Top 10 Best Monitor Under 15000 In 2022

When looking for a new Best Monitor Under 15000, you will want to consider the size of your desk and room. A bigger screen may seem nice but it can be a pain if you don’t have room for it. Luckily, there are monitors that range from 24″ to 29″, with most being 27″.

This article discusses some of the best monitors under 15000 rupees which includes brands such as Samsung, HP and more. These monitors offer great quality at an affordable price. 

This blog post is about finding the best monitor under 15000 rupees based on different factors such as brand, size and features. It also discusses how these features might matter depending on what type of work you do or what kind of games you play on your computer.

It’s important to know the features of a monitor before you look at reviews. There are several types, and each one has their own unique pros/cons in terms of how they work best for different people with various needs.

It can be difficult deciding which type is right for your situation! For example–those who do graphic design might find that higher resolution screens offer better detail than lower resolutions; while gamers may want IPS panels because they’re less susceptible towards motion blur due let its rapid refresh rates (and reduced lag).

So make sure not only check out what kind but also why it would suit YOUR personal preferences most effectively

Top 10 Best Monitor Under 15000 In 2022

LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out...
Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m²; Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Response Time: 5 ms
BenQ 27 inch (68.6 cm) Edge to Edge Slim Bezel LED Backlit Computer Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel...
Screen Size: 27 inch Full HD (1920 X 1080) Edge to Edge Slim Bezel IPS Panel; Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m²
HP 23.8 inch (60.4 cm) Thin Bezel LED Backlit Computer Monitor (Black Onyx) with HP C2500 Keyboard...
Product 1: Screen Size: 23.8 inch (60.4 cm) Full HD (1920 X 1080) Thin Bezel IPS Panel; Product 1: Connectivity Port: 1 VGA Port, 1 HDMI Port

1. LG 23.8 Inch Borderless LED Monitor : Best Monitor Under 15000 In India 2022

The list of best monitors under 15k continues to grow, and it’s a shame because we’re sure there are many more technologies still waiting in the wings.

The LG 23-inch Full HD LED has been our favorite so far due its clarity at 1080p resolution with Radeon FreeSync tech that reduces tearing and stuttering between your graphics card frame rate sync’d up against what you see on screen – making games smooth as silk.

The G7 boasts a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition. It has dynamic action sync, which is similar in nature to BenQ’s instant mode but offers more customization options like gaming and reading modes for when you need them most

On top of this there’s also on screen control window where all your monitor settings can be accessed quickly without having hunt through menus or going back over screens again by pressing buttons repeatedly..

This TN panel may not have great viewing angles but if straight on then no difficulty exists at all- plus these issues aren’t really noticeable unless someone points them right out with their finger.

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With so many options to choose from, this monitor is sure to meet your every need. With its beautiful slim bezel design and wall mounting capabilities you can customize the look of any room in which it resides while also giving yourself more desk space.


  • Dynamic Action Sync
  • Radeon FreeSync
  • Easy to adjust monitor settings with the Onscreen Control Window


  • Poor Viewing Angles (only an issue if you’re really stuck on one side

2. BenQ 27 Inch Slim Bezel LED Monitor : Best Gaming Monitor Under 15000


Step up your home or office with the BenQ 27 inch monitor. This sleek and minimalistic device is perfect for viewing documents, web pages, and colorful content in an edge-to-edge display that will make dual-screen setups seamless as well as VGA/HDMI connectivity allowing you to hook it up easily without having hassle from cables everywhere

Build yourself a beautiful workspace by mounting this premium 1080p Acer into any wall-mountable surface where space allows because let’s face it – nobody wants their desk cluttered with cords right.

BenQ’s exclusive BenQ Flicker-Free Technology helps to prevent the harmful flicker of traditional LCDs so you can enjoy your favorite shows without any vision discomfort. The rich, full bodied colors are achieved with On should be safe technology for all viewers.

A proprietary BenQ Low Blue Light Technology filters out hazardous blue light, effectively reducing eye fatigue and irritation. This ensures the best possible viewing experience for all users of your monitor with its sleek design that’s also clutter-free.


