Top 11 Best Extension Cord In India 2023 [Detailed Review]

Extension cords are one of those things that you never think about until you need one and then you realize how important they are. Whether you’re trying to power a tool in your workshop or keep your holiday lights plugged in, choosing the right extension cord is key. So, what is the best extension cord for India? Check out our guide to find out.

Extension boards are a great utility product that provides us with the convenience of plugging in different appliances simultaneously, avoiding clutter. Extension Board enables you to use electrical devices which would otherwise be inaccessible without an extension cord or particular type/size socket plugs for them.

These days there’s no shortage – many electronics have unique pinouts making it difficult (or impossible)to connect directly onto standard US wall sockets found at home AND workplaces alike… but not any more thanks To these handy little items called “extension cords”.

Extension boards are a great and affordable way to extend your desk space. They’re made with fire-resistant materials, making them completely safe for children who might happen find themselves playing around on one.

The extension board design has changed quite bit over time – most now come ergonomically designed so that you can work more comfortably without pain or difficulty; lightweight allowing easy transport from place Ato B whether at home or office setting up shop nearby etc… Below we’ve outlined our top picks within this category


Top 11 Best Extension Cord In India 2023 [Detailed Review]

1.Havells 6A 4 way Extension Board

If you want to keep your bedroom or office free from messy wires, the Havells Four-Way Extension Board is a great solution. With its 1.5m cable that can be used across any space and four secure universal ports which allow for snug fitting of plugs at one time, this board ensures convenience without compromising on power supply options.

The havells Protection Board is a thoughtful extra fuse that has inbuilt surge protection and an overload protector. The board can be mounted on either the wall or a table, depending upon your preference; it also comes with two different size heads so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for how much power capacity (or weight) is needed.

With this durable device weighing just over 1 pound- its easy enough tto take anywhere without noticing any difference between home electricity conditions – travel will never feel quite as stressful again thanks to our handy dandy little toolbox accessory.

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2.ADDMAX Extension Cord

The ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB is the perfect way to keep your home safe from surges. Made of durable, fire-resistant material and fitted for 6 plugs or more (2 plugs on each side), this innovative design ensures that you can plug in anything without blocking any neighboring slots.

This extension cord will work well no matter what type of electronic device uses up power because it has 2 standard USB ports as well – one beside every other outlet so there’s never an issue when camping out next door at their house while charging our electronics between trips back inside due both safety concerns and convenience.

The plugs are designed to match any device and can be controlled by an advantageously built on/off switch. With its advanced one-piece copper conductor, it provides good heat dissipation for all types of electronic devices while ensuring your safety from short circuits or overheating.

The bright colors available make this small power bank perfect not only as decoration but also functionality in case you need extra juice wherever life takes us–whether at work or play.

3.Axmon Extension Cord 

The Axmon Extension Cord with built-in USB is a portable device that can be easily used for your multiple needs in the office, library or study room. It has 1 meter long cord and 6 sockets (2 slots per channel) to meet all of our household’s electrical demands.

With this high-quality appliance, you won’t worry about overheating devices because they’re made from fire retardant materials & have thick wires designed specifically so their temperature doesn’t drop too quickly when put under stress such as carrying large amounts of electricity through an outlet without protection against overcurrent accidents.

Protect your valuable electronics with this nifty product! This lightning protected and overall protection provides against sudden electrical surges. It has one main switch which eliminates the requirement to turn off any sources, making it easy for you when using printers or cameras at home while on vacation – just plugin where there are outlets available (no more waiting around). 

The 2-year warranty will ensure that if something goes wrong during those two years of usage; we’ll fixit right away without question

The sleek design makes transporting this device simple as well since they’re not too heavy nor difficult-to carry around during travel time.

4. Gongniu Extension Board

The Gongniu Extension Board is a safety device that ensures the integrity of your electrical system. Made with an integrated brass circuit and high-PP material, it can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit without risk or hazard. 

It also has universal sockets for use with myriad plugs so there’s no need for you search around looking like an expert when someone visits over! Polycarbonate plastic makes this extension board shockproof in case something does go wrong while using these devices which should be proof enough considering their reputation on deterring fires everywhere they touch.

