Best Gaming Laptops Under 40000 – 8GB and i3 Processor

One of the most essential items for a gamer is a gaming laptop. A gaming laptop can make or break your experience in games. It’s an investment, and you need to know what you’re looking for before purchasing one. In this blog post we’ll help you find the best gaming laptops under 40000 rupees by reviewing 7 different laptops from various brands like HP, Dell, Acer etc. 

We hope that after reading this post it will be easier for you to decide which laptop is best suited for your needs and budget.

The six best gaming laptops under 40000 to look at, plus a quick guide on how you can find your perfect laptop.

In this article, I’ll show you the top 6 most popular options for those who are shopping around in order from the cheapest all-the-way up to premium models without compromise where necessary features like display size and graphics capabilities matter as much as processor speed does if not more so because what good is an extra GPU when there’s no place left inside that budget.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000 – Our Top 6 Picks

HP 15 10th Gen Intel Core i3 15.6-inch FHD Alexa Built-in Laptop (i3-10110U/4GB/1TB HDD/Win 10/MX130...
Product 1: Operating System: Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity; Product 1: Display: 15.6-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080)
HP 15 db1059au  15.6" (39.62cms) Laptop (Ryzen 3 3200U/4GB/1TB HDD/Win 10/MS Office 2019/AMD Radeon...
2.6GHz AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor; 4GB DDR4 RAM; 1TB 5400rpm hard drive; 15.6-inch screen, AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics

1. HP 15 10th Gen 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop : Best Gaming Laptops Under 50000 in india 2022

In our personal view, the HP 15 is without a doubt one of the best gaming laptops under 40000 in India 2021. This large and sleek laptop features an Intel 10th Generation Core i3 processor with base frequency at 2.1 GHz that can easily be increased up to 4 GB thanks to its Turbo Boost technology for when you need more power or just want better performance during intense gameplay sessions.

Not only does this Moorefield chip reduce system time spent accessing data from main memory but also helps keep energy consumption low too which means all those extra coins will go much further than expected–plus we get longer battery life out them as well so there’s no problem finding somewhere “safe” where I’m not interrupted while playing games online.

The MSI GL63 review is a powerful laptop with an impressive combination of performance and graphics. The system comes standard to 2 GB VRAM, which can handle many games at 45 fps or greater.

With its Best LED monitor it has also been specially designed for those who play their video games on the go as well–the brightness may need adjusting depending where you are gaming but overall this product will not let your power consumption skyrocket while playing like some other models do when they’re maxed out in terms of lighting output mode due to how flexible these settings actually end up being thanks largely because there’s more than one type available so that everyone gets his own personal preference no matter what kind he prefers most:

The laptop is the perfect match for any gamer with its five display settings and wireless mouse. It features two USB 3.0 ports, one terabyte hard drive space (for all your game storage needs), as well as a powerful Intel Core i7 processor that keeps you at peak performance in every aspect of gameplay!

The top-of-the-line gaming machine from MSI will quickly become an integral part of anyone’s life: whether they’re streaming on Twitch or just playing casually hours away; if someone asked me what gift would make them really happy this year it wouldn’t take much thinking before saying ” Surprise.


  • Best gaming laptop under 40000 for those who would like to do a little more than just play games.


  • Not as much RAM as other major brand

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2. Lenovo V15 Gaming Laptop

While the Lenovo V15 is a 15.6-inch laptop with an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor that can go from 2.1 GHz to 3.7 GHz, it also has some other features you may want in your next gaming PC:

The dual core system reads and executes multiple program instructions faster than before giving gamers more control over their games . Plus its sleek black design makes this machine perfect for any gamer on-the go.

The Lenovo V15 is one of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market. It features 8 GBs of RAM and 1 TB HDD storage drive which you can expand up to 16GB thanks its compatible DDR4 modules, AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 graphics card for rendering high-quality images at frame rates above 60fps in games like Fortnite or League Of Legends without any lag whatsoever.

