10 Best Gear Cycle Under 10000 (Expert Review For 2023)

You can have the best quality bicycle for all-terrain, downhill and uphill under a price of 10000. We’ve discussed the top 10 gear cycle under 10000 you can purchase to replace your current transportation or upgrade to anyone in this article.

With the fuel prices skyrocketing, people are looking for a petrol-free solution for transportation. One such solution many people adopted is riding a bicycle.

Bicycling is active transportation, which helps reduce pollution and lower the cost of many levels of obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

The more people walk and cycle, the lower the air pollution is, thereby improving the community’s health and active transportation also helps improve our health. 

One of the things that’s very important these days is health and physical fitness. Along with the daily walking communities, choosing a bicycle as active transportation is a very healthy choice.

Everything you need to know about the product, its vital quality, advantages, disadvantages all are described in detail to help make you an ideal purchase according to your age and requirement. One can even check Best Cycle Under 15000 if they want better cycles.

Best Gear Cycle Under 10000 in 2023

1.Hero Sprint :Best Gear Cycle Under 1000

Hero Sprint 20T is a sporty, high-performance gear bicycle designed to run on multiple grounds. The cycle has mudguards and suspension, which helps provide a smooth ride on any terrain.

The calliper brake offers an instant stop and is very high resistance. It also has a bottle holder for longer journeys. It is delivered in semi-assembled condition and comes with Allen Key & Spanner for the rest of the installation.

It is ideal for children between seven to nine-year, and the max height of the rider can be 4ft 6inch, while the minimum should be 3ft 10inches. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have additional components like a trainer wheel, carrier, chain cover, lock and bell or horn.

  • Gear: 6 Speed
  • Frame Size: 15 inches
  • Tire size: 20 inches
  • Min Rider Height: 3 ft 10 inches 
  • Max Rider Height: 4 ft 6 inch
  • Front Brake: Caliper Brakes 
  • Rear Brake: Caliper Brakes
  • Ideal For: 7 to 9 Years 


  • One of the best things is that the cycle is semi-assembled. The manufacturer finishes almost 85% of the installation work. Before using, the buyer has to complete the rest 15% by using the Allen Key & Spanner provided in the box for installation.
  • The bicycle comes with a speed transmission gear that offers high and low-speed range, and it facilitates the rider to climb on inclined slopes with minimal physical fatigue and makes the bicycle perfect for long trips. 
  • All components are adequately intact as manufactured with a robust steel frame, rigid rims on suspension and tires, and twin fork suspension to absorb light shocks offering a hassle-free-riding journey. The construction is sturdy, and the cycle can ride on any terrain. 


  • The practical toolkit and instructions for installation are not present.
  • It is ideal only for young kids.
  • There is no chain cover, horn or bell, trainer wheel, and stand. 

2. Kross Spider Multi-Speed Bicycle

Kross has a very high reputation in India and is a well-known bicycle brand.

The manufacturer finishes almost 85% of the installation work in the industry It has six gears and multi-speed functionality, which helps the bike to run smoothly on the all-terrain.

It has a very reasonable price considering its design and functionality.

Along with the six gears, it also has a Shimano gear shifter, which you feel different when riding along any terrain.

It is a well-balanced bike and can endure the most challenging terrains.

  • Gear: 6
  • Wheel Size: 4 Inches
  • Brake Type‎: Cantilever
  • Suspension: ‎Rigid
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Size: ‎24-inch


  • The road bike has six gears and a Shimano Gear Shifter, which helps you ride along any terrain using high and low speeds. Also, it comes with tube tires that help to ride over bumpy roads, acting as a cushion. 
  • It has a very reasonable price and works efficiently for a long journey considering its design and functionality. 
  • It is a very long-lasting bicycle and barely weighs even 15kg. 
  • The appeal of the bicycle is the striking red colour. The manufacturer finishes almost 85% of the installation work and spider-themed stickers.


  • The build quality is decent. 
  • Installation is pretty hard. You might have to hire a professional. 

3. Hero Cycles : Best Gear Cycle Under 1000 

Hero Sprint Whistle 20T Kids cycle is unisex, semi-assembled, attractive, and sporty.

It is designed for children of the age group 8-11 years and is highly durable with its extra raised bar soft grips and MIG welded steel frame.

It is a single-speed bicycle with a single gear ratio that needs to be built by following the instructional manual or hiring a professional. It doesn’t come with any additional components except the complete chain cover that upholds kids safety.

