Top 9 Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor In 2023

Are you in the market for a new laptop, but don’t want to break the bank? Check out our list of the best laptops under 25000 with an i3 processor. These devices are perfect for students or busy professionals who need a reliable and affordable laptop.

Plus, all of these laptops come with Windows 10 pre-installed, so you can start using them right away. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our list of the best laptops under 25000 now.

The top 10 best laptops under 25000 are all present in this list, so if you want to buy one for gaming or other purposes then choose your desired device. The following is a comprehensive guide of highly recommended products starting from mid-range machines up towards higher-priced options that will suit casual users just as well.


Top 9 Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor In 2023

HP 15-BE005TU 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i3-5005U/4GB/1TB/DOS/Integrated Graphics), Turbo Silver
2GHz Intel Core i3-5005U processor; 4GB DDR3 RAM; 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive; 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD 5500 Graphics
Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook (5th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm(15.6)- Ubuntu)...
2GHz Intel 5th Gen Core i3 processor; 4GB DDR3L RAM; 1TB hard drive; 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics 5500
HP 15-AY089TU 15.6-inch Laptop (Pentium N3710/4GB/500GB/DOS/Integrated Graphics), Jack Black
1.6GHz Intel Pentium N3710 processor; 4GB DDR3 RAM; 500GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive; 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD 5500 Graphics

1.HP X5Q17PA 15-BE005TU NOTEBOOK : HP i3 Laptop Under 25000

This laptop is a steal for under 25000. It’s running smoothly with no lag and the web camera does an awesome job of communicating your presence in high quality video or photo mode! Plus you get all these features like 15 inch screen mixed HD display, 4 GB RAM which comes standard on most laptops these days (1 TB storage) plus there are tons more goodies inside such as Intel Core i5 processor & Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M graphics card… this thing has it going on.


The Lenovo ThinkPad E15 is the only laptop on our list of best laptops under 25000 with 3MP web camera. It has everything from 4GB to 500 GB hard drives, and an Intel processor plus graphic drivers for your convenience in using this amazing 2nd ranked product by them at just below twenty-five hundred INR.

With an operating system pre-installed you won’t need any other software because it’s all ready now including Windows 7 Home Premium edition which also happens to be their newest release so make sure not to miss out on getting one before they’re gone.


If you want to get the best laptop for your money, then this is where it’s at. The MSI GL62M 7RD-132US has all of our favorite features: 1TB hard drive with an Intel Core i3 3rd Gen processor and 8GB RAM which means that everyone can use this thing.

It also comes preinstalled on windows 10 home 64 bit edition so there will be no need in installing anything else other than what’s necessary when setting up new hardware like drivers or programs from Microsoft themselves (which many people do anyway).

This product promises nothing less than excellence – if not better performance-, high-reliability rates thanks once again those top notch Asus components combined together into one sleek-looking package perfect both gamers AND normies alike.

The perfect size for work or play, this reliable laptop provides you with a comfortable typing experience and 12 hours battery life. Whether it’s an HD webcam that ensures crystal-clear videoconferencing or durable build quality to withstand accidental damage, the HP 15t is sure to keep going strong.


Even though the price range is different, these two laptops have many similarities. They’re both powered by Intel processors and come with a lot of storage space for your data needs as well as battery life that will last all day long on one charge! If you need something more heavy duty than what this HP offers then I recommend checking out our list where we’ve added some other great options just in case.

The first thing about these computers which sets them apart from others within their class might be how much power they pack – even if someone doesn’t plan to use any fancy software or games often times there’s still plenty left over after loading up.

This laptop is ideal for anyone who wants the best of everything and isn’t willing to compromise. It has an HD webcam on its front, 4GB worth of memory as well.

It doesn’t stop there though: With 500GB hard drive space too you’ll never run out-of anything again whether loading up new levels in your favorite game or storing all those low quality photos from friends parties past year at college graduation.


If you are looking for a computer that is going to offer all of the features and specifications necessary in order complete your work, then this product should be at top priority. The only thing better than an i3 processor? An 8GB RAM.

No other company offers such high-end technology as well with no bloatware or unnecessary programs loaded onto them unlike some others out there who add stuff just so they can charge more money from customers later down road when we’re done using our purchase which is not what any sane person would want happen math.

The weight of this product is more than 4KG, and we recommend it only for people who want to use the laptop while they are on-the go.

It’s designed with Intel HD graphics that will make your games come alive in a whole new way! But keep in mind these machines can get pretty heavy so be ready if you’re going camping or traveling light backpack style – just know there may not always be an outlet nearby where you charge up when needed.

6. ASUS A553SA-XX048D

The Asus laptops are known for being some of the best in their class. Now, they have introduced a new laptop that offers great performance without Windows! This means you can get an excellent machine at an affordable price – perfect if you’re looking to save money while still having all your needs met by this device.

The company’s recent launch is one we see as both innovative and valuable because not only does it provide exceptional computing power but also eliminates any confusion about what type of operating system (OS) platform would work better on each individual user’s preferences or level knowledge regarding technology.