There are also two USB 3 ports available so that your external Hard Drive won’t be left out when dealing with big files while playing video clips from YouTube videos too.

The laptop comes with a 180-degree hinge. You can move the screen back as necessary when trying to see what you’re playing and there are two 1.5W dual speakers that use Dolby audio processing for accurate sound detail.

The design of this run-Nintendo shirt will have you smiling from ear to ear with its awesome vintage style.


  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • One terabyte hard drive space (for all your game storage needs)


  • Not as many graphics capabilities as other major brands

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3. Asus Vivobook 3500U Gaming Laptop 

The Asus Vivobook 3500U is an affordable gaming laptop you can buy for under 40000 in India. This powerful, yet sleek and light machine comes equipped with one of the most detailed processors on today’s market – AMD Ryzen 5-3500U processor.

The 3.7 GHz speed combined with 6 MB cache makes this system perfect for playing all your favorite games without any hiccups or lags at top graphics settings–and that even includes Fortnite which processes data 60 times faster than average consoles do nowadays due to its immersive qualities being crafted by talented designers rather than programmers alone.

You cant beat a laptop that lets you upgrade your RAM and HDD, all in one place. The new Razer Blade 15 features a SO-DIMM slot for expanding its 8GB of standard DDR4 memory to as much as 20 GB with ease.

In addition to this great feature there is also space available on the hard drive where users may install up to 1 TB worth of storage at their choosing – not bad considering what else this computer has going on under those hoods too.

The SSD drive is ideal for games, as it helps you load data in less time than if you used an HDD setup. The 14-inch FHD screen provides a great look and can be anti-glare or not depending on what game battle station your batteling with.

It also comes equipped with Bluetooth connections so that no matter where life takes this laptop; there will always seamlessly bleeds through to provide gamers access their favorite titles no matter the situation – even without having an internet connection available all tthe time (though we recommend using WiFi whenever possible).


  • Upgradable RAM and HDD options, high-quality sound via Acer TrueHarmony speakers


  • Screen can be a bit dark when placed at low angles for maximum brightness.

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4. HP 15 DB1059AU Gaming Laptop : HP Gaming Laptop Under 40000

The HP 15 DB1059AU is the latest addition to our list of best gaming laptops in India 2021. It has a 2.6 GHz AMD Ryzen 3 3000U processor and 4 GB RAM that can handle up to 8GBs if you want more graphics power for your games, without overworking its cooling system or slowing down gameplay due to heat buildup on the screen.

With this machine’s 15 inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution @ 60Hz refresh rate + G-sync technology compatibility, gamers have nothing but smooth performance when they’re out there taking risks while playing their video game favorites. The 1 TB HDD drive lets you partition the data on your laptop as necessary, giving it more control over how content is handled while working.

The lighter weight and longer battery life make this device perfect for those who travel often or work from different locations with limited access to power outlets; plus they’ll be able to take their favorite computer everywhere.

The HP brand laptop comes with Bluetooth support so that you can link your wireless controller or headset to the device in moments. The Windows 10 platform makes it easy for users like yourself, who are looking to set up things right away and don’t want hassle of cords coming between them-to pair devices without difficulty.

If you want to enjoy your game without any interruptions, the 15.6-inch screen on this laptop is perfect for it! You can also use its Ethernet port if playing games online and enjoying esports experiences are important in our lives in today’s society with all their technological advancements.


  • Fast and powerful enough to load games and programs within seconds, and play them without any interruptions.


  • No optical drive on this model, so you may want to consider getting an external DVD drive if needed.

5. Asus Vivobook M515 3250U Gaming Laptop 

The Asus Vivobook M515 3250U is a wonderful launch focusing under the 40000 range in India. It’s more of an entry-level laptop, but it provides enough power for all your games and can run with up to 12GB RAM if needed – which also means you’ll have plenty leftover from those heavier programs like photoshop.

