Top 11 Best helmets under 5000 in 2021

Helmets are a crucial part of any rider’s gear. They protect the head from injury in all types of riding, and help to prevent concussions or other brain injuries that can come from a fall or crash.

The helmet is designed to absorb impact and disperse it over a wider area across the skull, which helps to reduce the severity of an injury. It also reduces rotational forces on the brain by spreading out energy from an impact instead of concentrating it in one small space. 

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some helmets for sale under 5000 rupees so you get the best bang for your buck! Best Helmets Under 5000 Rupees.

As a rider, your safety is up to you and not anyone else on the road. You simply cannot go out without wearing a helmet- it’s just common sense! Safe driving can’t hurt either since it will help keep us safe from accidents when riding our bikes or in any other car we might drive for work purposes.

In 90% of cases where there have been injuries involved with bike crashes around traffic areas across America (as well as many other countries), someone could have avoided being seriously injured had he/she worn one of those fancy helmets you see nowadays at stores near retailers who sell them too; so don’t be shy about taking care yourself by putting on that cool cap today before tomorrow comes knocking

11 Best helmets under 5000 in 2021

Smk Twister Zest Ma271 Pinlock Fitted With Clear Visor Men's Helmet (Orange White, Large)
Available in L (590 millimeters) size; SMK Full Face Helmets will come with Pinlock Systems Original Anti Fog Film Included.
₹ 4,650
LS2 Helmets - FF352 Rookie - Mein - Gloss Black Green - Single Mercury Visor Full Face Helmet -...
The fitment of the helmet should be tight and snug; Light Weight: 1350 +/- 50 Grams; European Certification: ECE 22-05 Certified
₹ 4,750
Axor Rage RR3 Dull Black Orange Helmet-L
ABS material for impact resistance and toughness; ISI and DOT certified helmet; Removable and washable linings
₹ 2,728
Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmet in Matt Finish Helmet Fitted with Clear Visor and...
This 580 MM Medium Helmet Size will be fit only of 55-56 CM Head Size Men/Women; ISI Certified Helmet
₹ 1,631

1 – SMK Twister Full Face Helmet – SMK Helmets Under 5000

The SMK MA266 is a full-face helmet with an easily replaceable, clear visor. This lightweight and comfortable design ensure optimal visibility even when riding at high speeds thanks to its aerodynamically designed EIRT or Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic exterior that reduces drag on your hair follicles so you can ride longer without feeling sweaty or uncomfortable in the summer heat.

The inner layer has been treated using Resil coating for extra protection against water intrusion while maintaining breathability; it also keeps the rider cool during hot weather because there are air vents all around the upper shell including those over the rear spoiler area as well as below the chin strap buckle – making this bike accessory perfect whether they’re taking part in mountain biking activities like downhill races where speed comes.

This sleek and stylish helmet is the perfect addition for any rider. This durable design can be paired with your favorite color of gear, as it comes in a variety of black or white! There’s also space on this innovative Helmet to fit devices like Bluetooths/intercoms if that suits you better- so go ahead take charge today by getting yourself one at our online store now before they’re gone!!!

The clear visor on this helmet is scratch-resistant and has a slight tint that acts like sunscreen to prevent excessive glare. The wide visual field of the lens ensures you can see clearly while wearing it, even during bright weather conditions or when riding at night.

This product comes with an easy release buckle system for faster fitting changes without any extra tools required in case adjustments need to be made along your journey – great if the security goes out before I get home (But we’re not going there today). You won’t regret getting one; they come large enough so most people should find comfort using them from start-up until around 500 miles into their ride.

2 – SMK MA271 Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet – Best Helmet in India Under 5000

The SMK MA271 Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet is the best helmet under ₹5000 because it has a good build quality and padding. The fitting of this product also makes sure that you are comfortable while riding your bike, making for an amazing experience.

The inner of the helmet is made from materials to keep it cool and dry as well as breathable. It also has hypoallergenic liners which can be removed for washing when necessary, along with lower wind stop protection on top by way of an air vent at the rear part of the shell or around your head near chin depending upon preference (it’s adjustable).