It’s so easy to use the kitchen plug that even a klutz like me could handle it! It has 3m wire length and can be used for both at home or in your office. With just one 6A socket, you’ll have all of our needs fulfilled without having any interruptions while using other appliances too – this way we don’t waste energy either by shutting them off when not needed anymore (which is what usually ends up happening). 

The best part about these simple but effective gadgets are their individual push buttons per device so there isn’t anything stopping us from doing whatever task pops into mind naturally; whether cooking dinner together with dishes running.

5.APPUCOCO Plus Extension Board

The APPUCOCO Extension Board comes with a long 3m cord made of high-grade pure copper and wrapped in shockproof plastic which is 100% waterproof. This ensures protection for your daily use at home or office, as well as providing the plugs from getting blocked by other objects while you’re trying to plug them into something else.

The universal three pin plug can suitably fit any device requiring electricity without needing an adaptor – making this accessory perfect not just abroad but also inside buildings where there may be less space available between walls, etc.

You can easily take this handy printer with you on your travels. It’s lightweight and occupies very little space, so it’ll be easy for packing up all those old books or documents at a campground! A durable silver contact switch controls power to sockets while an LED indicator light lets you know if there are any available outlets nearby in case of emergencies. 

This device is compatible not only printers but also scanners computers set top boxes as well emergency lights – just make sure they’re low intensity reds though since these LEDs provide enough visibility without being too bright when needed most during dark hours.

6.UBON EXT-100 Power Champ 3 Extension Board

With its sleek and convenient design, the UBON universal extension board is perfect for any household. This 3-port socket with switch bombs can fit securely on most sockets to provide you an endless amount of power in every corner throughout your home or office.

With overload protection (surge), overheating prevention technology built right in which ensures 100% safety when using this product as well as overcurrent protection from both strong currents flowing too rapidly through it at once – these all make sure that no matter what happens during those inevitable blackouts caused by natural disasters suchs curriculum.

A perfect power solution for your devices, the portable solar charger provides a cost-effective and efficient way to charge all of your electronics. The lightweight design allows you take it anywhere with ease.

You can even use this as an emergency battery pack because its small enough to fit in any bag or glove compartment which means no matter what time disaster strikes there will be some forma charging resources at hand ready when needed most–just like that one guy who always manages get out alive during.

7.wipro Extension Board 

Wipro’s extension boards are one of the best on the market. With this versatile board, you can be sure that your child will always be safe and sound while using it thanks to its innovative shutter system which prevents any danger from occurring during use for 100% hazard-free fun.

With over-voltage protection built right in as well as resettable switches capable of handling spikes or other problems before they become a problem these WIPRO products have everything parents could ever want at their fingertips when looking out after children around electricity-based activities such as as playing games online etc.

This is the perfect product for your home and workspace needs. It has an ergonomic design, lightweight construction that makes it easy to carry around all day long without any hassle or fatigue! With so many ports available on this board you will never run out of options when trying new things with electricity – no matter what kind(s)of appliance(es)you’re using right now (or ever!). 

The 2m wire length allows enough space between sockets where bulky cords won’t get in way; plus if one socket runs low during use because say…lightning storms outside- there’s still plenty left over at least until another cloud forms.

8.Hoteon 2500W Extension Cord

The Hoteon Extension Board is perfect for those who want to charge 4 devices simultaneously, as well as having fast-charging USB ports. It’s made from flame-retardant materials and can withstand heat up to 855 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thick copper cable offers great current distribution with an Indian fused plug that will fit any socket you put it in so no more worrying about buying the wrong type of outlet strip just because one was too tight or loose when installing them before now.

The Culprit Next alkaline batteries are specifically designed to provide long-lasting power in any environment. Designed with child safety features, these lightweight and durable rechargeable cells make it easy for kids of all ages – even those who find themselves on their own without parents or guardians around.

With an anti-slip grip that keeps them securely upright when placed horizontally so you don’t need worry about dangerous voltage fluctuations from slipping off onto nearby surfaces while charging occurs below deck level (where there could be potentially harmful chemicals).

9.ESN 999 220-240 Extension Cord

This extension board is a multipurpose tool that can be used to add sockets and switches wherever needed. It’s robust enough for heavy-duty tasks, with an ABS plastic construction in which all components are firmly attached together by screws instead of relying on glue or adhesive stickers like other similar products might use; this makes it shock-resistant as well.

