Best Helmets Under 10000 – Latest Updated [April 2023]

The best helmets under 10000 are the perfect choice for those who want safety but don’t have a lot of money to spend. These helmets are usually made from high-quality materials and offer several features that you won’t find in cheaper models.

However, there is no need to worry about sacrificing on quality because these helmets also come at a very affordable price. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top choices within this category so you can make an informed decision when buying your new helmet.

We know how tough it is trying to find the right product nowadays especially with all of the competitors out there! We hope our list helps you pick something that will be great for your needs and if not, then check out some more options on! We handpicked the best products in each category so you can review them and get an idea of what is available in the market.

One of the most important things to know when it comes biking, especially if you’re new and not sure what kind or how safe your bike will be is that a helmet needs certification from government agencies. Luckily there are companies out here in India who have really made their mark by making high-quality bikes with safety features like LED lights built right into them so customers don’t even need extra gadgets!

They also offer training programs that help make riding more fun while still keeping us aware enough where traffic laws exist around every corner ready for any accident to take place.


Best Helmets Under 10000 – Top 9 Picks and Review

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Gloss Black 3X Large
Colour: Solid Black; Size: XXXL; For Full-Face
SOL Solid Full Face Helmet (Matte Black, L)
Material: Polycarbanate; Helmet type: Full Face; Comes with scratch-resistant visor; Anti-scratch optically corrected shield with easy toolless removal
MT Helmets Blade SV Raceline Matt Helmet (Black & Fluorescent Orange)
Internal sun visor; Anti allergic and wicking internal fabrics; Anti allergic and wicking internal fabrics

1. LS2 MX436 Best LS2 : Best Helmets Under 10000 In India

The new PIONEER MX 436 is designed for serious off-road use in collaboration with the world’s best Motocross, Moto Country and Endure riders. The ergonomic design provides maximum comfort without sacrificing protection!

This product was developed by professionals who know that there are no short cuts when it comes to moto vlogging equipment – whether you’re filming yourself on your own channel or capturing moments from our Cross/Enduro series of championship events like Supermotard races too.

Designed specifically as a high-performance dirtbike helmet, its safety standards exceed those required by US DOT regulations so make sure you order yours now before they sell out again!

What’s really cool about this helmet is that it comes with a FREE LS2 Strobe Light – the world’s first crash sensor and LED light for motorcyclists. Featuring an ultra-bright, high-intensity LED strobe (that automatically turns on when you crash) , it acts as both headlight and an emergency beacon for your dark hour adventures.

The bike helmet features 16 large vents to provide superior ventilation and keep your head cool during long rides. With a one-handed adjustable visor, the product is easy enough for you when on the move or stop at an intersection with other bikes racing by; it also comes equipped with an anti-scratch coating that protects against damage caused from rocks thrown up into air while riding in races.


  • Available in these sizes: XS, S, M, L , XL
  • Comes with a free LS2 Strobe Light


  • Has limited color options

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2.Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet : Best Helmet Under 10000 In India 2023

The Bell Qualifier is a great helmet at an affordable price. It comes with many features that are not available in other helmets of its range, such as the Click Release TM shield system and aggressive shell design; however, it’s also known for being extremely comfortable because of its innovative ventilation technology which keeps your head cool during those summer days on-the-go.

The Bell Qualifier Scorch Helmet is the perfect choice for anyone who wants an affordable helmet. This product was made from high-quality materials and will give you a comfortable experience while still protecting your head against any impact or accident that may occur during their ride with its sleek design, aerodynamic shell (which means it has less resistance when moving), as well as being guaranteed to make heads turn.


  • Comes in three different colors and three designs


  • Availability is limited to metropolitan cities only

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3.SOL SF-6 Solid Flat Black Helmet : Best Helmet Brands Under 10000

For many people, finding a helmet that both looks good and protects them from injury has been difficult. There are other options out there but not all of these can be trusted so it’s important to do your research before buying one.

It is hard for riders who want excellent head protection AND style when looking at different brands in today’s market because most companies offer only 1 or the other without giving much thought about what would work best with your personal preferences.

The SOL SF-6 Helmet is a solid full face helmet that offers the best of both worlds. The design was made with comfort in mind because you want something not only worthy of your head, but also one that will make you look good when you are cruising down the freeway.

It is modeled after European street bike helmets with its futuristic aerodynamic shell, which means it has less wind resistance when moving at high speeds.

The SOL SF-6 Solid Flat Black Helmet is a high-quality product that will last longer than most helmets on the market today. The visor has been tested for durability and strength in order to provide superior protection while riding your motorcycle or scooter, which makes this model perfect if you are an avid rider.


  • Available in these sizes: XS, S, M, L , XL
  • Offers superior protection and style


  • Limited availability in some cities

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4.MT Helmets Blade SV Raceline Matt Helmet : MT Helmets Under 10000

The MT Helmet Thunder3 SV is a full-face helmet designed to tackle any terrain and munch miles with ease. With an aggressive, aerodynamically designed exterior that makes riding easy no matter what time of day it may be or how much you ride throughout your day.

