10 Best Riding Boots in India 2021 [Buyer Guide]

Finding the perfect pair of best riding boots shouldn’t be a difficult task. Riding boots are a staple in any fashionable woman’s closet and there is so much variety available that it should be easy to find a style that suits your needs.

This blog post will help you find the best riding boot for all mens and womens by discussing some popular types of boots, what they’re used for, and which brands have been rated as being the most comfortable or stylish.

Once you’ve found one that interests you, we’ll also give our opinions on whether or not it’s worth investing in them – because if you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes, they better last! We hope this article helps make finding the right pair easier for all women looking for an.

If you’re a biker, then it’s essential that your feet are well-protected. A perfect pair of riding boots will not only give the necessary protection but also enhance their look and make them more attractive for people who see them on roads or at bike stores without knowing much about this type gear beforehand.

So read our blog post to learn which brands have been considered as some of the best in India among all other similar products available today.

10 Best Riding Boots in India

ORAZO Men's Picus -VWR Bike Riding Biker Boots (Steel Toe Insert, Black Grey, 9 UK)
8â? water resistant, light reflector at the heel side, Ankle twist protection

; Anti- fungal In-socks which keep your feet dry

₹ 3,799
Royal Enfield Short Riding Boot Black EU 44 / UK 10(RRGBOI000009)
Size : Xtra Large, 44"; Construction; Ergonomic features: Fit: Sport touring fit; Flex zones: Accordion flex zones allow easy flexing of the boots
Forma Unisex Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots (Brown, Size 12 US/Size 46 Euro)
Full-grain Oiled Leather upper; DRYTEX lining (Waterproof/Breathable); Vintage leather finish
PARA TROOPER Men's Black and Green Leather Combat Boots - 6 UK
Outer Material: Leather, Inner Material: Cotton; Sole Material: PU; Color: Black and Green
₹ 799

1 – ORAZO Picus -VWR Bike Riding Boots : Waterproof Shoes For Bike Riding

ORAZIO Picus is one of the most affordable and Best Riding Boots. The 8″ water-resistant, light reflector at heel side as well as ankle twist protection make it perfect for a day on your bike or just walking around town.

Well-designed flex points ensure that this shoe’s comfort makes all those long distances go by fast while its high degree anti-slip sole provides excellent grip in any conditions you’re going to face- rain or shine.


  • Ankle Twist Protector
  • Light Reflector
  • Antifungal in Shocks
  • Water Proof


  • Nothing

2 – Royal Enfield Short Riding Boot Black EU 44 / UK 10

The Royal Enfield touring boots (mid-rise) are perfect for you to wear while riding every day, on a long-distance tour, or even when exploring off-road adventures. They’re protective and ultra-comfortable.

Royal Enfield boots are made for riders who need a tough, yet comfortable boot. They’re perfect whether you want to do long tour or ride every day and still feel great.

These sturdy riding shoes have just enough protection from road hazards so your feet stay safe while looking good in any setting – even an urban environment full of obstacles like potholes that can ruin otherwise nice footwear.

If you’re looking for a shoe that can take on any adventure, then the Royal Enfield touring boots (mid-rise) should be at top of your list.

These durable and comfortable shoes will keep all parts feeling happy – including feet! Get them while they last because we only have one pair in stock today which means once someone buys it there won’t be another chance to get this awesome deal before it’s gone forever.


  • Available in all size
  • Made With Abrasion Resistant Genuine Leather
  • Two Side Zips Available


  • Only Available in Black Colour

3 – Forma Adventure Riding Boots (High)

If you’re looking for an awesome pair of boots, the Forma adventure series is just what your feet need. With its leather upper and memory foam, they will be comfortable from start to finish!

I’m always on my bike, but with the current state of wear-and-tear for mountain biking gear I fear that one day soon it’ll be time to replace my boots. The tricky thing about this is when you have so much invested in your riding setup…that can get expensive!

Mountain bikers are tough – we don’t have access or funds like some other sports do when they need new gloves after every ride because those finger joints were starting to crack from overuse (or just bad luck).

I love the Forma Adventure Boots because they come with an anti-bacterial footbed that you can change when needed instead of replacing the whole boot.

This way I get more life out of my shoes and spend less money in the long run. Plus these boots are really comfortable so at end of the day, feel sore or tired it doesn’t bother me anymore.


  • Oil Treated leather
  • Plastic Material Gear Pad Protection
  • The Adjustable velcro closure


  • Nothing

4 – Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Boots, Black/Red, 43, multicolour

The new SMX-6 V2 boots are designed to offer riders maximum flexibility with minimum weight for supreme comfort. They’ve been developed using feedback from top professional racers, as well as input from everyday cyclists who want complete safety when they hit the road or mountain bike trails!

The new SMX-6 V2 from Alpinestars is a track and street performance riding boot with an all-composite upper for flexibility.

It has been designed to be anatomically profiled, packed full of innovative features as well as incorporating the latest advancements in alpine’s shoe design while still meeting their high standards on durability

The input talks about how there are many different types or “sizes” but they’re just referring it by its generic name: skateboarding boots because really this product does have something that can suit any preference whether you want more support or not depending on if you’re going down hills where traction might matter less than other sports such cycling.

