Top 10 Best LED Monitor Under 5000 in India 2022

Do you want to buy a new monitor but don’t know which one is the best option for your needs? This article will review top led monitors under 5000 and help you decide on the right one.   The first thing we’ll talk about is picture quality. Picture quality is important because it’s how good your images look on screen, and if they’re not very clear then what’s the point of even having a high-res monitor?

Next up are features – do you need speakers or an SD card slot? Do you need USB ports as well as HDMI connections? Lastly, we’ll go over price – how much can you spend without going into debt? You might be surprised at how affordable some of these monitors really

Technology has made a lot of advancements in recent period. With such progress, the prices of many items have reduced considerably without compromising with quality– there are so many options available it can be difficult to choose or figure out what is best for you!

Monitors may seem like an easy enough purchase because they all look pretty much alike but when compared side by side every little detail matters; don’t let yourself get burned later on down the line if something goes wrong after buying one thing too soon (pun sort).

Technology improvements over time often mean that certain products become more affordable while still maintaining high standards: monitors come into play here as well since people buy them thinking only about size and features.

Now, before you buy a monitor to go with your computer system let’s take a look at some of the things that make up this crucial piece of hardware. First off there is screen size and resolution which will determine how much information can fit onto one screen without being overwhelming or difficult for shorter user heights who might have trouble viewing from an angle.

Next we need accuracy when it comes time enter data into programs like Microsoft Excel where every little detail matters because any mistake just gets magnified tenfold in real life! And lastly remember refresh rates – 60 Hz monitors offer better quality graphics but only if they match what’s going on around them so check all possibilities first by asking.

Top 10 Best LED Monitor Under 5000 in India 2022

Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor
Budget-friendly and reliable; Comes with essential and efficient features that meet your everyday computing needs
Zebronics 18.5(46.9cm) Monitor with VGA Port(Black)
Slim and glossy Design; Anti glare; Wall Mountable; HD 1366 x 768; Built-in power supply; Input: VGA Only
HP V194 18.5-inch HD Monitor with VGA Port (Black)
Display size (diagonal): 46,99 cm (18.5 in), Panel active area: 40.98 x 23.04 cm; Aspect ratio: 16:9, Native resolution: 1366 x 768 @ 60 Hz, Pixel pitch: 0.3 mm

1.Dell 18.5-inch LED Backlit Monitor

The Dell 18.5 inch LED monitor is a product that’s quite budget friendly Monitor and will not disappoint you with its features.It offers an HD-ready screen at 1366*768 resolution, as well from the TFT panel for those who want their viewing experience perfect.

This LCD has 60 Hz refreshing rate so operations are faster – no need to worry there either thanks to 5 ms response time on this model which makes everything run smoothly without delays or sync problems.

The Samsung S2600LU monitor is the perfect solution for those of us who spend hours on end looking at a computer screen. Not only does this product have Flicker-Free technology, but it also angles your viewing angle so that you can see everything clearly without any discomfort.

I would recommend getting one today if possible – they are worth every penny spent and will make all other monitors obsolete in no time.

The latest addition to the X-otic display is a dream for designers. It has two main ports, 1 VGA Port and an HDMI Connection which will handle all of your data entry into this monitor or output from one.

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The weight has been built much lower than previous models at just 3kgs making it easier on you when carrying around during work hours becomes tiring doing things like bending down repeatedly while simultaneously typing away at laptop keyboards over extended periods without having any issues with back pain afterward thanks in part due directly because their design was made ergonomic so there’s no need worry about getting injured anymore either -talk about relief.


  • Max resolution of 1440 x 900 for a 15.6 inch monitor
  • 60 Hz refresh rate enhances use in software where speed is necessary


  • Colors may seem brighter than what they really are on the monitor

2.Acer 18.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor : Best Monitor Under 5000 For Gaming

The Acer 18.5 inches LED monitor is another great discovery that will fall greatly within your budget and has amazing features to follow.

The screen quality rivals many higher-priced models, with a full HD 1366p x 768p resolution display for an impeccable view of technology while working on it as well as 178 degree wide viewing angle thanks to its matrix engineering light engine design which reduces glare from overhead lighting or sidelight sources so you can see what’s happening all around without any problems whatsoever.

