Best Helmets Under 4000 – Detailed Review Of Top 5 Picks

In the world of motorcycling, safety is a priority. The best helmets under 4000 are designed to not only look good but also protect your head from injury in a crash. These helmets vary in price and style so there is something for everyone.

In this article, we will review some of the top-rated motorcycle helmets on the market today that all fall below 4000. We’ll cover some of their features as well as what makes them stand out from other models on the market. Whether you’re looking for a helmet that offers more protection or just want one with an attractive design, these are all worth checking out.

The best helmet for under INR 4000 is a tough decision. But if you have your heart set on one, here are five great options from brands like Studds and Steelbird with their contributions to the industry-known names in motorcycling safety. For those looking up at higher budgets though – no need to worry.MT will provide an option that’s worth every penny when it comes down to protecting yourself while out there speeding around town or even highway speeds.

But first, let’s get to the basics. How does a helmet protect your head from injury in a crash? You may be surprised at what makes up a motorcycle helmet and how it works to save you from death or serious brain damage should you suffer an accident.

Best Helmets Under 4000 – Top 5 Helmets Review

SMK Helmets Men's GL153 Dynomo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet with Clear Visor (Large)
FEATURE 2 : Chin Air Vents, ECE certified , Wind Protector, Hot air Exhaust; FEATURE 3: Hypoallergenic Liner, Multi density EPS, Pinlock Antifog, Quick Release Strap
Shiro SH-119 Flip-up Full Face Helmet (Matte Black & KTM Orange,L)
DOT and ECE/0NU 22.05 Approved for highest safety; Aerodynamic design for optimum air flow with 4 Kit Vents
Steelbird Sba2 Robot Full Fcae Helmet With 1 Extra Visior And Pollution Mask (Red With Blue, 600)
Hygienic Interior With Breathable Padding; Neon Graphics Reflect At Night; Italian Design 2017
Vega Cara Madstar Helmet (Dull Black and Blue, M)
Unique shape with snug fit; Admirable beading of the window and the bottom; Detachable, washable Interior

1.SMK GL153 Dynomo

If you’re looking for a quality helmet at an affordable price, look no further than the SMK! With features like UV-resistant paint and double eye protection visor with removable nose guard – this could be your perfect option. The liners are anti-allergic which means that they won’t irritate your skin even if it gets wet while riding on long rides through harsh weather conditions.

And lastly but definitely not least importantly: these helmets come in small/medium/large sizes so there’s something for everyone out there who wants nothing more than comfort when they ride their motorcycles around town or head into unknown territory.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the SMK helmets today and pick up one that will help keep your head safe in case of an accident. With so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find an option that looks great while protecting your head.

The SMK helmets are available in multiple sizes ranging from XS-L for both men and women. The liners are removable which makes it easy to wash them when they get dirty or even worn out. They also have double eye protection visor with removable nose guard which is a highlight of this helmet.

You can purchase these helmets on Amazon at affordable rates with free shipping depending upon where you live – definitely a bonus! A fair number of customers seem happy about the fast delivery service which means you won’t have to wait too long yourself if you decide on this helmet.


  • Double-eye protection visor
  • Easy to clean liners
  • UV resistant paint
  • Anti-allergic material


  • None

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2.Shiro SH-119 

Shiro’s new SH-119 visor can be flipped to give you a different style. The front side has four air vents and comes with dual face protection for open or closed helmets, making this an excellent option no matter what mode of transportation you’re using! It also meets both DOT standards as well as ECE regulations so it will not disappoint in terms safety either way.

This helmet is available in multiple sizes so you’ll be able to find one that suits your head perfectly. The visor is tinted which means you won’t have to deal with the sun hitting your eyes while riding around town or even on highways for longer periods of time. It’s also very simple to use – just lock it into place when you want it open and push it down when you’re ready for a closed visor. If you need other accessories please check our other products.

The Shiro SH-119 comes in three different color options: black, matte black, and white. This way there should be something available regardless of what style matches your bike best or if you prefer darker colors like black or lighter ones like white. Either way, this will work great no matter what type of bike you have or your personal preferences!

The inside is made of a comfortable material that will sit well against your skin and won’t irritate you. The cheek pads are also anti-allergic so you won’t have to worry about red marks on your face after long rides.


  • Comfortable liner for longer rides
  • Dual face protection


  • None available at this time

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3.Steelbird SBA-2 Robot

The Steelbird SBA-2 robot has a visionary design that is sure to catch your eye. It comes with an extra transparent visor for night use, while the standard model also includes the trendy rainbow-tinted one in case you want something more vibrant.

The helmet even gets a pollution protection mask as part of this package deal – making it perfect whether at home or on location outside during photoshoots when rain isn’t expected but could happen anyway thanks to storm cells rolling through town.

This helmet meets the safety standards of ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS 218 with 217g/sqm steel strength rating – making it one of the safest options available on the market for those looking for a top-notch product that can keep you safe no matter what type of ride you’re taking and conditions you’re out in.

