilities that are ideal for those who like taking on adventures. It’s lightweight construction makes it perfect as an outerwear piece in all sorts of weather conditions and can be worn day or night

You may not think of motorcycles as a chic or trendy way to get around town, but if you want something that will provide great value for money and still look good while doing so – this Royal Enfield jacket from has got your back.

You know what they say: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” The traditionalists among us have been riding on two wheels since before just about anyone else could drive one because theirs was always available when needed


  • The leather is soft and has a very nice look
  • It fits well, snugly but not too tight


  • It does not come with a back protector

14 – Royal Enfield Explorer V3 Riding Jacket

The explorer v3 is a high-quality and affordable jacket that offers CE certification meaning it has passed the highest safety testing in Europe. The jacket also includes Knox armor at elbows & shoulders, designed to dissipate energy on impact for maximum protection

I found an awesome looking leather motorcycle coat but I couldn’t afford it

You deserve the best, so we’ve made this jacket with you in mind. It’s comfortable and protective – versatile enough to wear every day or out on your next ride

You’ll be able to save money with free shipping when you order today!

The most important thing is that we provide the best customer service and help as much as possible.

We want our customers feeling like they got their money worth from us, which means offering great deals on all sorts of goods; even if it’s just one product or many – everything counts in providing solutions for everyone who comes through these doors (no matter how big your budget might seem.


  • It looks fantastic and it has a great feel


  • There is no back protector included in the package

15 – Royal Enfield Girl on Wheels Women Riding Jacket Olive

The women’s riding jacket is made of lightweight 100% cotton fabric that makes it highly breathable and comfortable. There are also Cordura denim panels at the shoulders for extra durability, as well as elbow protection from abrasion dangers on long rides in bad weather conditions.

I always loved the idea of a custom motorcycle jacket, but never found one until now. The Royal Enfield Girl on Wheels Women Riding Jacket not only looks great and feels amazing to ride in; it also offers all my needs for city riding.

It has zippered vents at shoulders and back so that air can flow freely while I’m out there townscape-bounding through traffic or pedaling around town enjoying this great weather we’re having lately (knock on wood). Plus with rain protection included too – you know how much more enjoyable these things are when they aren’t soaking wet thanks to an overhanging roof outside your house.

This jacket is engineered for the urban motorcyclist who wants to look good while riding her bike around town or across country- it has all of our favorite features, like its athletic appeal with sleek detailing.


  • The jacket is beautifully crafted with a great fit and feel


  • Nothing

Buyers Guide For Best Riding Jackets Under 10000

Best Riding Jacket Under 10000

When researching best riding jackets under 10000 you’ll want to focus on the following:


No matter how much money you spend on your jacket, if no protection is offered in case of an accident it won’t do anyone any good. Jackets usually come with padding in the elbows and shoulders so that when you fall off your bike they will be there to protect your arms and shoulders.


It’s important that the jacket fits well so that you are not restricted in movement while riding, or too loose where it could get caught on something or someone else may have their hands up under it when you collide. Look for jackets with adjustable liners so that you can adjust how snug it is, as well as pads at the elbows for a good fit.

Style is key

Yes, technically this is optional but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to wear anything out in public if it were offensive looking would you? Some people find they prefer the more traditional look of leather specifically because it’s timeless. But others may feel most comfortable wearing less traditional materials for a lighter look and feel.


It goes without saying that this will be a key feature in your decision making process, but you’ll want to consider how much more of a premium you actually need to pay for a higher quality jacket.

If it’s just a few bucks more then the best riding jackets under 10000 is going to offer you good protection with no frills – while if money isn’t an issue then expecting brushed metal buttons and perhaps even some leather instead may be necessary.


It will keep raining no matter where you go (most likely) so make sure your jacket can stand up to whatever weather conditions might come at it when out on your ride. Since it will probably rain the most where you live, it’s important to find something with a waterproof liner so that your sweat doesn’t soak through and become uncomfortably cold when working up a good sweat.


For some reason people always think about the big chest zipper first, but it should be pretty obvious why this is necessary unless you’re going for a more casual look which would then mean not needing a super-secure chest area.

However there are many other places on a motorcycle jacket that need zippers in order to make them work too: pockets, vents…even inside liners for extra warmth if needed. The point being don’t get lazy and buy anything with less than 3 zippers per pocket or else they won’t close very securely.


This is something that often gets overlooked for best riding jackets under 10000 because it’s not very noticeable when purchased separately, but take my word for it – you will be glad to have some if you ever do happen to get in an accident.

Protection between your skin and the road is important at any price point whether it’s included or not, so make sure there are armor pads at both elbows and shoulders.

Style again

I mentioned this earlier, but the style may actually be more important than all of these other factors combined…if someone can’t stand to look at you while you’re wearing a jacket they won’t give two cents about its protection or fit or anything else because they don’t like what you’re wearing.

So make sure that whatever style is appealing to you, it will be something that people will complement rather than avoid.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Riding Jackets Under 10000

Best Riding Jackets Under 10000

What is a motorcycle jacket?

A motorcycle jacket is a special type of coat that was made specifically to fit the needs of a biker. Motorcycle jackets contain many extra features that may not be needed in regular jackets such as waterproofing, armor, reflective strips and sometimes even interchangeable liners for different seasons.

What are some benefits of wearing motorcycle apparel? There are several reasons why it might be beneficial to wear motorcycle apparel. The first reason would be safety. Many motorcycle jackets come with armor or padding inside them designed especially for protecting your body during an accident.

Some also have reflective strips on the back so you can be seen at night better by drivers after dark. Another benefit might be purely practical ones instead – namely pockets large enough for modern cell phones and other valuables.

What is the best motorcycle jacket under 10000?

Since there are so many different types of motorcycle jackets depending on their style, purpose and general use we can’t say for sure what the absolute best one might be.

However we feel that realistically you will receive a much higher amount of value out of one of our choices than if you were to buy any cheapo option , so take a look at what we’ve carefully selected here

What size should I buy my motorcycle jacket in ?

The size that you need your jacket to be will depend on several factors including how tall you are as well as the desired fit (tight around the body or loose like a blazer). You’ll want to measure yourself.


Our list of best riding jackets under 10000 should provide you with a good start to your search and we strongly advise that if you make one of our choices, to read the reviews we’ve provided carefully because they are honest opinions from people who have purchased them. We hope this article has helped in some way or another, so happy shopping.

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