Best IPS Monitor Under 15000 – IPS, 144Hz And Freesync

Are you looking for the best IPS monitor under 15000? If so, then look no further. We have compiled a list of our favorite models on the market today that are packed with features and will not break the bank. They all come highly recommended by users who have bought them, plus they also get great feedback from professionals in the field. Take advantage of these excellent deals while they last! 

The first thing to consider when buying an IPS monitor is your budget – what is it that you can afford? This affordable price range has some pretty decent monitors available which offer good value for money without breaking the bank. Some even come with additional features like speakers or USB ports which make life easier if you’re plugging in any extra peripherals like a webcam or speakers.

The second thing to look for when buying an IPS monitor is the features that you will need it for; if you intend on using it mostly for gaming, then you’ll want something with fast response times and refresh rates which make your experience more comfortable during play. If watching movies is more of your focus, taking a look at what screen ratio options are available (like widescreen), as well as how many USB ports they offer would be very helpful. 

Best IPS Monitor Under 15000 – Detailed Review

LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out...
Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m²; Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Response Time: 5 ms
BenQ GW2780 27-inch 1080p FHD Eye-Care, IPS Monitor, Ultra-Slim Bezel, 60 Hz, Brightness...
WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: 178°/178° Viewing Angles for clarity from any viewpoint; CONNECTIVITY: VGA x 1, HDMI 1.4 x 2, Display Port 1.2 x 1, Headphone Jack x 1
HP 23.8 inch(60.45 cm) Ultra-Thin Edge to Edge LED Backlit Computer Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel...
Input connector: 1 VGA; 1 HDMI (with HDCP support); 14 ms gray to gray; 3 years parts and labour limited warranty
Lenovo L-Series 23.8-inch FHD IPS Near Edgeless Monitor with VGA + HDMI, TUV Certified Eye Comfort -...
Sleek, compact design; Stunning visuals, FHD IPS; Suits any environment; Country of Origin: China

1. LG 24 Inch Borderless LED Monitor : Best 24 Inch IPS Monitor Under 15000

The LG 24 Inch Monitor is the best monitor under 15000 in India as of 2021! No one can challenge this company’s electronic engineering expertise and leadership for many years now, so it’s no surprise they’ve come up with another winner here. 1080p pixel resolution makes everything look crystal clear while using High standard definition–meaning you’ll get true black levels without any light bleeding or brightness vibes coming through when

viewing an image on screen at night time (which happens because LCD monitors cannot produce colours accurately). Additionally there are other features like FreeSync which reduce tearing & stuttering between graphics card frames rates/refresh rates making games run smoothly without seeing those artifacts; plus colour accuracy should be spotty anyways due to how these monitors work so don’t expect to see much in the way of accurate color reproduction.  

What’s also great about this monitor is how thin it is; at just 20mm for the bezel, it’s almost as good as having a borderless screen (which would be really hard to find on such a large size). You even get built-in speakers which are always nice and the robust stand keeps the monitor sturdy and stable no matter how much you use it–so there’s no wobbling, vibrating or other annoyances like that.

The LG 27MP77HM Monitor has a TN panel that provides poor viewing angles, but is great for straight on viewing.

On-Screen Control allows you to adjust settings easily and quickly in one window with an intuitive user interface allowing users of all skill levels efficient access without having go through multiple menus or buttons presses if they are not familiar with the monitor’s functions at first glance.

The ease and comfort of this monitor is perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in their work or play. The options available can be adjusted with fewer clicks than other screens, making it easier on the eyes while also saving time! Plus you get a second screen that’s wall mountable so your gaming setup has all its necessities covered – no need order extra parts separately (unless you want cookie cutters.


  • Great design
  • Rich color and contrast


  • Less viewing angles compared to IPS monitors

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2. BenQ 27 Inch Slim Bezel LED Monitor : Best Monitor Under 15000 For Office Use

The BenQ 27 inch monitor is a great choice for home and office spaces. It’s sleek design will blend in seamlessly with any decor, while its 1440p resolution provides you crystal clear content from documents to web pages or colorful movies without pixelation even when viewed on the edge-to~edge display that extends over both screens.

