Top 8 Best Mobile Holders With Charger For Bikes 2021

Do you always struggle to find your mobile holder with a charger for the bike? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. The best mobile holders with chargers for bikes are here. Put a holder on your bike and never worry about finding your cable again!

These mounts can hold any size phone and there is even a USB port to charge other devices as well. No more fighting over the outlet at work or trying to plug in while riding! You’ll be able to use this mount anytime, anywhere.

Keep reading for more information on these awesome products today.

You never go more than a few minutes without your phone, the way you would if Doraemon were carrying around some cash.

The modern-day mobile has become essential in our lives and can do anything for us – whether its ordering food or payments; shopping online with just one click of a button on their firms’ sleek screens

Possessing this technology also means being able to order groceries from anywhere at any time as well as make customized bank transactions via an app.

It’s dangerous to use your phone while riding because it distracts you from what should be a safe and comfortable experience. But if navigating on foot isn’t an option, why not try using both hands.

The roads are not safe for drivers and pedestrians. As studies have shown, most accidents happen because people are distracted by their phones while driving or walking on the street to get from one place to another- which is also dangerous.

For this reason, there are a plethora of phone holders available in stores so you can choose what works best with your needs at all times

Makes sure that they’re carrying something sturdy enough if involved in an accident.

Top 8 Best Mobile Holders With Charger For Bikes 2021

1 – CHEVIK Get Addicted X-Grip Bike Mobile Holder with Charger: Bike Mobile Holder With Charger Waterproof

The chevik addicted X-grip is the perfect mount for your phone, providing you with an impenetrable hold so it doesn’t slip out of place. The shape works well on most types and sizes of phones while still giving easy access to buttons without having any danger involved.

The mount is made of sturdy materials and has an elegant design. It’s so light that you can easily hang your phone on it without worrying about breaking or damaging anything.

The four legs keep its position firmly while protecting the device, making this product perfect for cars too–whether in front-seat storage space(s) near driver/passenger), backseat use by two people who need access at all times during travel time, etc.,or any other place where holding positions are needed

The lightweight footprint makes Mount Standby truly one-of-a-kind; no matter what type of phone or tablet you utilize every day.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable charger that offers fast charging speeds, the Chevik X-grip is one of our favorites.

The company guarantees their products with six months of replacement warranty if there are any problems within its use–so check it out today.

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  • The grip is perfect for those who want a firm and solid hold.
  • Waterproof and Shockproof
  • Use to reliable


  • Not all vibrators are created equal.

2 – CHEVIK GET ADDICTED Claw-Grip Aluminium Waterproof Mobile Holder : Bike Mobile Holder For Video Recording

This one’s a winner! The claw grip with a compact design ensures you don’t lose any buttons and can easily access all features.

The charger is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficiency. The aluminum case, silicone tips for a firmer grip on your phone’s charging dock station (made with shockproof, water-resistant material), two USB ports allow users quickly charge their devices even under pressure – without worrying about damaging them thanks to vibration-free features!

The holder’s secure and safe design provides a great holding power that is similar to the claws of lions. The cradle can expand or contract according to different sizes, making for an easy fit on phones ranging from small-sized smartphones all way up to large tablets.


  • Claw design type
  • Vibration free
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Nothing

3 – Zayke Mobile Phone Holder for Bike with USB Charger Motorcycle

The Zayke Mobile Phone Holder is an economical, yet functional holder for your smartphone. It’s small and lightweight enough to take with you on any adventure while also protecting the device from bumps or scratches! With 360 degrees rotation capability that allows you get all angles of whatever viewing position suits best at time., this mount gives users more flexibility when driving around town – no matter where life takes them.

The rubber tip ends are made specifically designed by engineers who know how important it can be keeping our devices safe against various types of hazards in everyday use.

The Zayke X-grip holder is made of durable and safe material. It features an extra-strong silicone strap, which ensures your device stays secure on any type of road or during high speed driving conditions without worrying about falling off because there’s no loose fitting anywhere near the handlebars.

It also comes with 5V/2A charging port for connecting additional devices such as phones and GPS units through which you can use them while riding safely in even worse weather than just rain since fog will cover up some parts from view completely making things much more difficult when trying not only see butalso communicate properly between drivers involved.

