Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500 – Detailed Guide 2023

The best earphones for pubg under 500 is a short list of the top options on the market. These are all great choices but there are some unique features that make one better than another depending on your needs. 

The first thing you should consider when looking at earphones for pubg is comfortability, if they aren’t comfortable it can be very distracting and take away from your game play. The next big feature to look for in an earphone is sound quality which also directly affects how well you hear things like footsteps or other players around you while playing.

Last but not least, price has to be taken into consideration since these types of headsets can get expensive quickly if you’re not careful.

The earphone is the essential thing when you talk about mobile gaming. Without good sound, your experience will be negatively impacted in games like Pubg or Call of Duty– not to mention Battleground Mobile India Earphones provides an advantage for those who want it by giving them more control on what they hear while playing multiplayer battles online.

The right earphones can help you to read enemy footsteps, gunshots, and vehicle sound in games like Pubg mobile. Sound is one of the critical elements if a player wants their victory “chicken dinner.” So we are here with some recommendations for those who want great-sounding headphones that’ll make them feel as though they’re really there.


Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500 – Top 7 Picks By Our Experts

boAt Bassheads 100 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Black)
1 year warranty from the date of purchase
boAt Bassheads 225 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Frosty White)
Compatible with all devices having 3.5mm jack.; 1 year warranty from the date of purchase

1. Mi Earphone Basic

The Xiaomi Y-shaped flexible cable is 1.25m long and durable with an in-line microphone to deliver decent bass, full vocals, and good treble performance for gamers on the go who need a high quality listening experience without breaking their budget.

This product also comes equipped with aluminum alloy sound chambers that pack 10mm dynamic drivers delivering rich audio output at any time – perfect if you’re looking forward too gaming sessions all day or even just commuting between meetings.

The construction of the Sony MDR-1000X Headphones makes them perfect for people who want to use their earbuds while doing light physical work. The mesh material used in making these headphones will not leave any residue on your ears, but it also means that they fall off easily during more rigorous activities like running or biking because you cannot wear this type of product continuously without experiencing discomfort throughout the day

The microphone delivers high definition voice calls which is great if all your coworkers talk over each other; however sound quality isn’t up there with some premium models under 500 dollars (including JVC HARLON GSM). This particular pair would best suit gamers looking for affordable yet good sounding gaming headsets.

2. Boat Basshead 100

The BassHeads 100 is another excellent offering from Boat for the price range under Rs 399. If you are a bass lover then this one has something that will suit your taste perfectly with its low cost at just over 400 rupees.

It has a 10mm driver that delivers good bass, there are no distortions at all. The highs are well balanced which is an impressive feat since most cheap earphones tend to suffer from very weak high-frequency ranges. 

The Street by 50 Wired Earbud Headset is one of the best earphones for gamers who want great-sounding audio without breaking the bank. This headset has a built-in microphone for taking calls or listening to music whenever you like, but what really stands out about this product is the sound quality.

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3. Realme Buds 2

The Realme buds 2 is a high-quality earphone that’s under 500. It has great sound and noise isolation, which makes it perfect for playing games like PUBG mobile on your phone or computer when you want to block out the sounds around you without sacrificing any detail.

The price of this device may seem expensive at 599 Rupees but rest assured; they’re made from quality materials in order not only to provide clear audio output but also keep outside interference minimal so all attendees can hear what’s happening during gameplay with pinpoint accuracy.

The earphones by Realme are made to last with their sturdy design and sleek black color. The magnetic tip means you can store them very neatly while having an adjustable strap keeps your phone safe from any tangles or scratches in the process of being stored away.

These quality sound reproduction tools have been created for those who love playing games on mobile devices such as Pubg Mobile so they will provide ultimate clarity no matter what kind of game is being played.

The high-quality material ensures these headphones won’t break easily under pressure which makes them perfect if you’re looking for something affordable but still want premium features like braided cords that don’t tangle too easily.

Realme buds 2 is the upgraded version of its predecessor, Realme buds 1. It has an inline remote with three buttons to control volume and music/videos playback as well as incoming calls or summoning Google Assistant (a feature only available on newer Samsung devices).