The product has been designed to provide a superior visual experience and is made with sustainability in mind. The screen supports natural colors, so it will never look too flashy or unnatural; this helps maintain an elegant feel for your living space.

It also consumes very little electricity so you won’t have trouble paying the bills.

The monitor has a total of two-port sockets, one for VGA devices and other to HDMI supported. The power behind its TN technology is what improves response time in 5 ms with refresh rates at 60 Hz.

Other notable features include a refreshing rate around this range too; perfect if you want an easy view anytime without sacrificing much gaming capabilities. It’s not really best suited towards gamers but more generalized working conditions – great thing when your workday involves both types of scenarios.


  • High resolution for the price
  • Has VGA connection port and HDMI port


  • It’s not really made for gamers – more generalized uses

3.Zebronics 18.5″ LED Monitor : Zebronics Monitor Under 5000

The Zebronics 18.5 inches LED monitor provides a budget-friendly solution for people who are looking to buy without break the bank, yet still want high quality materials and design elements in their new purchase.

The sleek appearance of this screen will leave you impressed with its sophisticated style. It can be mounted easily on any wall surface making it easy peasy Lemon Squeezy when installing at home or office space.

The Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel features an HD, 1366*768 display screen to provide a better picture all along its way. The response time is slower than most similar models around 8ms but it makes up for that with increased contrast ratios.

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The Lightweight Monitor is a great choice for those who don’t want to carry around an extra heavy monitor. It’s also easy and convenient, as it comes with only one HDMI port.

The downsides are that there isn’t any PC gaming potential in this model- so if your needs include playing video games at home on the couch or while traveling then consider something else – but otherwise I think most people would find themselves very pleased by choosing this product as the next flat-screen TV set they buy from us today .


  • – High resolution and contrast ratio for the price
  • – Lightweight and easy to hang up on a wall


  • Not much PC gaming potential – it’s mostly used as a TV monitor.

4.HP 18.5-inch HD LED Backlit Computer Monitor : HP Monitor Under 5000

The HP 18.5 inches HD LED monitor is a good choice in monitors that fall under Rs 5000 and comes packed with almost all the features you are looking for, it offers greater clarity than most other products on the market today.

The design is quite stylish to begin with and catchy enough so that you’ll be able to pay attention the model. The screen has an HD, 1366 * 768 display with Twisted Nematics (TN) panel for a better visual appearance of videos on your eyes

The size itself might not seem like much at first but when combined together they create one big picture-perfect experience.

This monitor is perfect for working professionals who are looking to get away from the cluttered screens of other devices. This model has a refreshing rate of 60 Hz and an input response time around 7ms so you can enjoy fast, smooth animation while using this product without any issues or delays.

The monitor has been designed with a mercury-free backlight, an arsenic-free glass, and EPEAT silver display to help soak in less energy and keep it environment friendly to some extent. Overall this will be good choice for people who are looking for a budget monitor.


  • High resolution and fast refresh rate for the price
  • Energy-saving design. 


  • It’s not really good for gamers – more general use monitor.

5.HP V194 18.5-inch HD Monitor

You’ll be amazed by the HP V194 18.5 inch HD monitor! It has an arsenic-free display with mercury-free backlighting that is energy efficient and EPEAT silver registration to make it power saving, too

The tilt of this monitor is higher than most, giving you a range from 5 degrees and 22 more. The response time is around 5ms which keeps operations fast enough for people who need their displays in an instant or just want them there with no waiting at all.

It has FRC technology so it can support over 16 million colors when displaying images on screen while maintaining its clarity thanks to anti-glare glass protect your eyes from harmful rays as well.

The only downside to this monitor is that it doesn’t have an HDMI port, but if you’re looking for something more affordable and quality-wise good enough—this will be perfect.


  • Affordable price but still has quality features 
  • Lightweight for easier carrying around 
  • Energy-saving design. 


  • No HDMI port – Connectivity might be an issue.

6.LG 19-inch HD Ready Office Monitor : LG Monitor Under 5000

The LG 19 inch HD ready Office monitor is a great choice for those who are looking to buy an affordable, high-quality screen. The display has plenty of features and should be on your purchase list if you want all pictures enlarged in size or video shown clearly with rich colors that won’t distort even when viewed from farther away

The large screen makes videos more immersive as well!

