Best Monitor For PC Under 10000 – Lates Buying Guide [April 2023]

You may be wondering, what is the best monitor for PC under 10000? Well, the answer to that question lies in your specific needs. If you game or work on graphics-intensive software then you need a higher resolution and more pixels than someone who just surfs Facebook.

My goal with this blog post is to help you find the right monitor for your budget by breaking down all of the specifications into categories so it’s easy to compare monitors side-by-side. I’ll also provide links to my top picks for each category so that if you’re still not sure about which one suits your needs best, I can point you in the right direction.

The best monitor under 10000 in India is a must-have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their games, work or school experience. Luckily we have compiled this list with some really great models that will suit any need.


Best Monitor For PC Under 10000 – Top 8 Picks

Samsung 24 inch (60.4 cm) IPS, 3 Side Bezel Less Flat LED Monitor (Dark Blue Gray) 75 Hz -...
24" FHD monitor with bezel-less design; AMD Freesync.Power Cable Length : 1.5 m; 75hz refresh rate
BenQ GW2480 24-inch (60.5 cm) 1080p FHD Eye-Care Monitor IPS Panel, Ultra-Slim Bezel, 60Hz,...
WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: 178°/178° Viewing Angles for clarity from any viewpoint; CONNECTIVITY: VGA x 1, HDMI 1.4 x 1, Display Port 1.2 x 1, Headphone Jack x 1
MSI 60.45 cm (23.8-inch) PRO MP241 Professional Monitor Full HD, Anti-Glare, Display Kit & VESA...
IPS grade panel with the best screen colors & brightness for any projects.; Clearly check every line & detail for your business with anti-glare panel.

1. Samsung 24 Inch Flat LED Monitor

If you are looking for the Best 24 Inch Monitor, then look no further. The Samsung 24 inch IPS is perfect as it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and can be used in both personal or professional settings with ease thanks to its flat-screen design which doesn’t have any edges on three sides making it more modern than usual while still maintaining traditional looks that make people want yours workspace instead of theirs.

This model also features 75Hz refresh rates so every detail will always stay clear without motion blurriness like some lower end screens may suffer from at times.

The onboard display of the graphics card brings more flexibility to your connection. It features two types of ports: HDMI and D-sub, so you can enjoy playing games on this device with ease.

There is also a gaming mode that has been designed for clarity in pictures as well as adjusting color levels or brightness according what works best for each individual game type. With all these options at one’s fingertips without lags or sync issues thanks to AMD Radeon GPUs & Graphic Cards.

The Samsung 24 Inch Monitor is a great option for those who want to watch movies with no interruptions and protect their eyes from fatigue. With this monitor, it’s possible because of the seamless action scenes without any light interruption.


  • Flicker-Free Display
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync Technology


  • Poor pixel responsiveness.

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2. BenQ GW2480 24 Inch Eye Care Monitor

BenQ GW2480 is the premium monitor under 10000 in India. Benq, a china manufactured brand that came up with this model of 24 inches and bezel-less body/cable management system to avoid any cable crowding on your desk; it has edgy panel design for matching modern room aesthetics while providing better visuals during use as well.

With the latest technology, this monitor is designed for optimal viewing. It has bright and colorful LED displays with IPS panels that eliminate eye strain due to their attention to detail concerning light quality.

This ensures your productivity never suffers because of fatigue or discomfort while reading text on screen as well as other media formats such as images/videos etc.

For those who value comfort more than anything else in a device they use every day – Brightness Intelligence Technology comes into play by automatically adjusting brightness according any background lighting conditions you might face throughout different times during an average workday (it can also do away with Flicker-Free mode).


  • 1 ms response time
  • Flexible connectivity options with VGA


  • No speaker

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3. Dell 24 S2421HN (IPS) Monitor : Best Monitor Under 10000 For Editing

The 24 inches Dell monitor is the most affordable and beautiful one out there, with a price tag under 10k in India soon to be 11000. It’s built ultra slim on three sides; it’s elegant design makes for an amazing screen display as well.

If you’re looking for something that will fit into any room without obstructing your view or compromising quality then this might just do all of those things nicely too – because it has IPS technology providing 178-degree wide-angle viewing alongside no blockage due whatsoever (so many benefits!).

All data is stored securely through its easy organization options… but wait there’s more: You can enjoy beauty AND brainpower from such great hardware? Now, aren’t we listening.

It’s time to enjoy the best of gaming with this 4K TV. It has an amazing 75Hz refresh rate and zeroes tearing.

With its wide viewing angles, you’ll be able to watch your favorite show or game without any distortion marring the experience for others around you- plus it comes equipped with ports that allow seamless switching between different HDMI inputs so all eyes are on gameplay instead of having everything switch back every few minutes due conflicting signals coming from various sources (like games consoles).

The sleek design will suit any apartment-style living space while still providing a professional look when needed.


