Best Helmets Under 6000 – Latest Buying Guide 2023

Motorcycles can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! There are many great options for cheap motorcycle helmets under 6000. This article will give you a rundown of some of the best and cheapest helmets on the market right now.So read up! If you’re looking for protection with style at an affordable price tag, then this list will help you narrow down your choices without having to spend hours searching online or in-store.

A helmet can either be made for off-road riding or regular driving. It comes with different sizes, features and safety standards but as the skull is among one of most sensitive parts in human body while on bike it should provide utmost protection to you against any possible accident that might happen on roadways

A motorbike has many vital components like handlebars (handle), seat (seat)and fuel tank etc., which make up its frame; however, behind every component, there are specific tasks performed by them individually according to their designated roles within the overall operation scheme without disrupting efficiency’s balance at large scale level so they play a critical role throughout little details matter too.

If you are looking for a helmet with rich and safety features, such as the latest technology equipped like Pinlock or emergency red tab release system; here’s our list of best helmets under 6000. Let’s see them before making your mind up.


Best Helmets Under 6000 – Top 8 Picks

SMK MA266 Thermoplastic Twister Captain Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet with Clear Visor...
Available in L (590 millimeters) size; External shell aerodynamic, moulded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic)
SMK HELMETS Force Steel Gl100 Uni Colour Helmet Plain Visor (Large)
Ece Certified : Internationally accepted, Maximum head injury protection during impact
Ls2 Full Face Helmet 352 Camo Matte Black-Red-Xl
Outer Material: ABS Shell; Inner Material: Technical Fabric; Color: Matt Black And Red; Safety Features for Visor: Quick Release System, Anti UV, Scratch Resistant

1.SMK Twister Logo Full Face Helmet : Best Helmets Under 6000 In India

The SMK MA271 Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet is the best helmet under ₹6000 because it has all of its features and refinements well thought out. The padding used in this product offers superior comfort, while also looking sleek on your face when riding with friends or family members around town.

The most important feature about these specific type of headwear would be that they protect you from any sortles attack such as rainwater logging up inside through sweat pores during longer rides which could potentially lead to Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome (CDS).

The safety and durability of this helmet is unmatched. It’s made with an external shell that reduces air pressure around it, making for a more comfortable ride on the bike without having to worry about getting too winded or overheated.

Plus it’s moulded in energy impact-resistant thermoplastic which means they’ll be able to withstand some bumps during your commute home- none of those cheap plastic jobs will hold up against these bad boys. The best part? You can remove all parts needed for washing so there won’t ever be any residue build up inside – not even if you’ve eaten garlic before riding as I once did.

The Visor is scratch-resistant and doesn’t require any tools. The rapid release buckle makes it more comfortable for long trips, while the ECE certification ensures safety in 47 countries around Europe.


  • Top-quality
  • Great looking
  • Superior padding and comfort
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Durable & Long-lasting product, perfect for those long rides


  • This helmet is not suitable for hot or summer days

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2.SMK Twister Captain Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet

This SMK MA266 Twister Captain Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet is also best helmet under 6000 because it’s an awesome set of gear that has all the features you need to ride safely. Its pin lock cheek pads and second sun visor are practical additions for everyday use, while its sleek design means they don’t get in your way when not on tour or during pit stops at races.

The SMK MA266 Twister Captain Graphics helmet is ECE certified to provide the wearer with a full-face coverage. The Pinlock anti-fog visor helps keep you seeing clearly during times when visibility becomes limited, while also providing extra wide vision in sunny conditions or if it’s cloudy but not raining outside.

This sunvisor has scratch-resistant tinted lenses that block UV rays which can lead too aging faster than usual as well as rapid release tabs on either side so they’re easy touse whatever activity life brings along !!! Lastly; outer shell material — high impact resistant thermoplastic (EIRT).

The interior of this helmet is lined with hypoallergenic and anti-static liners which are fully removable, washable whenever required! The vents on the chin part as well as the upper rear extractor can be adjusted.

Furthermore, there’s also a retention system equipped with quick-release buckles for easy donning/doffing convenience – perfect if you want to go quickly from biking in traffic without stopping your ride or need an extra layer under clothes when winter comes around.


  • Durable & Practical
  • Easily removable & washable liner
  • UV protection


  • No Double D-ring is available

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3.SMK HELMETS Force Steel Gl100 Uni Colour Helmet

This SMK HELMET Force Steel Gl100 Uni Colour Helmet is the best sports helmet under 6000 because it has some special features that make for a high-quality experience. It’s designed in Italy, known around these parts as being rigid and safe with top-notch style; plus production happens right here at home too.

The patented pin lock technology provides maximum visibility during cold rides while also preventing fogging up which will keep you looking good time after all those intense workouts.

The latest helmet from Gator is an improvement on their line of high-quality head protection. This product has hot air exhaust, which helps direct outwards the accumulating heat during extended usages and also features an air vent at chin area for fresh breathable while riding comfortably; this certified by ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) gives maximum safety in injury impact with international acceptance given that it reduces sun glare too.

