Best Monitor Under 7000 – Top 8 Picks And Buying Guide

The best monitor under 7000 is a top-quality product that will improve your work and entertainment experience. A good monitor can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying games, watching movies, or editing photos.

These monitors have great color accuracy and contrast ratios for an immersive viewing experience. They also provide plenty of space on screen so you never feel cramped or overwhelmed during long sessions in front of the computer screen. 

Don’t worry, you are at the right place as we have grouped this best monitor under the 7000 list in India based on several reviews from eCommerce websites. We deliver you models that will be sure not only meet but exceed your expectations.

The following article discusses the best monitors available at this price point; we’ll talk about their features, specifications, and pros/cons before giving our opinion on which one is truly worth buying – read more below.

Best Monitor Under 7000 – Detailed Guide

LG 47 cm (19 inches) HD Ready Monitor, TN Panel with VGA, HDMI Ports - 19M38HB (Black)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 200 cd/m²; Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Response Time: 5 ms, Contrast Ratio(DFC): Mega
Aopen by Acer 18.5-inch LED Monitor with VGA Port - 19CX1Q (Black)
LED monitor with HD 1366 X768 Resolution; VGA Port with VGA cable inbox; 200 nits brightness - 5 MS response time
Philips 193V5Lhsb2/94, 18.5 Inch (46.99 cm) 1366 X 768 Pixels Smart Control Monitor with Tft/LCD...
Smart Control Monitor; TN Panel; 5 ms Response Time; HDMI /VGA Port; 60 Hz Refresh Rate; Adjustable Stand

1. LG 19 Inch HD Monitor : LG Monitor Under 7000

In our personal view, the LG 19M38HB is the best monitor under 7k for all purposes. This screen measures at a whopping 19 inches and has been designed with one purpose in mind: to provide you complete versatility from home or office use as well as CCTV surveillance monitoring! It also comes equipped Microsoft Windows 10 built-in so switching between modes will be easy peasy thanks to its touch-sensitive controls.If you have more please try these monitors.

The LG monitor is a sleek and stylish way to enjoy your media. The input device uses two different types of connectors, HDMI or VGA, so you can plug in whichever type suits you best with minimal hassle! With an HD resolution up until 1366 X 768 pixels this will be the perfect screen for high quality visuals that won’t break any windows (or bank accounts).

Get a comfortable viewing angle with the LG 27UK550-W monitor. You’ll be able to enjoy watching videos, playing games or just working on your computer without any problem at all because it has ergonomic stands that will help you do so from different positions! In addition if color weakness is an issue for viewers like me then don’t worry – this product comes equipped with special algorithms designed specifically for those who have trouble seeing slight differences in colors due their vision type.

The LG Monitor is designed with innovative features to protect your eyes. With the flicker safe mode, you can continue viewing the display even while working or gaming without any eyestrain; plus there’s no more blue light emissions for the glare.

You can customize your screen, giving you the option for multitasking and viewing windows simultaneously.


  • Good viewing angles and contrast levels.


  • Not Full HD

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2. Aopen By Acer 18.5 Inch LED Monitor 

Aopen’s high-end monitors are designed to offer a premium visual experience at affordable prices. It features immersive graphics and vibrant colors that can be seen on its Full HD resolution along with other technologies like TN technology, Flickerless technology; blue light shield which reduces eyestrain while working late into the night for extended periods of time (6 hours), giving you amazing vision maintaining 5ms response time.

The company also supplies 16 million colors so viewers get sharper details when viewing images or video content thanks in large part because it helps provide more accurate views due largely due.

The Aopen Best LED monitor brings you the finest natural and sharp quality with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels on an 18.5-inch screen for your viewing pleasure!

An amazing thing about this product are its features – it has Blue light shield technology which prevents irritation or fatigue, while also providing clear vision in any setting thanks to high contrast color schemes that maintain pixel integrity without breaking them apart at their roots.

With Aopen Monitor, you can choose from three different viewing modes: standard mode with 50% blue light reduction; low brightness for those who prefer darker rooms and less strain on their eyes; or high contrast which is great if your screen relies primarily off white space. The OSD (On Screen Display) settings allow customization of this percentage as well so that it’s just right regardless what type of task needs doing.