The visor releases quickly so you don’t need any tools in order use the original Pinlock lens without worry about scratches!

3 – LS2 Helmets – FF352 Mercury Visor Full Face Helmet

The new LS2 FF352 full-face helmet is a lightweight and strong design that only weighs 1350 grams. Made from HPTT composite, this sleek shield offers great protection for your noggin’. The single shell construction makes it simple to mount with one hand while not compromising on structural integrity or comfortability during long bike rides thanks in part to its ECE-certified visor made of 3D Lexan material which resists scratches like nobody’s business!

The interior of this helmet is made using foam that’s laser-cut, which makes it fit securely. The moisture-wicking lining and anti-bacterial properties help to prevent odors even when worn for a long time! You can remove the inner lining if you want or wash as desired; just be sure not to forget about drying quickly because otherwise, your experience may become uncomfortable quite fast (especially since sweat does happen).

A comfortable chinstrap secures tightly around your head so there are no worries about any fall accidents either while riding in traffic with these on – thanks guys!!

The QuickRelease Retention System from MSR has a buckle that allows you to release your weapon quickly. This product goes great with bikes and riding gear of nearly any color, making it perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors!

4 -Axor Rage RR3 Helmet – Axor Helmets Under 5000

The RR3 Rage is a lightweight, yet certified DOT and ISI helmet. It’s made from an impact-resistant ABS material that adds durability to this product for riders looking out for protection on their heads in any situation! The inner lining can be easily removed or washed as needed without jeopardizing its safety standards–which makes these linings perfect if you want some extra peace of mind when commuting through traffic.

The helmet is a technological marvel. Its shell design and state-of -the-art aerodynamics make for stability at high speeds, improved comfort during longer rides — all while looking sleek and stylish! The rear air vent provides optimum ventilation so you can enjoy your favorite activity in relative calm without overheating or becoming uncomfortable even after hours on the bike path.

The helmet is perfect for all-round protection and safety. It also has a sleek design which makes it not only fashionable, but also extremely cool!

A high level of visibility combined with an easy to remove visor means you can ride in style without worrying about getting lost on your bike commute or race track debutante ball dress rehearsal (which might be tonight!). With detachable spoilers made from durable polycarbonate material complete this elegant yet tough lid that will provide ample comfort when needed while still providing maximum protection against impacts such as falls etc…

5 – Steelbird R2K Helmet With Dual Action Visor – Best Helmet Brands Under 5000

Steelbird helmets are among the most popular and trusted brands in India. They have a dual-action visor that is both clear when riding at night, as well as protecting from glare during daylight hours; this makes it great for biking all day long!

The SteelBird R2K helmet also includes safety features like an intake venting system which helps maintain good air flow inside your head regardless of weather conditions or speed you’re going. If these benefits weren’t enough already then check out how affordable they are – affordability being one reason why people buy steel bird instead other high end models costing 5k

The helmet is designed to protect you from powerful impacts and has a breathable interior. The padding can be removed for hygiene purposes, it also comes with an ISI- marked exterior that means the product meets all safety standards!

6 – Shiro Sh-119 Full Face Helmet with Flip-Up

The Shiro SH-119 is a high-quality, DOT and ECE-rated full face helmet that features an integrated face shield. The ABS outer shell makes this product durable yet lightweight for optimal safety while protecting against impacts with its aerodynamic design ensuring minimal wind interference on the road or track at speeds up to 120 mph!

The inner shell is composed of multi-density polystyrene. There are 2 layers that can be easily removed and washed as needed, which is important for maintaining hygiene and comfort! The 4 vents allow the rider to stay cool by allowing air flow through them while also preventing overheating or becoming moist at all due in part from their design being breathable throughout with anti-allergenic materials used within so you never have worry about allergies ever again on your bike ride around town thanks to this great construction job done right here

The helmet’s ergonomic design helps make riding less of a cervical strain. It features an anti-scratch coating on the 3D visor, which is durable and ensures you have crystal clear peripheral vision as well!

