Top 9 Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000 In 2023

Are you in the market for a new laptop to do some video editing on? If so, you may be wondering what the best option is for you. In this post, we’ll take a look at five laptops that are perfect for video editing under 70000. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, there’s sure to be something here that fits your needs! Keep reading to find out more.

Laptops are everywhere these days, and for good reason. They’ve become the perfect tool to help you with any video editing task that usually requires a high-performance system such as Sony Vegas Pro 12 or Final Cut Express 8/9 – in addition to other popular programs like Filmora.

To achieve this level of performance from your computer there needs be two components: graphics card & processor speed which both have an impact on how well they produce quality results when rendering footage while running powerful software applications at once by using multiple processes simultaneously or not utilizing enough RAM (even if it seems fast performing).

After 100 hours of research, we found that laptops in the Indian market come with various specification and system configuration. Finding a perfect video editing laptop is no easy task but it’s possible if you know what your looking for.

There are many full HD + higher resolution models to choose from – all of which will allow users like yourself who plan on doing large-scale projects at home or work create high quality videos without any problems whatsoever. Check out this article so I can tell y’all about them too.


Top 9 Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000 In 2023

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 15.6" (39.62cms) Full HD IPS Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows...
OS: Pre-Loaded Windows 10 Home with Lifetime Validity; Pre-Installed: MS Office Home and Student 2019
HP Pavilion AMD Ryzen 5-4600H 15.6 inches FHD Gaming Business Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10...
3.0GHz AMD ryzen5-4600h 4th Gen processor; 8GB DDR4 RAM; 512GB SSD; 15.6-Inch screen, nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB Graphics
ASUS TUF Gaming F15 Laptop 15.6" (39.62 cm) FHD 144Hz Intel Core i5 10th Gen, GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6...
Access to over 100 high-quality PC games on Windows 10; Operating System: Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity
Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core i5-10th Gen 15.6-inch (39.62 cms) Display T&L Gaming Laptop (8GB Ram/1TB HDD...
Processor: Intel Core i5-10300H processor, turbo up to 4.5 Ghz; Display: 15.6" display with IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, Full HD

1.Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 : Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000 in 2020

The best heavy productivity and video editing laptop is the Lenovo Legion C730. It features an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor that can deliver incredible smooth rendering performance in Vegas, filmora even at Maya.

On the graphics front this computer uses one of NVidia GTX 1650 4GB card to provide high quality multitasking without any lags or hiccups- perfect for all your projects needs regardless if they are full HD videos needing transcoding purposes or audio mixing workflows on deadline arrivals where every second counts.

With 8GB DDR4 RAM combined with 512 GB SSD storage you’re guaranteed fast loading times no matter what type project we place before it.

This laptop features a big 15.6 inches full HD 3 side narrow bezels 60 Harsh refresher 250 nits brightness display, which makes it perfect for outdoor uses.

The device’s color accuracy and brightness are also good despite being used heavily all year round thanks to its impressive design elements such as aluminum construction (which accounts for nearly 2kg of weight). It has dual-action fans that help keep your computer cool no matter what kind if work you’re doing on them – even during heavy video editing periods.

The best laptop for video editing under 70000 bucks is the Lenovo Legion Y7000. It’s got a 45 watt-hour battery that delivers an average of 7 hours – with some testers getting up to 9! And you’ll be able to handle all your heavy duty processing needs thanks in part to its flagship Ryzen processor and GTX 1650 4GB graphics card combo–so it’s perfect when paired together as well.

2.HP Pavilion AMD Ryzen 5-4600H

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is a powerful device for heavy video editing and multitasking. This gaming laptop comes equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor that delivers incredible multitasking performance in all of your favorite programs including Sony Vegas, Filmora or Premiere Pro – even when running at higher resolutions.

With its solid state drive storage capacity (512GB) you’ll have plenty space left over to store any other files needed while working on projects; this makes them easier than ever before since everything just gets pushed onto one drive instead if being spread across different locations around.