  • Solid build quality
  • High contrast


  • High price range.

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3. Philips 193V5LHSB2/94 Smart Monitor

The Philips 193V5LHSB2/94 is a budget monitor that one can buy under the 7000 range in India. With its vivid LED pictures, you’ll enjoy watching your favorite shows on an 18-inch display with HD Ready resolution of about 1366×768 pixels for clear viewing from any distance even from up close.

The screen has been designed to achieve high-performance standards by including low response time TN panel and 60Hz refresh rate which provides fast movement without blur or ghosting effects when playing games or browsing internet videos

The two ports include VGA as well as HDMI so connecting this device will be easy whether it’s through cable TV box installation cloned external drives

The Philips Monitor is a sleek and stylish monitor, perfect for any professional space. With its 5 ms response time it’s able to reduce the blurriness of fast-moving images which makes watching videos more comfortable on your desktop or lunch break at work.

The adjustable stand allows you to place this 21:9 aspect ratio screen in various positions whether that be close up viewings while sitting down straight viewing from farther back than usual so there will not be any neck strain if doing other things simultaneously such as working with spreadsheets during business hours – even effective Flicker-Free technology helps capture better quality vision thanks again modern tech innovations by Phillips.

Another benefit of using the computer is that it can prevent eye fatigue and other irritation. For example, if you are doing work for extended periods or need to look at screens all day then this will be beneficial because your eyes won’t get tired as quickly on long term use.


  • Vivid pictures.
  • Convenient for usage at different angles.


  • Low refresh rate.

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4. Dell E2016H 24-inch LED Backlit Monitor : Dell Monitor Under 7000

The Dell E2016H is a stylish monitor from the brand under 7000 in 2022. The dependable and affordable 20 inch Monitor screen can meet everyday computing easily, like viewing your applications or even more tasks on it with resolutions up to 1600 x 900 pixels for HD quality control of everything you’re doing when using this device’s features! 

The VESA compatibility means that they’ve been designed so as not only look good but also stand out – fit any mounting pattern without worrying about which one fits best; if there isn’t already an open space somewhere near where you’d like things placed then no problem (just make sure once Mounted And Ready It Will Stay). They’ll stay put whether tilted forward at 10-degree increments.

The Dell 5K Monitor offers an excellent selection of options for any modern workplace. Users can go with either the wall mount or plug-and-view facility, which means they’ll be able to use their monitor with legacy and current computers via VGA display port connectivity.

The preset modes on its front panel make accessibility easy by letting you power up/down brightness contrast etc., all from just one button action.

The patented T-bar Keyed locking mechanism gives a stylish look to your device and effectively monitors meeting the latest regulatory standards. The advanced feature that enables this product is PowerNap technology which reduces screen brightness when it’s not in use, saving power for you.


  • VESA-compatible.
  • Easy setup options for plug and view mode.


  • Low resolution (1600 x 900).

5. Zebronics ZEB-A22FHD LED Backlit Monitor

The Zebronics ZEB-A22FHD monitor is a high-performance, slim and stylish 21.5″ inch device that provides crystal clear resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with built in speakers for audio pleasure without having to search around the house picking up headsets one by one.

This great looking screen also has an excellent response time so you can enjoy fast paced games like Counterstrike: Global Offensive ( CSGO ) easily on your computer or laptop.

There are many options out there but I am happy we found this particular product from Zebronics because not only does it have all these features which make life easier–such as being able to listen while gaming instead going into another room just gettin’ dirty looks.

The Zebronics LED Monitor is a professional, engaging display that has the ability to show you images in crisp detail. It maintains an exact pixel pitch value ranging from 0.248 m x 0.248 mm with its glossy finish stand; this makes it perfect for any workplace or even if mounted on the wall.

The specification 1670 M color shown by this monitor captures fine details when viewing every color pixel-wise making them virtually indistinguishable from real-life scenarios under low light conditions like nighttime uses where maximum brightness 300 cd/m2 will be needed.

Enjoy your entertainment activities in a great way, with the ability to transfer all data possible via two ports such as VGA and HDMI input. You will be able to get an angle that fits just right for you by using this monitor’s convenient placement at 1600 horizontally and 1300 vertically on screen.