The dust-resistant qualities ensure protection against dirt particles so riders don’t need worry whether they

This holder will help you to keep your phone safe and secure while on the go. It comes with a USB charger, one rear-view mirror fixed base, one handlebarfixed base (for bikes), safety band for when riding tandem; two frosted rubber tips in case of emergencies – which also act as reflectors.

That’s not all either: there are stickers included too so that fellow road users can better understand how these products work together safely behind the wheel or at home by themselves using their own vehicle’s charging port outlet.


  • Auto Power Button
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Have Silicon Strap for Extra Protection


  • Nothing

4 – Autofy A-12 X-Grip Premium Bike Mobile Charger & Phone Holder

The Autofy A-12 Xgrip Premium bike holder is a high quality product that offers all the features at such an affordable price. It’s easy to install and uninstall, with its ergonomic design allowing you more flexibility in terms of attachment or detachment while on your ride.

The universal holder can be attached to all bikes, scooters and cycle. It comes with a stretchable but sturdy holder that locks screens in place up to 6 inches wide at 3 pounds pressure.

If you want a phone case that is guaranteed to protect your device from scratches and wear, this one should be perfect. The unique double ball design allows 360-degree rotation so it will fit in any position for the best viewing angle while on navigation modes like GPS.

It also comes with an IP68 waterproof rating which protects against dust or rain drops when out under these conditions.

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  • Switch on/off button
  • Have Ruber cover to protect USD in weathers
  • Easy to Install.


  • Not shock Free
  • Not Vibration Free

5 – Blackcat Bike Mobile Charger with Holder – Spyder 2.4A 360‚° Rotation Universal : Bike Mobile Holder With Charger Waterproof

As a chronic garage dweller, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money. The Blackcat bike and motorcycle mobile charger holder were another great find! It comes with two models – one designed specifically for bikes while another provides ample room to store scooters as well so you don’t have any leftovers when it’s time go out cycling or riding your moped around town again (or both!).

Made for safety and protection, Blackcat holder comes with rubber tips to keep your device stable. 360 degree rotation allows flexible angle adjustments without any hassle during navigation!

The bike’s battery is safe to install in any orientation, it does not overheat even if your scooter carries heavy weight for an extended period of time and can withstand voltage surges. Additionally, the Provided protection features are amazing at its cost.


  • Cheap and Easy to install
  • Available for Biker And scooters
  • Protection Cover


  • Not waterproo

6 – Bobo Claw-Grip Mobile Holder

The Bobo Claw-Grip Mobile Holder is a compact yet secure mobile holder that can fit many smartphones while maintaining the buttons and ports accessible. It features an expandable jaw with claw grip design to accommodate phones ranging from 4-inch screens all the way up 6 5/8″ in diameter, making it one of those unique items for everyone on your list this year.

The claw grip is a more practical and efficient option for holding mobile devices, as it does not require the use of foam pads or silicone bands. The bike holder from Bobo offers all this and more with its easy-to-operate design that will hold your phone securely in place regardless if you’re on two wheels pedaling up hills!


  • Moneyback Guaranty
  • Claw Grip Security
  • Universal for All phones
  • All tools And Spare Included


  • Not made With stainless steel

7 – Chevik X-Grip Bike Mobile Holder : Bike Mobile Holder With Charger Waterproof in India

If you’re looking for a mount that can hold multiple devices, the Chevik X-Grip Bike Mobile Holder is an excellent choice. It easily expands to fit all sizes without restricting button functions or durability in any way.

This mobile holder is a great way to keep your phone safe and sound. It features silicone tips, which hold the device securely without damaging it in any way- ensuring that you can safely use this mount for days on end with no worries about damage.

The anti theft locking even means others cannot easily remove your precious electronics from their location once they’ve been fastened down by these strong tabs; giving an added layer of protection against pesky would-be thieves while still making sure everything remains accessible when needed most (such as calls).

It’s tough enough putting up with teenagers at home sometimes – but what should really worry us Parents are grown men pretending.


  • 5V 2 Amp Charger
  • Made With Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof USB


  • Nothing

8 – Brolaviya Bike Cell Phone Holder : Highly Recommended For Video Recording

The Brolaviya Bike Cell Phone Holder is the perfect accessory for your bike ride with its versatile design. It can be attached to handlebars ranging from 0.2-inch all the way up 1.6 inches in diameter, so no matter what type of biking you do or how long your commute lasts this holder will keep track!