  • Wide viewing angles


  • Flimsy build quality.

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4. MSI 23.8 Inch PRO MP241 Monitor : Best Monitor Under 10000 For Gaming

The MSI monitor MP241 is a top choice for professionals with its high-end features and sleek design. It’s perfect in any office setting, from programming to designing online conferences! You’ll experience a smooth barrier-free view thanks to IPS grape panel technology which allows you adjust brightness/color settings on your screen seamlessly without missing out on important details while enjoying full HD resolution up scaled at 1920 x 1080 pixels per eye.

The quality of this product speaks volumes about how serious it takes when creating displays – just take into account that every element has been carefully thought through so there are no distractions whatsoever whether working or engaging into other tasks such as coding etc.

This size of 23.8 Inches is the perfect monitor for any detailed work and viewing fields or presentations because it allows complete flexibility between switching devices attached to ports offered, like HDMI port & D-sub inputs.

It also has an anti-glare feature that lets you focus on your screen without being distracted by extra light around it – great if you’re trying to do some deep thinking at home too 😉 The face can be adjusted up/down appropriately depending upon eye line preference as well so no need to worry about not seeing every detail clearly when focusing on close up.

MSI has come with innovative features for its model; it offers full ease to your work in an exclusive digital kit. You can easily shift between the two windows and adjust brightness modes without interruption while playing or working on long hours of computer graphics design, animation projects etc.

All those tweaks help improve eye comfort which is very important during such tasks since we’re using our eyesight as well.

MSI also provides you with another unique feature – if keys get stuck (or become too complex), there’s always a possibility that they’ll be replaced by professional gamers who know what really matters when dealing with complicated issues like these ones.


  • Slim design.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Shuts down on its own sometimes.

5. LG 22 Inch (55cm) IPS Monitor 

The LG 22 inch monitor is the latest addition to our list of best monitors under 10000. This three bezel-less sides with a modern look and full HD picture clarity, IPS technology allows you view better at any angle without changing colors or contrast levels in your pictures; this makes all aspects more clear than ever before.

It also has a 1500:1 static ratio for darker scenes so that viewers will never miss anything important when watching movies on their computer screens (reflective).

AMD freesync technology is a breakthrough in display technology that will allow you to seamlessly switch between your computer screen and television without any lag or distortion. It has been designed for gamers, but its benefits are not limited there.

You can now enjoy the content from games as well as videos with no tearing off-screen at 75Hz refresh rate while adjusting the brightness using the screen’s built-in black stabilizer so everything on every single monitor shows up perfectly even if it’s pitch dark – all thanks to those three bezel-less sides of this new trendsetting product.

This monitor is a perfect fit for those who want to mount it on the wall and stay away from any accidents that may happen with wires. You also get an Arcline stand, which not only provides better support but adds style as well.

Your ports include VGA input as well as DVI/HDMI output so you can connect more devices without limits–just like in some movies where they have monitors everywhere because there are always people hacking into each other’s computers or phones while someone else listens out for potential intruders.


  • Stunning HD pictures.
  • Anti-glare feature.


  • Doesn’t come with warranties.

6. Acer 23.8 Inch IPS LED Monitor

This monitor is a perfect fit for those who want to mount it on the wall and stay away from any accidents that may happen with wires. You also get an Arcline stand, which not only provides better support but adds style as well.

Your ports include VGA input as well as DVI/HDMI output so you can connect more devices without limits–just like in some movies where they have monitors everywhere because there are always people hacking into each other’s computers or phones while someone else listens out for potential intruders.

Acer cares for your health, and therefore it reduces the brightness of its screens to provide an optimal viewing experience. This adjustment also works in wide angles so you can strain less while scrolling through social media or reading emails – not only does this save energy but also improves eye-sight.

The new SAO series from Acer provides ultra-slim panels that are completely flat against any surface where they’re placed; meanwhile multiple device connections make using all functions easy without having another cable mess up space on top of being inconveniently long when necessary.


  • Vibrant pictures.


  • No inbuilt speakers.

7. AOC E2270SWHN 21.5″ LED Monitor 

The AOC E2270SWHN is an attractive monitor you can buy under 10000 in India as of 2021. It’s made by a China company, and it has full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixel display size for beautiful graphics that will make your room come alive.

With streamlined body design to highlight its beauty no matter where or how you place this screen – on the wall if needed too – this exciting new product from AcousticOmni comes packed with intelligent power which means even at home users have access to powerful performance when they need it most.

The TV offers connectivity with more than just an HDMI port; it also has a VGA, audio and power cable for connecting speakers. Along with that you get the user guide which will help in understanding how to use this monitor properly as well as two different cables – one being the Cable of course (power/video), another is what’s called “VGA cord”.

The Response Time measures at 4ms making sure your video games are always fluid even when there’s some lag time happening between them.