And last but certainly not least, the visor has quick-lock mechanism along with a mirror effect when it’s flipped up. Unlike other helmets on our top 10 list, this one is available in multiple sizes up to 3XL so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your head! The cheek pads are also removable so you can wash them whenever needed.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Quick-lock mechanism for ease of use
  • Safety standards met


  • Not many reviews

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4.Vega Cara Madstar

For those who need a top-of-the-line, a premium product to protect them from weather hardship and accidents on their commute through traffic can purchase cara madstar. It comes with extended air vents and a sun visor as standard features which makes this bike ideal for Indian roads conditions

It also has increased protection in case anything happens while riding due to extra side shields that project outward like wings preventing injuries by direct contact with road surface.

This helmet has ECE 22.05 certification, DOT FMVSS no 218 and is rated with 217g/sqm steel strength rating making it one of the safest helmets available on market today.

The inside part has anti-allergenic padding that can remove if needed for cleaning or replacement. The cheek pads are also removable hence convenient to clean after longer rides or during rains to keep your head dry and comfy at all times.


  • Increased safety measure
  • Multi-purpose helmet


  • Fewer color options

5.Studds Shifter D1

The Flagship Shifter series from Studds is an awesome helmet that offers a variety of Helmets for ladies Etc. It has replaceable liners and quick release chin strap, which make it easy for you to get on your bike without worrying about any adjustments or fastening mechanisms getting in the way.

The UV-resistant paint also makes this product stand out among others like it on today’s market; not only does sunlight protect its wearers but prevents surface rusting too-making them last even longer than before.

The additional perks don’t stop there: buyers can choose between graphics designs (and numbers) galore when purchasing their desired colorway so there will be no dull moments with these beauties around wherever YOU ride.


  • High quality materials
  • UV-resistant paint job
  • Different color options
  • Quick release chin strap


  • Head circumference is larger than stated on site.

Buying Guide For Best Helmets Under 4000

Best Helmets Under 4000

Now that we know what the best helmets under 3000 available in India are, it’s time to discuss a few helpful tips and tricks for finding the perfect product to suit your needs and budget.

Foam and Padding

The general rule of thumb is that more padding means better protection; those who plan to ride off-roads or take their motorcycle on long journeys can afford to opt for thicker pads as they will feel more comfortable and safe throughout their journey without any risk of injury.

On the flip side, those commuting through town streets often may find this style too bulky – after all, no one wants to show up at office looking like they’ve just come back from war! Thus, thinner padding might be preferable for short time riders.


Before buying, make sure the material of the helmet feels strong and capable enough to protect you-neoprene is indicated as a durable alternative; it doesn’t allow your head to overheat during long rides.


The weight of a helmet can vary from product to product; those with more metal exterior tend to be heavier than their lighter counterparts made with fabric and synthetic fibers which makes them an ideal option for everyday riders.

Law requires that motorcycle helmets be at least one kg heavy so we recommend opting for something closer to this range rather than the lightest models on the market.


More options available mean more customization options for you as a customer.Check if there’s a possibility of getting stickers or decals with your chosen design or number; these can be added at the time of purchase with ease.

Universal vs. Specific Sizes

A universal helmet is one that does not vary much in size and will fit most riders; however, in some cases, it may prove to be too big or too small for each individual rider’s head-so make sure to check this before buying.On the other hand, specific sizing means each helmet will fit a specific head size-but does take longer to produce and ship.


The last but not least, price is a major factor that dictates whether you should buy a product or not; if money isn’t an issue, go ahead and choose any kind of model that catches your eye there’s no going wrong with the best helmets under 4000! However, if budget is a concern – make sure to purchase something within your price range as there are loads of options out there to suit every budget.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Helmets Under 4000

Best Helmets Under 4000

Should I be able to move my head around easily with a motorcycle helmet on?

Yes, the best helmets for your bike should allow your head and neck maximum movement without any discomfort or strain; if this is not the case, try another product.

What’s the difference between regular helmets and modular helmets?

The main advantage of modular helmets is that they can be converted from full-face to open-face designs as per rider preference; some designs may even include flip-down sun visors as well as speaker systems.

On the downside, their chin straps tend to take longer than usual to fasten whereas normal design strap mechanisms are much more efficient. Lastly, exterior tends to be bulkier as it is made with extra panels to allow for the various functions.

Are motorcycle helmets DOT certified?

Yes, all motorbike helmets are meant to meet or exceed DOT safety standards before being allowed on sale in US/Canada markets. Helmets which have not met these market-specific requirements will be clearly indicated as such so you can avoid making a regrettable purchase after all.


When you’re in the market for a new helmet, it can be tough to find one that checks all of your boxes. There are so many factors to consider when making this decision and they range from style preference to safety ratings. Today we’ll help you figure out which helmets offer the best bang for your buck based on price point alone- no need to worry about whether or not these protective headpieces will keep you safe.

All five helmets listed below have been rated as top contenders by several consumer product reviewers and each is available for Best Helmets Under 4000. So without further ado, let’s dive into our list of affordable but still high-quality motorcycle helmets.

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