Best Riding Gloves Under 5000 – Latest Updated [April 2023]

We know that riding gloves are essential for your safety and comfort while you’re on the back of a horse. But we also understand how hard it can be to find exactly what you need when there are so many options out there. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best riding gloves under 5000.

Read on if you want to learn more about these five great pairs, as well as which features they have in common and what sets them apart from one another.

Riding Gloves come in different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: protecting your hands from blisters and chaffing during long rides. They also provide extra grip so that your hands don’t slip off the reins, which can be dangerous. Another thing to look for in riding gloves is high levels of breathability because your hands won’t get sweaty if they can breathe easily (sweaty hands will slip off the reins).

When it comes to buying gloves, there are many options available in India. However this can be difficult for someone who is looking at the best riding glove under 5000 because not all of them will meet your needs equally well or have different values that make one better than another depending on what kind you need.

We’ve reviewed some popular and top-rated motorcycle-specific products which should help narrow down your search when shopping online or locally by giving key features/pros/cons as well other information about each product so shoppers know exactly where they stand before making an informed decision themselves.


Best Riding Gloves Under 5000 – Top 10 Picks

Royal Enfield Brown Leather Protective Riding Gloves for Men (RRGGLL000010)
100 percent polyester tricot lining; High grade leather; Thermoformed Protector (TPU) at knuckles and finger joint
Royal Enfield Short Riding Gloves Black L 22CM(RRGGLH000063)
Finger joints protection: High-density foam inserts on finger joints; Ergonomic features: Fit: Cuff length, adventure touring fit
Royal Enfield Olive & Brown Leather Riding Gloves for Men (RRGGLH000011)
Impact protection: Thermoformed protector (tpu) at knuckles and finger joints; Finger joints protection: High-density foam inserts on finger joints
XTS Gear Octane Motorsports Gloves - Black (Medium)
Knuckles: Moulded TPU protector with impact absorbing 3D honeycomb design; Wrist Slide Protection: Integrated TPU sliders with impact absorbing 3D honeycomb design

1. Royal Enfield Retro Love Gloves

The Spiti Gloves are a great choice for those who don’t want their hands getting sweaty in extreme weather conditions. The longer sleeves and snug fit of the gloves will keep them from cooling down, so you can ride all day long with no worries.

The high-quality material keeps my hands warm on even the coldest days while still remaining fashionable enough that I won’t have an issue being seen out riding around town during rush hour traffic or at work when it’s wintertime outside-available through Amazon Prime shipping right now!

This was a really good buy for me and my husband is quite excited to go ride our bikes this weekend wearing these gloves. They are a bit tight around the wrist, but that really does help keep them in place while driving. I’m impressed with all of the reflective strips on the gloves too-highly recommended if you’re looking for riding gloves under 5000.

The first thing you notice when you put on these leather driving gloves is their construction. They are made with high-quality materials like silicon grip bars, “dual-density latex palm” (which makes it easier to hold onto the reins), and Airprene padding for comfort all over the glove.


  • The gloves are very durable
  • These gloves fit snugly and securely


  • Not suitable for winter conditions-a little too thin.

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2.Royal Enfield Short Riding Gloves

Royal Enfield jackets for bikers are now easier than ever with Amazon. Entertaining offers and discounts will make your purchase more worth it, so don’t wait any longer.

Royal-Enfield is one of India’s most iconic motorcycle manufacturers that has been around since 1947 when Kailash Nath Royal first opened his workshop in Uttar Pradesh (East). Today you can find all sorts or accessories at amazon’s shop including single-speed bike gears as well as gorgeous leather gloves or even stylish women’s boots.

Royal Enfield has a wide collection of motorbiking gear for you to keep safe when going out on your bike. From jackets, boots and helmets to gloves– Royal ensures that all the right equipment is at hand so there are no accidents resulting from its use.

In addition, Amazon India offers great deals with an amazing selection including this range made by them which includes many other accessories too like speakers or jeans with patches stitched onto them where it says “Royal Enfield”.

Royal Motorcycles understand just how important safety can be while riding because they know what type of injuries could happen if one were not properly dressed in their protective clothing.

The company’s lineup includes everything needed whether shopping solo as most customers do or buying multiple pieces together such as adding some riding boots too like the ones shown here available through Amazon Prime shipping at the moment!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a trendy squadron jacket or just want to stay warm while out on your next ride, Royal Enfield has got the perfect biker jackets.

These weather-resistant pieces act as an excellent fashion accessory and will protect against dust along with other daily wearabilities that come our way in this world. Shop at Amazon India where they offer irresistible deals when purchasing protective boots according members’ feet size.