The 360 degree rotating holder is ideal for those who need to adjust their viewing angle. The device comes with four silicone band grips so that it can provide a strong grip and prevent slippage on your phone while you’re driving or exercising.

It’s made out of high-quality plastic, lightweight yet durable material which will last long even if used often

The benefits don’t stop here: this nifty mount also features an auto return function – meaning once its in place there won’t be any worries about losing sight again because everything just slides back into place automatically after being removed.


  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Corded Electric Power Source
  • Light weigth product


  • Not Made With stainless steel

Benefits of Bike Mobile Holders With Charger

Increased productivity and convenience

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to navigate while riding on your motorcycle, look no further than getting yourself an easy-to use mobile mount. GPS can be distracting and inconvenient when trying to stay focused but with one of these mounts it will never happen!

A high speed of mobility is an important factor when it comes to handling business-related activities. With the invention of technology, things are easier than they used to be in the past. Mobile phone holders for bicycles, scooters or motorcycles allow you to use your smartphone while riding without any hassle.

Battery always up for

Charger helps you always get up to date. As you can charge your phone while riding its battery never goes down and that’s a good thing! You won’t ever miss any important notifications or communication when connected to the net via Bluetooth or WIFI.

Upgrades in GPS technology

Having a GPS is perfect when navigating through traffic and what not but having one on your motorcycle is even more helpful. And with options like these, it’s easier than ever to mount phones for navigation purposes without much work involved! Just attach the holder and go out for an adventure – safe and sound!

Safety feature

mobile phone holders increase safety by helping you to focus on the road. It is one of the most useful accessories for bikers. Mobile holders are easy to install and strap onto your bike or scooter in no time!

Being mobile means never being stuck when it comes to charging your batteries. Being able to charge your scooter battery while riding allows you keep up with communication without any problems related to battery life at all! Just simply fit in that mobile mount into place and charge away since this accessory takes care of everything else.

It could be pretty distracting to have your phone in the pocket, which suddenly vibrates and makes you jump on a chair or causes an accident. But by using a mobile mount for the car’s dashboard; will keep it near me with reduced vibrations better protection from distractions while driving

Buyer Guide For best mobile holders with charger for bikes

Buyers guide for Best Mobile Holders With Charger
Buyers guide for Best Mobile Holders With Charger

Universal in nature

The best motorcycle mounts are universal in nature. These holders can be installed at the headrest of your seat, dashboard, handlebars etc. depending on your preference.

Think about price & quality ratio

Price is an important factor while purchasing any product online or offline but remember that just because certain mount is cheaper than its competitors, doesn’t mean that it’s worth spending on! It may sound like stating the obvious but you should always invest in high-quality motorcycle mounts only.

Installation & maintenance process

The installation procedure is super straightforward and requires no tools whatsoever. All you have to do is plug in the mount into a cigarette lighter outlet, place your device in the holder, and then enjoy powerful connectivity that’ll take your experience to a whole new level!

Product warranty & customer service

This particular aspect should never be underestimated when shopping for anything at all. As most of these mounts are manufactured from high-quality materials, they come with awesome warranty periods. In addition to this, their customer support system works around the clock so in case if a problem occurs, you can easily get it resolved within a few minutes only!

360 Rotation

The key benefits of a 360 rotating mount are that you can simply adjust your phone so it suits your type of driving whether on the road, on the trails biking or even while operating machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions For best mobile holders with charger for bikes

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Mobile Holders With Charger
Frequently Asked Questions about Best Mobile Holders With Charger

Will it damage my device?

No, not at all. The holders are made of high-quality material which is both light and durable. As a result, they don’t affect the performance of your handheld devices in any way whatsoever.

Can I use the phone while charging?

Yes, you can! This motorcycle holder supports full connectivity via Bluetooth or WIFI so your rider mode allows you to listen to music or make calls easily without having to touch your device

What is the best place to attach a smartphone holder?

The standard position for attaching the motorcycle phone holder is on the handlebars. However, you can also attach it on your windscreen or dashboard.

How do I secure my phone into the mount properly without damaging my device?

Make sure that your phone’s charging cable is plugged in before installing it into the mount to ensure the proper security and safety of your device. Do not force-fit your device into any smartphone holder as this may lead to damage.

What happens if I plug in my charger while using GPS navigation? Will there be any interruption in services?

A: If you are using a Bluetooth connection, GPS navigation will be connected with device.

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