For connectivity, there are Wi-Fi ac as well as Bluetooth capability onboard so gaming sessions never miss out either way whether they’re online or offline alike thanks again HDMI cable too.

The Intel Core i7 processor is designed to give you the best gaming experience possible. It offers a 3 GHz clock speed and can be boosted up to 4 GHz with turbo boost technology, which also allows for more simultaneous tasks on this laptop’s computer hardware!

The chiclet keyboard design makes it easy to navigate through games by using larger keys that are easier than standard size ones would have been in earlier models of computers or laptops alike because they provide greater tactility when typing out messages one minute into playing your favorite game modes solo vs AI opponents without having any other players’ input interfere what so ever.

With the slightest of touches, you can zoom in and out to find your enemies. The laptop is unique because it focuses on motion control while playing games – something that other laptops don’t do well with! Plus this bad boy lasts for about five hours when fully charged so they won’t need to worry themselves over whether or not their battery will last during intense gaming sessions.

Finally, if there’s ever an issue (which shouldn’t happen), all users have got go right ahead zipping up those cables thanks 2A power supply adapter which stores easily into most bags without taking too much space like some others might do


  • Intel Core i7 processor for great gaming performance.


  • The keyboard is more suited towards right-handed

7. Avita Pura NS14A6INU541-MEGYB Gaming Laptop 

Avita Pura NS14A6INU541-MEGYB is a stylish gaming laptop you can look at under the 40000 category. The Pura has an Intel Core i7 2.6 GHz processor that can support 3,500+ speeds when overclocking and 8GB of RAM to run any game or other programs necessary for playtime extension such as controls setup with whatever headset (if used) on hand – making this one sleek system perfect both in design and function.

The Avita laptop is one of the most portables on this list. It weighs 1.34 kg and measures 5 mm at its slimmest end but comes with some trade-offs; it can’t be charged via USB 3 ports like other laptops are, so your phone or any other device would have to do for quick battery life boosts in between charges if needed-but don’t worry because they’ll last eight hours before running out entirely!

The Bluetooth support helps you link a controller and headset up to your computer – ideal when gaming handheld style without having both hands occupied holding onto something else while taking laps round an obstacle course type game.

The 256GB SSD is standard on this laptop. The system has been proven to be faster than an HDD, meaning you’ll have fewer loading screens and much smoother gameplay! This can also help with your gaming experience by keeping games running well without wasting too much time.

It’s easy – just make sure that when purchasing a new computer or upgrading yours from an HDD (hard drive) we recommend getting one of these in addition; they’re expensive but worth every penny for how quickly data moves around inside the device which


  • 256GB SSD for faster loading times.


  • Bluetooth can be misleading when using game controllers

8. Acer Aspire 3 Intel Core i3-10th Gen

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 is a Windows 10 laptop that comes with MS Office pre-installed and is powered by AMD Athlon Silver 3050U processor, it has 15.6 inches of display and weighs 1.85kgs – making it perfect for all kinds of traveling professionals on the go! This lightweight device also offers you 5 hours worth battery life due to its lithium polymer batteries.

In addition, we can upgrade RAM up until 12GB which will allow more balanced performance while gaming or multitasking between different tasks at hand (especially helpful if there’s some graphics-centric work). Last but not least importantly: the integrated high-end GPU enabled gamers like myself get an edge over our opponents when playing games from their library thanks.


  • AMD Athlon Silver 3050U for lightweight but powerful performance.


  • Lacks USB 3 support for fast charging or data transfers

Buying Guide For Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000

Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000


You should know what type of processor your laptop has. If you have a gaming-oriented device then it’s best to get one with at least 2 GHz speed, as this will allow for faster calculations during games and other applications that require more processing power than standard CPUs offer.

Some laptops also come equipped with an overclocking feature which allows them operate beyond their original specifications by enabling higher clock speeds through software tweaks or hardware modification; however, these modifications may draw from battery life much quicker due not only having increased frequency but also consuming excess electrical energy when enabled – so be sure before indulging in any overclock action.