  • 1080p resolution at 27 inches
  • VGA/HDMI connectivity
  • Stylish slim-bezel design


  • Poor viewing angles due to TN panel

3. Dell 27 S2721HN In-Plane Switching Monitor

The Dell 27 inches is the economic monitor one can get under 15000 in India. It has a 21.5″ Full HD Twisted nematic (TN) display with 1ms (GTG), which helps eliminate ghosting and tracers to provide fluid video playback for those who want their games or movies looking as good onscreen as they do off it.

The powerful graphics card is perfect for gamers. It provides a Crosshair and Timer function with various connectivity options, including HDMI ports that allow you to connect it easily without having any trouble at all on your TV screen or computer monitor displays! The speakers are also able to provide excellent sound quality thanks in part by the 1 watt they produce together- not too loud but just enough so everything can be heard clearly when playing games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive ( CSGO ).

The VP 22 8H monitor is a sleek and stylish TV with superior technology; it features an elegant design, as well. This model offers 100 million:1 contrast ratio for high definition viewing pleasure.

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It also includes ASUS exclusive SplendidPlus mode which enhances colors in your picture by making them brighter than ever before while VividPixel Technology makes sure that every detail gets its due attention so you can enjoy true-to-life images on screen big or small – even when viewed from angles close up .

Tired and strained eyes will be a thing of the past, as you enjoy an upgraded viewing experience with this ASUS monitor. It’s TUV certified to reduce flicker for your comfort – all while protecting yourself from blue light that can cause headaches or even eyestrain.


  • IPS panel with 100 million:1 contrast ratio.
  • Stylish design


  • Poor viewing angles due to TN panel

4. HP 23.8 Inch Edge To Edge Monitor : Best Monitor Under 15000 For Editing

The HP 23.8 inch is a big name in the monitor segment, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! The sheer amount of products they offer caters to many different needs with prices ranging from affordable all the way up towards high-end brands like Samsung or LG.; this means there’s something for everyone at almost every price point – even on an ultra wide style screen which provides rich color as well vivid display thanks its IPS panel technology giving you crisp clear picture quality whether sitting far away form your PC/Mac.

The monitor has a very sleek and modern look to it. It does not have any bezels around the edges, which provides for an easy viewing experience with no interruption from screens surrounding your own personal workspace. The screen also fills up much of one’s field-of view when placed edge to edge in multi-monitor setups – making this device perfect if you’re looking into making that kind of customization.

This monitor is perfect for gamers who want to play their games without the distracting lag that can be caused by TN panels. The image quality and refresh rate are great, with IPS technology ensuring accurate imaging across all angles; at only 60Hz but with a low 5ms response time (and no short-term ghosting). 178° horizontal viewing angle make it even better suited towards watching movies too.

The blue light mode on this monitor is meant to shift the display colors towards a warmer spectrum, making white backgrounds look more natural and lessening eye strain by protecting you from harmful rays. The low glare surface helps maintain good posture without hurting your neck or back.

The HP 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor is perfect for gaming. It has an ultra-wide aspect ratio, which provides seamless games and movies alike thanks to its wide range of connectivity features including HDMI ports as well as power connector ports on the side panel; VGA if you want even more convenient access.

All these make it easy to plug in other devices like your keyboard or gamepad without any hassle at all – not that we would advice taking this thing off screen often since it can be easily transported due t his lightweight design (although some extra care will need put into moving furniture!).


  • IPS panel for a wide range of angles.
  • Slim edge to edge design with a minimal number of ports on edges


  • TN panel so not the best viewing angles

5. Lenovo L Series 23.8″ Edgeless Monitor

The Lenovo L24i-10 is a monitor that will be loved by those who prefer modern, sleek designs. It offers the perfect balance of value and performance for any user in search of an affordable yet functional device. This product walks its word when it comes down to delivering what you need from your computer screen: style without breaking bank.

The edges of your screen are sleek and perfect. The colors dance on the surface, notIC so much as they flow with electricity in their wake; it’s almost like watching water pour down Niagara Falls but better because instead there’s nothing to get in between you-no solid ground whatsoever just pure experience from beginning until end without any lulls or dead spaces where someone could interrupt things if only by accident.

