Top 7 Best Riding Gloves Under 2000[Detailed Guide]

If you have been searching for the best riding gloves under 2000, look no further. We have put together a list of our top three favorite pairs that fit this criterion. So, check out our recommendations and see which one will work best for your needs.

Further down in the post we will include a link to all of these products on Amazon if you would like to purchase any of them. Happy shopping!

This blog is about the top three best riding gloves under 2000 INR from what we’ve found so far. If you know of anything better please let us know in the comments below because we are always looking for new things to add to our website/blog posts.

A biker’s life can be tough. They face all sorts of dangers while out on the road, like blisters and burns that don’t want to go away easily with just some Band-Aids because these are caused by friction from riding gloves not being able to protect your hands properly against them when it matters most – which is why you need quality gear.

There are many different types available in stores nowadays but finding one affordable enough for any budget might take time (especially if this will serve as an extension).

The best gloves are the ones that offer you protection. It is imperative for a biker to wear gloves while riding, but not any old glove will do.

If your fingers need some extra grip and comfort when holding onto handlebars or steering wheel then this post has what it takes (and more) in its repertoire of high-quality leathers with long fingers designed specifically to keep hands safe from harm when out on two wheels).

Top 7 Best Riding Gloves Under

Axor Air Stream Black Grey Gloves-M
CE certified to standard EN 13594: 2015; Made from combination of 3D mesh and clarino fabric leather.
₹ 1,769
Royal Enfield Trailblazer Gloves Black L 22CM(RRGGLJ000008)
Size: 22 cm; Outer shell: Made from a mix of highly abrasion resistant polyester and mesh; Impact protection: Thermoformed turtleback knuckle protector (TPU) at knuckles
₹ 1,900
Royal Enfield Military Gloves Olive 2XL 24CM(RRGGLH000060)
Impact protection: Thermoformed protector (tpu) at knuckles and finger joints; Palm protection: Reinforced faux leather patch on palms, for additional safety
Comfortable to wear
₹ 3,150
Royal Enfield Rambler Gloves Olive XL 23CM(RRGGLK000034)
Abrasion-resistant faux leather; Thermoformed protector (TPU) at knuckles and finger joint

1 – Axor Air Stream Black Grey Gloves : Best Riding Gloves Brands in India

Do you like to ride your motorcycle for hours on end? You might want to consider getting these gloves. They’re made with a special, ergonomic design that will keep both hands warm and protected from the cold weather while still allowing enough mobility so they can be used as normalcy when stopped at gas stations or restaurants along the way.

The pre-curved fingers fit a wide range of riding styles and the gloves are water, dirt & oil repellant. It can be used all year round in winter as well as summer or autumn without getting sweaty within seconds!

Motorcycle riders know that the leather of their gloves is not thick enough to protect against windchill and coldness. Leather provides an important measure for blocking heat loss, so make sure you buy some good ones.

Motorcycles are a great way to get around town, but they can be difficult when you’re not properly protected. This motorcycle-riding protective gloves from overtone is the perfect accessory for riders who want comfort and protection on their ride without worrying about cold weather or crashes with other vehicles.

The design has pre-curved fingers that fit nicely in both male hands while giving it an ergonomic look outside of just wearing them as regular streetwear at any time during winter months too- these types of riding gear won’t let anything stand between you and freedom like roads filled up by traffic everyday life does sometimes.

Motorcycle racers have a high risk of injury, but thanks to their knuckle armor they can stay on the road and continue racing.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Windproof
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time


  • Might be too tight for a few people

2 – Royal Enfield Trailblazer Gloves Black L

The trailblazer gloves are made for tough adventures. They’re breathable and abrasion-resistant, so you can ride on any terrain with confidence that your hands will stay protected.

Sure, it’s tricky to use your phone when you’re wearing gloves. But thanks to the Touch Sensitive Index Fingertip Technology by touchscreen devices are now more intuitive than ever – just tap wherever on screen and get everything done in style!

As a bike rider, you know that safety is key to riding in any environment. The Royal Enfield Trailblazer Gloves are just what your hands need for all of their protection.

They have been designed with an elastic band at the wrist that hugs closer towards one’s hand when it becomes too loose or stretched out on bumpy roads so there won’t be any sliding around while trying to stop suddenly from crashing into something hazardous like traffic signs and barriers.

Even if adrenaline starts pumping hard due to occurrence accidents caused by sudden emergencies such as car brakes touching metal against asphalt pavement where they make screeching sounds because drivers don’t want anyone else nearby getting hurt.

These gloves are made using premium quality materials, which ensure maximum durability and comfort.