This Cycle features sporty fibre mudguards, a comfortable saddle, cantilever, trainer wheel and the brakes are made with alloy levers. The extra raised bar and soft grips on them make the cycle more attractive and sporty. 

  • Brake Type‎: Linear Pull, Caliper
  • Colour‎: Blue and Orange
  • Frame Material‎: Steel
  • Number of Speeds‎: 1
  • Speed Rating: ‎Single Speed


  • Cost-effective and high-quality product. 
  • It is very safe for kids as it comes with a full chain cover.
  • The cycle is durable, attractive, and sporty. 


  • The quality of the tire is deficient and is easily breakable after the first fall. 

4. Geekay Hashtag Mountain Bicycle 

Geekay hashtag mountain bicycle is sleek, trendy, stylish, and built to work on any road efficiently. It is suitable for riders between 5ft to 5ft 7 inches tall.

The cycle’s frame is aerodynamic to reduce air friction, and it comes with high-quality disc brakes to ensure stable and quick braking.

It has cushioned seats and adjustable seat. The wide tires provide an excellent journey on any terrain, with its perfect geometry construction and world-class component ensuring an ideal ride.

The rest of the installation has to be finished by the customer before use. It’s a pretty easy and DIY installation. 

  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Usage: Trail, Road
  • Number of Seats: ‎1
  • Minimum height: 5ft
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Usage: ‎Trail, Road
  • Speed Rating‎: Single Speed
  • Suspension: ‎Rigid


  • The bicycle’s aerodynamic frame reduces air friction and can easily be ridden on any road or trail. 
  • It comes with a high tensile rim and quality anti-rust coating that provides ultimate road performance.
  • The construction is quite sturdy and ensures stable and quick braking. 
  • The seat is cushioned and comes with an adjustable saddle providing a stable ride.
  • The instructions are pretty straightforward, and the installation is DIY.


  • The quality of the colour coating is shallow. After a few uses, the layer starts to wear off.

5. Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle

The Hercules dynor is semi-assembled, and the customer can assemble the rest using the Allen key & spanner equipped in the box for installation.

It is an ideal bicycle for kids over 12 years, and a rider with a minimum height of 5ft 4inches and a maximum height of 5ft 10 inches are suitable to ride the road cycle. It comes with a single-speed gear and has a rigid suspension.

It comes with the V brake at both the sides. The frame material is made of steel, and the suspension is rigid. It doesn’t come with any additional components. 

  • Colour‎: Ivory White
  • Speed Rating‎: Single Speed
  • Suspension‎: Rigid
  • Usage: ‎Road
  • Wheel Size‎: 26 Inches


  • The brakes get powered with alloy levers for effortless city rides. 
  • The frame material is steel, and the cycle comes with a single-speed gear. 
  • The design is sleek, sturdy, and stylish.
  • The package has other necessary accessories as well. 


  • The saddle is a bit hard and not cushioned. Adequate comfort is not provided. 
  • In some products, some people found an issue of misalignment in the rear wheel.

6. Omobikes 1.0 Lightweight Hybrid Cycle : Best Gear Cycle Under 1000 

The Omobike is ultra-stylish and colourful.

It is one of the lightweight bicycles, which weighs only 12.9kg. Omobike has an alloy framework and is one of the most fantastic hybrid bikes under 10000.

It is a perfect road ride for people between ages twelve to thirty-five as it comes with an adjustable seat.

The Cycle comprises a high tensile steel frame, double anti-rust coated, and high-quality tires for a long and comfortable ride.

  • Style‎: Casual
  • Suspension‎: Rigid
  • Frame Material: ‎Carbon steel
  • Frame Size: ‎18 Inches
  • handle-type: ‎Riser Bar
  • Included Components: ‎Kickstand, Lock
  • Wheel Size: ‎26 Inches


  • The bike is anti-rust, which increases the longevity of this one-seater road ride.
  • The manufacturer finishes almost 85% of the installation. It comes semi-installed, and the rest is DIY
  • The height is adjustable, and it can be adjusted between 5.2″ and 6.0″ in size as per the need. 
  • It is suitable for a shorter distance on straight roads.


  • The cycle runs only on plain terrain, so there is no reusability option.
  • It doesn’t have battery power. 

