Best Manual Sewing Machine In India 2022 – For Home Use

Do you want to buy a sewing machine for your home? With so many brands and varieties available, it can be difficult to choose the best one. In this article, we will review some of the top-rated best manual sewing machines in India that are worth considering when purchasing a new device. 

The Brother CS-6000i is a great sewing machine that has been designed with an easy-to-use interface and offers plenty of features for beginners. The Singer 433A model also has a full range of stitches and comes at an affordable price point.

Plus, its compact design makes it perfect for those who live in small spaces or have limited storage space at home! For more information on our other picks, please read below.

There are so many people who want to start a new sewing journey but they don’t know how complex modern electronic machines can get. There is nothing wrong with that.

The best option for them would be this manual machine, which has some simple mechanisms and because it’s cheaper than an electrical one (depending on what you’re looking at), even if there were updates in technology over time – like more features- these traditional types will always remain relevant too.

When I started my sewing journey, it was with this machine. It still has many memories and runs smoothly without any problem-35 years of durability! You can imagine the level of quality that goes into making these manual machines last so long is just impressive to think about now days when everyone wants something new all too soon.

In an upcoming article, you will find A list of top 10 best Manual Sewing Machines which are available in market today for various needs like hobbyists or professional seamstresses who work on large scale projects daily.

Best Manual Sewing Machine In India 2022 – Detiled Review

Singer Tailor Delux Straight Stitch Hand Sewing Machine (Black)
Hand Sewing machine; Found in black colour; Long lasting
Usha Hand Operated Sewing Machine(NOVA Model),Black
Modern and contemporary looks.; Battery operated Built in LED Light for better visibility of stitching area.
LUXMI Family Composite Sewing Machine,Black
Shuttle Type :- Oscillating Shuttle Type; Drive :- Hand, Treadle & Motor; Sewing Speed :- 800 Stitches For Hand And 1200 Stitches For Treadle Per Minute.
REENA Singer Magna Cast Iron Sewing Machine Top
Reena Tailor Model sewing machine head; Manufacturer Warranty 1 years; Quality Product

1. Singer Tailor Delux Straight Stitch Hand Sewing Machine

As a professional seamstress, you know that every stitch Counts. That’s why this deluxe straight stitch hand Singer sewing machine has been designed with all of our best features for an affordable price.

It comes in both plastic base and ball bearing assembly which guarantees durability so your investment will last long term – plus it has traditional looks to match any occasion or workplace setting to boot-making quality more than just skin deep (so what else could get us?).

The company offers two different models at various prices; if one doesn’t fit your needs there is always another option waiting on the shelf when we say “Pick One!”

Other Sewing Machines

This high-quality sewing machine is perfect for all your creative projects. It comes with an extra needle, allowing you to easily sew through the thick fabric without any hassle or frustration.

You can detach the base of this product if needed – just be sure not touch any exposed electronics because they are delicate and should only come into contact when attached by screws at each corner.

And if motorizing isn’t what interests you? No problem; there’s also a handle that provides plenty more grip power during use too.


  • Heavy-duty stitching power
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Durable plastic base


  • Motorizing is an extra cost option

2. Usha Hand Operated Sewing Machine: Best Manual Sewing Machine For Beginners

This is an advanced modern sewing machine from the Usha brand. Definitely, you will love this complimentary look at how lightweight Sewing Machine and portable it can be; made up of an aluminum die-cast body.

A recent launch under their new NOVA line (Ushna Nova), these machines come in two variants – one with more features like automatic piercing settings for easier insertions or extractions while another model only has some basic stitching options without any extra bells n whistles but still giving users everything they need to create expert quality clothing pieces right on your own time table.

If you want a more hands-on sewing experience, this machine has all the features. It includes an LED light to help with visibility and even comes equipped with a thread cutter.

In addition, there is automatic bobbin winding so that your work never gets tangled or cluttered up on its own (although we recommend using Bobbins).

The calibration dial helps keep it nice and consistent no matter what fabric you’re working in; plus if something does happen while stitching like Discovering New Threads – literally any mistake goes unnoticed thanks to these high-quality eyesight technologies built right into every stitch of theirs because who wants lazy eye mistakes when precision counts?). Finally, at only 1 year long warranty period means they know.


