Top 6 Best Riding Gloves Under 3000 In 2021 [Buyers Guide]

The best riding gloves under 3000 are the ones that you find at your local tack store. They’re usually made of durable leather, and they’ll protect your hands against blisters and other injuries. The best feature is that they’re affordable. 

One way to make sure you get the right fit for your horse’s saddle is by using a saddle fitting pad. A saddle fitting pad will help distribute pressure evenly across the horse’s back so it doesn’t cause pain or soreness on one side more than another.

This should be done before every ride, as well as after long rides where there was no padding used in between the rider and their mount.

Motorcycles are a great way to get around town, but the risks of riding should never be taken lightly. It is imperative that you wear good quality gear and have proper insurance coverage in case something goes wrong on your journey.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustles of life, but you’ll find that sometimes it pays off big if only for one thing: your health. The last thing anyone needs on a long ride or tough race is numb hands!

Mittens are great for keeping warm when things turn chilly–but remember they won’t protect against soreness because there isn’t enough space between fingers to allow circulation while wearing them. That means hurts can wait until after work hours so we don’t sacrifice comfort over safety.

Top 6 best riding gloves under 3000

TVS Riding Gloves (Black, M), Medium
Touchscreen Compatible Fingertips; Attached Forefinger Rubber Visor Cleaners, to Keep Your Visor Crystal Clear
Axor Breeze EVO Tan Camo Gloves-M
CE certified to standard EN 13594: 2015; Made from combination of 3D mesh shock absorbation and clarino fabric leather.
Royal Enfield Burnish Gloves Black (L)22CM (RRGGLM000088)
Touch sensitive fingertips for easy mobile access; Pre-curved fingers ; Velcro ; Perforated for ventilation;
XTS Gear™ Airfence Motorcycle Sports Riding Gloves (Black, Size: X-Large)
Knuckles: Moulded TPU protector; Scaphoid Bone: HD foam insert; Finger Joints: TPU tabs; Abrasion Resistant Chassis: Ultra long-lasting synthetic leather
YUNTUO Full Finger Touchscreen Protective Gloves for Motor Cycle/Bike/Moto Cross/Outdoor Sports...
Microfiber,leather lycra, nylon, extra stitching. Keeps hands warm but also breathes well; Best Half Finger Motorcycle Bike Riding Glove for Driving, Bike Riding, Motorcycle

1 – Rynox Air GT Riding Gloves : Rynox Gloves India

Rynox is a great brand for motorcycle riders to invest in. The affordable riding gloves are designed with the protection of the scaphoid bone, fingertips and finger joints all made from mesh foam inserts that will keep your hands safe during long rides or short commutes alike.

The Leatherman Style CS is the perfect work glove for those who need to handle their tools with care.

It has a premium soft-full grain leather material that protects from abrasions, as well as girth adjusters on wrists and finger joints that flex when you move your hands around.

You also get 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects so this will be sure strong enough no matter what comes up during its lifetime of use.

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  • The riding gloves have a double leather palm that is great for absorbing impact and shock to the hands while you’re out on your motorcycle.
  • They have gel padding that provides additional protection from pain and blisters while you ride.


  • There are no color options.

2 – TVS Riding Gloves

The TVS company has just launched a new line of riding gloves and best helmets, and these are some affordable yet good-quality pairs.

For high breathability they have an accordion construction with stretch zones on fingers for better range-of-motion in the hand; also there’s PE material at the thumb area which prevents wear due to friction against your grip when Not using it during biking or other activities like motocross racing.

Made up of hard polymer these gloves provide extra knuckle protectors for enhanced impact absorption. They’re perfect if you want a little more protection when playing sports or working with tools.


  • The gloves are very affordable for their quality.
  • They have a flexible design so your hands aren’t constricted while you ride.


  • The gloves have a natural leather exterior, so there’s a chance that people will be allergic to this.

3 – Axor Breeze EVO Tan Camo Gloves : Best Gloves For Bike Riding In India

Axor is the perfect brand for bikers who want to keep their hands warm and protected on those cold rides. They also sell high-quality gloves at an affordable price so you can always be sure that it’s going back home with a friend!

These gloves are made for people who want to have the best of both worlds. They’re not just durable, they also offer comfort and feel because you can easily operate your phone while wearing them

The silicon panels provide a better grip so there won’t be any trouble holding onto it even if something slippery comes up or someone else tries taking hold of what’s in front on screen

The fabric material has been sanitized with antibacterial agents which means these bad boys will last longer without being too hot against one’s skin making use unpleasant – even after long periods at work.