The presence of dynamic contrast ratio of about 20000:1 makes viewers admire its extraordinary function giving clarity with crystal clear vision due out from it too so enjoy looking good while watching movies or playing games.


  • VESA Compatible.
  • Intelligent Auto Adjustment.


  • Poor response time of 5 ms

6.AOC 19.5 Inch LED Widescreen Monitor

The AOC 19.5 is a classic monitor that you can buy under the 7000 price range nowadays and it has a sleek design making it perfect for placing in your workspace or room décor, completely controlling effort browsing the internet while also making video effectively with high-quality picture recuperation time being 5Ms which goes quickly enough so the user doesn’t miss one of the most exciting moments on widescreen Monitor sized at just over 20-inch inches tall – not too mention extra width adds another 0 . 25 folding towards two ways.

The 19.5 inches LED monitor provides a crisp, clear viewing experience with 16.7 million colors for all your detail-driven needs! With no compromise in quality and an easy plug-and-play VGA port input system you can recommend this device to anyone who wants their true pleasure watched over by bright lights

A detailed description of the product followed by why they should buy follows along these lines: “This model is perfect for those looking at higher-end displays because it has incredible brightness (300 nits) coupled alongside high contrast ratio (1000:1), making text sharp enough that even older eyes will have trouble reading; additionally its wide gamut panel covers 100% Adobe RGB.


  • More than 1080p resolution.
  • Accurate colors with 100% RGB.
  • 16: 9 ratio.
  • Great for watching films.


  • No HDMI Ports

7. ASUS VS207DE 19.5 Inch Monitor

The 19.5 inch LED monitor provides a crisp, clear viewing experience with 16.7 million colors for all your detail-driven needs! With no compromise in the quality and an easy plug-and-play VGA port input system you can recommend this device to anyone who wants their true pleasure watched over by bright lights

A detailed description of the product followed by why they should buy follows along these lines: “This model is perfect for those looking at higher-end displays because it has incredible brightness (300 nits) coupled alongside high contrast ratio (1000:1), making text sharp enough that even older eyes will have trouble reading; additionally its wide gamut panel covers 100% Adobe RGB.

The 19.5 inch Monitor can track the high-quality details of brightness contrast and pixel values giving you exact video on display during active parts visibility which is important for productivity with convenience use in working time

The Asus VS207DE having an aspect ratio 16:9 range along 5Ms response time helps get perfect videos while maintaining higher productivity &convenience.


  • 16: 9 ratio
  • Great for watching films


  • No HDMI Ports

8. Zebion 15.1 Inch HD Monitor

The Zebion 15.1 inch monitor is the perfect piece for any professional or student looking to maintain their work space with a luxurious look while maintaining correct angles at all times.

The sleek and minimalistic design can fit in between items on your desk, giving it an elegant appearance that will impress those around you as well. With extended vertical viewing capabilities from left to right along with horizontal ones up front–you’ll have no problem getting complete picturization when watching videos wherever you situate yourself during playback time without any external reflections disrupting visibility whatsoever

The Zebion monitor is a smart device that helps you save on energy costs while regulating the brightness of your screen. It has an embedded power management system with features such as backlight control and zero electricity usage, allowing consumers to easily conserve their own power by cutting down how much they use in order to prevent wasting any extra resources from being used for powering parts outside its intended function.

The 15.1-inch screen is designed with the flat panel form factor having an HD resolution, which projects high performance of its display quality. The response time being 6Ms can track your view clearly even during fast motion presence on videos projected onto it; this makes for a great experience when watching movies or browsing social media sites like Facebook.


  • Great for watching films.


  • No HDMI Ports

Buying Guide For Best Monitor Under 7000

Best Monitor Under 7000

Screen Size

The size of the best monitor under 7000 is measured in inches. The most common screen sizes are 19, 22, 24 inch monitors. The larger the screen size the higher the price tag it will have compared to smaller screens.

A 32-inch monitor would be excellent for gaming but they are quite expensive. A 21-inch or 24-inch would be more suitable for you if you don’t care too much about having a big screen size.