With the Lenovo FHD Webcam, your friends will be able to see you clearly from across any room. With its 1080P Full HD 2 Megapixel CMOS camera and dual-mics for conferences or long distance video calls they’ll never miss a single moment of what’s happening in front them.

Mount Anywhere & Everywhere. With a 1.8 m cable, tripod support and flexible mounting mechanism you can attach your webcam virtually anywhere! Even difficult angles work thanks to the wide angle control that automatically tilts for optimal perspective capture as well 360 degree rotation capabilities making it perfect for all types of settings whether indoors or out on location.

Mount Anywhere and Everywhere. With a 1.8 m cable, tripod support, and flexible mounting mechanism you can attach your web cam virtually anywhere! Even difficult angles work thanks to the wide-angle controls as well as 360° rotation feature that also allows for all sorts of interesting moves such as tilting or rotating 180 degrees so it will take in every angle imaginableframes off without any hassle at all by simply opening up its privacy shutter when ready.


  • Slim design for minimal clutter
  • Ergonomic support included for easy setup and viewing of your screen.


  • TN panel with poor viewing angles.

6. LG 24 Inch Full HD IPS Monitor

The LG 24 inch monitor is the most popular monitor in its 15000 category. It’s one of those monitors that you hear about, but not everyone can afford them due to their high price tag – until now! This 4k LCD has been specifically designed with affordability for gamers and Intel HD Graphics users alike: it’s got a 160Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort which will give your games an edge against other players because they load faster than on older models.

Plus native FreeSync support means no more hungry tears when gaming during movie scenes where there could be syncing issues because Marvel fought rights violation again (I’m looking at you Sony). But best yet? Compatible GeForce G-SYNC modules are also supported so even if things go.

The input lag is incredibly low, and even though it slightly increases with VRR enabled – most people won’t notice any difference. The response time of the screen remains quick whether you are playing at 144Hz or 60 Hz so fast-moving content will always look smooth.

With an IPS panel, the picture quality is not at its best. Blacks are closer to gray so you can’t get that deep black coloration nor does it have true HDR capabilities with only limited colors displayed due to how bright some highlights will be when viewing HDR content

Unfortunately, because this TV has a poor-performing edge-lit local dimming feature and cannot display perfect blacks like many other TVs do (IPS panels make these things harder), we were disappointed by what our screen showed us during testing; however fortunately there was one aspect where this particular set performed decently: in high dynamic range mode thanks primarily based off wide color gamut which allows for more vivid visuals as well as brightness levels reaching up into those brightly shining areas making them stand apart rather.

Upping the ante, this monitor offers a peak brightness of over 700 nits. It also boasts impressive contrast ratios and wide viewing angles for an engaging experience in any environment – be it bright or dark!

I hope you’re excited about our new high-end model: The LG 27MP27A display delivers crisp images with rich colors thanks to its Quantum Dot technology; making every pixel truly vibrancy three dimensions instead just two like other screens out there today (allowing more shades.


  • Range of ports including USB Type-C and DisplayPort.
  • Excellent out-of-the-box color performance with deep blacks and rich colors due to Quantum Dot technology.


  • Poor local dimming feature.

7. Acer ED273 27 Inch LED Monitor

The Acer ED273 is a much-needed addition to any home or office because of its high quality and quick response time. With an amazing 1921 x 1080 resolution, this monitor makes it easy for you can watch games in full HD without worrying about ghosting or tracers ruining the experience!

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Its elegant and classic design will make you want to leave your old monitor at home. The superior technology of this VP 22 8H screen ensures that it can handle everything life throws its way, whether that’s watching videos or playing games on the internet.

With VividPixel Technology for added color quality as well as 100 million:1 contrast ratio (which is higher than most monitors), there are no downsides when choosing between comfortability in front of an impressive high-definition display like this one from ViewSonic® 

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You’ll be able to appreciate your favorite shows without any strain on the eyes thanks to this VP 22 8H, which features TUV Rheinland-certified Flicker-Free technology. With less flicker than previous models of television sets in order for you comfortable viewing experience.

This monitor has many features that make it stand out, such as low blue light technology and protection for viewer’s eyes. It is also worth checking out our list of Acer Monitors if you want an even more advanced screen.