The shell of this helmet is shaped to better than other SMK models, and it has an energy-resistant thermoplastic that can withstand impacts.

The inner padding won’t irritate your skin or cause allergies with its hypoallergenic material; also removable for cleaning! Additionally, they’re scratch-resistant so you always see clearly in any weather condition.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Removable and Washable Interior parts
  • Hot air exhaust system to release heat during riding sessions


  • Lacks only a double D-ring

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4.Ls2 Full Face Helmet 352 Camo Matte Black-Red-Xl

The LS2 Full Face Helmet 352 Camo Matte is the best helmet for sports under 6000 because it’s very comfortable and its security system was also great. This ECE-certified (Economic Commission for Europe, accepted by 47 countries) assuring safety of riders all across with a full face design that ensures better protection than any other shell out there.

The sleek styling of the helmet is perfect for those who want a stylish, quality product. The removable comfort liner makes washing easy and hypoallergenic with laser-cut foam that won’t irritate your skin.

It has other safety features like a quick-release strap, reinforced chin strap as well as EPS material which surrounds your head to protect against impact in case you misstep on the pavement or fall off your bike (it even has neck roll).

Not only does this Visor come equipped with reflective tape around its exterior but also anti UV coating making sure visibility isn’t an issue no matter what time it may be during day or night; finally there’s scratch-resistant glass available too so everyone can stay safe while they ride.


  • Made of scratch-resistant glass
  • Quick-release strap for easy donning/doffing


  • Visor coating is not so strong.

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5.SMK MA200 Twister Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet

This SMK MA200 Twister Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet is the best helmet for bullet under 6000 because it looks very classy and on a bike with an old school vibe this type of classic thing will look good. The product SMK MA200 combines style, safety features like scratch resistant Visor that releases rapidly as well as ECE certification ( Economic Commission For Europe ) which is accepted by 47 countries.

The Visor is the perfect helmet for every active lifestyle. With its extra-wide vision and externally scratch-resistant sun shield, this sleek lid will keep your eyes protected from all angles while giving you superior protection against windblown debris or other obstacles on the road ahead.

The external shell has aerodynamic features that reduce drag during high-speed riding conditions; it’s made out of EIRT material which makes sure any impact collision feels like nothing at all

The inner resin coating keeps sweat away so you stay cool and dry as well as breathable by letting air flow through those vents making them adjustable depending upon preference (on both ends). If visibility isn’t an issue because.

The retention system is also equipped with a quick-release buckle for micrometric adjustment.

The device’s patented design ensures that you can quickly adjust your lavalier microphone without having to take the entire rig apart, ensuring seamless transitions between shots.


  • Fingertip foldability with fast roll-up
  • Quick-release buckle for micrometric adjustment.


  • Bulky to carry around when not in use

6.Axor Designer Full Face Helmet

This Axor Designer Full Face Helmet is also best helmet for bullet under ₹6,000 because its design is very oerfect to look good on the bike.

It’s another Italian company manufacturing helmets which are further imported into India by Vega. The helmesteres manufactured by Axors have attractive looks and a comfortable fit that would make you feel safe while driving or riding your motorcycle. This particular model -AXR-09 has DOT certification along with neon graphics tachometer print although these features might not seem too appealing at first glanc.

The product is made out of a patented fiberglass eco shell which ensures the highest quality of protection without compromising on style. It has an anti-fog clear protective shield which will ensure you have nothing but perfect vision all throughout your ride.

The external ventilation system is designed to let you breathe easy with its antibacterial liners and two adjustable air vents that’ll make sure your head stays cool even when riding at high speeds or under heavy workloads.

These air helmets are a great way to stay safe on the road. They come with different colors and graphics, as well as an outer shell of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) for safety reasons.

The front visor is made up of hard-coated polycarbonate that provides better protection from debris while riding your bike outside city limits or countries where there isn’t much traffic enforcement.There’s also an eight ventilation system that allows you cool fresh air flow through it at all times! removing this protects against sunburns so be sure not just leave them out if going into direct sunlight.


  • Good ventilation system.
  • Hard-coated polycarbonate.


  • Warm during nighttime.

7.LS2 FF352 Full Face Helmet

This LS2 FF352 Full Face Helmet is the best full face helmet under ₹ 6000 because it comes with a scratch-resistant visor and Anti-scratch optically corrected shield. The shell of this product has been crafted from HPTT composite, as well has polystyrene EPS inner lining for safety during riding. It also features ECE certification which assures worldwide approval among many countries that accept these standards.

The K2 women’s mountain bike helmet is perfect for all styles of riding. It features a quick release system, air vents that are both intake and exhaustible at the same time as well as an adjustable chin strap to ensure your safety when in motion on two wheels.

The inner liner fabric will keep you cool during summer months thanks its breathable design which also makes it easy remove if necessary by only using one hand due tp being removable without tools needed whatsoever making cleaning simple too.