Panel Type

Nowadays almost all monitors are LED LCD Monitors with IPS panels inside which offer good picture quality at affordable prices compared to other types of panels such as TN panels. It’s better to go for an IPS panel rather than TN Panel because quality has no comparison.


Resolution is measured in pixel density which results into how sharp your screen will look. Most people are happy with 1366×768 pixels resolutions because it’s not too low or high like some other resolutions that may result into blurry images on the monitor.

If you want more clarity then consider buying a monitor that has 1920×1080 pixels resolution, if not then 1080p would be fine for you as well.

Refresh Rate

As monitors have evolved so rapidly, now you can buy 60hz monitors for less than 7000 easily but these types of monitors won’t suffice if you’re planning to play any sort of games on your computers so its better to go for 120Hz-144Hz monitors which are priced slightly more than 60hz but have a better refresh rate which can work perfectly for videogames.

Response Time

Your monitor’s response time is the time it takes to display a signal after receiving it. The lower the number (milliseconds), the better as it means that your screen will update faster and show you what you want with no problems at all.

The best monitors under 7000 usually feature 5ms-6ms response times which are great for watching films, videos and playing games.

Higher response times like 8ms and 10ms aren’t good enough for gamers and can cause some blurring during fast motion scenes on movies or games so make sure you check out the response time of any monitor before buying if you’re looking for a gaming monitor under 7000 rupees.

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is very important if you’re looking for a monitor that has wider viewing angles (Horizontal and Vertical). People usually like their screens to be bright but the problem with most monitors is that they offer great picture quality at sharp angles, which can be good but not suitable for many people.

The best way to check if the monitor has wide viewing angles or not is by checking out its specs online, if it says 80 degrees vertical and horizontal then it won’t have any major problems with bad viewing angles.

Input/Output Connections

Make sure that your monitor offers at least two HDMI ports, one VGA port and one 3.5mm audio jack so you can connect your computer easily to your screen. It’s also better if you have two HDMI ports so that you can connect your laptop too to the monitor.

Price Range

The best monitors under 7000 usually are priced anywhere between 6000-8000 rupees, but they may be slightly more expensive than this for some brands. Make sure to check out our list of top 8 best monitors under 7000 before buying them because most of them are the best in terms of performance and picture quality even though they are priced less than 7000 rupees.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Monitor Under 7000

Best Monitor Under 7000

What is the best monitor under 7000?

The AOC E2752VH 27 inch LED LCD Monitor with 2 HDMI Ports and VGA/DVI Connectors is one of the best monitors currently on our list because it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, an excellent response time of 5ms, a refresh rate of 60hz and It also features two HDMI ports and VGA/DVI connectors for connectivity.

What’s the cheapest monitor under 7000?

The Sceptre C328W-1900R 31.5 Inches Curved FHD (1920x1080p) 16:9 Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor with HDMI & VGA Port is probably the cheapest monitor that has all the features you would want in a monitor under 7000 rupees.

It offers a great 1920 x 1080 resolution, has HDMI and VGA ports for connectivity, 5ms response times and an incredible 40000:1 contrast ratio which is easily one of the best and unique to any monitor currently on our list.

Which is better between LED and LCD?

LED vs LCD monitors depends on what type of screen size you’re looking for as well as your budget because costs may vary depending on that factor as well. If you’re looking for bigger sized screens then choose LED over LCD because most people are satisfied with 27-30 inch screens but if money isn’t an issue then go with whatever suits your needs best i.e 31-35 inch LED screens etc.

What’s the best brand for monitors under 7000?

There are many companies that make good quality monitors like HP, Acer, ASUS, Sceptre, and AOC among others but most people prefer to buy popular brands like Acer because of their excellent performance and reliability which makes them one of the best in this category for gaming monitors under 7000 rupees or regular-sized monitors under 6000-7000 rupees.


We have reviewed the best monitors under 7000. This is a great list of affordable high-quality displays to choose from. If you are looking for an upgrade, then check out these top 10 picks that offer amazing performance and reliability without breaking your bank account. The Dell U2713H offers more ports than any other monitor on this list at 5 USB 3.0 ports which can also be used as DisplayPorts with compatible devices like MacBooks or PCs running Windows 8.1 or newer operating systems.

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