The multiple connection ports make it easy enough as well – whether your looking to connect through VGA, HDMI,or DisplayPort there should be something available here making sure compatibility across devices has never been simpler 

The builtin speakers do an excellent job outputting rich sound waves so those who work together can enjoy their own tunes simultaneously without needing headphones, And lastly we have cable management which includes keeping cords organized behind this monitor so just about everything you could need is ready to go out of the box.

The new BenQ Flicker-Free Technology eliminates the harmful flicker of traditional LCDs to prevent fatigue and vision damage. The intelligent technology also monitors ambient light in your viewing environment, which it uses as an signal about how bright or dimmed you would like your screen brightness level adjusted for optimal comfort without scolding glare on sensitive eyesight.

The BenQ low blue light technology filters out hazardous, harmful blue light to give you a much more comfortable viewing experience. It also eliminates eye fatigue and irritation so your mind can rest easy knowing everything will be just fine without any worries.


  • LED backlight emits good quality light
  • Comes with a sturdy stand


  • Viewing angles could be better

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3. HP 23.8 Inch Edge To Edge Monitor : Best IPS Panel Monitor Under 15000

At first glance, the HP 23.8 inch is a massive monitor with an impressive list of features and specifications that will surely meet your needs for work or home computing. It’s big enough to be used as both one screen on multiple Computers at once – perfect if you’re doing some serious multitasking.

The 21″IPS Panel provides rich colors thanks in part due its wide viewing angle which makes it easy on even sensitive eyesight (upright/rotated). With its edge-to2–display design this product looks very stylish too; making every minute spent inside looking through these beautiful pixels count toward productivity.

With a display without bezels, the viewing experience is much more immersive. With its seamless integration into multi-monitor setups and wide aspect ratio it makes for an excellent option in gaming systems where multiple screens are used to play games like League of Legends or CS:GO competitively against other players around the world!

The panel itself delivers clear images at every angle; there’s no lag when moving from horizontal angles up towards vertical ones because of how quick response time this type/version (IPS?) has been designed with – which ensures accurate imagery across all spectrum levels whether you’re looking straight on TN panels would exhibit varying degrees.

The 178-degree viewing angle and flicker free technology make this screen perfect for gaming. It has an AMD FreeSync which reduces input lag, stutter or tearing by a lot as well.

The low blue light mode shifts colors in order to provide you with more natural whites that will protect your eyes from harmful radiation emissions while also making it easier on them instead of putting strain like other screens do since they are less harsh during night time hours when taking care if kids who may have excess energy without anything else going on at home before bedtime.

HP’s new 27-inch 1440p Monitor is the perfect gaming monitor under 10000 for people on a budget. It has all of those connectivity features to make your experience seamless, with HDMI out and power ports too.

But wait there’s more–the refresh rate isn’t high so don’t worry about experiencing lag or latency when playing games; this affordable yet quality product will not disappoint you at any point during gameplay either due its lightweight design that makes transportation easy as pie (pun intended).


  • Good response time
  • High refresh rate (75hz)
  • Lightweight for transportability


  • Viewing angles could be better.

4.Lenovo L Series 23.8 Edgeless Monitor

As a modern professional, you want to have the perfect balance of design and value. The Lenovo L24i-10 brings this idea into fruition with an ultra thin nearly frameless display matched by VGA and HDMI interfaces that will give your eyes what they crave: vibrant visuals at 1920 x 1080 resolution for all those pixels.

In addition, it features nonglossy screen capabilities so viewers can enjoy their viewing experience without any reflections from glare or smudges on glass plates while also saving space in tight spaces thanks its cable management feature guaranteed not only fashionable but functional as well.

With its Full HD 1080P 2 Megapixel CMOS camera, the Lenovo FHD Webcam is perfect for making long-distance video calls with your friends and family. This high-definition webcam captures clear images that are great at getting down into each person’s facial features so they’ll be able to hear you loud and clear every time.