  • Low blue light technology.
  • Protection for viewers eyes.


  • Missing product details such as dimensions and weight.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors in the description.

8. ViewSonic VA2432-MHD Monitor

The VX2703mh-LED is a sensible monitor that’s not unattractive. It has an innovative design with 1,920 by 1080 resolution in matte black screen housing and 2 inch thickness for its sleek appearance which are supported by 0.75 inches bezel size around it too.

The stand has a 19-degree tilt range, but it doesn’t support height or swivel adjustments. There are four marked function buttons on the lower right side of cabinet for your convenience and there’s also power switch where you can find HDMI video input as well as audio out jacks with headphone jack at rear so that everyone in home could enjoy watching TV shows together without any hassle.

Picture settings are basic; adjust Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature and Auto-adjust to your liking. There’s also an Aspect Ratio setting for use with an analog signal or power save modes including Off (no changes), Optimize which decreases the screen brightness by 25% , Conserve which does so 50%.

A three-year warranty covers the display on parts, labor and backlight. It comes with VGA cables for a HDTV or computer monitor; DVI cable if your device has an output interface that supports it; as well audio cords so you can hear what’s going on without having to turn up speakers!

The package also includes QA guide which provides valuable information about troubleshooting common problems in order not have them arise again soon after fixing one–and remember there are always resources out here at TechShee


  • A three-year warranty on the display.
  • Has VGA, DVI and audio cords for multiple devices.


  • Only basic picture settings that don’t allow extended customization of quality.

9. PHILIPS 271V8/94 23.8″ Smart Monitor

With 4K TVs becoming the norm, many people are overlooking smaller screens. Enter Philips’ new B Line of productivity panels which offer more than just 1080p at a lower price point.

The 24-inch monitor is a good choice for those who want to save money and still enjoy the benefits of 4K without investing too much. With many other features that improve productivity, this screen also has excellent efficiency and clever power-saving options which makes it an even more attractive option as well.

One thing missing from its specifications list though? USB C connectivity – but don’t worry because we have plenty in stock!

The stand is not just for show. It provides you with a full range of adjustments, including rotation into portrait mode and all-metal construction that makes it very stable when using your camera on uneven surfaces like stairs or thin carpets which can be tricky otherwise!

The genius design behind the tripod mountable SteadyPIX mini ball head ensures optimal balance even without threading an additional weight onto its unique plate system already robust enough to take most DSLR cameras up to 8kgs in weight – making this one heckuva bargain buy indeed.


  • The tripod mountable SteadyPIX mini ball head can bring stability to any platform.
  • Full range adjustment and sturdy build.


  • No USB C connectivity even though it’s still a 4K monitor.

10. Zebronics 27 Inch LED Monitor 

Looking for a high-tech, stylish device to use with your multi-monitor setup? The HP Pavilion gaming laptop is perfect! Viewing experience on this computer will be very wide and smooth thanks its edge-to-edge display. It also has no bezels around the screen so you can enjoy games seamlessly across all monitors without any obstruction insight – making it great if that’s what kind of setups you have at home or work.

The monitor has an IPS panel that ensures clear and vivid images at every angle. The technology also makes it accurate, with fast response times for consistent imaging across the whole spectrum without any lag or blurriness in motion scenes

With only 60 Hz refresh rates and 5 ms of delay time available on this budget-friendly model though there’s no gaming potential here just yet – but we’re sure future models will offer better performance than what is currently offered in their price range

The Monitor includes a 178 degree viewing angle and flicker-free technology. It also uses AMD FreeSync, which lessens display stutter, input lag & screen tearing by a lot.

The Zebronics monitor is a great option for those who want to maintain good posture without hurting their neck or back. It can be adjusted from -5 degrees, which makes sure you don’t have any discomfort while viewing the screen at an angle; 25° lets users lean in closer if they need more room onscreen with no risk of cricking joints!

The sleek design ensures that there are no distracting parts sticking out during use so it’s easy enough even for children as youngs fly through learning modes and exercises .

Buyers Guide For Best Monitor Under 15000

Best Monitor Under 15000

Finding the right computer monitor that suits your needs for just the perfect amount of money can be challenging, especially if you are unaware of all recent trends in tech.

