11 Best Helmets For Ladies In India 2021

People are always looking for the best helmets for ladies in india, but not everyone knows what they should be looking for. This is why we compiled a list of some of the qualities that you should look out for when buying one.

Here are some things to we need to keep in mind: shape/size, weight, ventilation, and visibility.

All these factors can make or break your helmet experience so if you want to find the perfect fit then take this list with you on your next shopping trip.

If you’re a female scooter rider in India, it’s important that before riding your bike or motorized two-wheeler (moped) always wear the necessary safety precautions.

One way to do this is by wearing an appropriate helmet which will protect not only yourself but also other people around from any accidents that may happen on roadways while out enjoying summer with family and friends!

In this article, we’ll discuss some great options for ladies who want quality helmets at affordable prices.

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List Of Best Helmets For Ladies

1 – Vega Crux Half Face Helmet: Best Budget helmet for ladies

The Vega Crux Half Face Helmet is equipped with a Drop Down Sun Shield that allows you to easily transition from bright to dark riding conditions without removing your helmet. With just the flip of an easy-to use switch, you’re off and ready for some open road adventures. A removable padded size adjuster ensures no matter how much gear there might be under or on top.

This cool head protection will fit perfectly every time so worry about taking it off when needed goes out–no more fighting traditional D-Ring closures which get really frustrating in gloves weather because then having two hands free becomes nearly impossible unless both arms are wrapped around one armrest like I try my hardest not do while driving haha but anyways instead now all these worries have been taken

Introducing the new and improved Vega Crux Half Face Helmet. This world-renowned helmet has been upgraded to include a Drop Down Sun Shield which allows for easy transition from dark conditions (like those during night time riding) into bright ones without having to take your gloves off.

The removable padded size adjuster ensures that you get an ultra comfortable fit every time while also making sure it fits perfectly no matter what type of bike or handlebar mount system is used.

And because there’s nothing worse than trying desperately not lose grip when biking at high speeds, thanks in part due on this feature – all with D-ring closure systems now being obsolete as they can’t keep up any longer…you’ll never miss out again

2 – Vega Atom Dull Black Helmet-M

In search of a good helmet for my sister, I came across many that were either not safe or just looked ugly. The problem is they don’t take safety into account! Most companies are only concerned with making money and will compromise on their quality if it means selling more products- even though these compromises may lead them doing something dangerous in the long run !

In contrast to this unappreciated reality about most brands today’s Vega has attempted both aspects: aesthetics as well as being very protective – thanks guys!. This means you can sport your cool look without compromising any protection qualities whatsoever (I’m looking at you Ghost)

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3 – Sage Square Scooty Half Helmet for Men, WomenBest Scooty Helmet for Ladies

The Sage Square Scooty Half Helmet for Women is a great looking, comfortable and stylish addition to any ride. 

A major issue with most half helmets is that they are made from heavy plastic which can make them uncomfortable while riding or even unsafe when knocked around on rough roads- but not this one!

Its high quality construction gives you ultimate comfort without sacrificing safety features like large ventilation holes in the crown of your head so air flows naturally through hairline cracks which keep everything cool; plus there’s plenty more protection against accidents thanks to its durable steel exterior shell as well as adjustable straps built exclusively designed by female motorcyclists themselves (meaning less potential points where these could come loose).

Styling takes riders back into simpler times combined modern day

4 – Vega Verve Open Face HelmetBest Helmet for Ladies

The solution to feeling safe while biking is a helmet. But which one should I get? There are so many out there that look good and protect your head well or vice versa, it can be hard deciding what’s right for you!

Fortunately Vega Verve has come up with an amazing open face scooter style bike helmet perfect in every way imaginable…not only does this stylish design provide ample protection but also makes sure no detail goes overlooked

From its sleek profile (which won’t affect how comfortable riding gets) all the way down to a ventilation system equipped inside allowing moisture outsiode without compromising comfort

5 – Studds Urban Open Face HelmetHalf Helmet for Ladies

The Studds Urban helmet is a revolutionary new product that will forever change the way you look at your head in armor. It comes with various sizes and fits,UV coating for protection against sun damage (and its super stylish too!), regulated density EPS to absorb impact energy on impact so it doesn’t transfer into neck pain or jaw alignment issues like other helmets do- not mention all of those amazing extra features we don’t have space here just to list out.