With a visor that opens and closes in the blink of an eye and a sleek, lightweight design, this helmet will always be your partner in crime.The sleek and stylish full-face helmet is the perfect way to keep your head safe while out on an adventure.

As seen inTV commercials, this lightweight durable device gives you a secure fit that’s both comfortable AND provides ample ventilation for even hot summer days.


  • Affordable price
  • Stylish design


  • Availability limited to metropolitan cities only

Editor Choice: Himalayan Accessories India

5.MT Helmet MT Helmet Revenge 2 Moto 3

The perfect accessory for any adventure, the Revenge 2 has all you need to stay safe and comfortable. Equipped with dual certification as well as plush interiors that keep your ride in harmony throughout its journey; this car won’t let anything come between you and what matters most.

The MT Helmet Vengeance 2 is a durable and multi-functional helmet that will make beginners and experienced riders alike feel satisfied. The matte black design gives this helmet a sleek finish while also protecting it from the exterior elements of wind, rain, snow, sand or dirt.

This special edition is equipped with an arrow tip decal on the back that makes for a bold statement wherever you go. With its lightweight design and plush interior lining, this helmet is both protective AND comfortable at all times – no matter how long your journey may be.


  • Headlight cutout designed to fit all bikes


  • Availability is limited to metropolitan cities only

6.Vemar Helmet Ghibli 

The Vemar Ghibli is a high-quality motorcycle helmet that not only protects your head in the event of an accident, but also ensures comfort. It features accents throughout the exterior to keep you cool on hot days and warm when it’s cold outside thanks to their special treatment for varying weather conditions.

The innovative design features an aerodynamic shell with channels that allow air flow and prevent fog from building up inside of the visor so you can see clearly at all times, no matter what type of road condition or weather challenge comes your way.

Plus our engineers made sure this motorcycle helmet was lightweight because we know how important it is for riders not to be bogged down by extra pounds while they ride.


  • Perfect for those who want to look good while doing it


  • Availability is limited to metropolitan cities only

7.MT Helmet Falcon Energy Off-Road Motorcycle

The Falcon is a helmet that will let you explore the extreme journey. It’s hard to find one, but this one does it with comfort and protection both in mind – no matter what your sport or adventure preference may be.

The next time someone asks me if they should get something new for their headgear needs I am going straight over there because how could anyone ever not want some of these sweetFalcons on board.

The new Falcon helmet is a breath of fresh air. It’s lightweight and ventilated, but also comes with sun protection from the extended peak! This means you can ride in comfort without sacrificing performance on your bike commute or race day

Winners: Get an amazing fit thanks to our adjustable dials; get all-day ventilation because we’ve designed it like crazy people wear their hair (and what goes up must come down) Just don’t forget about those removable interior padding – they’ll wash after every long ride for that clean feeling each time.

The new ECE 22-05 certified helmet provides excellent ventilation, stays cool throughout the ride and its HIRP (High Impact Resistance Polymer) structure construction makes it strong enough to wear while looking stylish.


  • Great for riders


  • Availability is limited to a few cities only.

8.MT Helmet Atom SV Solid Modular

Born in city roads. Crafted for the highways, this helmet is made with your riding pleasure of mind! The Atom Modular features practicality on street and convenience when touring without ignoring safety as one key trait but still having all other attributes that make you feel safe while out enjoying life’s little adventures or commuting daily errands around town (or you know, riding with your high school friends to the empty highway in the middle of nowhere).

The MT Helmet Falcon is one of our most popular bike helmets. It’s also been an award-winning choice for years and has earned its reputation as a go-to option among riders who want protection, style comfort, value all in one package. We’ve taken this tried -entrusted design with some key upgrades that make it even better than before.

The new MT Helmet Falcon Solid Modular is ready to take on your next ride no matter where or how far it takes you. No matter if its a commute to work, an adventure weekend warrior lifestyle with friends, this versatile lid will keep up while protecting the head from anything that comes at it during rides along the way.

Our team worked hard in creating something perfect for every type of cyclist out there- whether they are looking for high-performance features like lightweight construction or just need basic protection against bad weather conditions all riders deserve great gear so let us know what kind of rider you are and we’ll work together to make a perfect fit for you.


  • Great combination of lightweight
  • Strong and comfortable features


  • No cons Find

9.Vemar Helmet Zephir Mars

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience but it comes with its own set of risks– there’s no way to avoid this fact.But you can take steps while riding your bike on the road that may minimize some dangers whereas others cannot be avoided at all.Here is some accessories that minimize some dangers.

Vemar’s range of motorcycle helmets are designed to provide optimal protection during a crash or accident, without compromising comfort and style when riding on the open road. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures maximum safety at all times with stylish designs that will complement your look no matter what you’re wearing.