  • LED light
  • Automatic bobbin winding
  • Calibration dial


  • Doesn’t have many extra features compared to the other machines

3. LUXMI Family Composite Sewing Machine

With an eye for detail and decades of experience, Luxmi has been the go-to brand when it comes to sewing machines. Whether you’re looking for a basic model or something more high-end (think serger), they’ve got what you need at prices that make sense!

With such diverse offerings in input devices as well as types of materials stitchable by each type; there’s no surprise why so many people turn out satisfied customers every single day

The Attaché is an automatic sewing machine with a variety of features. It has a presser foot, curved needle plate for precise stitching, and auto trip bobbin winding which can stitch up to 1200 stitches per minute.

You don’t need any experience in order to make this device work for you because all adjustments necessary are adjustable on the left side where one screw controls tensioning threads while plastic cover protects it when not being used or else there would be some accidents during use due to its sharp edges. This product comes 2 years warranty from the manufacture.


  • Auto trip bobbin winding
  • Adjustable presser foot


  • Plastic cover is not safe when in use.

4. REENA Singer Magna Cast Iron Sewing Machine: Manual Sewing Machine With Foot Pedal

This machine has a traditional design, but it doesn’t come with a base. You can either install your own or use one from another table if you have one already installed on the ground floor of your home/office building – this high-quality product makes for hassle-free operation no matter what type(s)of work it’s being used at.

The Singer 2259 sewing machine is a very popular choice for many home sewers. It has all of the same great features as other models but at an affordable price.

You will get one year on your warranty from date of purchase with this product so there are no worries about being without it because you didn’t buy through us first–we want everyone else who might be looking to any questions.


  • Affordable price tag
  • 1 year warranty period


  • No base provided

5. Pargat Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

Pragat has a variety of products to suit your needs. They have excellent machines with quality components that come in various styles and colors, making them very versatile for all types of sewing projects.

A new model recently arrived at our store which is perfect if you’re looking for something simple or want an antique style machine on Wheels like mine (I just love this thing).

It came complete with its own wooden base – amazing!! Wood adds extra weight but ensures stability when using it as well; plus who doesn’t love how beautiful these vintage-inspired designs look paired up side by side.

The product is a high-quality sewing machine that comes with various different functions. It can be used to make clothes, quilts and more.

One screw allows for adjusting thread tension while another special type foot presser provides extra help in any material you choose: cotton fabric; leather–it’s perfect because it has an adjustable length armrest too .

The one year manufacturing warranty ensures your investment will last long so don’t hesitate when choosing this amazing deal today.


  • Adjustable armrest
  • Extra foot presser for more precision


  • Metal body is less durable.

6. Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine: Usha Manual Sewing Machine Price

The most popular brand in this market, Usha is here to make sure you get your hands on a quality product. This sewing machine will come with ISI markings and guarantee high-quality products because there’s no chance for low-grade material.

You can adjust the pressure of each presser foot by using screws according to what kind of fabric needs it best: lightweight or heavy fabrics require higher pressures while knit materials should be precise enough when aligned correctly; we also include plastic bases so they’re ready at all times whether dealing out complicated patterns like quilting.

The Stitch regulator helps you to adjust the stitch length. If don’t want to operate this machine using your hand, attach a motor-operated escalator and choose from among three different styles:

Traditional closed type shuttle race mechanism which is easy to maintain and clean; wide bottom base with open-frame design for maximum stability when running large projects or sewing multiple layers at once (not intended as an embroidery machine); all-metal construction matched perfectly in style so it will never go unnoticed on any shirt.


  • Quality product with ISI marking to ensure only the best materials.


  • Metal body is less durable.

7. Usha Anand Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

The Usha Composite sewing machine is perfect for those who are looking to save space and money. This one measures only 14.5 x 9x 4 inches, making it easy to carry around with you everywhere.

Not having an instruction manual doesn’t mean you won’t know how to use this awesome product either; instead of reading through pages upon pages full instructions can simply refer back whenever needed by opening up its user guide which has clear pictures showing every step along the way from start t finish – guaranteeing success no matter what project someone might have in mind when using their new purchase at home or work

This composite portable device features lightweight material construction which makes transporting easier than ever before while still offering durability enough not to break or bend when dropped.