You’re sure be glad when one day someone tells us they bought their boyfriend/girlfriend this sexy headgear as part of their wedding gift from them.

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6 – Vega Verve Open Face Helmet (Women’s, Purple, M) – Stylish Helmet for Ladies

You are a beautiful woman, and you want to look good while riding your moped! But when wearing any regular motorcycle helmet that is not made for women it doesn’t fit right. It looks funny because of how tight the straps have been adjusted on them (they’re usually too big).

And if there’s no clear vision out front then what’s point? That all changed with Vega Verve Open Face Helmet For Women- which is ISI approved comes in different shells depending upon style preference.

True lightweight construction ensures comfort during longer trips or high speeds; silent chin strap lock system prevents accidental release

7 – Steelbird SB-33 ARM 7 Wings Open Face Helmet

The women-specific design of the Steelbird SB-33 ARM 7 Wings Open Face Helmet ensures a comfortable ride, even for long distances. This is because it comes with peak cap that allows you to wear an open face helmet without sacrificing protection against sun glare or rain drops in order keep your eyesight intact while enjoying smoother biking experience!

The aerodynamic shape also enables better stability on bikes which may seem like they’re going faster than what we can handle at first; but this same lightweight construction makes them easier and quick handling no matter how fast our wheels go around corners

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8 – Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet

For most women, finding the perfect helmet can be difficult. They want a high-quality full face or open face that fits their heads just right but in general they don’t find them available on stores shelves near them and so have to go online where it’s even more challenging because there are less options for customization like colors.

That is why we created Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmets; our lightweight yet durable design comes with three different color choices which allows you match your style best without sacrificing protection when riding motorcycles – no matter what type of bike you ride (two wheeled vehicles such as scooters work too).

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9 – Steelbird SB-27 7 Wings Tank Open Face Graphic Helmet

The Steelbird SB-27 7Wings Tank Open Face Graphic Helmet is a women’s specific version of the popular and well loved steel bike helmet. It features an anti scratch clear visor as well as tinted ones which allow you to wear it out in public without feeling self conscious about your appearance while still being protected from any oncoming dangers.

This safety device will also keep dust particles or other debris outside where they don’t belong so there isn’t risk for even more serious injuries if this should happen during transport by car accident, fall, etc..

10 – Dass Getz (ISI) Open Face Helmet (Pink)

This helmet is specially designed to protect the head from any accidents. It has an adjustable strap which ensures that you can wear it comfortably while keeping your hair intact and comes with a sturdy inner shell for safety purposes, too.

The outer shell of this product will not damage or scratch easily so even if something unfortunate were happen during our ride like an accident (even though we hope nothing does), then Dass Getz would be able to save us because its made out strong materials–the perfect choice as someone who wants quality protection but doesn’t want spend tons of money doing so

11 – Fastrack Large Size Girl’s Helmet: Best helmet for ladies in India

The ladies’ version of the Fastrack HB01BK04 is nearly identical to its male counterpart. It meets international safety standards and has all the same features, which means you can wear it when trick-or-treating on Halloween with no worries! The small size fits most children’s heads but older kids might want a larger version.

The only difference between this and the original is that it has a couple of flowers on the side to make it look prettier! The pink color is also very attractive so if you have a daughter, she will love wearing this around with her friends as they trick-or-treat

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Buyer Guide

Buyers guide for best helmets for ladies in india
Buyers guide for best helmets for ladies in India

Helmet Size

Head circumference is the safe bet for finding a perfect fitting helmet. Most helmets come in sizes ranging from XS to XL, and it’s good to know your size before you purchase one online.
A snug fit around your head is essential to make sure the helmet doesn’t move about while riding—which would diminish its protective capabilities.
You can measure your head circumference using a cloth tape or even a piece of string; after which, wrap it around the widest part of your head (usually near the tops of our ears) and note down how long that measurement is in inches or centimeters (it’s actually simpler than it sounds!)

