Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 700 In 2023 [Detailed Guide]

In order to get the best gaming experience, you need to have the right tools. And when it comes to gaming mice, there are a lot of different options on the market. So, what’s the best mouse for gaming under 700? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the top contenders and help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for precision, comfort or features, we’ve got you covered. So read on to find out more.

Wireless mice have been the favorite of computer users for a long time. They are more convenient and you can work from any position, especially those who suffer Chronic pain or Arthritis in their hands! No matter how old your mouse is, we have 5 Best Wireless Mice under Rs 700 which will make it look brand new again with just one touch on the screen.


Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 700 In 2023 [Detailed Guide]

Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse (GX30K79401)
Connector Type :- Wireless - USB; Pointing Device Resolution :- 1000DPI; Pointing Device Type :- 3 Button USB Laser Mouse
iBall FreeGo G20 Wireless Optical Mouse (Black)
Ergonomic and comfortable design for prolonged usage; Piano shiny finish exterior; Smooth and hassle free connection with 2.4ghz wireless technology

1. Logitech M221

Logitech is one of the best computer peripherals brands in India and it provides top-quality products to its customers. The M221 mouse costs under Rs 700, which makes this product affordable for everyone.

It has a good build quality with an ergonomic shape that fits well underneath your palm while remaining comfortable all day long – no matter how much you use it throughout the workday or play games on weekends. The mouse has a precise sensor and allows you to use it on almost any surface.

This Logitech M221 is the perfect mouse for those who want to work in silence. It reduces 90% sound while clicking and eliminates distractions around you, like any other good pair of headphones, does.

The small USB receiver can be found under this bottom part where batteries are stored – making sure that it’s hidden out from view if necessary when not being used so as to avoid potential theft or loss on your end-of-term paper route run after hours at school/work (or wherever).

If you’re looking for a sleek and affordable mouse, this is the one! It can work up to 33 feet away without any connectivity issues. The best part? You won’t have to worry about batteries because it’s powered by USB instead of batteries so there are no hassle with recharging or changing them out every few months like other models do (and who has time during work.

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2. Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse

Lenovo is all set to take your productivity and creativity on the go with its new range of accessories. The company has recently launched two mouse peripherals, one being my favorite -the wireless compact 300 model.

It’s affordable at just Rs 700/- but don’t let that fool you into thinking it won’t deliver quality performance because this device comes equipped wit ha USB connecter so there are no worries about connectivity issues either during work or playtime alike since everything will happen seamlessly via Computer programs like Chrome Oswbell Edge etc.

The Lenovo 300 is a fantastic mouse for gamers and designers alike. It has an impressive 1000 DPI pointing resolution, which means it will work smoothly with your computer no matter what software you’re using.

The range on this device stretches up to 10 meters without any interference from obstacles or other electronics around them (perfect if your workspace tends be noisy). Plus there are 6 programmable buttons available at the touch of button so editing videos becomes even easier than before.

3. Dell WM126

The Dell WM126 wireless mouse is a sleek and stylish way to keep your work sessions going. This device runs on AA batteries, which are easy enough for most people’s lifestyles since they come with the mouse inbuilt or you can purchase an extra one if needed.

Connectivity has been made simple thanks to it’s USB Receiver that’ll be included when delivered – all this goodness happens without needing any wires attached at any time.

This mouse has a 1000DPI resolution, which means you can use it for everyday work at home or in an office setting. The design is comfortable and easy to grip with one hand so even those who are not entirely steady on their feet will find this device perfect! It’s compatible with Windows 7+, Linux+android-based systems as well ChromeOS; making sure there isn’t any confusion when considering what operating system they need the product to support.

4. iBall FreeGo G20

The 4th on the list is iBall FreeGo G20.iBall’s mouse comes with a USB receiver for connectivity and has an ergonomic, comfortable design that will last you through long usage sessions.The piano shiny finish exterior of this product makes it stand out from other competitors’ products as well – a great choice if sleek elegance matters to you in your gadgets too much.

iBall’s G20 is perfect for those who have a large work space. With its wireless capabilities, you can freely move around and update your computer without worrying about cables getting in the way.

The mouse also features an adjustable speed switch on top so that every user will be able to customize their experience as desired – which means less time wasting when trying out different speeds or settings before finding what works best with whatever task at hand.

