Top 8 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 In 2023 [Buying Guide]

Looking for the best mixer grinder under 5000? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed the top 8 best mixers and grinders (you can also call them food processors) that are worth considering. These are reliable, durable tools that can save you a ton of time and energy, and make short work of all those pesky vegetables, fruits, and herbs that don’t want to go into your food processor.

A few things to remember: Make sure yours has a variable speed control, and make sure it comes with a plastic or stainless steel bowl. Some of the cheaper ones come with an aluminum bowl that can get very hot, and cause permanent damage to your ingredients. Don’t forget the container to store your spices and other small ingredients. And lastly, don’t bother with a metal blade. A plastic or ceramic one will do just as well, and it’s much more likely to last.


Top 8 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 In 2023 [Buying Guide]

Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder, 4 Jars, Silver and Black
100% Copper motor for efficient juicing and grinding; 4 hardened stainless steel blade for multiple functions
Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (Black)
Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 230 V; Includes: Mixer grinder, Wet Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Chutney Jar
Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Stainless Steel Jar + 1 Juicer Jar (White and Blue)
Motor Warranty: 2; Product Warranty: 2;; Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 230 V; Revolution: 20000 RPM
Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars (Grey)
Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz ; Revolution: 18500; Read Manual Before Use

1. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder : Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 In India

I have a feeling that the 1st time I ran my mixer grinder, it was a fluke. Because I didn’t experience any burning smell whatsoever. But now that I’ve used it for a couple of times already, I can say with full confidence that it’s an extremely useful kitchen gadget.

It has a powerful 750-watt motor which is perfect for juicing and grinding. With 4 jars included, you can make 4 different types of juices and smoothies. It also comes with a 3-speed control so you can choose how fast or slow you want the motor to run.

This gadget is perfect for people who love to experiment in the kitchen and create new recipes. I especially like the locking system so you won’t lose the lid if you accidentally leave the mixer grinder plugged into an outlet. The jar lids have finger holes so you can open them easily with one hand.

The mixer grinder comes with 3 sets of blades which are all hardened stainless steel. This ensures that the blades will last for many years. The motor is designed with 100% copper which means it’s very efficient and won’t get hot even after prolonged use. The entire construction of this gadget is very sturdy and durable. It has insulated housing and a shock-proof cord so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from fall.

I’d like to mention that this is a Brand Service Centre product, so if you ever experience any issues with your product, they’ll send you a replacement or a full refund without any questions asked. They stand by their products and offer hassle-free service.

This is an extremely useful gadget which I highly recommend. I bought it for myself and I’m sure my wife will be using it too. She especially likes the fact that it has a locking system and the finger-holes on the jar lids. She can now open the mixer grinder with one hand and make juices with the other.

2. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder

This is the best electric mixer grinder I’ve ever owned. I’ve tried many electric mixers in the past but none of them are as powerful and easy to use as this one.

It has an ergonomic design and comes with 3 different sized jars that make grinding a breeze. It’s the perfect size for grinding spices, herbs and masalas, and it has 3 speeds that allow me to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The most amazing thing about this mixer grinder is that it can grind just about any kind of food and you can adjust the speed according to the consistency of the food you’re grinding.

Grinding hard spices like cardamom and clove doesn’t give off a lot of heat and so it’s not too much of a problem but when grinding softer ingredients, like ginger or turmeric, the high-speed setting is a bit too much. I prefer to keep the speed on low when grinding turmeric.

The grinder also comes with a cleaning brush that helps remove the ground ingredients from the jars, and I can easily clean them by hand.I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an electric mixer grinder that’s easy to use and powerful enough to grind anything.

3. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

I’ve tried many juicers over the years, and this one stands out from the crowd. It has a powerful 750-watt motor, which gives it the ability to juice just about anything. Even though it’s a high-wattage motor, it has very little noise, which is great if you’re planning to use it at home.

The jar material is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate, which makes it very durable. It comes with a safety lock, which ensures that the appliance won’t start unless you insert the key properly. This is a very good thing, because it will prevent you from running it continuously for more than 5 minutes. The jar also has a rubber seal around its rim, which prevents juice from spilling while you are grinding fruits and vegetables.

It features 4 super efficient stainless steel blades, which cuts through all types of fruits and veggies easily. The grinder is ideal for larger fruits and veggies, and it comes with a juicing guide to help you choose what you should put into the machine.

4. Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder

This is the best mixer grinder that I have ever owned, and it’s pretty amazing. The Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder is a great choice if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable mixer grinder.The motor has a capacity of 750 watts, which is more than enough to make your kitchen chores much easier. It also comes with a 3-speed control, so you can easily adjust its speed to suit your needs.