  • Full HD display.


  • No inbuilt speakers.

8. Lenovo L24e-20, 23.8 Inch Monitor 

For those who have a desk job and want to get the most out of their monitor, Lenovo L24E is an ideal choice. This 24-inch LED screen features an ultra slim frame with full HD display for crisp visuals from every angle; bezel less design ensures that there’s no room wasted without sacrificing anything in quality or detail – you can see everything clearly whether up close or far away.

And thanks to IPS technology which does not sacrifice color contrast even when viewed at 178 degrees outward angles (not including verticality). You’ll love how much bigger life feels after getting rid down some space by removing borders all around too.

You can mount a Lenovo Monitor on the wall for an enhanced view. Moreover, you are able to tilt and adjust it according your need with maximum connectivity at hand via HDMI ports as well VGA connections that allow for versatile use by connecting many devices into one screen without missing out any opportunity or detail in either gaming or work related tasks because this monitor has no less than 4 ms response time.

With refresh rates up near 65 Hz (frames per second), games will be more fluidly played allowing players full control over their actions while experiencing zero interruption during gameplay thanks also largely due its AMD free sync technology which helps deliver smooth movement throughout all movements so there’s never anything distracting about them whether playing FPSs like Counter.


  • No bezels all around for enhanced viewing.


  • Lesser number of ports.

Buying Guide For Best Monitor For PC Under 10000

Best Monitor For PC Under 10000


The resolution of your monitor is important because it determines how much detail can be seen on the screen; it’s measured in terms of pixels (ie., 1920 x 1080 or what’s called FHD – Full High Definition).

Keep in mind though that while bigger numbers like these make it seem like there’s more “better” quality, but what counts most here is pixel density because resolution itself does not mean anything if the pixels aren’t adequately dense enough to make all details visible correctly even at closer distances between yourself and the display.

As a general rule of thumb, bigger screens should have higher resolution as well as lower pixel density while smaller screens should have lower resolution but higher pixel density – the latter because it’s easier to see more detail on a smaller screen due to closer viewing distances.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate indicates how many times per second your monitor can redraw the image on the display; this is measured in terms of Hertz (Hz).

Cheap monitors offer a refresh rate around 60Hz which is fine for basic tasks like web browsing and what not, but if you’re doing some heavy gaming or working with graphically intense applications, then it would be wise to consider looking at monitors that feature higher Hz rates instead.

A good general rule of thumb here is to get your monitor with at least 60Hz refresh rate, but if you can afford something in the 70 to 100 range, then you’re better off in terms of overall experience.

Response Time

The response time is the amount of time it takes for pixels on your display to change colors depending on what’s being displayed on the screen. This isn’t a very important metric when considering your purchase unless are are are planning on doing some heavy gaming or have fast moving images/videos being displayed.

Then again, 4ms-5ms is fine for basic use cases so response time isn’t something that should be taken into consideration when shopping. – Connectivity: Monitors today come with several connectivity options VGA, DVI and HDMI just to name a few.

The general rule of thumb here is to get one with at least two HDMI ports and depending on your needs, you may want to look for one with VGA connectivity in case you plan on hooking up an older laptop or desktop PC.

Energy Consumption

This is the amount of power the monitor consumes when it’s in use; most monitors today come calibrated so they can draw as little power as possible when not being used (i.e., they go into sleep mode) while still maintaining correct screen brightness and contrast levels that won’t cause any damage to your eyesight.

All modern IPS displays indicate their power consumption rating which you can use as a guide before making your purchase decision – larger display sizes usually push out more power than smaller ones, so take that into consideration as well.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Monitor For PC Under 10000

Best Monitor For PC Under 10000

What’s the best monitor under 10000?

We’ll go with Acer XF251Q 24.5-inch Full HD which offers great value for this price range thanks to its combination of high pixel density, wide viewing angles, low response time and high refresh rate. Add to that an attractive design with thin bezels and you’ve got yourself a product that offers quite the bang for your buck!

What is the cheapest gaming monitor?

The answer to this question would be ViewSonic VA2465smh 24-inch Full HD; it offers everything you need in terms of connectivity (VGA, HDMI) as well as portability given its small size and lightweight build – all at a price that’s quite attractive as well.

What is the cheapest IPS monitor?

The Acer G226HQL 21.5-inch Full HD offers great value for your money with its low price, wide viewing angles and high pixel density – all of which make it a great choice if you’re looking to save some cash on your purchase.


Now that you know the best monitor for PC under 10000, it’s time to get shopping! No matter what your budget is or which features are most important to you in a computer screen, there’s one on this list that will suit all of your needs. They range from large monitors with high resolution and color depth, down to smaller screens with lower price tags.

We hope our list was helpful in finding the best monitor for PC under 10000 for you so be sure to check out each product link before making up your mind about where to buy. You may even find something else while browsing through these great deals!

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