Top 13 Best Helmets Under 2000

As a child, I was always told to wear my helmet while biking. I remember being afraid of the feeling of the tight straps on my head and how it made me sweat more in summer.

Now that I am older, I know that helmets are not only for kids- they’re for adults too! In fact, many states require an adult to wear a bicycle helmet when riding on public roads or paths.

The best thing about owning a bike is getting out and enjoying some fresh air while exercising your heart and lungs at the same time.

However, there are dangers associated with bikers everywhere – from cars backing up into you to falling off your bike after hitting a pothole or simply forgetting to put on your helmet before heading out onto the

Looking for the Best Helmets Under 2000 India? then here we have crafted a list of top motorcycle helmets in Good Price Range.

Buying a helmet is not an easy task, there are so many available in market and you don’t know which one to buy! In this article 

we will be sharing with you some of the best-rated Indian-made products that come under budget 2400 rs price range like Shoei GT Air Helmet or Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 touring bike helmet etc.

It is important to get the right motorcycle helmet for your needs. A cheap one won’t offer much protection and might not even look good enough on you!

But if this isn’t what matters most, we have some recommendations from our team at Highway Bikes To Go LLC: Our store exclusively sells high-end road racing leathers with extended coverage around ears & neck as well a full face mask; they’re made specifically for people who commute downtown or ride long distances all day every day – so keep that in mind when deciding between style/cost factors alone!!

List Of Best Helmets Under 2000

1 – Steelbird SBA-1 R2K

Steelbird is a trusted brand when it comes to best helmets in India that are affordable and provide top-notch protection. They use ABS, unlike polycarbonate which has more expensive shells made from plastic; steel bird also features an easy release micrometric buckle for fastening your helmet securely while riding without causing any unrest or discomfort on the go!

Steel Bird knows what they’re doing with their lineup of high-quality bicycle headgear available at reasonable prices – because these babies won’t break easily nor get damaged after just one day out there under sun (or rain).

Our Verdict

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K provides great features at an affordable price which is usually found in premium helmets that cost around 4k to 5k INR. This means you are getting a very good deal and will be able to enjoy everything this helmet has to offer without breaking your bank account.

The quality of build, ventilation system (air vents), weight distribution as well as certification by ISI Safety Ratings makes this product worth owning for its low price tag too; not to mention how comfortable it feels on long rides due mostly because if light weight weighing only 948 grams.

2. Steelbird SBA-1 Dashing Black – Stylish Helmets Under 2000

This helmet is a neat-looking one, that is not quite focusing on graphic design aesthetics. People who love basic and simple helmets should get this as their next purchase because it has all of your needs covered without sacrificing anything else in terms of look or functionality! The sturdy ABS material shell provides superior protection while still being lightweight enough so you can wear out biking around town safely without any worries about pain afterward

I recommend getting an upgraded polycarbonate model which will last longer but cost just over 4K-5k Rupees more at most stores besides Amazon India (which currently doesn’t sell them).

The Aeroless helmet is a great choice for the safety-conscious individual. Not only does it meet European standards and has an ISI certification, but also offers one of our most sought-after features: chin guards!

They are not usually included with this price range or type so you’ll be sure to have protection when needed most if wear full-face helmets–and there’s no better way than wearing something that looks good too boot (pun intended)

Our Verdict

This is a great buy if you want to use it just for your office or college commute as the ventilation of this mask will provide good protection and help avoid car sickness.

However, we would not recommend it if someone who rides often long trips on highways where wind noise can be overwhelming at high speeds due too its sturdy build quality but poor performance when used near cars that are traveling quickly nearby.

They’ll experience extreme interference in their ear canal caused by all those rushing air around us which makes hearing difficult sometimes even with music playing through speakers attached directly onto helmet.

I hope my message got across clear enough.

3. Steelbird SBA-1 Mahadev Helmet

Welcome to the world of motorcycling, where you become one with your bike. The perfect helmet is just a few clicks away and this should be at the top of your list if safety is an issue for whatever reason or even because it looks sleek as can be.

For all those who want protection from crashes without sacrificing style then here’s what we recommend- Full Face Masks offer great security against impacts along with their divine design features like ergonomic padding that make them comfortable enough so long trips are not unbearable.

They also come equipped in various colors making sure everyone finds something suitable no matter how unique his/her taste might otherwise have been when picking out apparel items such as shirts etcetera)

Yo with the top rated ones which are proven to work as advertised, and highly recommended by us because of their value for money ratio.