Its palm side is designed with high-density silicone that protects it from abrasions or wear & tear on the hands while its palms feature an anti-slip pattern for a firm grip at all times – even during wet conditions.


  • Made With Polyester And Mesh
  • Impact Protection


  • Not Avalaible in XXL Size

3 – Royal Enfield Military Gloves Brown XL 23 cm

The Military Gloves were inspired by our association with the men in uniform. They provide a snug fit and protect from impact while also being carefully designed to match their needs, ensuring dependability whenever they wear them out on duty or playtime alike.

Wearing gloves that are too tight, especially in warmer weather can cause the skin to become red and irritated.

Royal Enfield Military Gloves have a snug fit but do not compromise on comfort with their faux leather construction which provides protection from impact while still allowing easy movement for fingers through its seamless design.

The genuine leather on our Military Gloves will make you feel comfortable and safe during any outdoor activity. They’re made with a durable elastic wrist cuff that offers maximum protection, as well water repellant material for those wet conditions we all know too well

Squeezing the life out of your hands has never been easier with these gloves! Sizing is universal so everyone can wear them and feel comfortable. If you’re looking for a new pair, get yours today.

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  • Universal Fit Type
  • Made With Nylon and Polyurethane


  • Not Available in Other colours

4 – Snell Iconic by Biking Brotherhood Gloves : Best Waterproof Riding Gloves India

Snell is proud to present the Iconic by Biking Brotherhood Gloves. These premium leather gloves are constructed from only the finest, most durable materials and have been designed with your safety in mind! The highly abrasion-resistant TPU Metacarpal knuckle protection will keep you safe while enjoying winter cycling or any other activity where the weather can take its toll on human skin such as gardening for example- this product has got everything covered so go ahead an Get It Now

I’ve tried every glove out there, but none of them are comfortable and protective enough. The gloves that I have been using for years are now ripping apart at the seams because they aren’t made with high-quality material.

The Snell Iconic by Biking Brotherhood Gloves is a premium leather glove that provides excellent protection while still being breathable. The dual-layer construction of the metacarpal knuckle and TPU material makes it extremely durable, ideal for tough uses such as biking or mowing the lawn on your bike.


  • Premium leather glove.
  • Great protection from weather elements.


  • None to note

5 – Hykes Men’s/Women’s 

These riding gloves are made to withstand the abuse of a motorcycle. The durable, waterproof nylon with polyurethane provides excellent protection and stops punctures from happening in case you happen upon an unfortunate disaster!

The gloves offer increased impact resistance and advanced design by protecting the finger joints, knuckles with TPU or thermoformed protectors. They also have reinforced faux leather patches that cover your palms for maximum durability.

The gloves are designed to be comfortable, durable and provide excellent protection for all-weather use. 

The cuff length is ergonomic with elastic mesh panels that allow the user’s body to flex easily without any constriction or restriction of movement; there’s ventilation through these same features as well which helps keep your hands cool in warmer weather (or warm if you’re working outside).

The velcro wrap provides a secure fit around wrists – making sure they stay put no matter what activity comes next! And because this pair was made especially for people who work outside.


  • Designed especially to keep your hands protected from all weather conditions
  • Perfect for people working in tough conditions


  • None to note.

6 – Royal Enfield Rambler Gloves : Waterproof Riding Gloves Royal Enfield


Royal Enfield has been producing some of the most innovative and high-quality leather gloves for years. The Black Rambler Glove is made using faux, which provides excellent abrasion resistance without sacrificing comfort or sustainability

The Royal Enfield Company understands that no two hands are alike so they offer a wide range of colors to suit every taste! These fabulous glovers come not just with black but also various hues like reds browns greens oranges neon pinks lilac grey olive green denim blue-purple hints pink champagne gold lavender silver white platinum steel

The perfect cycling gloves for Indian weather. With an air mesh that allows comfortable riding and breathability in hot or humid conditions, these fingerless leather gloves are great to wear during any season.

The mesh panel along each finger is stretchable so it moves with your hands as you cycle around town on two wheels

-or if hiking up a mountain then they will stay put without being too tight like some other styles do when doing activities where there’s constant pressure applied at high altitude

A protective grip and finger design has been utilized for the handlebars of these bikes. The TPU material provides additional durability to this area, as well as allowing users more freedom when gripping onto their bike’s bars

The outer layer consists mainly composed of polyurethane – but there is also some rubber-based components include into its makeup!

You can choose between two different colour options- olive and black. The velcro at the wrist makes it easy for you to secure them, so that your hands don’t get tired on long bike rides.