This powerful gaming and editing laptop has a 4GB graphics card which will be enough for most of your video software. In addition, it includes 8GB of DDR4 Ram to deliver good multitasking performance with an immeasurable color range on its 15.6 inch full HD panel that enable high-resolution videos in great dynamics as well.

This device also features an adjustable display refresh rate up until 144Hz so you can edit fast-changing colors without any issue at all – perfect if precision is key when creating professional-grade content like motion pictures or TV shows right here online today.

The best laptop for editing videos and heavy gaming, the HP Pavilion Gaming 15. This device features a dual fan 42dBA cooling system that delivers incredible performance in this season of video production or gameplays.

It also has 3 side micro-edge bezels with backlight keyboard which enhance your productivity further on top of B&O audio enhancement. Finally there’s an 4th generation powerful CPU paired up to GTX 1650 ti graphics card making it perfect under 70000 Rupees price range without sacrificing any luxuries from what you need most: Performance & Power.

3.ASUS TUF Gaming F15 Laptop 

TUF Gaming Laptops by Asus are well-known for their heavy performance and features. This powerful laptop comes with a 144Hz showing 15.6 inches big FHD display which is one of the best in India, on graphics front they use Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB DDR6 memory to edit videos up close or from afar without any lag time – amazing.

Their 10th generation Intel core i5 processor also has max 4500 Mhz speed as you work your magic skills into perfecting those stunning moments captured beautifully thanks our large screen size ideal especially when editing Full HD (1080p) footage at its highest quality playback settings.

The Asus ROG Strix G notebook PC is perfect for heavy video editing software. It features two storage capacities – 1TB HDD and 256GB NVMe M2 SSD- which both provide enough space to store your videos files as well other important data in case you need it with ease.

This laptop has 8GB DDR4 RAM so multitasking won’t be an issue whatsoever; additionally, its 48 watt hour battery allows average 6+ hours of screen on time without needing any outlets nearby (perfect if traveling).

Some other laptop features like a 144 Harsh refresh rate anti-glare panel, Wi-Fi 6 and dual fan colling system ensure high-performance video editing. With these specifications in mind we can confirm that this is one of the best laptops for full HD content creators under 70000 INR.

4.Acer Nitro 5

The Acer Nitro 5 is a true heavy working and productivity laptop in India. Almost every new video editor uses this machine for editing their videos, because it has the GTX 1050 ti 4GB graphics card which enables high-quality graphics performance with all of your modern software like Final cut pro or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

For making sure that you have enough power when needed there’s an i5 processor which can go up to 4.5GHz; also 1650mhz strenght dedicated graphic unit from Nvidia makes everything come together smoothly even if resolution drops below 1080p.

This video editing laptop by Acer is a workhorse. It has 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and two storage capacities: 1TB HDD or 256 SSDs for maximum performance. This device also features Full HD IPS technology display which makes colors vivid on screen even in dark areas.

For durability occurred with this aluminum body structure that gives you premium feel when using it as your main PC at home in front of the TV or monitoring studio space respectively- be sure to check out all these amazing specifications before picking up another machine because I’m almost 100% guaranteed there won’t be anything else like them around later down the line.”

The Acer Aspire GX3 is a great video editing laptop that not only has the performance to handle tasks like these, but also includes some highlighted features for enhancing your experience even further.

The RGB backlit keyboard makes it easy on eyes during long hours of work; DTS X audio provides enveloping sound effects when you want them most – all without any delays or lags in between! With up to 7 hours batter life in heavy use situations while still delivering smooth playbacks thanks nitro sense cooling system (which doesn’t overheat!), there’s no limit how much time this machine can last before running out Of juice.”

5.Lenovo Legion 5 

At first, you will be impressed by the NVidia GTX 1650 ti 4GB graphics card that can handle your video editing software. But what makes this Lenovo Legion 5 more than just a typical gaming laptop? The performance is only one reason why it’s great for professionals in various fields such as graphic design and animation who need to work on large files with plenty of layers at once.