You’ll enjoy sewing without any hassle; the machine’s design makes dropping the feed dogs a thing of the past thanks to a fixed throat plate, drop-in bobbin case, and free arm capabilities which make it easy to sew in tight spaces.

This is a great machine for beginners. It’s simple to use and set up, with no complicated mechanisms or features that might be difficult for someone who hasn’t used it before – all the same as our previous product!

This heavy-duty workhorse can withstand tough tasks without breaking down on you during operation thanks in part to its high-quality materials construction- both plastic parts like handles are durable enough so they’ll last longer than expected while heavier metal components such as aluminum extrusions provide lasting strength where necessary but not too much weight if handled improperly by inexperienced operators.


  • Heavy-duty domestically made machine.


  • Hard to find replacement parts.

8. NAVEEN Sewing Machine Cast Iron Tailor Model Sewing Machine

This is a machine that will give you maximum efficiency. It has an ergonomic shape and presser foot hinge, so it’s perfect for both domestic use or in professional kitchens where chairs are provided to sit on while using these appliances (like at home).

It’s a machine that you won’t have to continuously purchase or replace – because its made from solid cast iron, it’s going to last you a century.

This is probably the most beautiful and flashy machine on our list today. It has streamlined parts with curves at all the right places which make it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen – regardless of whether one is a beginner or veteran in this department.

However, there are no cons as such, but we’d like to mention that this model might not be ideal for those who prefer using their machines for more than just food prep-driven tasks (for example with upholstery or other heavier fabrics).

The high-quality sewing machine is made of premium materials and has a variety of features to make your project come out beautifully. The Liver type stitch regulator helps you control how long or short stitches should be, while the screwdriver for adjusting tension gives this piece an edge on others in its class

The main product includes all parts necessary such as no base assembly or table; handles are not included either which add costs onto buyers’ plates already full from buying other needed equipment like embroidery thread etc…

This sewing machine has all the common features and extra tools that are essential for a professional seamstress. It comes with an inch tape, 2 screwdrivers in case you need them, a needle to make your life easier when embroidering or serging outside of the fabric (organ), 3 bobbins so plenty is always available without having multiple threads on hand at once which can get tangled up easily during stitching; there’s also oil included just in case one runs out! And if everything else fails?

The threader will let go right where it needs too-no more hunting around by eye trying figure out exactly how much cotton should be put into each bobbin before winding/casting off another layer onto.


  • Sturdy cast iron body.
  • Affordable entry-level machine for professionals.


  • Threader is not complete

9. Zenith Tailor Master Sewing Machine

The Zenith sewing machine is the oldest manufacturer of its kind in India, having been first introduced back in 1940. The top part only-the base isn’t included with purchase but can be purchased as an extra for those who want it or need more stability when using their machines on tables that aren’t entirely level ground (or have gaps between them).

It’s easy enough to install either your own motor if this one doesn’t come preinstalled on some other item you may already ow,n or the company itself offers to do it for an extra cost.

This product is made of high-quality steel and comes with several useful accessories for your convenience, including a built-in needle threader on the side of the body so you won’t have to go searching around with your eyes half-closed trying to figure out which stitch goes where on machines that don’t have this feature onboard.

The bobbin is right under the needle, so it’s easy just to wind off more cotton before starting each project. There are no needles included but they are standard sized so finding replacements won’t be difficult.

This machine has a lock stitch system for both forward and reverse stitches. It also features an oscillating motion shuttle mechanism, as well as the ability to fasten heavy fabrics with its cam-action thread take-up lever or presser foot which can be changed quickly without tools.

This product comes equipped with 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty coverage so you know it’ll last your business many years if not decades-long.


  • This sewing machine is simple to use for beginners.
  • It is equipped with many useful features


  • Does not come pre-assembled

10. Prema Brather Cast Iron Tailor Model Round Arm Sewing Machine

This is the complete machine with all of its essential tools. You don’t need to buy anything if you want a manual sewing machine because this has it covered. This is not just an ordinary deal-it’s a steal! It has all the great features you’d expect to find in a sewing machine, including automatic tension control so your stitches won’t fall apart.

This product comes with everything it needs to be ready for use at any time, even right out of its original packaging.