The Axor gloves are made with high-quality materials and feature a variety of safety features to keep your hands safe during nighttime riding. They also have reflective patches on the knuckles, which make it easier for other drivers to see you while out on their own ride.

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  • The fabric is anti-bacterial so it will keep you healthy during long trips.
  • They have reflective patches that make it easier to be spotted by other drivers.


  • Nothing

4 – Royal Enfield Burnish Gloves : Best Riding Gloves For Royal Enfield

These gloves from Royal Enfield come with 100% genuine leather and polyester tricot lining. They’re perforated for breathability, but also feature a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your hands sweat-free during long riding hours.

These excellent pair of biking accessories are perfect if you plan on taking part in an event like this summer’s Tour De France competition – where temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees celsius (95 Fahrenheit).

The gloves are made to be protective and comfortable. They provide protection from abrasion on the palm, as well as knuckle joints with thermoformed protectors for finger road movements.

The reinforced faux leather patch makes using your smartphone touchscreen easy without worry about hurting yourself while doing so.


  • They’re made with 100% genuine leather.
  • Provide good protection while keeping your hands dry.


  • The gloves are pretty expensive, but they’re also very high-quality.

5 – XTS Gear Airfence Motorcycle Sports Riding Gloves

The XTS gear gloves provide excellent protection for your hands with their TPU protectors and HD foam insert. They also come equipped with a series of built-in tabs that will keep fingers safe from harm, all while letting you grip the handlebars as if nothing was preventing you!

The best part about these affordable biking accessories? You can get them at an amazing price unlike anything else on Amazon today; they’ll make sure no matter what type of rodeo (or commute) adventure awaits ahead – whether it be riding in traffic or mountain biking through nature parks –you always come out safely thanks to this great pair’.

The breathable, elasticized shell of these gloves offers protection with its long-lasting synthetic leather.

They’re not only stronger than most other materials but they also provide better ventilation thanks to lightweight yet durable mesh panels that let air flow through easily so your hands stay cool in hot weather or warm on chilly days.

For increased comfort, there’s an adjustable girth cuff around each wrist for just the right amount of snug fit no matter what size you are wearing.


  • The gloves are very affordable.
  • They provide good protection and ventilation.
  • They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, ensuring you get exactly what you need to make your ride the best it can be.


  • There’s nothing we didn’t like about these gloves

6 – Yuntuo Protective Gloves 

These gloves provide the perfect combination of protection and safety for anyone planning to take part in any type of sports activity on their motorbike.

They’re made with top-quality materials that are designed to last for years even under continuous use so you don’t need to worry about replacing them because of wear and tear anytime soon.

With Yuntuo Protective Gloves, the only thing you need to worry about is focusing on your ride!

These cheap biking accessories are perfect for protecting your hands from any type of impact that might occur because of a fall.

They’re made with faux leather, neoprene, and elastic material, while the knuckle joints feature double-injection protection against abrasion.

What’s more? You get long, wrist-covered cuffs made from breathable spandex fabric designed to enhance airflow so your hands always feel fresh no matter what types of elements or wild rides might be waiting in store for you.


  • The gloves are very affordable, and they offer excellent wrist protection.
  • They’re made with high-quality materials including breathable fabric to keep your hands cool during hot weather.


  • The gloves are only available in black.

How To Choose The Best Riding Gloves Under 3000

Best Riding Gloves Under 3000

When you are shopping for riding gear, make sure to consider how it will solve your purpose. Don’t just buy anything because the product looks good- instead ask yourself if this is something that can help me achieve my goals while being practical in use or not?

If so then purchase accordingly! Furthermore, remember what kind of weather conditions I live under at times as well; do they have an effect on which type of clothing may work best with these types of situations (i.e., hot vs rainy)?

When I started motorcycle touring, the one thing that helped me stay safe and sane was knowing what gear to use. There are specific guidelines for every type of riding situation!

Biking can be pretty tricky if you don’t know some basics about how it works- but luckily there’s science behind all our decisions when picking out new clothes or equipment – like whether these shoes will provide protection against blisters.


So what’s better? A smaller size or larger one?

Larger gloves are good for the fact that they provide more protection but it can be quite difficult to grip your handlebars on a motorcycle with them. If you tend to be clumsy on your ride (like I was when I first started) then this may not work well for you.

However, if you are looking into buying racing gloves then try getting ones that aren’t too large seeing as it won’t allow you to use all of the throttle control easily.

