11 Best Helmets Under 3000 In India 2021

In today’s day and age, it is important to be safe when riding a bike. In order to do so effectively, the best helmets under 3000 Rupees are needed for protection. These helmets can save your life in an accident or from debris that might fly off of a car.

In this blog post we will discuss some of the top rated helmets on Amazon and what makes them great options for bikers in need of safety gear. 

In addition, we have also compiled a list of different types that you may want to consider before making your final purchase decision: full face helmet vs open face helmet, bicycle helmets vs motorcycle helmets etc.

So take a look below!

Want to buy the best branded best helmets under 3000? You have landed on a page of great choice. We know that investing in your safety is important, and we will help you find what works for both protection from impact or skulls hitting hard surfaces while also improving vision by giving an extra margin at eye level.

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Henceforth there are 10 best-selling models below 3 grand available across India but they come with different features so be sure to take their appropriate

11 Best Helmets Under 3000 In India 2021

1 – Steelbird SBA-2 Matt Full Face Helmet – Best Helmets Under 3000

The Dark Visor Helmet by Steelbird is a great sun protection option for summer. This branded company makes many types of helmets and SBA-2 model stands out because its mercury visor, which gives you excellent protection with comfort at an affordable price point. The blue color also allows users to personalize their look based on budget preferences – something we believe everyone can enjoy!

Rugged designs like this one come from Italy where designers are able work closely together using Synergizing superior quality technology as well advanced features such Sy nthegmatic or “Stinger” ventilation systemto keep riders cool no matter how hot it gets outside

If you are looking for a good-quality helmet that is stylish and durable, then the Yamaha Rhino might just be the perfect fit. With its innovative design to provide protection at an affordable price point of under 3000 Rupees (Indian currency), this new product from India will not disappoint those interested!

2 – Steelbird SA-1 Whif Full Face Helmet

The Steelbird SA-1 Whif Full Face Helmet is a high quality Graphics helmet that uses ABS materials shells and Italian design to ensure comfort, safety and lasting durability. The breathable interior provides extra ventilation for your head while you’re riding at speeds over 35 mph (56 km/h).

The helmet is one of the best in its class. It has World first NACA duct airflow technology, which was used by aircraft designers and supercar manufacturers alike! The double inlets allow air from outside to enter at higher speeds while still being able to refresh and dehumidify your interior with lower volumes than other models offer.

This makes them perfect for anyone who doesn’t wear a lot of gear under their headgear because they won’t be putting pressure on sensitive areas like ears or eyebrows when riding dusty trails

3. Steelbird Best Helmet Under 3000 – Top Brand Helmet Under 3000

I am proud to say that I work for a company who makes high-quality bike products. The Steelbird SBA 3 helmet, designed especially for those passionate about biking and riding their bikes as much as they can be safe while out on the open roads or trails is one such product we make here at our factory in India.

It features an ABS exterior material which provides excellent protection against impact from any direction; inner lining made up of EPS multi density materials promise ultimate comfort so you have no worries whatsoever when wearing this beautiful accessory during long journeys through rough terrains like mountain passes where weather may change suddenly without warning (which unfortunately does happen).

The newest and most advanced helmet for men, the StarFire 2 offers a whole range of safety features that will keep your head safe while riding. The visor is scratch free quality with Micrometric Lock installed which gives extra protection in case you happen to fall off or something happens on-road.

It also has Air ventilation system so sweat can’t build up inside causing uncomfortable heat around your face during hot summer days when cycling through traffic–safety first after all!

4. White Open Face Helmet For Bike

The Sunpeak helmet takes you on a ride through the city with its lightweight and sturdy construction. With an airy inner lining, it’ll be fun for your commute or adventure out exploring!

The outer shell made of fibreglass composite ensures powerful protection to head from impacts at any point – even if there is some kind of debris thrown up while riding street-side all day long (or whatever).

Now you can enjoy a comfortable drive with the Ride Liner! This clever combination of knit and mesh, polyester internals for better performance plus comfort on longer journeys.