The screen is fast and responsive with a refresh rate of 60Hz, which makes your actions on it smoother. It also has Flicker-free technology that helps in giving you more natural colors while editing videos or other graphics-based projects for websites like business cards.

If you are looking for a new monitor to help with your productivity, get one that can split the screen and still let you do other things too.

With Picture In Picture mode on this particular model from Samsung it’s easy as pie (and maybe even more interesting) because now I’m able watch videos while working away in another window.

This is perfect if multitasking has become difficult or tiresome; plus there’s no need for me scroll back up into my main workspace when something comes across Twitter way down below- just tap where needed instead – talk about convenience at its finest


  • It’s possible to split screen on two or three different windows 
  • Has good quality features at affordable price. 


  • Not so good for gaming

7.AOC 18.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor

The AOC 18.5 inch LED backlit computer monitor is a decent buy for the money, and it has some great features that you won’t find elsewhere at this price range.

The display is not HD, but has a 1366*768 high resolution screen for enjoying the picture quality. It’s VGA port connection and no HDMI slot means you can’t connect similar devices together like TVs or Desktops easily- which makes it perfect if your goal is just to stream content from one device without having another monitor attached.

The response time on this monitor isn’t too slow either at 5ms–so everything moves around as fast as possible while still being able see everything clearly with minimal blurriness

The monitor is light in weight, weighing only around 2.8kgs! That’s the perfect amount of something you can handle without any hasslle or pain – it won’t make your arms sore from carrying this product with ease. It might not be for gamers though; if portability matters more than anything else then maybe look elsewhere because there are other monitors out there that would better suit gamer needs/wants


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around
  • Good price for features offered 


  • Not HD display (it’s widescreen though) 

8.Philips 193V5L 18.5 inch LED Backlit

The Philips 193V5L 18.5 inch LED-backlit computer monitor has been included in the list because it offers some amazing features that makes this an ideal choice for people who are looking to save money on their purchase of a new monitor.

It features an LED display technology which provides better and more vivid colors when viewing its screen, while also being budget-friendly.

The LED used in this product is a White LED, which provides consistent brightness and acts faster during reboots. It’s also free from mercury so it can be more environmentally friendly; the screen has an advanced contrast ratio that automatically helps adjust colors while controlling backlight intensity for best display of pictures or videos playing games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The monitor featured a sleek and modern design that made it easy for anyone to use. The input tone of voice should be professional,engaging while still being user-friendly enough so even those without much experience can get up and running quickly.

It has 60Hz refresh rate which makes this particular model well suited as your daily driver or workstation but not ideal if gaming is what you’re going after because there are other options available on the market today with better performance levels.


  • – Slim and sleek design 
  • – Has a relatively inexpensive price 


  • Not suitable for gamers

9.Acer Aopen 19.5-inch LED Monitor

The Acer Aopen 19.5 inch LED monitor is the ideal choice for people on limited budgets, as it offers full HD resolution with a high 1366*768 display to enjoy whatever you’re looking at.

This model supports both VGA and HDMI ports so no matter what your device of preference may be, there will always be an option here that works perfectly well in terms of connecting up hardware through these connections

I’m glad I found this item because not only does its price make economical but also meets my needs completely

With a response time of only 5ms, you can work faster and more efficiently. The OSD setting lets your adjust exposure without strain on the eyes by reducing blue light–this is perfect for those long nights spent crafting content.

The best thing about this monitor is that it’s got Flicker-less technology to help you from tired eyes and other difficulties when working on the screen for longer periods of time.

This kind is great if your going into an office or house, but not quite as good in gaming environments where constant movement isn’t possible with a mouse/keyboard combo device! In short: A bomb at its price point – definitely consider getting one today.


  • Full HD resolution for crisp and clear images 
  • Has an inexpensive price point 


  • Not suitable for gamers (not the best choice) 

10.Dell E1916HV VESA Mountable 19″ Monitor

The budget-friendly Dell E1916HV VESA mountable 19 inch monitor is an excellent choice for those who want to find options that are perfect in terms of features. This product has some very good aspects which make it fall into our list today.