  • Doubles as a cycling and mountain biking glove
  • perfect for Indian weather
  • Allows your fingers to grip onto handlebars without slipping off.


  • None to note.

7 – Hykes Half Finger Bike Gloves

For those who love to ride bikes or race, Hykes Half Finger gloves are the best. Made with high-quality leather and double stitching for durability these light weight racers will keep your hands safe while providing comfort during gameplay!

The double-velcro straps of these gloves allow them to be worn more securely, which also increases their durability. The neoprene material provides protection for the hands while still allowing you complete contact with your bike’s controls during any riding conditions – including wet ones.

These gloves use an anti-skid technology that prevents your palms from slipping off of the handles.

The added protection in this area is perfect for those who like to ride longer and harder than most people, as it can help prevent sore hands due to extended wear.

These tactical cycling gear also come with hard finger joints and knuckles along with wrist coverage so you’re always prepared no matter where life takes you on two wheels.

These gloves are the perfect addition to any athlete’s gear! They provide protection for both hands and allow freedom of movement.

These things can be used in many sports, like lumbering or heavy industries but their versatility doesn’t stop there – they’re also multipurpose enough that you could throw on one pair when Prospect points seem too easy (kidding!).


  • Fits fingers perfectly.
  • Keeps hands very comfortable.
  • Adds great protection to the hands.


  • Can’t be used during water sports like paddleboarding

Buyer Guide

Best Riding Gloves Under 2000

Fit and Comfort

The best gloves should feel like they were made for your hands and not the other way around. If you don’t get a good fit from the outset, then you can deal with painful blisters or even sores from extended wear.


Consider whether or not you need fingerless or finger-type gloves. Fingerless models provide more freedom of movement for your fingers, but this means that there will be less protection against the elements – it’s a trade-off!


What type of material is best suited to your lifestyle? Will these gloves be used exclusively in a climbing gym or do they need to also handle life on/in water? You’ll find that different materials have distinct advantages depending on

Air Mesh

Breathable yet protective, these are great for when the weather is particularly humid and you need a little more than just gloves to keep your hands safe.

Fabric mesh

Made from materials such as neoprene or leather these types of gloves provide good protection, but aren’t always best suited for hot conditions due to their heavy outer layers.


These offer an excellent compromise between breathability and protection depending on the brand and quality of course. The downside is that they can tend to be more expensive especially in waterproof varieties.


These offer the most freedom, so they’re popular with sportsmen whose sport requires them to grip directly onto equipment or handlebars (for cycling).


Similar to fingerless gloves, but with a protective layer on the back of the hand and usually a little more heavy duty.


Oversize full-fingered tactical gloves are perfect for cold conditions when you need lots of protection It’s important to note that the thickness of these gloves will impede your ability to touch sensitive objects or surfaces, so they’re best used in conjunction with other gear where possible.

Mountain biking

Made with tougher materials these types of gloves usually cover up to the elbows and provide supreme protection in rough conditions.


These gloves allow the fingers to be bent at 90 degrees, making them best suited for riding bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Riding Gloves Under 2000

What is the maximum range of temperature these gloves can be used in?

These tactical biking gear protect your hands from a wide variety of temperatures. Fabric mesh models often provide a little less protection in hot conditions, while leather provides great breathability and is perfect for all weather types! They will also help with heat insulation when it’s cold outside.

How do I take care of my gloves so they last longer?

Most brands manufacture their products to outlast their competitors, so you should have no problems if you keep an eye on the labels when you’re at the wash-machine! It’s important that gloves are washed by hand or in a low-temperature washing machine to prevent damage to fabric, seams and any electronic components

How to choose riding gloves?

Fashionable. Durable material. Breathability. Waterproof(optional). Cost-effectiveness (price & quality) . Flexibility/durability (not too bulky yet flexible, durable materials). Lightweight. Reasonable for warranty claim (if any issue founds or damage with little cost of repair or maybe no repair needed at all).

Soft on skin and not too heavy that it makes the daily routine painful just to wear them during commuting through public transportation. Sturdy stitching even after being washed several times already by machine using mild detergents which are safe enough on the type of fabric used for construction on each pair of gloves without loss or damage for years so.


When you’re spending money on something, it’s always best to go for a durable and good quality pair of gloves that won’t let your down or breakdown under any circumstances. Men’s tactical gloves can be manufactured from several different materials for a wide range of applications.

If you need the best riding gloves under 2000 , then look no further as we have done all the heavy lifting for you! We have tested dozens of bike gear for this top 5 list of best biking gloves so sit back and enjoy the read.

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