5. Mi Portable Wireless Mouse

If you’re looking for a light, comfortable way to keep your laptop mouse on hand while working in bed or at another desk job where heavyweights are discouraged then this could be just what the doctor ordered. With its ergonomic and comfort-induced design, it will feel like nothing is there as we glide around our screens with ease.

Mi’s high-quality mouse is perfect for those who work in fast moving environments. The 1200 DPI tracking accuracy ensures that your movements will be accurately communicated to the computer, while there are no delays or dropouts when using 2GHz wireless connections.

Buying Guide For Best Gaming Mouse Under 700

Best Gaming Mouse Under 700

When you are looking for the best gaming mouse, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Here is a buying guide to help you find the perfect gaming mouse for your needs.


One of the most important factors when choosing a gaming mouse is the sensor. The sensor determines how accurate and responsive the mouse is. For gaming, you want a mouse with a high-quality sensor that can track even the smallest movements.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a gaming mouse is DPI or dots per inch. This measures how sensitive the mouse is to movement and determines how quickly it will respond. When choosing a gaming mouse, you want one with a high DPI so that you can have more control over your movements.

DPI for Gaming

Most professional gamers opt for a mouse with a DPI between 400 and 3,200. The low end allows you to make smaller but precise movements while the high end lets you move the mouse much quicker. If you play FPS games, a DPI of 800 or higher will be best as it is designed to track fast-paced quick movements. On the other hand, if you play turn-based strategy games such as Civilization V, a lower DPI makes it easier to select units and create detailed plans.


Another thing to consider when choosing a gaming mouse is how many buttons it has and what purpose they serve. Many FPS players prefer mice that have at least 5 buttons, as this gives them more options in-game. For instance, they can use a button to quickly reload their weapon or switch weapons. Similarly, MMO players may prefer mice with more buttons that can be used to cast spells or control their character.

Shape and Weight

The shape and weight of the mouse is also important to consider when choosing a gaming mouse. Some people prefer a mouse that is curved for comfort while others prefer one with a more ergonomic design. Similarly, some people like their mouse to be lightweight while others prefer it to have more weight for stability. It is important to find a mouse that feels comfortable in your hand and has the right amount of weight for your gaming preferences.

Wired or Wireless

Finally, you will need to choose between wired and wireless gaming mice. While many gamers prefer wired gaming mice for their better response time, wireless models are becoming more popular thanks to advancements in technology. Many wireless gaming mice can now perform almost as well as wired ones, making the choice about personal preference rather than performance.


Choosing a great gaming mouse does not have to be expensive. There are many options available for under 700 that will work perfectly fine for most people’s needs. However, if you want something with advanced features like an adjustable weight system or swappable parts, then expect to pay more for it.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Gaming Mouse Under 700

Best Gaming Mouse Under 700

What is the best gaming mouse for an FPS gamer?

The best gaming mouse for an FPS gamer is one with a high DPI so that it can track quick movements. It should also have buttons on the left side that can be used to reload quickly or switch weapons.

What is the best gaming mouse for an MMO gamer?

The best gaming mouse for an MMO gamer is one with many buttons that can be used to cast spells or control their character. It should also have a high DPI for precise movements.

What is the difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse?

A gaming mouse has a higher-quality sensor than a regular mouse which allows it to track even the smallest movements. Also, they are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for gamers.

What is an APM?

An APM or actions per minute refers to how many commands a player can issue in one minute. The higher this number, the more efficient their game play will be. This should not be confused with SPM or skills per minute.

Why should I use an MMO gaming mouse?

Using an MMO gaming mouse minimizes finger movement as all of the buttons are easily accessible on your thumb instead of having to move your fingers around the keyboard constantly. Because of this, you will have much better control over your character and can perform better in-game.

Do wireless gaming mice really perform as well as wired ones?

Yes, many wireless gaming mice can now achieve a response time of 1ms or less, which is almost impossible to detect for the human eye. If you choose one with an adjustable weight system and high DPI, they can deliver similar performance to wired ones.


We have found the best gaming mouse for under 700. Here are some things you should know about our selection of a great gaming mouse. The mouse features a 16000 DPI sensor, which is an industry-standard and provides accurate tracking on most surfaces.

It also has 11 programmable buttons so that you can assign macros to your favorite games with ease. If these specifications sound like what you’re looking for in high-quality gaming mice, then this one may be perfect for you.

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