Some of these helmets were designed originally for personal transportation purposes while others were made to protect people from falling objects during excavation projects, but hey – sinceu can never go wrong with a royal blue helmet.

The Scorpion Modular Helmet is perfect for riders who want to stand out and look good. It’s the most expensive option, but its sleek design makes up for that extra cost in our opinion – it weighs around 1.54 KGs so you get all of those premium features without sacrificing too much weight or quality materials like other companies do at this price range (notably Dick Smith).

There are two different visors included: one smoked version plus a clear polycarbonate shield if your style leans more towards night riding; just be aware they both don’t provide enough visibility during darker hours when compared against light-colored bike accessories

Our Verdict

This helmet offers a number of great features for the price and comes with an interesting graphic design that will make you stand out from your colleagues on any ride. It weighs around 1.5kgs without being too heavy or uncomfortable.

While providing good air ventilation throughout at long rides thanks to its open back system which doesn’t produce much noise during wear time! So if you’re looking into getting yourself one then this would be our recommendation because they offer so much bang-for-the-buck.

4. Vega Ryker Bolder

Not only does steelbird offer some of the best helmets in India for a low price, but their customer service is top- notch as well. Their company has been around since 1982 and they have grown from just providing auto accessories to making big waves with bicycle parts too.

Another brand that provides great quality products at affordable prices would be vegaautoaccessoriespvtltd (Vega). They were incorporated in Belgaum which shows how far this organization has come over time – nowadays it offers one or two models under 2000 Indian Rupees ($35 USD approximate)

The lightweight and sleek design of this helmet make it a perfect choice for those looking to stay safe on the roads. It weighs 1.5kgs without any extra equipment, so you can feel confident knowing that your head is protected well in spite its minimalistic look.

The lack Soft padding may initially be surprising but once you start using them regularly (after around 10 days), they’ll start feeling right as rain with every ride thanks again their claims about comfort from sweating or weather conditions changing mid-ride

The salient feature which makes this product unique amongst other similar products out there would have got more than

It is important to know that the helmet you buy should be just tight enough so it won’t slip off of your head during an unfortunate event. This will help keep any damage from happening and make sure no one gets hurt, which we all want!

It’s also good idea not too get too excited when trying them on; because if they feel like their fitting a little tighter around your face or at chins then maybe try going up half-size instead since most riders find these areas need more protection than average due risks associated with biking hobbies like cycling

Our Verdict:

This helmet offers a minimalistic design that would really attract the people commuting to work. It also comes with two visors – one clear and an internal sun shade so you can get rid of those sunglasses.
At this price range, we definitely recommend it for your daily usage because not only does it have all these features but is made by Pitbull, which means they know what’s up when safety matters most.

5. Steelbird SBA-1 Storm – Best Helmet Under 2000

The Steelbird best readers the forth to have brought SBA-1 Storm is a helmet worth checking out if you are looking for the best b article weang for your buck. It offers all of those great features that we expect in this price range, like high impact ABS material shell and micrometric bIn thisuckle meeting European standards!

The steel bird helmet is an Innovative and stylish choice for the Indian climate. With its dual intake system, this product can help you commute in scorching heat with ease to your work place! The ventilation works perfectly well by recycling air from behind as well so that not only does it keep cool during summers, but also makes sure there’s no lack of fresh oxygen on top either which helps avoid headaches caused due poor ventilating abilities alone.

The weight was kept low enough at 1.49kgs while still providing protection against impacts such us falls/ accidents; In addition ,the inner padding are washable meaning users won’t have anything blocking their vision after every ride

Our Verdict:

The SteelBird is a stylish and economical option for those looking to make their purchase more affordable. The ergonomic design ensures you have an enjoyable ride, while the fit tightens up nicely around your head so it won’t move or slide during long trips in either direction.
If these features interest you then this could be just what’s needed – get going on finding out where our site can help find some extra cash today.

6. Steelbird Off-Road Sketch Dull Black Silver Helmet

This helmet is the best off-road motorcycle in its category. It has an amazing design and excellent build quality, but what really sets it apart are its unique features that make you stand out from other riders on your street or race track:

Aerodynamic shape gives this bad boy good looks with great airflow through vents for cooling purposes; softer cushioning material won’t accumulate sweat like some hard plastic products while still giving protection against crashes at high speeds due to their density (or lack thereof); all these benefits combined also keep any noise down so I can hear my own tunes without having ear plugs handy!