Size doesn’t matter so much with regards to getting gloves that are just meant for casual riding, however, what will determine how tight or loose they feel is where they are being held at. Gloves specific areas where support is needed.


How much can you afford?
The price of a pair of gloves varies depending on the type of material used and which brand it is made by. You can buy gloves that are approximately 1000 or go up to more than 3000INR – but what’s important isn’t how expensive they get, rather what you pay for such features such as advanced protection technology (i.e., carbon fiber knuckles), increased grip strength, waterproofing etc.


When you invest in a good quality product, it’s important not only for its durability and long-term value but also to protect your investment.

The best way is through proper storage as well as timely protection against potential damage like water exposure or dust intrusion by using special materials such as silicone sleeves which can be found here.

Type of material Leather is one of the most common materials used for making motorcycle gear. It’s tough and durable but it doesn’t provide much warmth or insulation from harsh weather conditions.

This is why it’s best to wear a good quality jacket over them if you’re going out on an adventure during the cold season.

Dexterity/grip strength- after all, your hands are what will be gripping onto your bike so go with something that has strong grip abilities.

Protection features – choose gloves that contain protection where you need it (such as carbon fiber knuckles). Make sure they aren’t stiff or too loose.

Check The Stitching

This is another very important part of the buying process. Stitching will determine whether or not your gloves are durable and follow through with high-quality standards.

If they’re stitched together well and tightly, then you can rest assured that you gloves will stay intact after a few falls.


It’s important not to leave any part of your skin exposed because harsh weather conditions may harm it easily.

In addition, even if the temperature is normal or somewhat cold make sure you’ll bring along some warmer clothes as well as insulators as sometimes helmets with vents on them might not be enough alone to keep you warm from winter winds.

In case of rain: make sure you have something waterproof! I suggest bringing a cap that won’t interfere with your helmet straps and goggles for those heavy downpours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Riding Gloves Under 3000

Q) What are the advantages of leather gloves over other types?

This is because leather gloves are made out of natural material that can be sourced easily. It may not provide much warmth but at least it stays true to its properties which include being durable, long-lasting and water-resistant.

They are also stylish compared to other types considering it’s the most common material used for making them.

Other materials include elkskin or Goat-skin which are less stiff than cowhide ones but unfortunately it doesn’t make them as strong as well.

Aside from these, buffalo and kangaroo skins have recently been introduced into the market although they aren’t as popular yet so their prices tend to be higher than those with cowhide origins.

How do I take proper care of my leather gloves?

You can simply wax it on or off after washing thoroughly with warm water and soap. There are also special sprays available for this purpose which you can get here.

Don’t forget to clean your gloves of all dirt, dust, and mud before putting them back in storage because if new particles enter the surface of the material it might cause cracks, dry rot or even mildew over time.

Other than that, make sure they’re completely dry before storing them somewhere clean. If you want to keep them longer then you might want to consider getting some sort of mineral oil goggle-like these ones.

You can use special oils like that one although it may not be suitable.

How can I keep my gloves warm in winter?

This is a common problem but there are a lot of good solutions for it. You can either wear thicker insulators or liners in your gloves or you may simply buy some with insulation already included into the design.

In addition, if you want to go further then get an appropriate jacket and pants that will provide more warmth than leather ones alone. If you care about saving money then choose one made out of thick textile material such as denim.

You should also get a waterproof layer such as Gore-Tex so your clothes don’t get wet from rain and snow which might cause more discomfort later on down the road when you’re riding your motorcycle at high

What is the correct motorcycle glove size?

It all depends on how you ride- what type of bike you have, your riding style, and your personal preferences.

The best thing to do is test out different-sized gloves at the store to see which one fits best. Make sure that if they’re too tight or loose that it doesn’t affect your grip strength either.

Are biking gloves necessary?

Gloves are only necessary when you don’t want blisters on your hands after a long day of riding- other than that they can help improve comfort especially if the weather isn’t particularly warm.

Give them a try to find out for yourself (don’t worry! They aren’t very expensive) whether or best riding gloves are under 3000.


To help you find the best motorcycle gloves under 3000 just keep in mind that the material used should be primarily leather, it should fit your specific hand measurements and type of bike. If not then take another close look at various other options available here.

Thanks for reading! I hope I provided you with enough information to make an educated decision when choosing which pair of gloves might be best for you. Keep in touch with us on social media to never miss any updates on the latest news about motorcycle gear.

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