Helmet Care

Your helmet isn’t like your regular clothes- it can’t go into the washer machine. Instead, you’ll want to use a damp cloth and a mild dish soap to wipe off any smudges or dirt that may have accumulated on the surface.
Don’t forget about the padding inside! Use a toothbrush to remove dust from these areas, then let everything air dry before putting it back on again.


This is an important feature that should not be ignored. An easy way to ensure you can see your surroundings better when wearing a helmet is by choosing one with visors or eyeholes.
This will allow you to peek at what’s in front of you without having to turn your head.
If the helmet already has holes for eyes, make sure they are covered with tinted lenses so no one can see inside while you are out on your adventure!


Helmets are only beneficial when worn to protect our heads from any serious injuries should something unfortunate happen during a bike ride.
This means it should fit well and should also be comfortable enough that we don’t take it off the moment we get a chance.


There are so many different styles these days for helmets, including full face, open face, dirt bike helmets, etc… It’s important to consider what type of riding style you have before going online because this will help you narrow down your choices more quickly.
Women who ride cars may find that buying a helmet with an open face or half shell is best since they primarily keep their helmets in their car rather than another place like at home where there’s risk for theft.


In addition to style, color choice is important as well depending on the type of bike you ride. For example, pink or a bright shade of yellow may be a great way to compliment a scooter with a feminine flair.
On the other hand, there are some women who love black and enjoy matching their helmet colors to their motorcycle for an extra personal touch.
However, most women simply choose helmets which they think look good so it doesn’t matter if these products come in neon blue or plain white, the decision should always be what looks best because this is protecting our heads!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for best helmets for ladies in India
Frequently Asked Questions for best helmets for ladies in India

Should I wear helmets during driving as well?

Answer: Although it isn’t required by law, you should always wear a helmet while riding because it can save your life.
A new study has shown that wearing one of these products reduces the risk of brain injury to nearly ​76% so please don’t wait until riding with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable about wearing one.
It really just comes down to safety which is why we need them in the first place.

How do I select a helmet that fits my head well?

When trying on helmets, wear it for about 15 seconds to make sure it feels comfortable. You should not be able to move the helmet side-to-side or up and down, but you should also not feel any pressure points in your forehead or temples.
Once you have found a safe fit, remember that you will need to replace your helmet every 3-5 years because of the degradation of internal components that can affect its effectiveness during an accident.

How do I select a helmet for my child?

Any helmet that weighs less than 3 pounds is fine for your infant. However, you should only purchase helmets made specifically for kids, which are labeled with “DOT-approved” or “ASTM approved.”
It’s best to try on the helmet yourself first before buying it to be sure it fits well and is not too big. Also, never buy used helmets since there’s no way to know if they’ve been damaged previously; avoid bright colors as well since they can attract undesirable attention from drivers; finally, don’t share your own helmet with your kid!

Why do I need to replace my helmet?

Prolonged exposure to the sun and weather will cause your helmet to deteriorate over time, compromising its effectiveness should you ever find yourself in an accident. It’s best if you store your helmet in a cool, dry place where it won’t be exposed to too much harsh sunlight.

Also, never alter or modify your helmet in any way since this can affect how well it protects you during an accident.

What are some factors to consider when buying a new bike?

It’s important that you take different factors into consideration when looking for the perfect bike because not all types of bikes are suited for every woman.
First of all, think about whether or not you are comfortable riding on highways or


If you ask me, I would recommend buying a pink or purple helmet for women to look stylish and use in their daily life. We should care about safety when we go on the street and buy helmets which can save our precious head from any damage in case of any accident. So make sure you read the best helmets for ladies in India before buying. Thanks for reading this article .

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