This helmet is a great way to keep your head cool and refreshed on hot summer days, even if you are riding all day long. The dual visor is not just an add-on but rather integral component because it helps block most of that sun from getting into your eyes or reflection off any surface which can cause glare while allowing enough sunlight through for optimal visibility at night time!

Our Verdict

The Steel Off-Road Helmet is a great choice for those who want to ride in style and comfort. It provides the best value at this price range, so you can get your money’s worth without compromising safety.

For something different than what most people would expect from an off-road helmet try out these cool-looking lights on it – they’ll make any day better.

7. Steelbird Off-Road Secret Dull Anthracite Black – Best Helmet Under 2000

One more addition to the off-road helmet that has made it onto our list is this one. It’s also from a brand in India, Vega – but not just any old ones! They specialize in budget-friendly products and produce some really high end gear too (think bikes).

The newly released model is again quite similar to its predecessors in terms of design and build quality. The main difference lies with the superior visor, which provides better protection from sunlight than that on most other helmets out there.

A person’s choice whether they like this particular styling or not would depend entirely upon preference- after all no two people look alike! We feel it has an eye catching appearance though so if you’re looking for something unique then we recommend checking them out!

Our Verdict

If you have the extra hundred bucks to spare, then we suggest going with this helmet as it comes equipped with better design and high-quality interior sun visor.

Otherwise, just stick with what is found on your old one since there isn’t much difference between them apart from these two things! It’s good value for money in any case.

8. Steelbird Terminator

This Steelbird Terminator Full Face Helmet is a great choice if you want the best of both worlds. It has everything necessary for safety and comfort at an affordable price!

The Steelbird Helmet is a premium design that will provide your head with excellent protection. The features of this product make for an extremely soft cushioning system, as well! It’s exterior shell provides more durability and stiffness than other budget options on the market today while also looking great in 2019 standards

The helmet is a great buy for those looking to get into biking. With 5 vents, 2 front and side onto back ones you should be able overcome any weather without feeling too hot or cold inside your protective gear! It also comes with clear visor that can withstand night time conditions no matter how harsh they are – perfect for riding at midnight without having troubles seeing where traffic might lead when visibility dips because of darkness outside.

All-inclusive package deals like these make us wonder why anyone would want more than just one good outfit; but don’t worry if price matters more than style as this particular product has affordability written all over it.

Our verdict

The Steelbird Terminator Helmet is the best in class at this price range. It has a high-quality build and it won’t break your bank! While there are some compromises made, we feel like they shouldn’t be dealbreakers as long as you know what to expect from cheaper helmets – which can be rather lackluster sometimes.

9. Steelbird Cesar Full Face Helmet Matt Finish Smoke Visor – Full Face Helmet Under 2000

The Steelbird Cesar helmet is a reliable choice for people who want to stay safe and get the most out of their riding experience. The superior build quality ensures that you won’t have any worries while on your bike thanks to this lightweight, yet durable product! It’s available in multiple color options so it will match anything from black motorcycles all way down through red ones- there really isn’t anything not possible with these guys because they offer great protection at an affordable price point too

Our verdict

An excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a daily companion helmet. This Steelbird under 2000 bucks is an all-rounder, which means it will do the job very well when commuting on city streets or highway trips! The design of this product makes people’s eyes pop out with its attractiveness and uniqueness – at such affordable pricing too…

This passage discusses how someone who doesn’t want spend too much money could get their hands on one these good quality bike helmets without breaking their budget; they just need find what type suits them best (sport/road) and then purchase accordingly from our store website

10. Vega Ryker Bolder Dull Black/Orange

Full Face Protection With a Stiff Easing Process

The Vega Ryker Full Face Helmet offers complete face protection and is made with sturdy build quality. It has good quality shell materials, giving the wearer very reliable safety measures in mind. The initial stiffness you might feel when wearing this for the first few days are normal as it takes some time before your body adapts to its new surroundings.

Once they do though all doubts will be put at ease by how securely tucked away any debris or windblown particles may appear thanks to their high-quality construction!

There’s no need to worry about the sun when it is hot outside. With this visor, you will always have protection and can see clearly even at night! This product has a clear outer layer that doesn’t obstruct your vision like other ones do on sunny days or during daytime hours if used with an inner shield/visor set-up for maximum coverage against UV rays which are also blocked by its transparent qualities making driving much safer too since not only does visibility stay great but there aren’t any blind spots created because all sides of people who might be around them come into view as well so everyone stays alert while traveling together nowadays

Our Verdict

Riders need a helmet that is both stylish and safe. This Vega Ryker Helmet offers you the best of what we have seen so far in terms of safety, with its meticulous design as well as high-quality materials like those used on more expensive models from this brand.