With the helmet, you will be able to enjoy every moment while riding your bike safely in traffic knowing that you have total peace of mind thanks to advanced technologies such as our DMS (Directional Movement System) which alerts drivers through LED lights mounted on the back when they’re moving into another lane aggressively.

You’ll even feel safer because we designed a specially tinted visor so riders are protected from harmful UV rays-helmet without sacrificing visibility.


  • Protects the head from harmful UV rays.
  • Anti-roll system for enhanced safety on the road


  • Only available in one colour

Buying Guide For Best Helmets Under 10000

Best Helmets Under 10000

To help you choose which helmet is best suited for your needs, we have come up with a few key factors you should keep in mind when buying one. Knowing about these factors can give you enough information to make an informed decision regarding the type of helmet that will suit your head perfectly.

Helmet Shape

The first thing that you need to focus on is making sure that the shape of the helmet fits well with your head size. The last thing any rider wants is to be stuck wearing a helmet that does not fit them correctly and this may lead to suffocation or other related problems.

If your head will not fit inside the shell easily it might even cause trauma during an impact which cannot be good for anyone involved! You should look for helmets that fit your head shape perfectly and do not cause any discomfort as that will only hinder your riding experience.

Shell Material

While the bulk of a helmet is usually made from high-quality plastics, some may include additional materials such as carbon fiber which can make them sturdier and lighter at the same time.

While it is best to choose a model that comes with an ABS or polycarbonate shell since they are lightweight yet incredibly strong; you should be looking at helmets that have more sturdy material covers over the skeleton of the helmet like fiberglass or kevlar for added durability!

Ventilation System

If you plan on wearing your helmet for hours during any type of weather conditions, ventilation has to be one of your top priorities.

This is even more important if you plan on wearing a full-face helmet as it can cause some serious problems such as fogging, loss of visibility and even overheating.

Look at helmets that have special features for improving ventilation including vents which can be opened or closed according to your needs.

Visor and Shield

The visor on your helmet needs to be optically clear so that it does not hinder your vision in any way. You should be looking for helmets which have an anti-fog coating to prevent fogging during extreme weather conditions such as hot, humid days or even cold winter days where there is a lot of moisture in the air.

Make sure you select a shield that can easily be removed without using any tools since this will help you minimize its use when cleaning! Of course, if you plan on wearing a full face helmet then this feature is redundant but it would certainly make sense if you do decide to use half or Ladies’ helmets from time to time!


This may seem like a very minor factor but it is really important to consider since a full face helmet can weigh anywhere between one and a half kilograms up to three or four kilograms depending on the type you buy.

If you plan on riding long distances then this may not be such an issue for you, but if you plan on using your bike as your daily commute then weight could be quite an issue! Opting for helmets that come with carbon fiber shells will certainly help reduce its overall weight.

Cheek Pads

Ensuring that your helmet fits correctly is very important and this includes making sure the cheek pads fit snugly against your face. You should look for helmets which come with adjustable cushioning at the sides of your cheeks so they can expand and contract according to the size and shape of your face! This way, the cheek area will not feel too tight or too loose during any type of weather conditions.


The price should never be a determining factor when buying a helmet as it is an investment which should help you avoid injuries in case of an accident. However, there are many models to choose from at very affordable rates so finding one that meets your needs without breaking the bank should not be much trouble for any rider.

Don’t go overboard with your budget as this can lead you to overlook extremely important factors that may actually cause problems instead of preventing them.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Helmets Under 10000

Best Helmets Under 10000

What are the Best Helmets Under 10000?

Choosing a motorcycle helmet is no easy task. A good helmet must protect your head without being too bulky or heavy. Built with comfort and safety in mind it should have great ventilation to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It must come with a visor that is clear enough to allow you to see clearly especially at night when it gets dark. Not forgetting the design of the helmet which has to complement your bike without looking odd or out of place.

Can a Motorcycle Helmet Protect Me?

Yes, helmets are mandated by law so they have to provide protection from head injuries. They comply with safety standards put forth by different countries and organizations around the world including DOT, SHARP and SNELL etc.

The force needed during an impact can be reduced by wearing a motorcycle helmet as long as it fits correctly on your head and does not come off while riding.

Why Are Helmets Comfortable?

Since you will be wearing a helmet every time you ride your bike, it was important for manufacturers to design helmets that would not only provide comfort but also reduce pressure points on the head and face.

The material is very lightweight and thin which makes it comfortable to wear. It should fit snugly against the head without any gaps or large spaces between itself and your scalp!

Are Motorcycle Helmets Expensive?

Whether they are expensive or not all depends on what type of motorcycle helmets under 10000 that you plan on purchasing. If you opt for high end brands such as Shoei, AGV or Bell then they can cost several hundred dollars up to thousands.

On the other hand if you purchase budget-friendly models like those from TaoTao or YEMA then they will cost a fraction of the price.


We’ve done our research to find the best helmets under 10000. Our top picks are above for you to browse through and compare! Have a look at these excellent choices, but if you’re not satisfied with any of them feel free to contact us for help finding something that suits your needs more closely.

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