Top 10 Best Monitor Under 10000 [Buyer’s Guide] – 2023

We have compiled a list of the best monitor under 10000 rupees. We have researched for hours to find out which are the best ones available in India, and found that these monitors are high-quality yet affordable.

They all come with different features, so feel free to look through them before making your final decision!

You have a tonne of options to choose from when it comes to monitors, and that can be overwhelming.

Even more so if you are trying for the low price bracket under 10000 rupees! We’ve done all this work for you – our hunt ends here with these best-selling models below.

Below, you will find the top 10 monitors under Rs. 10000 with supreme performance for your office work as well in gaming and movie consumption.

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Best Monitor Under 10000 in 2023

10. Dell E2421HN – Best Monitor Under 10000

  • 24″ IPS display
  • Full HD resolution
  • 60Hz/8ms speed profile
  • 250 nits brightness
  • 6bit+FRC colors
  • HDMI & VGA ports
  • Tilt only stand

The Dell E2421HN is an impressive 24 inch monitor that offers full HD resolution with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 6bit+FRC color panel.

It can show crispier pictures due to its brighter colors, making it perfect for use in brightly lit rooms where you won’t face any problems seeing the screen clearly! The 250 nit brightness ensures your view will not be obscured by darker settings.

The standard speed profile has a refresh rate of 60Hz and 8ms response time. This is an ideal monitor for office work, but not good if you want to play games or watch esports without blurry images!

The monitor has a “not so exciting” typical Dell build. It’s only HDMI and VGA for connectivity, but it does lack DisplayPort or USB port – both important features in today’s day!

There is an absence of height adjustment which might be an issue if you plan on mounting this towards the ceiling while standing up straight at your desk; however with enough creativity (or imagination), I’m sure anyone can find ways around these limitations.

If you are looking for an office solution or want to watch movies in your home, then the Dell E2421HN will not disappoint.


  • Good Picture Quality
  • Strong Build
  • Great Color Output
  • For Office Use


  • It does not offers height adjustment
  • Not the best option for professionals
  • It does not have display port

9. AOC 23.8 inch – the bezel-less monitor

  • 24″ IPS display
  • Full HD resolution
  • 75Hz/8ms speed profile
  • Anti Glare & blue light filter
  • HDMI & VGA ports
  • Tilt only stand
  • AMD FreeSync support

Are you looking for a sleek, sophisticated monitor? Look no further than the AOC 24B2XH. This 21.5″ Taiwanese LCD has one of the most elegant designs under 10k and its three-way bezel less screen makes it even more modern!

With premium stand to stabilize your desk or table while using this computer as well, there’s really nothing else like it on the market right now – so get yours before they’re gone!”

The AOC monitor is the perfect workstation for professional graphic designers.

This screen features a modern AH-IPS panel and 1080p full HD resolution that delivers near to accurate colors with sharper pictures, thanks in large part because it has high pixel density (568P).

The display also comes equipped with flicker free tech reducing eye strain when used over extended periods of time; not an easy task but we’re up for trying anything!

This monitor is best for office work, movies and photo-editing like things.

It’s not the best in bright environments since it has a slow response rate but can still handle games with ease due to its fast refresh rate of up Blacks 144Hz technology.

It also comes with great built quality that will last you through years!


  • Frameless design
  • Good brightness level
  • Color Reproduction is great
  • Can be used by Professionals


  • Not the best option for gaming
  • The stand wobbles, could have been more sturdy

8. ASUS 21.5 inch – gaming monitor under 10k

  • 21.5 inch FHD display with TN panel
  • 16.5M color display
  • 1ms of response & 75Hz refresh numbers
  • Flicker-free & blue light filter
  • HDMI, VGA ports for connectivity
  • 3Y Warranty
  • Decent gaming monitor

The ASUS VP228H monitor is the perfect choice for gamers.

This 21.5-inch 1080p TN panel display offers deep blacks, accurate colors up to 16M and a sharper image with impressive contrast ratio compared to its predecessor that only had 60Hz refresh rates!

The 21.5″ monitor features a flicker-free, blue light filtering tech that ensures the least strain and pain on your eyes when you’re playing or using for longer durations.

Although it has an average profile in terms of design element selection (no frills), this large screen will not disappoint with its performance; it comes equipped with GTG response time at 75Hz refresh rates so games look fluid as can be!

The KMX-8500 speaker system will provide the essential audio requirements for your home or office.

These inbuilt 1.5 watt speakers allow you to hear what’s going on without having any problem with background noise and they also come equipped to give off some decent quality sound too!

The ASUS VP228H is a top-of the line monitor with over-the-top gaming performance.

It’s perfect for those looking to design graphics or play games at their full potential, but if you just want something simple and basic in your life then this might not be what you’re looking for!


