Best Earphones Under 1000 For Pubg – Detailed Buying Guide 2023

The problem with most earphones is that they’re either too heavy, too bulky or just don’t produce the sound quality you need. To help you find the best earphone under 1000 for pubg, we have compiled a list of 9 earphones that should be able to meet your needs and more.

The criteria used in this article will be based on price, design, comfortability and audio quality. We have also included some other factors such as durability and ease of use so you can choose which one works best for you! So without further ado let’s get started.

If you’re a PUBG player and want to improve your gaming experience, we recommend these earphones. These are the most used in-game headphones for players because they offer good sound quality while providing high volume levels that enhance gameplay effectively noise cancellation capabilities can help block out other distractions such as car or gunfire sounds which might affect focus on what’s happening around them so it won’t distract from one’s gameplay too much – especially if their opponent is close by.


Best Earphones Under 1000 For Pubg – Best Of 9 Picks

MI Dual Driver Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Blue)
10mm & 8mm Dynamic Drivers which produces Crisp Vocals & Rich Bass; Passive Noise Cancellation
realme Buds 2 Neo Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Black)
LARGE 11.2mm BASS Boost Driver made of multi-layer Composite Diaphragm; Experience high fidelity music with rich, deep, powerful yet accurate BASS response
pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver, In Ear Gaming Wired Headphones with Mic, Volume Control & Passive...
In-ear Dual Driver Wired Earphones with Stereo Sound & Bass; 1 year manufacturer warranty; Dual Driver Ensures Better Sound Separation; Ergonomic Design; Passive noise cancellation

1. Mi Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones With Mic : Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 For Pubg

The most important thing to notice in this earphone is that it comes with dual drivers. There are only a few pairs available at the market which have two-way speakers, and these magnetic headphones help us keep them tangle-free because of their unique style.

The size makes it perfect for all types of ears; from small children who want an easy way into music without having too big things sticking out audibly (like Beats), or adults looking high quality sound like Grado Headphones while running errands around town.You try headphones please check our list.

The in-ear fitting of this earphone is very secure. It perfectly fits the contours of your ears, which reduces most ambient noise levels for a more immersive experience with excellent clarity and detail all around you thanks to its flat frequency response range that’s rich across bass tones too.

Plus these headphones come equipped not just one but two drivers delivering quality sound from either side – so no matter where someone calls or chats something will always be heard nicely even if they happen upon an unexpected.

You can quickly identify the gunshots and footsteps of players in PUBG with this earphone. You’ll also be able to use it for other games like COD or Freefire, which makes them an ideal pick for gamers looking not only quality sound but immersive entertainment as well.


  • Tangle-free, flat cord with two-way speakers
  • Dual drivers for enhanced music quality
  • Comfortable to wear


  • No Cons

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2. Realme Buds 2 With Mic

Realme is a well-established brand and known for the best audio gadgets, like mobile phones. They provide durability, long-lasting feature-rich devices with an attractive design that not only provides comfort but also helps you to dangle your earphone cable in style.

The black matte finish makes these sleek headphones extremely stylish as seen on top PUBG players who prefer their gaming gear from Realme because they know it will last longer than some cheaper alternatives out there.

On the controller, three buttons can be used to control volume and answer calls. They have also provided a cable organizer with this earphone for when you’re not using your headphones which is perfect because they are very easy on the ears.

The 3 5mm audio jack isn’t gold plated but I haven’t experienced any connectivity issues either way- in fact, these bass-rich cans sound amazing thanks so much in part due their balanced treble levels.

The mic-clarity is decent and offers clear audio. Secure-in ear fitting will reduce most of the background noise, so you can enjoy your games with less distractions if it’s at full volume (below 80%). In PUBG for example I found that 3% sound distortion was present because there’s booming but this won’t be an issue on average volumes(80%-120%)

It’s easy to differentiate among different sounds in game like “PUBG,” while also hearing a prominent voice chat even when chatting one by one—Flipkart , Amazon & Realme all sell them around 600 RS.


  • Noise-canceling earphones with mic
  • Dual 3.5mm jack
  • Tangle-free flat cord


  • Not gold-plated audio jacks. 

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3. PTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver Earphones

This is another great earphone from PTron. The build quality is excellent, the material feels very premium and they come in a small round-shaped box with their branding on it.

You’ll also get two extra tips for your perfect fit – one set of foam ones to start out with if you’re not sure which will work best or want something more tangible instead; then there’s a silicone ear tip that provides better isolation when Sumi has worn them all day long at school (and survived).

Of course everything else about this product screams high end: no complaints whatsoever here–the sound output was clear without being too plush so our bass would be quite articulate while still maintaining good detail throughout frequencies.

The design and sound quality of these earphones is perfect for a professional environment. The size makes them stand out from other headphones in this series, but it also comes with dual drivers which provide clear audio to all your listening pleasures.

You can choose between different tips that reduce background noise or just let you enjoy what’s playing without any distractions – either way the right choice will be up to meet your needs best suited towards personal preference (and budget).