  • Perfect fit and colorful design
  • Reasonable price


  • Bit overpriced

8.Shiro SH-600 Full Face Helmet

The Shiro 600 Full Face Helmet is the best full-face helmet under ₹ 6000 because it offers high comfort and breathability. It has an ergonomic shape to reduce cervical fatigue, as well as features needed by all bikers like DOT-approved construction for safety with ECE/ONU certification added on top.

This product includes washable liners that also come equipped with anti-allergic coating making it safe to ride in any weather conditions possible; including foggy mornings or afternoons when visibility becomes limited due to moisture condensed onto your visor’s clear lenses – giving you peripheral vision without compromising too much of what can be seen up close thanksgiving dinner table style.

A new helmet is released with all the features that every rider needs. The outer shell of this product has an aerodynamic design and can resist scratches, while still providing protection from falls or other accidents during riding; there are four air vents for better flow control and no one will be left feeling hot in summertime thanks to it’s cool exterior fabric liner which also allows quick-release buckles so you don’t have worry about lost pieces on your bike ride through town.

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  • High durability
  • Can resist scratches


  • Doesn’t fit all head shapes

Buying Guide For Best Helmets Under 6000

Best Helmets Under 6000

You need to consider all the specifications before buying any product under 6000 because there are many products available in market which claim their product best but after analysis it is not as per your requirement so you have to spend double of what you actually bought.

So, before spending money on helmets check out the following list and if possible search for those features on Amazon or some other online store or website from where you can buy one with best price.


Always remember that whatever price tag a Best Helmet Under 6000 Rupees has must be balanced with its durability and comfortability. When a helmet is expensive it doesn’t mean that it has more benefits than a cheaper helmet. You have to look at your personal and depending on that choose the helmets which will satisfy your needs.


This is very important because if the product you will buy is heavy then it will be difficult for you to work or ride with that one. So, do not forget to check the weight of a helmet before buying anyone. Look out for a lightweight product and get rid of extra weight from your body.


Style matters a lot when it’s about Best Helmets Under 6000 Rupees . You have to know how you look in that helmet into that matter so, don”t ignore this point while choosing any lid from the market.

It should be customized according to your face type and style otherwise it can spoil your image in front of others so choose wisely from the following list and then buy one which match your personality and style.


You have to look at your face shape before buying a helmet because every person’s face has a different structure so choose one according to your facial features. If you will buy the wrong product for yourself then it can be very difficult for you to work and also it can spoil your whole personality by making you embarrassed which is not good at all for any individual.


There are many helmets available on the market that comes with adjustable straps, but there are some who does”t come with this facility which makes their adjustments completely impossible, and if you buy such one and after using it if its size becomes a trouble-causing problem for you then don’t worry we will help you out.

Just go through our article where we shared easy steps of adjusting size for your Best Helmets Under 6000 Rupees .


When buying a helmet you have to look at it’s visor as well because what is the use of a good looking helmet if it doesn”t have a high quality and resistant visor which can easily resist any kind of scratch or anything else. So, always look out for the visor feature as well along with other specifications.


If you will buy a helmet that is not comfortable then don’t expect that it will satisfy your needs because when we are working or riding with something uncomfortable then it makes us irritated and annoyed so never ignore this point and make sure you choose your best one from our list given above after checking out every specification of the helmets.


To make sure that you have made the right decision of making this purchase, check out what all things are covered under the warranty so if later on any problem arises and your product can’t handle it then know how to move forward with it. If you want to avoid such problems at first go for those products which offer a maximum warranty or double as much as others.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Helmets Under 6000 Rupees

Best Helmets Under 6000

Is it really possible to buy a helmet under 6000 rupees?

Yes, there are many helmets available on the market which comes at a cheap price and are also of great quality. If you will not spend much money on buying something then do not compromise with its quality because your safety matters the most so always try to buy things that are being offered at low prices but have a high-efficiency rate.

There is a number of options are available for Best Helmets Under 6000 Rupees according to your budget size so don’t worry just check out our article carefully and after reading it all you can easily get an idea about which one to buy among the list shared above.

Can I use these helmets while riding bigger motorbikes?

Yes, you can surely use these helmets while riding motorcycles of higher engine capacity because all the helmets which are mentioned in our list above are manufactured according to government standards.

They are not less than the big brand helmets in every way, in fact they have better qualities in them which can satisfy your needs. So, I will suggest you that always try to buy one from our list after checking out their features carefully because they are economical as well as efficient when it comes about quality.

Do all these products comes with UV-protected visor?

No, some helmets do”t come with this feature but still, there is no need to worry at all because we have already ordered each product according to their specification and price range. So, you don’t have to worry about this point as well.

There are number of features are available in these helmets which are making them very popular on the market among customers around the world so whatever is being offered by these manufacturers will surely satisfy your needs because they know what kind of work can be done with a single helmet during riding or working purpose.

So, I will suggest you not to go anywhere else just scroll down our page where we have shared everything that was necessary to buy something for yourself without giving much time to it.


In this article, we’ve provided a list of the best helmets you can buy for under 6,000. We hope that this helps make your decision easier when it comes to investing in a helmet for yourself or someone else. If you have any questions about our recommendations feel free to reach out and ask us!

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