The factors vary greatly which must be considered when looking for a cost-effective option with specific features at different price points.

Some may end up paying more than they bargained though because there’s redundancy among competitors’ products offering similar functions without much difference between them beyond design aesthetics or branding logos slapped onto their boxes through stickers/emblems on the top left front side near where the eye would naturally look first upon opening product.

Display size and Screen Resolution

The best budget monitor or HDTV set for your home requires you to pay attention to the number of pixels on its screen.

While 1080p Full HD with 1920×1080 pixel resolutions are still enough for hardworking professionals who do not mind slight lack of sharpness in their display, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) at 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution is optimal if your work involves graphic designing, video editing and other high-res imaging projects.

Even if you don’t have any specific need for a 4K monitor right now, having one ready for future purposes more than justifies spending some extra cash on one instead of settling for less!

Screen Refresh Rate and Response Time

It is recommended to spend a little extra and get a monitor with higher refresh rate (the number of times the display refreshes to show new images) and lower response time (the length of time one pixel takes to change color). 5-7 milliseconds is sufficient for most people, but anything more than 10 ms may be noticeable in fast-paced scenes.

For gamers, 16 ms or even 1 ms can make all the difference between an input lag that ruins your high score and actions that feel natural.

Type of Display

There are three types of displays currently available on the market. Flat panel monitors are by far the most common, but CRT (cathode ray tube) is still widely used in office spaces due to their larger sizes and greater clarity.

LCD (liquid crystal display) is another type of monitor that offers great resolution at a cheaper price than flat panels – but they consume more energy too! LED backlit LCD displays are more environmentally friendly due to their low power consumption levels.

If you’re looking for something space-saving then choosing an LED monitor over other two options will be good choice as it only consumes less amount of electricity which reduces your monthly bills.


G-Sync and FreeSync monitor are identical in that they both deal with the rate at which display refreshes. The FreeSync monitor usually offer wider range of refresh rates (40Hz to 240Hz) than G-Sync, but it doesn’t work as its name suggests – you will need a Nvidia graphics card for it to work

Ports and Connectivity options

It is always good to check if your desired monitor has what you need for extra peripherals such as USB or HDMI ports on the side/back of the main housing before making a purchase. Also look up whether your preferred model has DisplayPort, DVI and VGA connector cables included inside the box so that you don’t have to find

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Monitor Under 15000

Best Monitor Under 15000
What is the Best Monitor Under 15000?

You can check on Amazon for best monitor under 15000. The Asus VG248QE 24-inch Full HD gaming monitor with 1ms response time and 1920x1080p resolution was made specifically for gamers who enjoy playing computer games created by the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

This well-rounded model possesses dynamic power-saving features such as an ASUS GamePlus crosshair and timer to keep you immersed in your game without any distractions. On top of that, its ergonomic stand allows close placement to your eyes for easy viewing while minimizing potential neck strain from frequently looking up at a towering screen

What is the Best Freesync Gaming Monitor Under 15000?

If you are looking for the best freesync monitor under 15k, ASUS VG278Q 27 inches LED Full HD 1080P 1ms 144Hz Gaming DVI HDMI DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync Eye Care TUV Certified Free-Sync TN Panel Console Gaming Monitors may be worth checking out.

The quick 1ms response time reduces ghosting and motion blur, while the 144Hz refresh rate ensures smooth gameplay without lag or stutter. Combined with Adaptive Sync technology, it eliminates screen tearing for a lag-free experience whether you are playing or watching fast-moving action!

What is the best monitor under 12000?

The Asus VG248QE 24 Full HD gaming monitor is the Best Monitor Under 12000. The quick 1ms response time reduces ghosting and motion blur, while the 144Hz refresh rate ensures smooth gameplay without lag or stutter. Combined with Adaptive Sync technology, it eliminates screen tearing for lag-free experience whether you are playing or watching fast moving action!


The best monitor for under R째15000 will provide you with all of the features that are necessary and desired. If economic considerations are not important, then it’s possible mix different specifications to find what suits your needs best without spending too much time fussing over other details like looks or build quality.

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