This manual sewing machine can come pre-assembled or not depending on whatever works best for you as far as shipping goes but either way, it comes with all necessary accessories included/necessary for sewing anything from bulky fabrics like denim jeans or leather jackets to delicate surfaces that are used for fashion design.

If you want different finishes other than the normal straight stitch then this machine is perfect because it also uses zigzag and triple straight stitch and even blind hem stitch for when you’re in a pinch.

It also comes with a built-in needle threader, so no more having to go through time-consuming methods just to get your product up and running.

If you’ve never threaded a machine before then this is the perfect one to start out on because it’s simple enough to do any job and yet advanced enough if years down the line you want something fancier than what’s available at department stores right now.

This machine is a workhorse for any sewing enthusiast. It includes all of the tools you’ll ever need, including two bobbins and needles in case your first one breaks (rare!), as well as screwdrivers to make adjustments on-the-spot.

With this heavy-duty tabletop, there’s no chance anyone can mess up what they’re trying stitching together–from threads with different weights or colors depending on how complicated their project may be; adjustable stitch size regulation so everything stays nice looking without getting stretched out over time like old clothes might do after washing by hand because machines don’t always pick up every last bit themselves and even an oilcan if needed while working outside during hot weather conditions.


  • It has all of the necessary accessories included
  • You can choose whether or not to have it pre-assembled


  • It does not include a foot pedal with purchase

Buying Guide For Best Manual Sewing Machine In India

Best Manual Sewing Machine In India

Quality of the material

One of the most important things to consider when buying a cement mixer is its durability. You need something that will last for years and not easily crack or rust, which means you want metal parts instead plastic ones in this device.

In addition, high quality machines usually have heavier motors so they don’t make as much noise while operating – plus these types can take more abuse before struggling with all their functions on full power again (which saves wear-and tear).


A machine is like a complex, multifaceted creature with many different parts. One of the most important things to check when shopping for one will be how easy it can be set up and used by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing; these factors determine if something’s worth investing time in learning or not.

When looking at features like bobbin winder (to keep your thread tension controlled), stitch length controller (helps regulate where you are placing each individual stitch through out whatever project that may arise) , presser foot actuation buttons etc., make sure all this little stuff works correctly before committing any money on purchases.


Brands on sewing machines are hit-or-miss depending on the machine itself. You’ll want to check on third-party sites like Amazon or eBay, where you can read REAL customer reviews on what they think about their purchases which is based completely on first-hand experience (not biased employees who work for some department store).

Once you’re sure the brand you’re looking at doesn’t have too many negative comments then it’s time to check out what people say about each individual model that company makes.


Last but not least, will be price. This comes down to how much money you have available for this purchase and whether or not it’s worth your while spending extra cash for a better quality, higher performance machine or not. Do research before making a final decision.

Now that you’re aware of everything there is to know about buying the best manual sewing machine in India, it’s time for you to take action and get your first one! Good luck with all your future projects.    

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Manual Sewing Machine In India

Best Manual Sewing Machine In India

Is it worth buying a manual sewing machine?

Manual sewing machines have a lot of advantages. One advantage is that they’re tough and long-lasting, so you can use them for hours on end without any problems at all.

Manual stitching also has the added bonus to being much cheaper than other types of machinery or devices which do it better–so not only will your wallet thank you but so does anyone who might need their clothes fixed as well since people with these sorts of issues often go out looking.

 Which type of sewing machine is best for beginners? 

Learning how to sew is difficult, but if you find a beginner-friendly machine then it will help ease the process.

The features of this type of sewing machine should be easy and understandable for new learners so that everyone in your family can use them without feeling overwhelmed by all the options available on more advanced models with complicated controls or requiring high levels skill from each person using one..

Especially parents who may want something quick when time becomes scarce due their children being outside playing instead.

In order not only make things easier on ourselves as beginners learning about sewing techniques; however also ensure our projects turn out correctly even though there isn’t much space between where they were manufactured.


The best manual sewing machine in India is a name you can trust. It’s not easy to find an affordable, high-quality product that will last and do the job well for your needs. You don’t want something that doesn’t work or falls apart quickly after purchase because it wasn’t made with quality materials and design. We know how frustrating this process can be when looking for products like these online! That’s why we offer reviews of different brands so you have all the information at your fingertips before making a decision on which one to buy.

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