You’ll be able to remove it easily so that washing is easier or just use some helmet spray cleaners if necessary – removing parts should not damage your helmet’s finish in any way at all thanks to anti-microbial treatments we’ve put into each layer here*. Internal fabrics are treated against microbes too which makes cleaning easy peasy lemon squeezy 😉

5. Vega – Sketch Dull Black Silver Helmet-M

Looking for a helmet that will let you venture deeper into the wild? Check out this awesome full-face off roader. With its built in goggles, detachable interior and dual exhaust vents to keep your head cool while on those long journeys through dirt roads or mountain trails then look no further than VEGA Off Road Sketch Graphic Helmets!

The original name of the product was “Vega”. The company has recently changed it to provide a more appealing and youthful look for consumers.

This new design is called “The goggle helmet” which features built-in goggles, eliminating neck problems while maintaining comfort over time with comfortable foam padding interior that cushions your head from any jolts on road bumps or vibration during use

6. Sketch Dull Black Silver Helmet-M

Vega Auto Accessories Pvt. Ltd is one of India’s leading helmet manufacturers and their headquarters are situated in Belgaum, a city in Karnataka state. The company began operations as an independent entity under the able stewardship of Mr.,), with over three decades since 1982 

to 2015 . At that time they have been competing for Design Process Product Quality alongside global leaders like Schuberthhelmets etc.. With such hard-working team behind them Vega managed to become bestseller across all price points due to its commitment to innovation

The Vega DV Secret helmet is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a high-quality, four air vents and certified by The Directorate Intelligence. This sleek design comes with double layer eye protection through integral guardian that will keep your eyes safe in any situation while looking stylish as well.

All of these features make it perfect to wear during biking or other outdoor activities like hunting where visibility matters most.”

7. Studds Full Face Helmet

The Ninja 3G Double Visor is a fashionable, high-quality full face helmet. It comes in various sizes and colors to suit your needs with features like UV resistant paint that protects the color from fading over time as well as an injection-molded outer shell made of engineering-grade thermoplastic for added strength during impact resistance or any other temperature change conditions thrown at you while out on patrol!

The Life-nets Headnet is a must have for any avid bike rider. The special design provides maximum protection against unfortunate impacts while still feeling comfortable on your head and skin! With its quick release chin strap, you can wear it comfortably in just minutes – no more fiddling with sticky clips or wearing one uncomfortable helmet after another because ofERG’s (Ever ridden without glasses?) 

Its unique liners repel water making these the ultimate go anywhere companion when riding through rain puddles aren’t an option either; they’re also anti allergic/infection which means less headaches caused by sweaty brows from continuous contact between liner material & damp surface). Finally there

Replaceable Liners can increase the life of your helmet by protecting it from scratches and adding freshness.

The liners are easy to remove, clean with soap or water when necessary then replace back into the helmet for maximum protection against dirtiness!

8. Studds NINJA 3G Flip Up Full Face Helmet

Steelbird, a company that has been in the automotive manufacturing business for more than 20 years and specializes in designing bike parts like handlebars or seat covers uses their expertise to create SteelBird SBA-2 full face helmet.

The exterior shell of this model is made out of High Impact ABS which provides protection against impacts while being light enough so as not to put too much weight on your head during falls – qualities you need when biking.

Built according to ISI standards with micro metric buckles meeting European safety specifications; it’s safe regardless if it’s used by males or females due to multi layer EPS (thermocol) high density inner layers paired up nicely next together low density ones making sure every part gets adequate coverage from blows plus there’s

Steelbird has created the best new design for young people. This product is specifically made with an air intake in chin guard, front side and top area as well as two rear extractors that recycle the air inside your helmet while you’re riding so it feels like nothing is there at all.

SBA 2 also comes in various colors giving riders more choices when deciding where their preferred style will be displayed proudly on or off-road thanks to its aerodynamic features which enables Smooth Ride AND Safety – making this bike worth checking out if safety matters most (and looks don’t hurt either). 