7. Btwin My Bike Mountain Bike

As the name implies, it is a mountain bike, and you can use the bike to travel either uphill or downhill. It is one of the best two-wheelers in the market that you can purchase for under 10000.

The design is sleek, and the black colour white colour combination gives the two-wheeler quite an aesthetic appeal. It has a wide and comfortable PU MTB saddle and an HL SP200 steel seat post.

It has a large diameter steel tube and comes with VP flat pedals with a bearing. The stainless steel frame makes it sturdier, robust, and usable. 

  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Suspension‎: Rigid
  • Wheel Size: ‎26 Inches
  • Speed Rating‎: Single Speed
  • Usage: Trail, Road


  • The two-wheeler stainless steel makes it perfect for rough terrain rides
  • The aluminium wheel rims protect the tires, which are made for both surfaces wet and dry, hence helps to cover more ground and increase the cycle’s longevity. 
  • You can halt the bike immediately with the power V-brakes. 


  • Since there’s only a single gear, it’s difficult for the riders to go uphill or downhill. 
  • Oversized tubes

8. Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle

Hero Fashion 26 is a fashionable bicycle designed for girls, and it is built with a high-density steel frame that offers a robust construction. Undoubtedly one of the Best Gear Cycle Under 1000.

The frame design is ergonomic, enabling riders to get on and off with ease. It comes with a saddle that you can adjust according to riders preferences, and it provides non-slip support.

An extra seat is stationed at the back, for carrying another person, or a basket.It comes in two colours, pink and peach, with printing flowers, offering a sleek aesthetic and mesmerising appeal.

The frame material of the bicycle is made of steel, and the gear is single-speed. The front and rear brakes are calliper brakes, and the two-wheeler can be used by someone with a minimum height of 5 ft 4 inches and a maximum height of 5 ft 10 inches.

It weighs around 49 kg 900g and includes additional components like Mudguard, side stand, front and back reflector, chain cover, and basket. 

  • Colour‎: Pink
  • Frame Material‎: Steel, Steel
  • Frame Size: ‎16.5 Inches
  • Usage‎: Trail
  • Speed Rating: ‎Single Speed
  • Material Type‎: Steel
  • Suspension: ‎Rigid
  • Included Components: ‎Mudguard, Basket
  • Wheel Size: ‎26 Inches


  • It contains a dual-pipe U shape and is women-friendly. It comes in pretty colourful colours of pink and peach with printed flowers.
  • One of the unique features is the two storage spaces for keeping stuff in the basket.
  • It is women-friendly. 
  • The seat is high-quality and adjustable, thereby ensuring proper comfort to the user.
  • The high-quality adjustable seat of the cycle consciously is designed to provide comfortable seating to your girls. Its anti-skid pedals are helpful for proper feet gripping, ensuring safety while riding the bike.
  • The bike is highly safe as it comes with double calliper brakes.
  • It has a V-type wire brake and comes with a front and back carrier.


  • The handlebar is made of plastic, so it is easily breakable.
  • The basket is non-durable, and it’s challenging to obtain assembly service from the manufacturer.
  • It contains no additional components.

9. Hercules Roadeo Turner : Best Gear Cycle Under 1000

Hercules is one of the brands that millions have trusted in the country. The cycle they deliver is known for its unmatched performance and durability. 

One such is the Roadeo Turner 2016. It is a quality assured cycle, which is budget-friendly and works on all terrain.

The body frame is made from aluminium alloy, and the wheel is as long as 26 inches. It also has an additional PU saddle.

Along with that, it is equipped with front and rear reflectors. Like all cycles, this one too is delivered in semi-assembled condition. It is ideal for people aged eleven and above.

The minimum height of the rider can be 4.4 feet, and the maximum height should be 5.5 feet.

It doesn’t have additional components like Mudguard, stand, trainer wheel, carrier, chain cover, lock and horn or bell.

  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Suspension: Dual
  • Usage: Road
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Colour: Azure Blue


  • It is budget-friendly and works on all-terrain.
  • The dual suspension and 21-speed gear help absorb bumps on long journeys and mountain tracks. 
  • It can withstand harsh conditions as it is built on steel frames. 
  • It has impressive sudden braking capabilities as it comes with V-power brakes. 


  • No disc brakes. 
  • There is no toolkit available to help put the bike.

10. Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed cycle

Another gear bicycles from India’s oldest cycle brand that provides affordable and premium bicycles is Hero Octane 26T, ideal for people between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. It is one of the Best Gear Cycle Under 1000.