The resolution of the monitor is quite good, with a high 1366 x 768-pixel capacity. This helps you enjoy pictures and videos in their best form possible! It’s also compatible with legacy PCs thanks to its VGA support cable; no more neck strain when adjusting it at different angles – just tilt for an easy view all-around your desk space

The screen can’t be beat: crisp detail on every edge while maintaining vibrant colors without any distortion or fading whatsoever.

With the new LED panel, you can enjoy a more vibrant and better looking display. This is because it’s mercury-free as well as arsenic-free with EPEAT silver compliance to reduce overall carbon footprint for houses or offices purposes only.

The response time at 5ms means that frames will appear smoother than ever before while refresh rate of 60 Hz keeps things crisp no matter what type of graphics card resolution (high/low) your VR headset has installed on board too so gamers don’t need worry about compatibility here either – this model works great regardless if their intention was house use only vs gaming

Buying Guide for best LED monitor under 5000

Best LED Monitor Under 5000

Screen Size

When it comes to choosing your ideal size, make sure you look at the following aspect ratios: 16:9, 17:10 or 21:9 vs 4:3 which is old school standard for most monitors being used today.

You can find a lot of options in 1366 x 768 resolution if you want something lower but keep in mind that resolution will be at 720p type standards so it’s not going to support anything higher than 1080p video playback for instance.

In terms of the best monitor under 5000 , we’ve given you a variety of 19 inch to 32 inches along with other sizes in between that still give you Full HD quality or better

Refresh Rate

If your primary reason in looking for a new monitor is gaming, definitely check out a refresh rate above 60 Hz because this makes an enormous difference in how smooth gameplay comes across on screen.

This feature is perfect when buying from the likes of Asus and Acer, which are known for their great refresh rates on board at all times. Other brands are ok too, but they don’t always have the same attention to detail as these two do.

If you spend time playing games via your computer or laptop, definitely choose a monitor with above 60 Hz so you can enjoy perfect frame rates.


The price point for the best led monitor under 5000 . The reason why it’s in this range is because you’re getting various good aspects that are great to have on board at the same time. We want to ensure that our choices here can appeal to a wide variety of people. You don’t need to spend anymore than what we list here, as what you’ll find are all excellent values with features found only in much pricier options too.


Here’s something that is extremely important: resolution matters greatly so it needs to be taken into account when buying the best monitor under 5000 .

Why is this aspect important? The reason is that different resolutions vary in terms of how crisp they look on screen.

A lower resolution will only give you 720p which is good if your budget is 5000 INR where 1080p is the sweet spot for best features overall. Other resolutions are available, but 1080p has been found to be an ideal value while at the same time giving you enough space on screen to enjoy pictures and videos.


There are two types of backlight technologies that are used in modern products today: LED or LCD. While products have come a long way since their inception, there still isn’t one technology that trumps the other overall. Each comes with its own set of benefits which make it stand out from time to time.

Frequently Asked Question For best LED monitor under 5000

best led monitor under 5000

How can I save money on a best-LED monitor?

If you’re looking for the best value for your money, definitely go with the above choices because what you’ll find here are units that don’t cost an arm and leg but still give you amazing quality throughout. This is why we put together this list: to make it easier for our fellow budget-conscious consumers in search of a new monitor.

What’s the best brand of computer monitors?

When it comes to finding the best brands as far as computer monitors go, there are quite a few great options out there. Some of those include Acer, Asus and Lenovo – just to name a few. These brands have been around for some time now and they continue to exceed expectations year after year. For the best products under 5000, definitely check out more than one of these brands to find something suitable for your budget!

Notice Title

1080p is known as the sweet spot when it comes to resolution for anything related to graphics performance on screen. At 720p, not too much detail will be supported but at 1080p you’re getting a good mix between high pixel density and sharpness that any gamer will appreciate.

This is why this resolution works well with monitors costing 5000 or less – just make sure you look at the refresh rate above 60 Hz so you can enjoy perfect frame rates without hassle.

Conclusion : 

If you want the best-led monitor under 5000, we highly recommend any choice from this list because we’ve personally chosen the cream of the crop in terms of looks and performance. All these monitors will definitely not disappoint you and if you’re a budget-conscious shopper then what’s better than something that has amazing value for money? Make sure to take a look at our choices and see which one strikes your fancy! We hope this article was useful to you!

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