 SteelBird invests heavily into world class infrastructure manufacturing automotive components which helps them deliver quality products right down from materials used but not just anyone can get involved: only experienced

We are committed to providing quality products and services. This commitment is shown through the use of state-of-the art machinery, as well as global best practices in work environments for all our clients’ needs

Be it design or manufacturing – we can provide you with everything from A-Z

9. Steelbird SBA-2 White Full Face Helmet

Steelbird offers a variety of high-quality safety equipment to protect you against accidents. The SBA model night vision goggles are one such product, which can be used for both day and nighttime activities without changing visors.

This lightweight device has an impact ABS outer shell with thermocol layers between each layer that provides more protection than other materials while still holding up well against sweat in hot weather conditions or ice cold environments where visibility may be limited due the temperature difference.”

The ventilation system of this helmet uses the Italian Design, Hygienic Interior Multipore Breathable Padding Neck Protector For Extra Comfort And Morning That It Comes In Many Colors You Can Choose As Per Your Budget. It has an anti-scratch coated visor with a quick release mechanism for easy cleaning or replacement.

10 – Royal Enfield Grey Open Face with Visor Helmet (Best half face helmet)

Royal Enfield is a brand that has been around for decades. They make some of the best motorcycle helmet in this world, and it’s no surprise why they’re considered pioneers when it comes to safety gear innovation! This particular product features an open face design with coated hard shell making its durability more than perfect – not only will you feel safe while riding on your bike but also keeping out bugs or dirt from getting inside as well which can cause infection at worst case scenarios (or just annoying).

The trust Royal Enfield has built-in more than 100 years by providing a good quality helmet makes it the best half face helmet under 3000. 

The investment pays off with all the factors that you need in your next safety gear purchase, from comfort to protection and style; they can’t be beaten!

11 – Vega Off-Road Face Graphic Helmet (Alternative for sixth)

At first glance, the Vega Off Road OR-D/V-SKT Sketch seems like a pretty solid choice for Royal Enfield riders. It’s got that sporty and classic look going on with its dark visor paired nicely against colorful options of florescent green or hard white face pads depending what you prefer!

The sleek and lightweight Vega helmet is the perfect choice for those who want to be both stylish and comfortable during their ride. This safety gear comes with built-in goggles, which eliminates any neck pain from prolonged use.

The interior foam padding will keep you head cushioned throughout your commute while also protecting it against UV rays in order assure safe riding conditions no matter what Mother Nature throws at us this summer season; meanwhile its thermoplastic exterior protects from scratches or dings on our bikes–making them not only durable but attractive as well (though we know some of you prefer a less shiny version).

And when removable feature isn’t quite enough – don’t worry because there’s silent chain strap lock included too so these beauties stay securely fastened

Buyers Guide


Safety is always the first priority when it comes to buying safety gears. Since everyone has different preferences, there are no right or wrong answers here. But you should look for helmets that offer more than just comfort, i.e., lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down on your rides, but also prove effective in protecting against injuries and accidents.


Different people have their different budgets depending on what they’re looking for in each product they buy – simply put, not everything expensive is safe either which is why price isn’t final factor of deciding whether it’s best helmet under 3000 or not; rather things like weight, comfort level etc are important points to consider before spending your hard-earned money.

Availability:Availability can make or break your plans of completing your safety gear set. As availability directly affects where to buy helmets under 3000 or not.

So, you should ensure that the place(or site) you’re planning on buying from is up and functional; that way if the product doesn’t live up to expectations then at least you can return it hassle-free.


A well-designed helmet will give you a better fit and feel, allowing safety gear to make its purpose more easily. It can also function as an extension of your personality (if that’s what floats your boat). While it really depends on the buyer themselves; for some goes all out with customizations while others prefer sleek and simple designs. Whatever you prefer, once again it’s personal choice!

Our Choice

Finding the best helmet under 3000 isn’t an easy task especially when there are multiple products in the market with different price ranges which makes it really hard for customers like us who want to purchase something good without burning a hole in our pockets; finding a perfect balance between quality and price, or Well Priced Product i.e., Well Priced Helmet under 3000 isn’t as difficult as it may sound.