We would highly recommend it for any motorcyclist looking to buy their first budget helmet at an affordable price point or upgrade themselves when theirs needs repairs.”

11. Steelbird Racer Matt Black with Green Smoke Visor – Graphic Helmet Under 2000

Steelbird has come out with an amazing budget helmet for those who want to look cool and stay safe on their bike. Like all of the other SteelBird helmets we’ve talked about in this article, it is also quite similar in terms or everything else except graphics design which makes us add one more option at low prices here.

This green colored designed lid along with smoked visor looks dashingly cool while giving you that extra layer against sun rays from behind as well making sure your face stays hydrated during hot summer days when riding bikes around town.

Our Verdict

The Steelbird helmet is a great option for students who want to maintain their style while still being safe. The color variant of this product that we have listed has an elegant design and premium paint quality, making it one among many good options in its price range!

12. Steelbird Air Dashing Red Rainbow Visor

The Steelbird Space Helmet is a long, open visor design that makes you feel like an astronaut. With its strange look and unique features it has gained popularity in India as well as other countries around the world where budget helmet prices are low enough to offer this amazing product at such affordable rates for users who desire high-quality gear without breaking their bank accounts!

It also comes with added smoked lens which increases overall aesthetics of your chosen equipment while not decreasing visibility during bright sunlight conditions out on Earth’s surface.

The seat is designed to fit comfortably and stay in place. It features the same durable materials, which can be customized with choice of color for any bike’s style!

Our Verdict

A futuristic design to make you look cool and stand out of the crowd. This helmet is one unique choice that would be perfect for your daily commute in town, especially if budget suits are what’s up!

13. Steelbird R2K Full Face Helmet Matt Finish Chrome Visor

The Steelbird helmet is by far the coolest in terms of design. Like other high-quality products from this brand, it offers a great quality cushioning and absorption materials that will keep you safe on your adventure through town or out to sea for those days when swimming isn’t enough.

The graphics are very cool looking with an attractive paint job done nicely over them all which gives off clear vision during daylight hours thanks to its smoked visor tinted just right so direct sunlight doesn’t blind people’s eyes too much while cycling next time around.

However if clouds start rolling into view then they’ll be able catch sight again without any problem since at night both reflective qualities come fullyonline helping riders stay visible longer as well

Our Verdict

Keep in mind that smoked visors aren’t safe for nighttime riding, and should only be worn during the day. The best option would be to use a clear or yellow-colored pair of glasses if you want complete darkness visibility while out on your bike at night!

Buyer Guide


A helmet with a nice design will catch the attention of many people. The difference between helmets with different designs can also be very useful, so it is important to check before buying.

Protective Features

Helmets usually have additional protective features for safety. Be sure to choose one that has protective features you really need.
The material used in the construction of all helmets under 2000 are made of high-quality ABS or Fiberglass which are made by hand. Since it is an expensive material, most manufacturers offer limited design options for this price range only. This means that they may not have as much variety as they do within their more affordable prices!


Since all helmets under 2000 are made of high quality ABS or Fiberglass, they will be very comfortable and absorb the impacts for your head. Helmets that have more padding or additional material can be even more comfortable than others!

Price range

We do not recommend helmets with larger visors which slightly raise costs skyward while offering less protection than full-faced winter motorcycle helmets during colder months out on the road. Some patterns and fragrances may also cause headaches when disturbed too much by anything from sunlight to passing dust clouds along roads when cycling down country lanes in the summertime.

Frequently Asked Question

How much is best helmets are under 2000?

Best helmets under 2000 price range usually varies from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 000 depending on the helmet’s design, quality, brand and other features available in the market.

What are some benefits of using Helmet?

Helmets protect your head during accidents which can save you from getting serious injuries or even death! Additionally, it helps to reduce noise while riding a bike and saves you from direct sunlight contact during hot days.
Lastly, they keep the hair out of your eyes when cycling off road too while making cycling through town very convenient all while keeping your head safe at night!


I hope you found this article to be helpful and informative. If so, please share with your friends or family as they are looking for a helmet that will protect them from injury in case of an accident! Thank You

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