From my past experience, I’ve found this particular pair performs much better than others within its price range; they’re not overwhelming nor disappointing at all when considering performance especially considering their affordable cost-per-dollar ratio. So if you want great sounding equipment while saving some pennies alongside good looks then make sure.

The gaming headset with a microphone is a must-have for all gamers. The mic clarity and lightweight design make it perfect to use while playing games on tablets or smartphones, as well as chat easily without having an obstruction in your ear canal from other devices that may interrupt you during gameplay sessions.


  • Dual-driver earphones
  • Durable & built to last long
  • Comfortable fit


  • The mic is a bit bulky

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4. Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Earphones

This budget earphone from Xiaomi can be used for music listening, online classes and chatting. The built is plastic but the cable quality makes up for it with its flexibility; also there’s a button on-inline controller which will let you skip tracks or pause/play your audio output (in case of games).

It lacks tangle free cords like other products do though–the manufacturer doesn’t seem to care much about this issue at all.The 10mm dynamic drivers in these earphones deliver rich quality audio.

The bass is not booming, but it has good balance and doesn’t overpower the vocals or treble range of instruments like some other headphones at this price point can do so easily because they are either inefficiently designed (lack adequate low-end response) as well as being too big for most people’s ears due to excessive size from manufacturers trying maximize profit off their product instead on providing what customers want by catering exclusively towards those with.

If you can stretch your budget up to Rs 600, it is still an attractive choice for gamers who want earphones under 500. The Realme buds 2 delivers more value while playing PUBG and will highlight enemy footsteps in a peaceful area with ease; also allowing the user easily guess where they might be coming from thanks to its noise cancellation features.

Overall this product has been designed specifically around what we know makes gaming great: sound quality & bass weight (without distortion).

5. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Earphone

The cable may easily get tangled, so you will have to keep it organized. The ear tips are incredibly comfortable and give a secure in-ear fitting even while running which is great for those who listen using their ears instead of eyes or other distraction methods like talking on the phone as they work out.

Since these headphones perfectly fit inside your ear canals without being too tight at all times, background noise would be reduced significantly if not eliminated by this type of device alone due to its good blocking properties against ambient sounds – meaning that purists looking for perfection when listening solely from music won’t find any problems with hearing interference unless someone nearby talks loudly next door during one’s workout session

The sound quality is absolutely the best. That’s why it becomes an attractive choice for games, as it will deliver crisp and clear sounds with great clarity to know where the enemy or player are coming from on surfaces they walk into such as grasses or sand dunes which can help you out in finding them quickly if needed since most of us have been stuck once before trying too hard just listening instead of focusing our eyesight properly when hunting someone down.


  • Stylish design, compact and powerful sound.
  • Comfortable fit for most people.
  • Deep bass-y feel with full music range.


  • lack of mic support

6. PTron Boom 2 4D Earphone Wired Headset

You will find that this earphone’s design is quite different from others. The buds are a bit bigger and still lightweight, while the controller has been designed so well with volume sliders on both sides as well as a tiny play/pause button next to it for when you need instant access in between songs or phone calls.

You’ll be impressed by how premium everything feels: 3.5mm gold plated audio jack coupled up by durable plastic coated wire which makes these headphones perfect if durability matters most too.

This pair of earphones is a steal with its three extra tips so you can attach any that work best for your ears. You won’t be disappointed in the sound quality—it delivers balanced bass and treble to make sure every detail comes through when listening to music. They’re also perfect if you want something light yet still durable enough for intense gaming sessions like PUBG Mobile.

Overall, the audio performance is exceptional according to price. It offers great value for money and it’s also very comfortable so you can use this earphone while playing PUBG games like Fortnite or Pubg mobile without any issue at all.

The low frequency sounds are detailed enough that make them superior among other competitors’ products in their categories; making them an attractive choice if gaming will be your primary usage scenario (PUBG).


  • Very nice and premium design
  • Deep basses and clear trebles
  • The sound quality is excellent according to price.
  • It has brilliant fitments for most ears.


  • lack of mic support

7. 1MORE Piston Fit Earphones With Mic

1More Piston is the best earphones for gaming and music. They are budget-friendly, durable with their shiny metal design that will grab your attention when they arrive in the mail!

The 1MORE company has made some great products over time but this one might be our favorite because of its affordability combined with high-quality materials like stainless steel or aluminum used on certain parts ( not all though).

The build could definitely use improvement though; it’s not a very sturdy feeling overall – although still capable enough if you’re careful while handling them which we recommend anyway.

The 3.5mm audio jack also comes with metal casing, which is durable and gives you the option to choose from black or pink colors at Amazon. The wire isn’t braided but it’s made for comfort in your ears – giving most noise reduction while still allowing natural hearing thanks to its soft silicone tips.

There are multifunctional buttons on each end of this cord that let users easily control their music without taking anything off track by mistake perfect if someone dances across town during rush hour traffic (don’t ask).

The sound quality is well balanced, and the bass isn’t too high or low. It provides very detailed music with excellent treble and vocals for those who love punchy sounding earphones but still want to hear everything clearly without any distortion. You won’t be disappointed by this mic either as it delivers clear conversations when chatting online.