  • The company offers amazing sales


  • Nothing

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3.Royal Enfield Olive & Brown Leather Riding Gloves

Get the latest Royal Enfield accessories at Amazon including biker gear like helmets and gloves! From jackets to boots; you do sure not want for anything with their wide selection of styles in this range – available now on Amazon India.

A range of motorbiking gear from jackets to helmets, Royal Enfield has everything you need for safe and stylish riding. Feeling unsafe on your bike? Get the right safety equipment with ease.

Shop for fashionable Royal Enfield merchandise at Amazon India and enjoy great deals on this range of products. Whether you’re looking to purchase a trendy squadron jacket or hoodie, be sure that there’s something available in leather with style points across all five fingers.

These jackets are created to keep out the elements – whether it is rainwater splashing onto your face during those winter months when visiting family members who live far away from each other; dust storms sweeping up behind trucks as they drive down country roads without any signposts so we can’t see where exactly our destination lies.


  • Protects your fingers against the wind


  • The stitching on the bottom end is loose.

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4.XTS Gear Octane Motorsports Gloves

The Octane gloves are designed for those who travel extensively. With their top-shelf protection and quality, the Octane glove will protect you in any condition with impact or abrasion resistant features that include molded TPU protector on knuckles as well as 3D honeycomb designs protecting against impacts at specific points of contact including wrist slides that absorb energy transfer when hit hard while also providing additional protection to fingers from things liking being pushed into joints during falls onto surfaces such spikes, etc, which might puncture the palm area.

The most significant impact protection is on the knuckles and fingers where they have added a TPU insert to absorb any blows that would normally cause pain or injury while forcing the fingers into a natural spread-eagle position for a better grip keeping them from moving around too much when braking hard.

The top portion of the gloves has been made from goat leather with mesh material on the side giving it maximum breathability so hands don’t smell after being caught in those traffic jams due to sudden accidents on highways which clog up entire arteries as commuters forget how to drive properly.


  • The stitching on the fingers is excellent


  • None at all.

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5.Alpinestars Spartan Gloves

The spartan is the perfect summer glove for when you need to ride in warm weather, but don’t want something too heavy. With its lightweight construction combined with an air mesh shell and tough polymer knuckle guards that are intelligently positioned on this glove it will keep your hands cool while providing protection against impacts from sharp objects or traffic.

Even though this glove is lightweight; the strong leather and polymer protectors on the top of your hands are still able to provide protection against impacts given by sharp objects or road rash.

The Alpinestars spartan gloves are perfect for hot weather, but also have tactile pre-curved fingers so you can maintain a firmer grip on your handlebars while traveling at high speeds. Feel safe on your bike with the comfort that only the spartans provide.


  • Warm & comfortable during summertime


  • None at all

6.SOLACE Racepro Motorcycle Riding Gloves

The style of these gloves is truly one to behold. Every aspect of its design has been carefully crafted with knuckle protectors, a shell for toughness, and double stitching on all the joints ensuring they won’t fall apart within a year of usage.

Riders who enjoy highway cruising will find themselves in safe hands with this product as it offers comfortability, high protection levels and superior quality that seems to last forever.

It’s interesting that this brand offers three free gifts when you purchase their products which are very useful, especially for those riders out there who enjoy riding during nighttime hours.


  • 3 free gifts for every purchase you make
  • Quality stitching and materials


  • None at all

7.Raida AirWave Motorcycle Gloves

You’ll feel like an expert on the bike with Raida AirWave Motorcycle gloves, featuring top-class perforated mesh lining and superior-end KNOX patented Sports SPS system. These breathable yet durable gloves are made to take you swooning without worrying about sweat or gripping up too much while riding your motorcycle just get yours today.

The TRP Strap is adjustable, so you can attain the perfect fitting for upholding maximum grip on your bike. On top of that, Raida Airwave Motorcycle Gloves are made from premium leather and feature an airflow design which makes them breathable while still providing great protection against sweat accumulation.


  • Provides good airflow.
  • High protection levels.


  • None at all.

8.Raida AqDry Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

AqDry Waterproof Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm in the cold, wet conditions of any environment. They provide protection from Rain and mist for a safe commute or ride on bike trails with friends. With this product you’ll never have another accident because it will prevent slipping., 

You’ve always wanted an exciting adventure but thought that riding outside would be too dangerous? Nowadays everyone can enjoy their own unique outdoor experience without having anything standing between them.