Additionally, its powerful processor boosts speeds when rendering projects or playing games alike without sacrificing power efficiency thanks 10th generation Intel Core i5 CPU running at Max 4500MHz clock speed from intel processors which also comes equipped 15.6 inches full HD anti-glare IPS display capable displaying over 120Hz refresh rate pictures so everything always looks crisp no matter how fast things are.

With its ability to perform video editing and playback, this laptop is perfect for anyone looking to do their own thing. The coldfront 2.0 dual-channel thermal mechanism cooling technology makes it unbeatable at the price point of under 70k.

With a backlit keyboard with anti ghosting keys as well as soft landing switches that improve typing experiences in dark places like night clubs or bedrooms alike–you’ll never have any more trouble getting things done when all else fails because your hands just don’t want miss out on what they feel while using them again thanks so much these features.

With 8GB of DDR4 RAM, the 14HD takes everything you need to edit videos and renders them without slowing down. With all these features it’s a great laptop for professionals who want top-of-the line performance in their projects.

6.Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14

The best laptop for video editing under 70000 is the MSI GL62M Performance Edition. This device features an Intel Core i7 processor, 10th generation edition and Nvidia MX150 graphics card which are good enough to render high-quality videos but it’s not meant to edit 4k content. The lightweight design with ultra-thin bezels makes this one of India’s lightest travel-friendly laptops at 1kg weight.

This sleek, lightweight laptop is the perfect tool for professional video creators. It features a 14 inches full HD anti-glare screen that enables high quality videos and colors even in sunlight; it also uses an 8GB RAM along with a 512 GB SSD storage combo which ensures smooth multitasking performance you need on your next project.

With this device’s Intel Core i5 processor coupled up against its 2MP camera (with wide angle lens) make sure to take advantage of what Live Streaming has offer by checking out our Youtube channel today at.

The laptop’s robust design, intuitive user interface and long battery life make it a practical choice for productivity. In addition to these features that enhance its performance as you work with your documents or create videos on the go; 8 cores processor will ensure smooth multitasking in any task at hand while good cooling helps keep system temperatures down so all those resources don’t get bogged down by heat-generating processes – just enough without being excessive.

And because this lightweight machine weighs only 4 pounds (1kg), transporting it from place A-B won’t take up too much space either.

7.HP Pavilion (2021)

The newly launched HP Pavilion series laptop is a powerful computer with incredible new generation specifications. This device specially built for casual video editing and rendering, it’s one of the best travel-friendly laptops under 70000 in India.

The highlighted part about this product are 16GB 3200 MHz Ram which enhance high-quality multitasking performance as well as renderings ability to work efficiently on all types surfaces without any lags or refresh rate issues whatsoever making them perfect if you need something lightweight but still power-hungry.

If you need a laptop to do heavy video editing and rendering, then the Intel Core i5 processor with 4.2 GHz should be enough for your needs in 2021. This powerful chip has been built on an 11th generation architecture that’s efficient at using less power while running more smoothly than previous generations of processors from this line-up (and even other brands).

It also comes equipped with 1TB SSD storage capacity which means loading times won’t take forever if anything gets loaded onto it during intense sessions like rendering or 3D modeling.

The HP Envy Spectre 15-ax023TU is equipped with a 512GB NVMe SSD and can run up to 6 hours of video editing on one charge. The IPS screen has 250 nits brightness, which makes it perfect for outdoor use in intense sunlight conditions during peak seasons such as summertime when you’re out there trying your best work hard at capturing those all-important vacation moments or family life events that happen once every few years because they are so precious.

8.Lenovo Yoga Slim 7

This slim, lightweight laptop will make your backpack feel lighter than ever before! It has a thin 17.9 mm profile and 1kg weight so it’s perfect for taking on trips or even just working from home without having to worry about carrying around something bulky.

The AMD Ryzen 7 processor runs at 4 GHz with max clock speed of 5Ghz which makes this device more than capable when rendering videos in high definition format while also being able handle daily tasks such as office work pretty efficiently if need be thanks again its Radeon graphics memory – not too shabby considering some other laptops might require you upgrade their GPU cards.