It has an 18-inch suspension frame and suspension fork that ensure a comfortable ride for longer journeys.

The bike ensures maximum safety of its rider as it has disc brakes and rear-v breaks to navigate between crowds.

The bikes come with Cotterless Crankset and a Cartridge BB set, which ensures smooth chain crossovers and minimises riders’ effort at paddling.

Suspension frame of the bike weighs barely 2.2kg, and the suspension fork ensures a comfortable rising experience and performance on a bumpy road.

  • Rider Height: 5’8″ – 6’3″
  • Total Bike Weight (Kg): 16.8
  • Bike type: Hardtail 
  • Frame: Alloy
  • Frame size: 18 inch 
  • Age: Adult
  • Colour: Blue
  • Level of assembly: Semi-assembled (85%)


  • Safe and budget-friendly product.
  • You can use it to ride in rugged terrains, for instance, on a mountain track. 
  • The two-wheeler is stable and durable, all because of the suspension setup.


  • It doesn’t come with additional components like Mudguard, trainer wheel, carrier, front reflector or rear, chain covers, and horn or bells. 
  • It doesn’t have a rear suspension. 
  • Most nuts and bolts used during the installation are made up of plastic, thereby easily breakable.
  • It doesn’t come with a proper toolkit for installation.

What should I look for when buying a gear cycle?

Multiple factors should be considered while buying a two-wheeler. But out of all, few significant factors should be considered while purchasing a geared bicycle.

They are as follows:-


You have to recognize and understand the purpose for which you’re investing in a bicycle. There are different purposes like riding a cycle for fitness, commuting, off-road, casual, adventure and long-distance.

The bike varies from need to need, as there are different cycles for different purposes. If you’re looking for a product that can be used in any terrain and for longer journeys, consider buying a bicycle with gear.


Coming back to our first factor – the purpose, your budget should be purely based on the purpose for which you’re purchasing a cycle.

The higher the budget is, the more features and additional components you can get, ensuring the longevity and continuity of your road.

Although investing in lower budget products might be helpful for a shorter period.


You don’t have to analyze all the cycle components like you may do while purchasing a bike. However, some features can surely add value to the price and affect the performance and experience of the buyer.

There are different kinds of cycles available in the market. You need to know what terrain or ground you’re riding the bicycle on as the two-wheeler is available for additional services.

For instance, you can use hybrid bikes and electric bikes on paved roads and bike paths. If you’re looking for a ride uphill, then a bicycle with gear would make an ideal choice.

Wheel size

Considering the third point, the wheel size of the cycle depends on the type of the two-wheeler.

For instance, mountain bikes come in two kinds, 29″ or 27.5″. 


Gears allow you to have more control of the bike, ensuring proper balance.

In general, it comes in many gears, the available gear ratio and range of gears, like the lower gear making it easier to pedal.

For example, if you want to ride on hills, choose a cycle with more gears to ensure proper balance and longevity of the product. 


Mainly, there are three handlebars:- Drop bar, flat bar and riser bar. The thing you should look for before investing is that there is sufficient distance from the seat.

There should not be too much gap between the two, as riding can be very uncomfortable. Other than that, the shape of the bar also matters.

The most common in road bikes is the drop bar which helps the rider ride faster as it is lightweight and aerodynamic. Flat bars improve the rider’s comfort level as it doesn’t let you compromise with your sitting position.

Most gear bikes come with a rising bar, which helps maintain the rider’s balance and can be extended slightly upward and back.


There are mainly two kinds of brakes V-brakes and Disc brakes. Of the two, always go for the Disc brakes as they provide better performance than the V-brakes.

Generally, both work equally good in a specific condition and have the same stopping distance.

But the disc brakes have a powerful braking mechanism, and it works well in wet conditions like during rainy days. 


Travelling doesn’t always have to be by cars, buses or SUVs. One can always adopt an environmentally friendly option, such as the bicycle.

Using a two-wheeler like a cycle, people can either replace their vehicles which release harmful emissions in the surrounding or upgrade from their present bike as we near the end of the gear cycle under 10000’s list.

Bicycling can serve as a means of relaxation and enjoyment. Not only does it have many health benefits, but it also helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

If you’ve got a plan for purchasing a bicycle by now, this article must have helped you make a purchasing decision. So now that you have got enough information, you can make your purchase without any hesitation. 


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