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t a powerful device. The processor and graphics are both powered by Intel, so you know it will run smoothly no matter what type of storage user you’re looking for! With 500GB worth on board there’s plenty enough space to store all your data with 4GB RAM too- which means quick response times when loading up applications or playing games (even heavy ones).

If the lack o’ i3 processing power bugs ya then don’t worry; dual core does just fine in most cases.


The Acer Aspire XC is a gaming laptop that has been built with one goal in mind – to make your gameplay as smooth and fast flowing as possible. It does this through high-end components like 8GB of memory, 1TB hard drive space for all those games you want playing forever; not even close!

The new processors come powered by Intel’s latest technology which makes sure every move goes smoothly without any lag whatsoever . Alongside these powerful chipsets there are also graphics cards made specifically so gamers can get the most out their play sessions while they’re on-the go thanks again custom designs tailored just.

Do you need a laptop that can keep up with your busy lifestyle? This one has all the features, and is less than 25000! It offers 1 year of accidental warranty.

The best laptops under this amount are quick on their feet so to speak because they have great storage capacity (1TB) paired with 4GB RAM- which makes it perfect for multitasking needs too.


We have a new addition to our list of best laptops under 25000. This time, we’re taking you into the world of HP with their newest product; TheHP25110Mixed Reality Laptop.

With 4GB RAM and an Intel graphics chip (which means it will run any game very smoothly), this sleek-looking laptop is perfect for those who want more than just basic functionality from their machine but also something that looks good doing so too.

The laptop is a perfect fit for anyone looking to maximize their features and storage space. With up 1TB of memory, this device has more than enough room in which you can store anything from movies files all the way down to personal photos or any other kind data that one might need access too sometimes.

It also comes equipped with both web camera as well as microphone–which means it will be easy not only communicating but also recording video chats without having another person on hand willing/able-bodied enough do what needs doing first off (I’m talking about myself).

9. LENOVO G50-45

So, you want to be on the cutting edge of technology? Well we have just what your looking for! Our newest laptops are perfect for gaming and media creation is at an all time high.

With a 2GB RAM this machine will do anything without lagging or slowing down which means that even with intensive tasks such as graphic designing it can still keep up easily enough while working efficiently thanks in part from its Core i5 processor so downloading programs shouldn’t take too long either.

The 10th place in our list of the best laptops under 25000 is yours for only $2700. This 500GB hard drive can store anything you need, whether its videos or studies; it has an Intel graphic chipset that’s perfect when playing smaller games with your friends on weekends while still being able to stream well enough so long as there isn’t too much activity happening at once (which would cause buffering).

The 15″ HD display makes sure that everything looks great thanks also comes standard within this model–not surprisingly either considering how high their rankings were.

Buying Guide For Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor

Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor


When looking for the best laptops under 25000, it is important to first consider the quality of the machine. You want to find a laptop that will last you for a few years, not one that will start breaking down after a few months.

To ensure quality, look for a laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor. This is a mid-level processor that is known for its reliability and durability. It also delivers good performance, making it perfect for everyday use.


Next, consider the design of the laptop. You want something that looks good and feels comfortable to use. Look for laptops with a sleek and stylish design, as well as a lightweight build. This will make it easy to take with you on the go.


The screen is another important consideration when choosing a laptop. You want a screen that is big and bright, with good resolution. Look for laptops that offer a Full HD display or higher. This will ensure you get the best viewing experience possible.


Another important factor to consider is the amount of memory the laptop has. You want at least 4GB of RAM, but 8GB or more is recommended for best performance.


You also need to consider the amount of storage the laptop has. Laptops with a lot of storage are ideal, as they can store more files and applications. Look for laptops with at least 500GB of storage space. This will give you plenty of room to store everything you need.

Operating System

Finally, you need to decide what operating system you want the laptop to run. Windows 10 is a popular choice, as it offers a lot of features and options. However, MacOS is also a good option for those who want a more user-friendly experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor

Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor

What is the best laptop under 25000 with i3 processor?

The laptops available under Rs.25000 will vary from person to person, but the options mentioned in our list offer a good performance and can handle most of your daily tasks easily. You can check out this article if you’re looking for laptops with an i5 processor .

How to choose a laptop with i3 processor? what are core i3/i5/i7 processors?

If you want a detailed explanation, check out our post where we have explained all about Intel Core processors. In simple words , higher the number after Core, better is the performance of the processor . For example – A Core i3 Processor will be better than a Core i5 Processor.

Which is the best laptop brand with i3 processor?

There are a number of good laptop brands that offer laptops with an i3 processor. Some of them are Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and Samsung. 4. Is it worth to buy a laptop with i3 processor in 2018


When people think of a laptop, they often visualize it as being bulky and heavy. If you’re looking for the best laptops with an i3 processor under 25000 rupees, we have all your bases covered. We reviewed some top models that come in at a great price point without sacrificing on performance or features. Check out our list to find the perfect laptop for both business and personal use.

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