The sleek and stylish design of this Lenovo laptop is sure to catch your eye, with its 4 sides that are narrow bezels. The aluminum finish on the lid not only looks great but also enhances durability for those who use their computer often.

Iinside 8GB DDR4 RAM ensures fast multitasking without any laggy Performance while an IR camera secures all-important video files from prying eyes – even if you’re offline or outstation.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops are known for their durability, quality construction and long battery life. To keep you working without worrying about power outlets or charging times as much it features an 8 hour rated battery that can be charged from 0% in only 30 minutes using the included 45W charger along with 2 USB 3.2 ports 1 Type C HDMI port so users always have enough juice on hand no matter what they’re doing.

9.Dell Inspiron 5502 

For those who require a little more power, the dell is equipped with 8GB of RAM which can handle all your modern video editing software and application. For graphics processing they utilize an Nvidia MX330 2GB Card Graphics Card that’s perfect for Full HD videos on YouTube or Facebook Live Streams.

The heavy metal finish on this laptop is a beautiful, durable and gives you the in-hand feel that everyone wants. It features an 15.6 inches full HD IPS display for good colors even when it’s dark out.

The Ideapad 330 Outlet is the perfect laptop for video editing. This stylish looking device has a thunder cooling system that improves its performance in heavy working conditions, as well as an on-battery time of 7 hours with average brightness at 100%.

It features all connectivity ports including HDMI and USB 3.2 type C among others! Looking at these amazing specs we think this product offers enough power to handle up your high definition work without breaking (or burning) a sweat – plus it only weighs 4 pounds so you won’t have trouble lugging around one of these bad boys from place A to B either.

Buying Guide For Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000

Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000


When looking to buy the best laptop for video editing, it is important that you consider the quality of the device. One of the key features to look for is a good processor. This will ensure that your videos are processed quickly and without any glitches. You should also look for a laptop with a high-resolution display. This will give you a clear view of your work and allow you to make any necessary adjustments.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing a laptop for video editing is storage capacity. A good laptop should have at least 1TB of storage space so that you can save all your files and projects. It is also advisable to get a laptop with an SSD drive as this will provide faster loading times for your files.


When choosing a laptop, it is important that you look at its ports and connections before making a purchase. A good laptop for video editing should have USB ports as well as an SD card slot. This will allow you to connect your external devices if necessary. It is also advisable to get a laptop which has at least 1 HDMI port so that you can easily preview your work from the big screen.

Keyboard And Touchpad

A good keyboard and touchpad are essential when it comes to producing videos on laptops. The keyboard should be easy to use and provide accurate feedback whenever you press a key. A touchscreen display with multi-touch gestures is recommended as this will allow for quick navigation when playing back videos.

Graphics Card

The graphics card on your laptop is another important feature when it comes to video editing. You should look for a device that has a dedicated graphics card with at least 2GB of VRAM. This will ensure that all the editing and processing is done quickly and the final output runs smoothly without any glitches.

Battery Life

A good battery life is required for laptops used for video production purposes. A standard battery should last between 4-5 hours depending on usage of the device itself and its screen size. The bigger the screen, the faster your battery will drain out so ensure you get a laptop with an efficient one if necessary. Also, it would be best if you get a laptop that supports fast charging so you can quickly get it up and running again in case of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000

Best Laptop For Video Editing Under 70000

What is the best laptop for video editing under 70000?

The best laptop for video editing under 70000 would be one that has a good processor, high-resolution display, and plenty of storage space. It is also advisable to get a laptop with an SSD drive for faster loading times.

What are the key factors to consider when purchasing a laptop for video editing?

The key factors to consider when purchasing a laptop for video editing are quality, storage capacity, connectivity, keyboard and touchpad, graphics card, and battery life.


The best laptop for video editing under 70000 will depend on the person’s needs. If you’re a beginner, then an entry level machine is perfect and if you need something with more power to do heavy lifting, we recommend looking at laptops like the Dell XPS 15 or MacBook Pro 17-inch.

There are many great options out there when it comes to finding a high quality computer that can handle all of your video editing needs – find one that works for you.

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