7 – SMK HELMETS Force Steel Gl100 Uni Colour Helmet

SMK helmets are the best in their category, and this one looks good too. It’s got a lot of features that make it perfect for biking or any other sport where you need protection from knocks on your head while also ensuring visibility. The patented pin lock technology will keep out fog so there won’t be much trouble with seeing incoming traffic during cold rides–just stay safe!

The Scorpion EXO-700 Helmet has a dual visor system, which reduces sun glare and provides maximum protection during head injury impact. It’s ECE certified ( Economic Commission for Europe , accepted by 47 countries) as well internationally accepted that this product gives you comfort while riding safely with its hot air exhaust helping in directing outwards the accumulated heat from within your helmet . There’s also an air vent located at chin area to provide fresh breathable air.

This helmet is a sleek, lightweight design that makes it perfect for cycling. The shell of this bike headpiece is made from an aerodynamic material which results in better air flow and less drag on your skin! Additionally there’s removable foam inside so you can customize its comfort level as needed – without sacrificing protection completely by removing the padding entirely like with some other types of cycle wear

8 – SMK MA200 Twister Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet

This SMK MA200 Twister Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet is the best choice for under ₹5000 because it looks very classy and on a bullet bike this type of classic thing look good.

A stylish looking black coloured helmet with clear Visor, which releases rapidly without any tools needed making sure your safety when riding in India’s traffic conditions. The product also meet EN1385 standards (Economic Commission for Europe) approved by 47 countries including India.

The Visor is a high-quality, durable piece of headgear that gives your face an extra edge when it comes to safety. The externally scratch resistant sun shield and internal EIRT material give the wearer peace of mind knowing they will always have protection from any potential risks in their line or work place

The exterior shell also make sure there isn’t too much wind resistance making for faster riding times while remaining aerodynamic so you can stay cool during those long hours on two wheeled fun!

The helmet is equipped with a quick release buckle that can be easily adjusted to fit your head. It has lower wind stop and nose guard which are removable, as well many air vents on the chin, upper part of shell (chin), rear extractor EPS-001 offers great ventilation due adjustable configuration for better cooling while riding motorcycles in different environments from hot climates like Arizona where summers temperatures often exceed 100° Fahrenheit or Chunnel’s darkness during winter months.

9 – Axor Designer Full Face Helmet

Italian company Axor makes a variety of motorcycle helmets that are both stylish and protective. The designer full-face helmet, the AXR-09 is DOT certified for safety with its neon graphics and tachometer print which seems very attractive to many bikers today!

The new Akra sports safety helmet is one of the most advanced models on the market. It features an exterior composed exclusively out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) for durability, and protects against impact with its hard-coated polycarbonate visor that’s easy to clean.

The eight ventilation system ensures you stay cool in hot weather or breathe freely when it’s cold outside – never get overwhelmed by your environment again thanks to this excellent protection equipment from a company name known around here as being at top quality time after time:

10 – Royal Enfield NH44 Full Face – J1D Helmet – Off Road Helmets Under 5000

Finding a comfortable and safe helmet can be difficult. It’s important to find one that looks good, too! However you’ll need some variety when it comes time for choosing your new lid because not all full face helmets have big visibility features like visors or prominently featured eye holes – just make sure whatever design element is chosen will work well with how often riders want peek outside of their head protection.

While riding motorcycles in order avoid accidents from happening on the roadways as much possible (and looking up isn’t always an option.

The Royal Enfield NH44 Full Face – J1D Helmet has an easy-to-remove screw mechanism built into its design so you don’t need any tools in order to take off the visor quickly if you want some extra visibility while driving your motorcycle or scooter.

It’s lightweight and breathable design makes it much more comfortable than other full face helmets available today as well as giving better peripheral vision when looking around corners or checking your blind spots before changing lanes on road! This helmet meets all standards

11 – THH – Full Face Helmet

Get a smile on your face with the THH – Full Face Helmet! This lightweight, compact design is made up of high-quality plastic that’s fibre reinforced. The company vision at Tong-Ho Hsing are to provide safety as well as quality and technologies for customers around the world who want nothing but great products from them in return.