The processor is a complex and vital part of the computer. It processes data in an operation, which can be either simple or complicated with many possible outcomes depending on what instructions are given to it from other parts like a memory cache.

If those operations need immediate access then they come into play but otherwise burden them as best we could by making their job easier through our own ingenuity – such as doubling up some tasks onto multiple cores (or processing threads). This helps lower power consumption because now less juice has been wasted going back-andforth between core sections where there was once only one path available.

RAM & Cache Memory

RAM memory is vital to your computer’s performance, it’s the quickest resource for any device to access when in need of a file or application that needs startup. Unfortunately RAM is volatile meaning if the power goes out data will be lost from all connected storage devices anytime when you’re not plugged in – so hopefully it was saved before the battery died.

There are two popular types of RAM available: DDR3 and DDR4. The latter being significantly faster but also more expensive which makes sense because it operates at a much greater frequency bandwidth between 30-50% increase than its predecessor.

Although lack of support from older processors hinders this technology ability due their limited supply by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who still prefer selling laptops with 4GB of DDR3 standard over the higher performance 8GB DDR4.


In the world of gaming, there are two different types: hard drives and Solid State Drives (SSDs). Hard disks store data on physical parts with an HDD while SSD’s work faster but don’t hold as much information at one time. While both have advantages depending upon what you need for your specific needs in a laptop-based machine it may be worth considering which option is best suited just for yourself.


When you’re gaming on your laptop, don’t forget about the battery. A computer can last for eight to twelve hours depending on how much power it uses and if its settings are optimized correctly; but this time could be shorter than expected due in part by installing more demanding programs or running them at higher resolutions.


Firewire, eSATA, Thunderbolt 1-3 & HDMI are all optional depending upon what laptop you choose to buy. These features are not always available if the manufacturer doesn’t believe it will sell well with their device.

Graphics Card

Mining for cryptocurrency is still a very popular activity among PC enthusiasts because it’s easier to do compared to other methods requiring much higher spec machines to complete successfully.

Crypto mining especially Etherium benefits from having a strong dedicated graphics card (for gaming), as opposed to CPU which would only waste resources by trying to complete the task at hand – plain and simple .

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000

Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000

How do I know if my laptop can handle gaming?

There is a simple way to answer this; your computer needs to have a dedicated graphics card, and not one that shares memory with the rest of your system.

Dedicated cards are developed for fast rendering and high quality output capabilities which allows them to be much more efficient than those sharing resources between other devices and components inside the device.

Which is the best processor for gaming?

Well this depends on what you need your computer to do; but if you want it to be able to handle high-end games then look for a quad-core Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor.

These processors will allow for multiple programs to run simultaneously without lagging or crashing because of resource shortage.

How much RAM should I get?

Gaming laptops usually sit between 4 and 16GB; however, if you are doing more than just playing games or using demanding applications go with at least 8GB so no slowdown occurs during access.

If playing older titles still think about getting an SSD because they are far faster than hard drives which can affect low frame rates otherwise – especially during loading screens.

Should I get a bigger or faster hard drive?

Get an SSD if you want your games to load quickly and other applications to take less time while launching.

The downside is that you will need to sacrifice data storage for speed; however, the upside is that they are much more durable than hard drives which can last longer and save you money in the long run because there won’t be as much downtime due to crashes and fragmentation like with standard hard disks.

Which laptops use dedicated graphics cards?

These are usually NVIDIA GeForce models or AMD Radeon ones; but in many cases the GPU is incorporated with the CPU so check whether it says “integrated graphics” in your laptop specs.

If not then you should have nothing to worry about when it comes to running games at their best.


The best gaming laptop under 40000 is the perfect way to get more out of your desktop computer. If you’ve been looking for a new machine and don’t want to spend too much, then this article will help you find one that fits within your budget. We have reviewed three different laptops from top manufacturers in order to give gamers what they need without breaking the bank. Scroll down below if you are ready to compare specs with us!

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