  • Great choice for gamers
  • Good Contrast Ratio
  • It has both HDMI and VGA port
  • This Monitor is a great value for money product


  • Average overall design
  • It does not have height adjustment
  • Average color reproduction

7. Lenovo L22i-30 – 21.5 inch AMD Free-Sync monitor

  • 21.5” VP FHD Panel
  • Brighter colors
  • 178-degree viewing range
  • Upto 75Hz/4ms speed with AMD GPU
  • AMD-Free Sync for a robust gaming experience
  • 3Y Warranty from manufacturer
  • Best for entertainment

The next monitor on our list is the L22E.

This display from Lenovo features a near-edgeless, aka 2mm thin bezel and glossy black construction that offers quite impressive features for your photography needs like full HD resolution with 178 degree viewing angles (178/178) compared to TN panels which makes colors more vibrant in comparison!

The Lenovo L22E is a great monitor for gamers with its AMD FreeSync support.

Ghosting and screen tearing are eliminated while playing esport games, but don’t forget that it’s best suited if you have a Radeon system!

The Lenovo L22E is a high-zoom monitor with natural color and fast response rate, making it perfect for gaming or entertainment.

It can also sync up to your AMD FreeSync enabled graphics card so you don’t miss any frames as the action heats up!


  • Great design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • It has blue light filter
  • Picture quality is remarkable
  • Good brightness


  • It does not have height adjustment
  • It does not comes with HDMI cable in the box
  • Average color reproduction

6. Acer QG221Q – monitor for esports and creative work

  • 22″ VA display
  • Full HD resolution
  • 250 nits brightness
  • 75Hz/1ms speed profile
  • 2xHDMI, VGA ports
  • Blue light filter
  • Tilt only stand
  • AMD FreeSync

The Acer QG221Q offers a competitive edge that you can’t get with other monitors thanks to the 75Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

The game feels more fluid, as if it was in fast-forward mode! If your PC has an AMD graphics card, then this monitor will be perfect for playing games on without any lag or tearing at all thanks to its AMD FreeSync technology.

The Acer QG221Q is a perfect monitor if you want to work in comfort while using your computer. The VA panel offers better colors and brightness than TN panels, with flicker free features that reduce eye strain due to extensive screen time!

It also has blue light filters which promotes less fatigue from prolonged use of any device connected wirelessly or through HDMI/VGA port connection setup for connecting everything up easily without worrying about cables getting tangled around each other like before – not so annoying when there are only two ports available on most newer models these days- but don’t worry: this model still includes dual HDMI connectivity as well!.

The monitor has thin bezels and a comparatively thick backside. The stand provides enough stability, but it supports tilt-only adjustment without any height ergonomics to speak of–a major letdown for anyone who needs their screens raised or lowered.


  • The best choice for gamers
  • Great color reproduction
  • It could be used by both gamers and professionals like video and phot editors
  • Provides great value for money


  • It does not have height adjustment

5. Samsung 24 inch – best-curved monitor under 10000

  • 24” Large VA FHD Screen
  • 250 cd/m2 Brighter and sharper display
  • Curved thin profile
  • 16:9 Aspect ratio
  • 4ms/ 60Hz speed
  • 178-degree viewing range
  • VGA & HDMI Connectivity
  • AMD Free-Sync
  • Suitable for gaming and heavy use

A new generation of screens has arrived! The amazing Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL is a VA panel with multiple million colors and fast response time.

It can create a more natural picture for all gamers out there who want it, but make sure you check our curved monitor selection here if that is your thing before making any purchases or decisions about which one will work best in your gaming needs .

Curved VA panels are rare and exclusive to this Samsung installment.

This curved screen is the only model under 10,000 (at time of writing) with a display that features an ultra-wide aspect ratio!

You would need a curved screen to get the immersive experience. If you’re looking for something that will make your videos, movies and work easier on an eye strain-free display then this monitor is perfect!

It has both audio out port so it can be used as TV or just in monitors mode with no worries of having odd shaped screens everywhere around the house (not saying there isn’t any).

The technology behind them really seems like its here stay because not many people have tried these types before now but everyone loves how they look once installed into their own home.”

This monitor will make your life easier and more organized. It’s not as if there is anything wrong with it, but some people find that the curved screen doesn’t suit their preferences just right for a good experience.


  • Best monitor in the list
  • It comes with curved screen
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • Gives immersive experience to the user
  • Provides great value for money


  • No height adjustment

4. HP 21.5 inch Silver – best monitor for photo-editing

  • Impressive slim profile
  • 21.5-inch FHD display & anti-glare coating
  • IPS panel & 16.9M colors support
  • 60Hz/ 7ms speed rate
  • HDMI, VGA ports
  • AMD FreeSync support
  • 3Y of warranty

HP 22ES is a sleek, stylish monitor that has been an Amazon Choice product with 4+ review scores.