The full stereo dual microphones help make conferencing much easier too; no more worrying about background noise or how good their mic sounds when whispering because both yours will sound crystal-clear on any device (even big screens like TVs).


  • Has built-in Mic  
  • Great value for money


  • Less IPS Screen Displays

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5.LG 24 Inch Full HD IPS Monitor

The LG 24 inch monitor is the most popular model in 15,000 categories. This means it’s a go-to for anyone looking to buy an affordable and reliable high-end display with plenty of features.

The 4k resolution makes this one stand out from other models on our list – but don’t worry if you can only afford a lesser quality screen because they also produce office monitors at these resolutions too such as their previous generation LCD computer displays which had refresh rates up over 160 Hz when connected via DisplayPort or GSYNC compatible graphics cards that support DSCC compression technology (which we highly recommend!).

The image on the screen is clear and vibrant, but because of its IPS panel it can be difficult to see in dark scenes. The response time doesn’t change with VRR enabled so fast moving content will always look smooth no matter what refresh rate you’re playing at; 144Hz or 60 Hz

Unfortunately, this monitor has an issue where blacks are closer looking like gray than true black which may distract some viewers when watching HDR videos due their wide color gamut display that makes bright highlights pop out more brightly on these types of visuals.

The LG 32LK550U offers a bright and vibrant screen that performs well in brightly lit rooms thanks to its impressive peak brightness. Unfortunately, this also means there’s more room for reflection than other monitors on the market – so if you’re looking at finding something cheaper then I recommend checking out our Monitors Under 10000 post where we have plenty of options.


  • Has inbuilt mic
  • Sleek Design


  • Bad viewing angles.

6.ViewSonic VA2432-MHD Monitor

The VX2703mh-LED is a sleek, black monitor with an impressive 1.9k x 1080p screen that comes in at only 2 inches thick and 0.75-inch bezels! The matte finish cabinet has four mounting holes for your wall or desk placement; you can also mount this on the included stand which provides 19-degree tilt range (no height/swivel/pivot adjustments).

There are four function buttons located on either side of the monitor’s lower right corner including power button as well as three other customizable programmable keys so custom macros will work best just like any gaming keyboard would do–it even has macro recording abilities built into its software suite called “Lightning strike”.

The rear of the cabinet houses a wealth of video and audio inputs. There’s HDMI, DVI as well as VGA for those who want their picture quality just that little bit better than life; it also includes an audio input to ensure you can hear all your movies with crystal clear sound.

The TV comes pre-programmed with Picture settings like Brightness/Contrast adjustability (which we recommend turning down), Color Temperature if someone in your home needs assistance adjusting his or her own monitor according to preference – I know mine does since everything looks too magenta sometimes unless its set on Light.

With smart technology at your fingertips, the 27″ LED display is perfect for any professional environment. The Eco modes allow you to save money in energy costs and extend its life with reduced brightness levels that will still be legible even if viewers are looking directly into them. Check Out Specific Range Of IPS Monitors.


  • Good build quality.
  • Sleek design.


  • Limited connectivity.

7.PHILIPS 271V8/94 23.8″ Smart Monitor

When it comes to business monitors, in an age where 4K seems to have assimilated everything and the assumption that bigger is better prevails, you might be overlooking your options. Enter Philips’ new 245B1 monitor which gives more desktop space with higher pixel density while still being affordable for many applications–especially on a 24-inch screen.

The Philips 245B1 has some excellent features that improve its productivity as a monitor, including efficient and clever power saving functions. But one notable absence on the Specs list is USB-C connectivity which will be missed by users who need this feature to connect their devices seamlessly into today’s workplace technology landscape.

The slim bezels of three sides ensure it’s about as small footprint-wise for 24″ monitors – adding even more appeal when space or positioning isn’t available at all surfaces nearby.

The stand is a great addition to this camera. It allows you a full range of adjustments, including rotation into portrait mode and all-metal construction for durability rather than plastic like other competing products at the same price point.