The SMX-6 V2 is a must for any rider looking to take their performance up a notch. With an increased safety rating, improved ergonomics, and comfort features this platform will have you feeling like the king of your mountain!

The SMX-6 V2 is specifically designed for riders of all types. Whether you’re on the track, street, or dirt – this boot will provide comfort and protection without sacrificing performance.


  • newly designed for youngster
  • CE Certified Boot
  • Internal insole with the shank reinforcement integrated 


  • No stain resistant
  • Available in single colour

5 – PARATROOPER Men’s Combat Boot : Cheap Riding Boots

Elevate your style with these classy combat boot from PARA TROOPER. These boots are perfect for giving that quintessential dressing an upgrade, and they come in multiple colors to match any outfit!

We all have our favorite pair of shoes. And for many, combat boots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe because they go with just about everything.

But let’s face it – not everyone understands what makes these bad boys so special or how they can really elevate an outfit in terms of style while also providing support when you need protection on your feet during activities like hiking and running errands around town (or anywhere else).

The Paratrooper Men’s Combat Boot is here to solve all of your problems! Our combat boots are designed with contemporary style in mind so you can wear them anywhere, anytime without feeling out-of-place.

The premium leather material used ensures that this pair will last longer while providing comfort throughout the day and an air of sophistication makes it perfect for any occasion whether work or play.


  • made with Polyurethane
  • you can wear casual
  • otter material are leather


  • not waterproof

6 – TVS Racing Riding Boots : Best Riding Boots For Mens

The newest line of riding boots from our company has been designed with a new-age compound to make them light while still being sturdy. This allows riders the thrill without having discomfort, and they come in many different styles for all day adventures!

The most difficult challenge with riding boots is that they are heavy and uncomfortable. TVS have been working on a unique formula to design lightweight, sturdy racingboots without compromising their sturdiness.

This new line of high-performance footwear was designed using new age compounds for maximum performance in long hours or intense activities like motorcycling where comfort matters too!

The most difficult challenge with riding boots is that they are heavy and uncomfortable. TVS have been working on a unique formula to design lightweight, sturdy racingboots without compromising their sturdiness.

This new line of high-performance footwear was designed using new age compounds for maximum performance in long hours or intense activities like motorcycling where comfort matters too!

The TVS Racing Riding Boots are built to last with a break-resistant construction, breathable mesh lining on the inside, and lightweight materials making them ideal for street riders.


  • UV Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-Color Styles available depending on your style


  • not good in wet weather condition

In short, these boots are not only stylish but great durable quality product from amazon

7 – Solace X-Tech Evo Boots

The Threshold boots were already well-cushioned and protective, but X Tech made some key changes to the Evo. It has polyurethane shields that can be swapped out for sport or touring needs depending on how much weight you’re carrying in your backpack!

For Threshold, the company wanted to make a boot that was stiff enough for track but comfortable and easy on your feet.

They succeeded in both aspects with their original solace model; however, there were problems–especially when it came down to protecting you from blows or punctures because its lack of protection made them less ideal sport touring boots.

For this reason, many riders experienced hot spots due to not being able flexibly around one’s knee area where most cycling activities would take place during long distances between towns.

X Tech made some key changes to the Evo. It has polyurethane shields that can be swapped out for a sport or touring needs depending on how much weight you’re carrying in your backpack!

For this reason, many riders experienced hot spots due to not being able flexibility around one’s knee area where most cycling activities would take place during long distances between towns.

The Solace X-Tech Evo boots were designed with Threshold and is a result of 30 years of experience designing bike shoes with durability at the forefront. As such they are also very comfortable, look great with everything from jeans to shorts, and can be worn in different climates without any worries about them breaking down over time in use.


  • very light in weight
  • Available in red and black
  • made with leather


  • not waterproof

8 – MUDBOUND BOOTS-TAN : Best Riding Boots Under 10000

The Royal Enfield Mudbound boots are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re just taking the dog out or going on a long ride. They feature all leather and canvas construction which offers both protection from water damage in wet conditions as well style points with its classic good looks.

So you think riding a motorcycle in the city is tough? Well, we want to make it as easy and comfortable for our customers. That’s why all Royal Enfield boots come standard with steeltoe protection! And since these are so stylish.

They can be worn anywhere from work or just trying out different outfits without feeling too dressed up. But don’t take my word on this- check them out yourself at your local dealership today before someone beats me there first.

When you need a pair of shoes that are both stylish and protective, our Mudbound Boot is perfect! The combination of leather on top of the canvas will give your feet the protection they deserve.

With its style-forward design in dark tones with lighter colors throughout it can be worn for any occasion or just commuting around town all day long without worrying about how comfortable they feel due to one material being used over another when customizing this product seems simple but there’s always options available no matter what kind footwear you want which means everyone gets their own personal preference from dressy formal wear right down casual weekend outfits


  • stylish and comfortable walking boots
  • features steel toe protection
  • great value for money


  • Not waterproof


When you want to make sure your feet are comfortable and happy, it’s important that they have the right footwear. You need boots with enough space for thick socks or booties so their toes don’t get cramped up on long road trips

When out for an extended amount of time in traffic-filled conditions where fatigue can set in quickly because walking around takes energy–think about what type of shoes would be best suited? Many people who spend hours at a stretch sitting down behind the wheel may find themselves wearing flip flops without even realizing how much-herniated disk disease has progressed while doing so.