UV Coating

UV coatings allow the wearer to reduce the effects of UV rays and provide one-way protection against all harmful rays. But make sure you buy something that is photostable because it won’t be much use if your face shield peels off in one use!

Shell Strength

The outer Shell Strength is important when buying the best motorbike helmet under 3000. This reduces or prevents penetration during an impact so always On The Road riders On The Road should look out for helmets with strong shells just in case their motorcycle crashes!


There are various colors available on the market but you should avoid buying black color helmets since they absorb more heat which causes sweat accumulation inside the helmet, thus causing discomfort to its users! So, always try getting a color that is lighter than black e.g., maroon, blue etc.

Construction Technique

A good construction technique in helmets under 3000 will make sure the weight of the helmet is equally distributed within its shell throughout its surface, thus providing added comfort to your head during long rides!

Our Recommendation

After carefully testing the quality of multiple different helmets, we consider Scorpion Exo Covert Motorcycle Helmet to be the best helmet under 3000 available in the market.

It comes with useful features like LED rear lights that are all accessible by remote controls, near-perfect weight distribution throughout its surface, quick release chin strap, etc. And since it’s lightweight but very durable at the same time.
So you won’t have to spend too much money on repairing it before your next ride! And if you’re still not convinced then go ahead and check out other good helmets under 3000 mentioned in our list too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best full-face helmet?

The best helmet is the one that fits your head correctly, looks good on you and suits your riding style! So it depends entirely on what type of helmets you’re looking for i.e., if you want a full-face helmet then our suggestion is to go with the HJC CL-Max II since it won’t disappoint in terms of quality and price!

What are DOT visors?

DOT Visors allow the owner to use them without any sort of hassle during harsh weather conditions which includes rain, sun or even snow – these visors also save lives by preventing things like bugs from flying into riders’ eyes during long rides. So always try buying helmets having DOT Visor for utmost safety and convenience!

How much are helmets under 3000?

You can find the best prices here which have various offers and discounts thus keeping your overall spending to a minimum. So the best helmets under 3000 are available at almost half of their original price.

Should I buy full-face or open-faced helmets?

This is a tough question, so our suggestion is to always try out both types before making a choice i.e., ride in an open-faced helmet for a day and then reverse it with the full face one the next day – this will help you decide what suits you better.
But if you’re riding alone then we would say go with a full-face helmet since they have DOT Visors that provide added protection from debris or bugs during long rides!

What should I look for in a helmet under 3000?

A good helmet is one that has all the necessary features to provide maximum protection to its user like UV Coating, strong shell, Shell Strength, etc. So you should always try buying helmets that satisfy all your needs!

How should I clean my helmet?

You should always keep your helmets clean but since the inner lining of most helmets is not removable, you can use a brush and mild soap to wipe down the outer shell and visor.

Which is the best helmet for a sports bike?

If you’re a lover of both style and safety, then this helmet is perfect for your needs. The Steelbird SBA-2 offers amazing protection with its sleek profile that will keep any crash at bay while also looking good in pictures!

Should I buy a helmet just because it’s cheap?

Since we care about your safety and is the primary concern for us at GossipRevs, therefore all of our products come with high-quality features that are safe to use while riding.

So if you’re looking for best helmets under 3000 then don’t waste time buying something just because it looks good or has some special features – always try checking the quality first since that is what will save your life in case of an accident!

What should I look for when buying motorcycle helmets online?

Firstly, always try checking the DOT number since it ensures compliance to safety standards thus making sure your head is secured while riding! And other things include shell strength, UV Coating etc. so


You may want to consider a few things before buying the right helmet. First, set your budget and make sure that it aligns with what you have in mind for how much money should go towards this purchase. Next check if there are any certifications such as ISI/DOT rating on them (these let us know they meet safety standards). 

Thirdly examine shell construction; remember not all vents will stop rain so read reviews from owners who already bought one about their experience–this way when difficulties arise later down the line at least now we’ll be able to spot some common patterns!

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