It’s not just about looks either–the monitor also delivers on performance and usability for those who want something more than your average computer screen!

This monitor is powered by a 21.5 inch IPS panel with 1080p resolution and 6bit+FRC tech that can produce sharper pictures thanks to its wider color gamut of 16 million range, dynamic contrast ratio for richer looking images on the screen 1M:1 as well as an Anti-glare coating which takes care your eye health.

The monitor’s 60Hz refresh rate and 7ms (slower side) response time means it can handle day-to-day tasks without any problems.

For gamers, the inclusion of AMD FreeSync support will provide an extra boost in frame rates thanks to syncing them with your graphics card for smoother gameplay!

The HP 22FW is an excellent choice for office use, photo editing and programming.

The brightness of this monitor makes it perfect in super lit environments near windows too!

The narrow tilt range is what makes this monitor really frustrating to use. You can only move it up and down a little bit, which might pose problems for people who don’t have desks that are setup properly with height or ergonomic features.


  • Modern looking, very attractive design
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • It has an Anti-Glare display
  • Best choice for professionals who are into video and phot editing


  • No height adjustment
  • Not the best choice for gamers
  • Inbuilt speakers are very average

3. Acer SA240Y – Slimmest monitor in budget

  • 24″ IPS display
  • Full HD resolution
  • 75Hz/4ms speed
  • HDMI, VGA ports
  • Blue light filter
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Slim bezel-less design
  • Tilt only stand

Upgrade your desk with the best looking and most stylish monitor on it.

With a sleek design that will turn heads, this gaming PC can be used for all of those things you need to get done in life – like photo editing or video-editing work!

The Acer SA240Y is an excellent monitor for creative projects. It has a 24 inch IPS display with full HD resolution, which produces vivid colors and on-par color accuracy!

The screen also comes equipped blue light filter to protect your eyes from over exposure that can lead the onset of macular degeneration or cataracts (not that we’re saying you should go get tested). With all this plus its sleek frame size under 10K INR , it really cannot be beat!”

The monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate along with an impressive 4ms response time, making it perfect for gaming.

It also comes equipped with AMD FreeSync technology so if you have an ATI graphics card (or any other brand), this will ensure that your performance is boosted even more!

For connectivity purposes there’s HDMI-in and VGA ports on board; no DisplayPort unfortunately but considering what else they were able to include in terms of features at such low prices these days? We’re not complaining too much here!

The monitor’s base is circular, which makes it perfect for a slim-profile and its lack of height or swivel adjustment make up for this.


  • Vibrant color reproduction
  • Great choice for gamers
  • Aesthetic design
  • High refresh rate
  • Low input lag
  • Value for money


  • No height adjustment
  • wobbly stand, needs to be handled with care

2. BenQ GW2480 – best WFH monitor for your eyes

  • 24 inch large IPS grade FHD panel
  • Adaptive brightness and blue light filter
  • Flicker-free screen
  • 2W Built-in speakers
  • 60Hz/5ms speed rate
  • HDMI, VGA & Audio ports for connectivity
  • 3Y Warranty
  • Best for office and home use

The BenQ GW2480 monitor is a top-rated, 24 inch IPS grade full HD display that offers sharp pictures with decent color accuracy.

One of the best features about this monitor is that it automatically adapts to your room’s lighting, so you can enjoy a clear picture even in darker settings.

It has all sorts of eye-friendly extras like an anti blue light filter and flicker free technology which reduces strain on viewers’ eyes over time!

The best part about the BenQ GW2480 is that it has built-in speakers, so you can enjoy your music without having to rely on external 3rd party speakers.

It produces 2x1watts of sound with each channel and they will not be weak at all when compared against other products in their range which cost around 12000 – 15000 depending upon what brand one goes for!

The monitor has a vivid and eye-friendly screen that is perfect for those who spend long hours staring at it.

This makes the ideal choice if you’re looking to use your computer in an office setting, editing projects or gaming; not only will these activities be more enjoyable but they’ll also provide better results as well!


  • Best selling monitor on Amazon
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • Great color reproduction
  • It comes with an inbuild blue light filter
  • Strong and sturdy build quality


  • No height adjustment
  • Inbuilt speakers are not that great (They still are good speakers)

1. LG 22MK400H – best 22″ gaming monitor

  • 22″ TN display
  • Full HD resolution
  • 75Hz/1ms speed
  • HDMI & VGA ports
  • Black stabilizer, Dynamic ActiveSync
  • Anti Glare coating
  • Tilt only stand
  • AMD FreeSync

The LG 22MK400H is a gaming monitor that will meet your needs for first-person shooters and online esports players.