You’ve been looking for the perfect leather boots, and you might have just found them! These babies are made by Royal Enfield.

The Ascender Boots come with a 100% pure leather upper that’s both durable as well as fashionable enough to wear anywhere from work or date night without feeling underdone about your outfit choice- which is exactly why we recommend these bad boys above all others on our site.

If you need a new pair of fashionable boots that will keep your feet happy all day long, these ones have what it takes! They’re not only stylish but come with an extra set so adjusting the size is easy.

These brown motorcycle-style kicks are amazing and we guarantee they won’t disappoint anyone looking for some great footwear at their next event or just everyday use around town too-trust us on this one because our last word in customer service means everything when somebody gets exactly what they want from start to finish.

We know how hard things can be sometimes as well as those who do business online which makes us proud members of such a community.


  • waterproof
  • 100% pure leather upper
  • extra set of laces for adjusting fit
  • stylish and comfortable walking boots
  • suitable for any occasion or activity


  • not steel toe protected

10 – Royal Enfield Men Olive Leather Outdoor Boots-11 UK (45 EU) (SHOAW1701)

Finding the perfect pair of boots is hard enough, but it’s even more difficult when you’re looking for something that will last.

Most people don’t take their footwear seriously and so they buy shoes based on how attractive or fashionable they think a boot may be – which means most end up disappointed with what could have been an expensive purchase.

Finding durable leather pairs these days isn’t as simple as walking into any shoe store downtown area; finding a good quality pair can feel impossible at times!

Royal Enfield men’s boots are the perfect accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. Designed with comfort in mind, these leather footwear can be worn all day without being uncomfortable or feeling tired from them.

The best tanneries around the world carefully selected their materials to ensure your feet stay protected at every turn.

These men’s outdoor boots also feature an adjustable lace-up system which allows for both a custom fit as well as easy on and off functionality.

The laces are long enough to tie them up securely, so you don’t have to worry about losing your footing in the snow or slipping when walking through slushy puddles during winter weather.


  • 100% pure leather uppers
  • adjustable lace-ups are easy on and off
  • gore-tex lined to keep your feet warm when the weather gets chilly
  • molded ankle support for added balance when walking or working outdoors
  • steel toe cap for extra protection in work conditions


  • Quality control is not up to par for this brand
  • Runs slightly large in size

Advantages Of Riding Boots

  • Bike riding shoes are a vital part of any cycling experience. They protect your feet and lower legs from getting injured, so it’s important to get gear that will keep you safe while out on the bike.
  • Biking is a lot of fun, but it’s not very safe if you don’t wear gloves. That’s why I always take my biking boots with me when I go out for an adventure on two wheels.
  • The bike riding boots you wear should be comfortable and provide padding to protect your feet from getting sore or blistered.
  • You can protect yourself from any surface debris or water that might get kicked up during your ride with a good pair of bike riding boots.
  • People often use bike-riding shoes instead of a boot, but these won’t provide as much protection.
  • If you plan on riding a bike often, then it’s worth investing in some protective gear so that your feet are safe.

Buyer Guide for best riding boots 

Buyer Guide for best riding boots 


The best leather boots offer high-quality and durable materials that can withstand a lot of abuse.

You want to look for things such as 100% real leather, which is the best material for durability and comfort.

Look for stitching that will last, as well as rubber soles if you plan on wearing these in wet conditions.


Like most fashion items, leather boots cost more than less durable shoes or sneakers. If you don’t mind spending a little extra money upfront to get better quality shoes that will last much longer.

It’s worth paying more now rather than buying cheaper boots every few months.


When choosing your perfect pair of riding boots, color is important but should not be the only deciding factor . Leather comes in different


Having a pair of boots that fit your feet perfectly is important not only for comfort but also for safety reasons. Look for lace up styles as opposed to slip-on boots, as those without laces will give you less control over the footwear.


Leather boots look great and work well in many different settings and activities – but before buying them, make sure they suit your personal style! If you like to dress up more often than down, opt for dressier leather designs rather than casual ones.


When trying on riding shoes, make sure they fit the length of your foot correctly. You want enough room at the toe area so they don’t pinch when moving around or wearing socks, yet not too much space either where your.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best riding boots? 

The best riding boots are comfortable, durable and stylish. The most important factor to consider is fit, so it’s essential that you try them on before buying.

What is the price of good-quality leather riding boots?

Leather boots can be extremely expensive or very cheap depending on what type of material they use for manufacturing and the brand itself. If you want to know more about this product feel free to contact us!

What kinds of leather are used for making riding boots?

Good quality leather comes from tanneries all over the world including France, Italy, UK etc. They use materials such as cowhide which has been treated with chemicals and water-resistant solutions to make it soft but durable for extended wear.

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