  • Good build quality.
  • Sleek design.


  • No USB type C connector.

Buying Guide For Best IPS Monitor Under 15000

Best IPS Monitor Under 15000

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the number of times in a second that a monitor can refresh its display to show an image to the user. It dictates how smooth motion will appear on the screen, and higher refresh rates means smoother movement. The average LCD monitors have 60 Hz refresh rates while for gaming monitors it can go up to 240 Hz.


If you are looking for an IPS monitor, then it is recommended to choose a 4K one.The levels of better detail, more vivid colors and wide viewing angles give the 4k monitors an upper hand on their regular counterparts. And hence, if you want crystal clear images with awesome color accuracy then go for IPS displays.

Proper Contrast Ratio

Top-notch image quality generally includes perfectly balanced contrast ratio along with brilliant picture clarity ensuring accurate blending between dark and bright elements without any sort of shade in the darker areas or unwanted light being reflected by brighter elements on-screen.

Response Time

Response time is how quickly pixels are displayed after receiving the signal from PC/laptop/Graphics card. If the response time is low pixel transition will appear smooth resulting in sharp details in the moving images. In short, a good response time is what everyone would want when looking for an IPS monitor.


IPS stands for In-Plane Switching . It is one of the most common type of panel used in thin and light laptop or high-end monitors due to its ability to reproduce accurate color over wide viewing angles without compromising on speed which is not so good for TN panels.An IPS Panel must have low pixel response time, making it suitable for watching videos or playing games.


VA stands for Vertical Alignment. It is another type of LCD panel which offers the best contrast levels and the deepest blacks. The colors are accurate, but they have slightly higher response time compared to IPS panels. Most VA panels have 4 ms to 8 ms of pixel response time.


TN stands for Twisted Nematic . It is the cheapest Panel type used in budget monitors due to its fast pixel response time (1 ms). However, it has poor viewing angles due to which the colors distort when viewed from an angle. This panel also has low contrast levels, making them unsuitable for watching movies or playing games that require deep blacks and vibrant colors like explosions or dark scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best IPS Monitor Under 15000

Best IPS Monitor Under 15000

What is an IPS Panel?

An In-Plane Switching (IPS) Panel is the most commonly used display panel technology found in smartphones, laptops and high-end monitors.The main reason for its popularity is its ability to produce accurate colors over wide viewing angles without compromising on speed which makes it suitable for watching videos or playing games.

It has low pixel response time which ensures smooth transition of moving images by making pixels inactive till they are refreshed at a faster rate.

Why you should go with 4K monitor over Full HD monitor?

The prices of Full HD monitors are decreasing day by day while the prices of 4K monitor are not coming down much thus making it very expensive for some users.

It is not possible for all the users to upgrade their monitor every time a new technology enters in market, hence it is better to buy 4K monitor only if you are willing to spend higher on your monitor and do not mind switching between resolutions while running games or watching movies.

The more noticeable difference can be seen on 27-inch screens since the pixel density (Pixels per inch) of Full HD & 4k Monitor under 30 inches is same.

What is the best response time required for an IPS panel?

A good response time would be 2ms which ensures smooth transition of moving images by making pixels inactive till they are refreshed at a faster rate.Less than 5 ms response time makes the moving images appear blurred.

What is the difference between VA and IPS panel?

The main difference Q between Vertical Alignment (VA) and In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels is that while IPS panels offer wide viewing angles of around 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally;Vertical Alignment (VA) offers a limited viewing angle of around 160 degrees in both directions.

The reason for this limitation is because of the nature of liquid crystals which twist naturally when voltage is applied to them.


The best IPS monitor under 15000 can be a tough purchase. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between price and performance, our top pick is the LG 24MP59G-P Frameless LED Monitor with PLS Panel. This budget-friendly option offers an excellent picture quality at 1080p resolution, making it great for work or play on your desktop computer. With rich colors and deep blacks that are less likely to cause eye strain than other monitors in this range, it should suit any needs you have!

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