This mixer grinder is a perfect choice for those who love to cook, since it’s quite easy to use and allows you to blend, chop, or grind a wide variety of ingredients. It comes with a stainless steel body and lid, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from high temperatures.

It’s also pretty easy to clean, thanks to the ABS body, and comes with a 1-year warranty.This is the best mixer grinder that I have ever owned, and it’s pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a powerful and reliable mixer grinder.

5. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond MG-214 mixer grinder

I’ve been using my Mixer Grinder for almost a year now, and I have been very impressed with it. I was initially worried about the noise it makes while grinding, but this has never been an issue for me. I use this for making masala chutney and other grinding jobs, and it does a great job at that.

I’ve also been using it for grinding cashew nuts too, and it’s done a great job there as well. I can’t believe how much time I used to spend manually grinding cashew nuts, and this saves me so much time. The Verge is also quite easy to use, so even if you’re a beginner, you should be able to use this mixer grinder without any issues.

It’s also quite durable too – I have used it on multiple occasions, and it’s always been in good working condition. I’ve had a lot of wear and tear on my hands with my other mixers, but the Verge has never given me any problems. It’s easy to clean too, so I can just wash it off with water when I’m done using it. I love this mixer grinder because of its great features, durability, and ease of use.

6. Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder 

A mixie grinder is an essential tool for any serious DIYer. It’s basically a mini version of a power drill, and you can use it to grind, mix, cut, scribe and even engrave. These are all great skills to have if you ever want to become a handyman, or work on a construction site.

This one from Crompton has a 750-watt motor which ensures it will do the job with speed and efficiency. The motor is super heavy duty, and has chromed plated knobs for easy grip. This makes it perfect for grinding materials with a hard surface like concrete or granite. It comes with leak proof lids, and has X-flow technology for enhanced air circulation. This prevents the motor from getting too hot and creates cooler working conditions. This is a high-quality tool that will last you for years to come.

The design of the handle is ergonomic for easy operation, and the jar sizes are just right for grinding different materials. This tool is made in the USA and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

7. Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder

The Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder is a multi-functional kitchen appliance that is designed to make your life easy. It’s made with sturdy stainless steel jars for liquidizing, grinding and chutney making. It has a 3-speed control motor which makes it possible to use at slow speed for liquidizing, medium speed for grinding and high speed for chutney making. This saves time and energy. It has a 100% copper motor which ensures trouble free operation.

The Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder also features tetraflow technology which enables the user to operate the mixer grinder in an easy manner. The user can operate the mixer grinder in slow, medium and high speed with just one touch of a button. Also, the mixing jar lid is equipped with a safety mechanism which prevents accidental opening of the lid during operation.

This is an ideal kitchen appliance for people who want to make sure that they have all the tools that they need for their kitchen. It is easy to clean and looks elegant in the kitchen. It has a sleek and modern design which will look good in any kitchen. The Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder is a must-have kitchen appliance for every household.

8. Havells Maxx Grind 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Havells is a well-known brand in India, and they’ve been selling quality kitchen utensils for decades now. Their product line-up includes mixers, blenders, food processors, hand grinders, coffee makers, toasters, etc.

This particular model is a chutney-making machine, and it comes with a 3-in-1 stainless steel jar with a transparent polycarbonate lid. It also has a 3-speed option with 50Hz frequency, and it includes a manual. It’s powered by 750 watts of power, and it has a capacity of up to 1 liter. The chutney making machine is sold as a set, and it costs around $100 (Rs 6,500..

This is a great little gadget if you’re a chutney connoisseur or someone who loves making that delicious relish or chutney that goes so well with your favorite curries. I especially like the transparent lid, which makes it easy to see how much chutney or relish you have left. This chutney making machine will grind, mix and blend your ingredients to perfection.

Buying Guide For Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

What Type Of Mixer And Grinder Do You Want?

This is the most important decision you’ll make when you start your bar business. It can literally make (or break) your business. You see, if you don’t get this part right, everything else will be almost irrelevant. So, what you need to consider is the type of mixer and grinder you want. There are two basic types of mixers and grinders: Those that operate on mechanical power and those that run on electrical power. Let’s discuss each of these in turn.

Mechanical Power Mixer And Grinder

The most common type of mechanical power mixer and grinder is the floor model. This type works great for small home bars or perhaps a bar that only has a few bar tops. However, for a serious bar, this type of unit is not nearly powerful enough. Therefore, for a serious bar, you should consider a countertop model.

