Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 In 2023 (Mechanical)

For the best ever gaming experience a gaming pc and a gaming keyword are necessary. Likewise, for a smooth working experience, a good mechanical keyboard is also important.

So there will be a list of best Keyboards under 3000 in India for both gaming and working purposes.

Let’s get into it.

Best Keyboard Under 3000

The list given below contains the newly launched keyboards with great performance design for better working as well as a gaming experience.

However, if you are not satisfied with your gaming experience you can check the best pc build under 50000. An affordable option for 1080p gaming. Also, Containing components to upgrade from your current PC.

1. RedGear Shadow Blade (Great Gaming Keyboard)

Redgear Shadow Blade Wired USB Gaming Keyboard - Redgear :

RedGear is a great brand for gaming products. It offers you a complete and big keyboard with RGB lights.

However, you can’t change the per-key lighting color as similar in most of the keyboards. This keyboard comes with a unique dial with LED lights to just the sound of your pc.

For better experience and looking this keyboard comes with solid wire and wire grooves. It makes wire management easier.

This gaming keyboard is known for long-time gaming. Its build quality is also decent and comes with blue switches for better comfort while gaming.

You can easily use this keyboard in the pc build given above. With newly launched and affordable components for 1080p gaming.

1. All Key Anti-ghosting1. Can’t change per-key color.
2. Volume Controlling dial
3. RGB lights
4. Solid Build quality

2. Cosmic Byte CB GK 16 (Compact Gaming Keyboard)

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 FIREFLY Wired USB Gaming Keyboard - Cosmic Byte :

Cosmic Byte is also a decent brand for gaming products. This time you will get a Cosmic Byte CB GK 26 keyboard.

This is a compact keyboard that comes with full RGB customizable lights. You can easily change the color of any key or set custom colors.

The only problem is it has only 87 keys. Numeric keys are not available on it. But you will have all the keys required to play games.

The build quality is the best as compared to the other keyboard in the list. However, the keyboard for working purposes can have better build quality.

1. Backlit with 16.8 million colors1. Numeric keys not available
2. On-Board Memory
3. Multi-Media Controls
4. Lightweight and portable

3. Ant Esports MK3200

Ant Esports MK3200 Multicolor LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Wired USB Gaming  Keyboard - Ant Esports :

Ant Esports offers you a good quality keyboard in this price range. This time you will get Ant Esports MK3200.

It is also a good gaming keyboard. You can’t change per-key RGB lights on this keyboard but it offers you some RGB customization options.

The weight is only 850 grams which is less as compared to the Redgear Shadow Blade keyboard.

You will get all the 104 keys required on a keyboard. Moreover, it has a keyboard to control the volume and offers other features as well.

1. Affordable Gaming Keyboard1. Can’t change per-key color.
2. RGB lights Available
3. light-weight keyboard
4. Good Build quality

4. TVS Electronics Gold (Mechanical Keyboard For Office Work)

TVS Gold Wired USB Desktop Keyboard - TVS :

TVS is a well-known brand for durable mechanical keyboards under 3000 for office purposes. You will get amazing build quality from this keyboard.

If you don’t want a keyboard with RGB lights then it can be a good option. You will get laser printing on the keys as well as durable mechanical keys.

But still, these keys are downgraded as compared to the keys available a few years ago. However, it still offers a great value for office work.

The sound of the keys is also good. but If you want an even better keyboard for your personal work then TVS Electronics Gold Pro can be an option.

1. Solid Build Quality1. No Led Light
2. Good for office work
3. Laser Printed Text
4. Good typing sound

5. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26 (Budget Friendly Gaming Keyboard)

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26 Pandora TKL Mechanical Keyboard Outemu Red Switches  Wired USB Gaming Keyboard - Cosmic Byte :

Cosmic Byte CB GK 26 is an affordable option for gaming. The price of this keyboard is under 2000. It offers you good build quality as per the price.

The per-key RGB lights available on this keyboard are not adjustable as available on the Cosmic Byte CB GK 26.

But you can get a good gaming experience from this keyboard as well. The only problem is that it won’t have a numeric keyboard.

So it is not a good keyboard if you want to do some video editing. The gaming experience will be good according to the price.

1. Affordable Option1. Numeric keys not available
2. Lightweight and portable2. Can’t change per-key color.
3. RGB Lights available

6. Redgear MK881

Redgear MK881 Invador professional mechanical with Kailh blue switches,  Lighting effect and windows key lock Wired USB Gaming Keyboard - Redgear :

This is another keyboard from Redgear offering a good build quality and price to the users. This is a mechanical keyboard for gaming.

It offers the same keys as available on the TVS Electronics GOLD keyboard known for working purposes.

That means it is a durable keyboard with RGB lights. The RGB lights are not customization. You can change the color of every key. The maximum you can set up is a rule to turn the RGB light on or off.

Moreover, it offers you a compact design with a new window lock key and gaming features like full anti-ghosting.

1. All Key Anti-ghosting1. Can’t change per-key color.
2. RGB lights
3. Solid Build quality

7. HP GK320

HP GK320 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard - HP :

If you want a keyboard from a brand known for quality products then you can check this keyboard from HP.

This is a mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Hp. You will get five colors on this keyboard. But you can’t change the color of any key.

However, there are some options where you can set up different lighting modes on this keyboard. For gaming, you can check this keyboard.

Also, the build quality is decent as compared to the normal office keyboard available at a lower budget from HP.

1. Good Build Quality1. Can’t change per-key color.
2. RGB lights
3. Solid Build quality


For gaming, there are lots of keyboards available in the market. But you can check Redgear shadow blade or Cosmic byte CB GK 16 is a compact 87 keys keyboard is enough for you.

However, for office work you can check TVS Electronics Gold, a decent keyboard with a decent build quality.

Lastly, for a budget-friendly option, Cosmic Byte CB GK 16 can be a good option.

This is the article for the list of keyboards under 3000. If you liked this article on keyboards feels free to share it with your friends.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best keyboard under 3000?

Redgear Shadow Blade and Cosmic Byte CB GK 16 both are great keyboards for gaming at this price. However, you can’t use Cosmic Byte CB GK 16 for working.

Which keyboard is best for coding?

For coding, you need the best keyboard typing experience and a solid keyboard. These things are available on TVS electronics Gold Keyboard. Also, it has laser-printed text on keys.

Which is the mechanical keyboard for office work?

If you want a mechanical keyboard for office work then TVS Electronics Gold can be a good option. Also, it will give you a great typing experience and build quality.

Which one is the cheap gaming keyboard?

Cosmic Byte CB Gk 26 is a budget-friendly option from Cosmic that offers you a good and affordable gaming keyboard with RGB lights and solid build quality.

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