Thanks to the short-cuff, flexible knuckle and best grip thumb design of these gloves there is no need for bulky mittens or longjohns. The AqDry’s seamless lightweight wear also keeps your hands feeling cool in this heatwave! You can use them on top of touch compatibility so you don’t miss out while handling smart devices like smartphones or watches any time soon either.


  • Short cuff design makes it easy to get on and off.
  • Comfortable touch compatibility.
  • Long-lasting product


  • Weak Stitches


The Air GT gloves are designed to take your riding experience beyond boundaries. They’re made with a strictly utilitarian approach, just like our Air GT 3 jacket. These no-nonsense biking gear will never let you down on the road or trail but if they ever do we here at Motorcycle Gear Company stand behind them 100%.

gloves are the perfect accessory for any rider who doesn’t care about looking fancy or wants to stand out with a unique style. These gloves will last you long and come in three different colors, something that will appeal to everyone.


  • Breathable, works well if it’s hot outside while riding
  • Seems like good quality overall.


  • Little bit difficult to take off because of its tight fit.


These gloves are a perfect fit for anyone who wants to stand out in their professional environment. With understated retro looks and up-to-date protection features, these urban style leather gloves will be your ticket to success!

The Urban gloves have been made specifically so you can wear them all day long while still getting the durability needed from this type of material without worrying about it wearing down too quickly as well as developing that signature patina only unique between each person who owns one just like yours did before. And last but no least these great gloves will fit you perfectly.


  • Very comfortable fit.
  • Durable material.
  • Provides protection against weather conditions for a safe ride/drive.


  • The knuckle protector isn’t very durable.

Buying Guide For Best Riding Gloves Under 5000

Best Riding Gloves Under 5000


The price is the main factor in differentiating these gloves. It ranges from very cheap to extremely expensive representations of this type of gear.


Best motorcycle gloves made out of durable material that won’t wear down easily with time, better if leather is used instead of any other synthetic one since it can last longer. The same applies for all your gear actually.


Gloves are supposed to provide protection for your hands in case anything happens or you need to use them while riding or driving a bike/car etc. This commonly means they feature reinforced stitching and palm padding at the contact areas where falls are most likely to occur for cases when you’re not tightly gripping on your handlebars/wheel/whatever it be in order to avoid losing grip.

Protection For Weather

Some people ride/drive in extremely hot weather while others in very cold one, this kind of gear provides protection against both. So if you want to be able to wear them all year long you might need different gloves according to the season. Or just get a pair that can fit all your needs.


This is mostly about the feel and fit of these gloves as well as how easy they are to take on and off depending on their design. You generally don’t want any extra material flapping around so tightness should be carefully considered along with break-in time too which should not be too long since it’s really uncomfortable having those things stuck to your hands for days after purchasing them.

Touch Compatibility

The good ones have a good grip and let you use your touch screen devices properly.


You can get them in different colors so it’s easier to find the one that will fit your style. Motorcycle gloves aren’t very colorful but rather they come in black color for the most part with some features of white, gray or brown depending on what exactly you’re looking for.


This is considered the best material according the superior quality it provides along with toughness, durability and water resistance due to pores which allow perspiration to escape through its surface while still preventing any liquid from entering inside.

It’s also more comfortable than other types of materials because it conforms easily to the hands without needing a long break-in period.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Riding Gloves Under 5000

Best Riding Gloves Under 5000

I’m looking for the best motorcycle gloves under 5000, is this what I need?

These are definitely better than any other types of riding gear in that price range. They’re also fashionable and let you express your individual style which isn’t easy to be found at this price point.

Are these really waterproof?

They don’t claim to be fully waterproof but they do protect against rain and puddles so it’s possible if they stay on while you drive through wet surfaces/roads without letting too much humidity inside so you can keep wearing them even when it starts raining extremely hard outside.

Is there a size chart available for this product?

The sizing would depend on how tight or loose these gloves will fit when worn since they feature a velcro strap that allows adjusting depending on the circumference of your wrist/arm.

How do these gloves feel when worn?

Very comfortable, they provide complete protection without making you sweat too much or feel suffocated by them since they’re designed to let enough air inside so it’s easier to wear them even when riding all day long.

How tight do they fit?

They have adjustable velcro straps so there are no fixed sizes for any of them, you can choose the size that fits your wrist/arm perfectly on the one you think will provide the best comfort and protection without being too loose or too tight.


If you are looking for the best riding gloves under 5000, then keep reading. Our guide will give you information on what to look for in a good pair of gloves and reviews the top 5 pairs that we found to be worth your time and money! You can’t go wrong with any one of these choices so it’s up to you which ones suit your needs the most.

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