The cord length allows maximum mobility during installation so there aren’t limitations on where you need accesses points like some flexible cable kits may have–you’ll even find yourself able avoid tripping over excess wire since your work area stays clear due its generous dimensions too.

The nine-square feet design provides plenty space under kitchen cabinets while also fitting into tight spots (like narrow spaces between racks) because our saw-toothed edge can be cut to size with just a few quick snips.

This surge protector is a must-have for any household with appliances that need to be protected. The space between the sockets allows you easy access and wide compatibility, while still providing top level safety features like durable cord protection or over current prevention. It can used at work or home – it’s lightweight so transportation isn’t an issue.

10.iBELL Extension Cord

The iBELL Extension Board is a high-quality, robust device that provides overload protection and conductivity. It has brightly colored durable switches for safety in addition to fire-resistant material on its casing which makes this extension board perfect if you have any concerns about your power source being too far away from where appliances are located.

You can plug all types of plugs with ease thanks it having universal socket points so there will never be an issue fitting them into place no matter what type of household electronics need powering up or even charging through usages such as lighting duty/kitchen timers etc.

A pack of portable power sockets is a must-have for any traveler. These versatile devices can charge your phone, laptop and other electronics while you’re out exploring the world – it’s never been easier than with this one device.

With 5 outlets per socket (with individual switches) these things will keep everyone happy at home or on vacation in their hotel room as well because each household appliance has its own specific fitting: TV/DVD players are waiting patiently by the bedside lamp; refrigerators may want something near them where they won’t be distracted during dinner prep time.. And if someone wants to listen through headphones…well there we go.

11.Elegant Casa Extension Cord

Elegant Casa Extension Board is a premium product that’s designed to provide optimum protection with convenience. It has 6 individual sockets and on/off switches, so you can regulate the flow of current for each socket individually as needed – all in one sleek 11ft long heavy copper wire.

With fire-resistant plastic covers over both ends (to protect against accidents), this extension board never gets any less elegant than its original design: just add comfort where it matters most.

The plug is small and lightweight, so you can take it along with your wherever life leads! It has an inbuilt fuse to prevent any damage due the power tripping.

The universal sockets fit every type of device perfectly – from TVs or laptops for home usage all way down through chargers/tablets needed by commercial businesses who want their own stand-alone solution instead taking up space on someone else’s desk (or floor).

Buying Guide For Best Extension Cord In India

Best Extension Cord In India


The quality of the extension cord is an important factor to consider when making your purchase. You want to make sure that you’re getting a product that is durable and will last for a long time. Look for an extension cord that is made with high-quality materials and has features like overload protection and fire-resistant casing.


Another important factor to consider is the length of the extension cord. You want to make sure that you get a cord that is long enough to reach the appliance or devices you need to power. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the cord is lightweight and easy to transport so you can take it with you wherever you go.


When choosing an extension cord, it’s important to consider the number of sockets that the cord has. You want to make sure that you get a cord with enough sockets to accommodate all of your devices. Additionally, you’ll want to look for an extension cord with on/off switches so you can easily regulate the flow of power to each device.


Extension cords can vary in price depending on their features and quality. When shopping for an extension cord, be sure to compare prices and read reviews to find the best product for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Extension Cord In India

Best Extension Cord In India

Is the extension cord safe to use?

Yes , Extension cord is completely safe to use as it has overload protection which automatically cuts off the power supply if there is any overloading.

What kind of wire should I use for my extension cord?

Copper wire should be used in your extension cords because it helps in conducting electricity from one place to another with least loss of current along the way which means more efficient flow of current and longer life time appliances.

What is the thickness of wires, do they matter?

The thickness of wiring matters a lot, thinner wires will allow more current to pass through them compared to thicker ones hence increasing the risk of overheating and fire. Always go for thicker wires if you want a safe and long lasting extension cord.

Can I use an extension cord with surge protection?

Yes, you can use an extension cord with surge protection to protect your devices from any voltage fluctuations.


We have brought in some of the best quality extension cords in India that are available for sale online. These heavy duty, durable and long lasting extension cords will be able to withstand any type of weather condition without getting damaged or destroyed.

All you need is a power socket nearby, these high-quality cables can help you with all your home or office lighting needs! With our wide range of products at affordable prices, we’ve got something for every individual’s budget. Choose from one of the following categories below based on what kind of product you would like to purchase today

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