It has 75Hz refresh rates with 1ms response times, which make it perfect to play games smoothly without any lags or screen tearing from ghosting during fast movement scenes .

The ability of this display technology also includes AMD FreeSync tech so you can quickly achieve those high frame rates while preventing these issues altogether!

With its 22″ TN panel based display with 1080p full HD resolution, this monitor offers sharper pictures and more details.

The colors will look a little saturated but they render decent contrast ratio due to their higher saturation levels compared to other displays on the market today that have an RGB (red/ green / blue) color range instead of whites only like what we see from LED or LCD screens which can be found in many laptops as well as desktop computers made by Apple Inc., HP Inc., Acer LLC among others.

It also comes equipped with add-on gaming features such having anti glare coating for visibility during intense game play sessions without any glares reflecting off into your eyes, causing discomforting eye strain, while you’re trying hard to see where all those shots are coming from!

The build quality of this monitor is okay. It’s not the best looking, but it has a mini bezel frame with thick back and square stand to make sure performance comes first – in other words: you can’t mistake its design for anything else!


  • High speed gaming profile makes it a really good choice for gamers
  • Great picture contrast
  • Made for gaming, Gamers gonna love this monitor for sure


  • If you were expecting great color reproduction then you might get disappointed
  • No height adjustment

Buyer’s Guide For Best Monitor Under 10000

The best monitors are not all created equal. There’s a lot that goes into picking out the right one for you, which may be why some people end up with bad experiences and others rave about theirs!

Display panel

TN, IPS & VA are three popular panel types that serve a different purpose. TN provides higher response rates but poor color reproduction while both IpS and Va have excellent color representation with equally fast or slow reaction times depending on preference (speed).


The resolution of your LED display is the most important factor in determining how good you’ll look on it.
If done right, a higher-quality video will give off better quality and clarity than lower resolutions with smaller screens as 720p isn’t capable from delivering true 1080p excellence which results to an unclear picture for many people who watch movies or play games online; however 1440P provides excellent image qualities.

Refresh rate

A monitor’s refresh rate is the number of images a screen can display every second.

60Hz monitors are popular for gaming because they have an advantage over higher-refresh rates like 120 Hz or 240 Hz panels, which offer smoother experience in fast paced scenes with rapid actions happening onscreen at once.

Response time

With fast paced games like MOBA and FPS, the time lag between keyboard input and visible response on a monitor screen can be frustrating.

TN panels deliver faster responses while IPS ones have worse picture quality due to their processing power that causes ghosting when there are many moving objects in an NBA game or Call of Duty:

Black Ops 3 map with different textures being rendered at once; this is called “stuttering” by gamers because they feel cheated out-of-life since nothing happens instantaneously as advertised online before purchase!

Height adjustment, swivel/tilt, and VESA

The VESA is an important feature for many people who have to adjust the screen height or tilt it in order get a better view.

It’s also useful if you plan on wall mounting your monitor, as this allows more flexibility during set up and saves space when stacking multiple monitors together horizontally across one shelf like I do!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Which is the best monitor Under 10000?

The BenQ GW2480 is the best overall monitors for those who want an affordable and high-quality product.

This monitor has a good combination of color reproduction, speed, build quality that will meet all your basic needs as well give you room to grow in future endeavors!

If someone had told me this back when I was just starting out with computing; it could have saved me A LOT OF MONEY on my own personal equipment investments.

Which monitor is best for gaming under 10000?

The best gaming monitor under Rs. 10000 is from LG, The LG 24MP59G. With its 1ms response rate and fast 75Hz refresh rate, this console will provide a smooth gameplay experience with no lag or tearing in your video game!

Its also great for work because it has an impressive design that will impress employers who are looking to invest their dollars wisely into technology rather than flashy graphics cards like NVIDIA G-SYNC enabled monitors which can cost up to 500 more but don’t offer much extra functionality outside of 4k resolutions at 60fps maxing out our screen’s resolution capabilities without any significant performance gains when playing games since most modern titles still only support these features on high end CPUs anyway (and not all do).

Which company monitor is best?

For people on a budget, Acer and AOC offer the best features for your money. Those who want monitors that look more premium with extra bells and whistles should go with BenQ or HP while LG is good if you have an eye toward style as well!


It’s time for the wrap! This list of top 10k monitors is made up from hours of research.

Each one in this ranking has a unique purpose and can be best suited to meet your needs, so take some time figuring out what you want before looking at other options outside it.

But don’t worry; if budget doesn’t allow 15k+ rupees, check out our PC monitor recommendations below 6K as well with good reviews from verified buyers all around India.


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