You can use the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum to hear every instrument’s beats while playing games like PUBG. The bass levels are very balanced, so you will never miss hearing low-frequency sounds in your music again.


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Great design
  • Affordable price


  • Lacks noise cancellation.

8. Sony MDR-EX150AP Wired In-Ear Earphones

Sony is a trusted brand that always aims to provide high-quality audio gadgets. Like other earphones, it comes with a user manual and three extra sizes of silicone tips in addition to its beautiful design which makes the product feel very classy when you wear them out or around town.

The cable quality also stands out as being outstanding -lightweight yet durable enough for tough use environments where they’re often used without worry about breaking on accident due to the friction incurred by constantly clenching your grip while running stairs.

Sony earphones are great for those who love bass music. Unlike other brands, the sound quality of their products is majorly focused on high-quality low end sounds like dubstep and hip hop which make them perfect if you want to hear every detail in your favorite tracks without worrying about having bad vocals representation because it has been compensated by an excellent mic; can be used locally or over phone lines while providing clear conversation during video calls too.

The tone of voice for PUBG is very punchy. It has a bit more bass than treble, so the gunshot won’t suppress other sounds sometimes but it still makes up with an excellent sound quality overall.


  • Great sound quality as expected from Sony.
  • Durable and classy design.
  • Very affordable price for that brand-name.


  • The plastic built might seem cheap

9. JBL C200SI Super Deep Bass Earphones

JBL is a trusted brand with products that last for an extended period of time. The earbuds are made from high-quality materials and come in three colors: Gun Metal, Ice Grey or Mystic Blue to match your style preference.

You can get them on Amazon today easily available due to their popularity among customers worldwide who want nothing but the best sound quality when listening to music through headphones.

The JBL Everest PRO headphones are a great choice for gym or sports activities because of their secure fitting. They won’t fall out easily while running, and you can answer/reject calls with the multifunctional button on top of them.

There is also music playback control–just press pause to start playing again or skip forward 15 seconds at a time by pressing both buttons together for 1 second each hit (longer pauses require more than 2 presses). The wire quality isn’t perfect but it’s long enough in length so that your pockets will still have room after storing away all other belongings inside if needed too.


  • Very affordable price for that brand name.
  • Durable and classy design.
  • Balanced sound quality.


  • Lack noise cancellation.

Buying Guide For Best Earphones Under 1000 For Pubg

Best Earphones Under 1000 For Pubg


A good pair of earphones are usually made from metal or plastic that won’t break easily on too much rough usage. Ear buds ears should be able to fit tightly into your ear canals without falling out due to sweat, etc.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is also an important factor for choosing the best device because after all, it has to reproduce exactly what you hear in practice.

However, if you want perfection with every second detail of sound represented (especially bass frequencies) then the price will go up significantly as well compared to cheaper alternatives like Skullcandy which can handle game sounds very well already but only at 55% accuracy.

There are plenty of additional brands available online–just make sure they’re not too cheap before purchasing.

Sound Leakage

Earphones are usually designed to have a great bass response because it’s the main focus for most gaming headsets.

While this does provide an enhanced experience for clear frequencies, you won’t want too much noise leakage if you prefer to keep your teammates aware about crucial information regarding enemy positions or movements.

Some earbuds have small silicone tips that can offer various levels of noise isolation depending on which earpiece size works best for you.

Mic Quality

Another important factor is the microphone quality–make sure to test them out before purchasing a product since some brands may boost sound clarity through their equalizer options instead of using actual hardware components that are expert-tuned professionally for high-quality speech reproduction.

Don’t go for earphones that have noisy background noise while speaking with your teammates since it’ll be difficult to hear someone talking in game (this situation can also result in broken communication which might make you lose the game).

Earphone Price

As stated before, don’t always trust cheap brands because their products could malfunction easily or break after only a few weeks of use compared to more expensive alternatives.

Brands like JBL and Skullcandy are great choices because they provide exceptional value for each dollar you spend on them–plus, they’re known for listening to customer feedback when designing new products so you won’t have any problems returning them if something breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Earphones Under 1000 For Pubg

Best Earphones Under 1000 For Pubg

What’s the best earphones model for gaming?

For gaming, I’d go with brands like Skullcandy or JBL since they are known for creating reliable devices that are built to last. They’re great choices because of their low prices but also offer decent performance in game frequencies too depending on how much you spend on them.

Amazon is a good place to look up different models and read reviews in order to make the final choice before purchasing something by yourself.

Are earphones better than headphones?

Yes, earphones are much better when it comes to comfort during extended periods of use over entire days–that’s when headphones can become annoying due to their weight distribution (and cord length) which causes some parts of the head to feel more pressure compared to others.


The audio quality of your headphones can make or break you in a competitive game like PUBG. Luckily, there are great options for earphones under 1000 which will provide the best sound and comfort level for both gaming and music listening. If you’re looking to up your game with these tips, take a look at our list below- we’ve got something for everyone.

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