They’re going places… I hope you like red because it looks pretty awesome when paired up against black or silver bikes; not too mention how cool this makes YOU look riding down main street.

The ThH TS-43 is a sleek and stylish helmet. It comes in different colours, including black silver for those who want to stand out from the crowd! The dual lens visor provides great protection against sun glare while still letting you see clearly on your commute home or during that long meeting at work (not sure which one).

With easily removable interior components this makes cleaning super easy too – just wash it all together when necessary so there isn’t any lost space between layers due dirt build up over time

In addition we have added some extra comfort features like an oval shaped foam lining inside combined with skin friendly fabrics outside; perfect tunes everyone’s head shape differently.

The helmet is equipped with seven air ventilation systems and a nose guard. The chin strap has an buckle closure retention system which ensures that it fits securely on your head at higher speeds for maximum stability during riding.

Buying Guide


In India, In 2019 You must know there is a lot of types of helmets available on the market both on and offline that are for different environments, climates, activities, or purposes. Knowing all about these things can go a long way in helping you choose the best motorcycle helmet under 5000 rupees on local as well as online platforms.

Be sure to read on for some helpful insights into choosing good helmets before getting out on those Indian roads next year!


Visibility is critical when it comes time to make a decision when buying best helmets under 5000 because regardless of how safe a helmet is, in the unfortunate event that you crash and hit your head

If you can’t see things around you then you won’t be able to avoid potential hazards on the road! And with this modern era where lots of people are using motorcycles as a mode of transportation for going from point A to B nowadays, having good visibility features integrated into a helmet has become more important than ever!


Helmets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them should be certified to protect riders during an accident or collision. The less bulky the better: it is important that you aren’t encumbered by your helmet when riding and can move your head around easily (and this usually means not too much protruding material).


Helmets may feel comfortable when they’re brand new however after extended use, most motorcycle helmets start adding tension around the crown area which can cause discomfort over time. There are some helmets have been known to wear out quickly so finding


Motorcycle helmets should breathe well so heat doesn’t build up inside when you stop for gas or take a break from riding. While full-face helmets do provide more protection than open face

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best-lightweighted helmet under 5000?

Royal Enfield NH44 Full Face – J1D Helmet is one of the best lightweight helmets under 5000.

Is the visor easily removable from Royal Enfield NH44 Full Face – J1D Helmet?

Yes, The visor is very easy to remove from Royal Enfield NH44 Full Face – J1D Helmet. It has a screw mechanism built into its design so you don’t need any tools in order to take off the visor quickly if you want some extra visibility while driving your motorcycle or scooter.

Does this helmet have a sun shield/visor?

Yes, It’s an easy-to-remove screw mechanism built into its design so you don’t need any tools in order to take

Which is the best helmet for Scooty under 5000?

Royal Enfield NH44 Full Face – J1D Helmet is the best helmet for scooty under 5000. This helmet comes with two visors. One is transparent and another one is sun visor.

Which is the best manufacturing company?

The best manufacturing company of motorcycle helmets is Shoei Company. It provides multiple features in helmets like laser cut ventilation, adjustable jaw cradle, fully removable washable inner lining etc.

What Is The Price Range Of Best Helmets Under 5000?

Different types of helmets are available at different price ranges. Royal Enfield NH44 full-face helmet under 5000 is one of them which comes with multiple options of colors and weight also easy to clean its visor without tools so it’s very user

What makes a great motorcycle helmet?

The price point is right up at top concerns most buyers who are looking for quality as always but also don’t want to spend as much as they would have to if buying from more expensive brands with similar models making it easier than ever before to get an amazing product at affordable


So these are the best helmets under 5000 rs in India market. These helmets have got good ratings from customers so, if you want to buy a helmet from this price range for your safety, you should go with the above products as they are popular and well built according to customer reviews on Amazon. Thanks for reading this post on Helmets Under 5000. Good Luck!

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