A countertop model will have a much larger motor, which means it will be able to handle much more volume than a floor model. On the other hand, a countertop mixer and grinder will cost approximately double that of a floor model. But, the increased performance will be well worth the extra money. 

Electrical Power Mixer And Grinder

An electrical power mixer and grinder is by far the most popular type of mixer and grinder. This is because they are quiet, easy to use, and require no maintenance. They also don’t emit any dust or particles and are easy to clean. In fact, many models have a washable agitator, which makes cleaning a breeze. Also, many electrical mixers and grinders have a variable speed control, which allows you to customize the speed to your particular needs. On the other hand, electrical models will cost approximately 40% more than mechanical models.

But, the increased volume and power will be well worth the extra money. Also, an electrical model will last approximately 5-to-1 more than a mechanical model. So, if you do a lot of mixing and grinding, an electrical model will pay for itself in energy savings alone. Also, an electrical model can be used in almost any type of establishment, even a church!

Consider The Power Of Your Motor

This is one of those areas where doing your homework really pays off. In fact, this is one of the few instances where reading the fine print on the box can actually save you money. You see, many times the manufacturer will exaggerate the capabilities of their product in the advertising to get your attention. And, they’ll do this to make themselves look more attractive to you as a seller. However, this can be very deceiving, because often times, their “superlative” claims are not supported by the facts. 

Mixing And Grinding Capabilities

This is another area where doing your homework can literally save you money. Many times, bar owners get a unit and then are disappointed because it doesn’t have enough mixing or grinding capacity.

On the other hand, some manufacturers will advertise the maximum volume their units can mix or grind, while omitting to tell you the actual amount the unit will actually mix or grind. Therefore, to avoid this situation, I suggest you insist on being told the exact amount of mixing or grinding the unit will do, before you sign on the dotted line. 

Consider the Power Supply

Most people think a cordless drill is a cordless drill. Not so. A cordless drill has a battery-powered motor which connects to a tool (aka the “drill bit”) which turns a screw, drills a hole, or does whatever other function the tool was designed to perform.

A corded drill has a cord which connects to a larger, more powerful motor and that motor turns a tool which does the drilling. Corded drills are great for heavier duty work such as driving screws into wood, metal, or cement. They also tend to be much louder than cordless drills.

Consider the Material Of Your Grinder

Most people who own a cordless drill also own a small hand held grinder. The purpose of the grinder is to reduce the size of a material so you can insert that material into the drill and turn it with a tool (aka the “grinding wheel”) which will create a screw or other fastener suitable for whatever function the tool was designed to perform.

The material of your grinder should be made of metal. Some examples of metal are steel, iron, or aluminum. Do NOT use a grinder on any material other than metal, ceramic, or hard plastic. Using a grinder on anything other than these materials can result in serious injury to yourself and/or damage to your property.

Consider the Warranty

Cordless drills and corded drills both come with a one-year warranty. Most people don’t even bother to use this warranty because they figure they’ll just get another drill if something goes wrong with the one they have.

This is not true. If you break or lose a tool (like a drill bit) or if the motor or charger stops working, it is NOT true that you can just get another one from the store and be OK. It is VERY likely that you will need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to replace the parts necessary to make your drill work again.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Is a mixer grinder worth it?

Mixer grinders are an essential tool for most people, but they do come with a price. If you don’t have the time or patience to maintain them, then you might want to consider investing in a better model. But if you’re a DIY enthusiast, then a mixer grinder can help you perform various tasks such as sharpening knives, cutting wood, and grinding nuts and bolts.

What are the pros and cons of a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder is a type of tool that is used for grinding, mixing, and processing of different materials. There are many types of mixers that are available in the market, including benchtop, stand-alone, and mobile models. These are used for various applications such as metalworking, woodworking, and stoneworking.

What type of grinder should I get?

A multi-tool is a great way to go. It has a small motorized drill, a saw blade, a wrench set, and many others useful tools in one compact device. Some of them even have a bottle opener! The best ones also have a variable speed dial with which you can easily adjust the RPMs to the task at hand. 


Weighing just 6-pounds, the powerful 1500 watt motor in this unit makes short work of even the toughest ingredients. This unit comes with a 5-year warranty and a 10-year limited warranty on the parts and workmanship. This mixer grinder has a large (14-inch) bowl that’s perfect for grinding spices, herbs, and other small ingredients. It also comes with a 9-inch cutting disk that’s great for chopping or mincing garlic, ginger, and other fresh ingredients.

It’s so easy to use, you could easily make your kid use it! That’s because it comes with an auto shut off feature that stops the blade from spinning when the container is full. It also comes with an anti-vibration handle that eliminates the need for you to hold the unit while using it.

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