The bass boost driver enhances low frequencies for better sound quality at mid-range tones but it also drowns out high notes due to how powerful this function can be when set too low – which some people prefer because they don’t want their phone shaking every time there’s background noise during important conversations.

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4. Boat Bass Head 225 and 220

The Boat BassHeads 225 and 220 are also great offerings from the Boat under Rs 500. These headphones come with a 10mm driver, super extra bass to give you that thump! It has an inline mic so it can be used without tangled cords getting in your way or distracting others around you while on phone calls for when outdoorsy activities such as fishing arise.

The bass boost frequency range gives the Bass Head 225 and 220 a better sound quality for those who prefer listening to music with a lot of basses. It also provides clear highs because it focuses on both ends of the auditory frequency spectrum, making them perfect for gaming as well as general use.

5. JBL C100SI

The JBL C100SI earphones are the best choice for those who want an excellent experience without sacrificing quality. These sleek, noise-canceling headphones have a balanced sound that will suit any music lover’s needs perfectly.

The JBL C100SI is one of the most famous earphone brands in India. It offers an astounding sound quality that is perfect for gaming, chatting or listening to music while not taking away anything from the special effects of games like PUBG Mobile.

This device has great bass and mid-bass which makes it ideal if you’re looking for something that will provide a deep, powerful thumping sensation when playing mobile games.

Inside this product’s box, you will find a warranty card with instructions on how to return this product along with your original receipt in case you want to do so after experiencing unsatisfactory results post-purchase. You can also buy additional features such as a silicone earbud cover which comes in three different so you can pick the one that will fit your ear best.

These headphones are compatible with smartphones such as Samsung and Xiaomi so you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll work on your brand of phone. It also comes in three color options – gold, blue and red so if you’re someone who really enjoys stylish devices, these might suit your tastes perfectly.

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6.JBL C50HI Earphones with Mic

JBL C50HI is a headphones that doesn’t need any introduction, it has been very famous for providing high-quality sound products with low budget and maintaining its position among the best earphones under 500 INR.

JBlu’s new product line includes two different variations: one being made out of plastic material while other comes in metal design which I personally find more elegant but they both maintain simplicity to keep away from tangling or wire damage caused by stretching strings during usage.

The build quality feels delicate but still durable because there isn’t any additional texture finishing added onto these devices meaning if you’re careful enough then this won’t be an issue at all.

JBL is a popular brand for its high-quality sound and the Jbl C50hi earphone delivers on this reputation. It’s made of metal, which imparts an elegant look to it while also providing excellent durability so you can enjoy your tunes without worry about breaking them.

Even if others have had issues with squeaks or crackles when using cheaper headphones before then turn around here because these won’t do that thanks to their sturdy build quality.

7. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 Earphone

JBL has come again in the list of best earphones under 500 for pubg mobile, and they are very dedicated to their reputation about sound quality. You don’t have worry because these products will never disappoint you.

The bass heads 225 came after boat with perfect everything else built-wise; its Flat cable size at 1.2 m makes them durable as well stronger while adding an attractive look that few other brands can offer just like JB HiFi does too but not sure if this one is better than theirs since we haven’t tried both out.

JBL has been a trusted brand for years, and its earphones are no exception. With industrial design cues from fighter jets to car racing circuits, the JBL hurricane RH255 is built tough but still light enough that you can wear them all day without feeling in pain or discomfort due to poor build quality.

The sound output through this device offers deep bass with crisp highs thanks 9mm drivers inside providing clear differentiation between different ranges of frequencies which makes it perfect when listening music especially electronic tunes like Skrillex’s “Bangarang.” It also comes equipped.

Buying Guide For Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500

Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500


As with all products you want to make sure that you are paying for a quality product. While there is some variation from brand to brand, even the best earphones cannot be expected to work forever without breaking down.

Before making a purchase on an earphone it is always good idea to check out reviews of other customers on the product as well as how long they have been working for others and what problem they might have encountered.

If a lot of people complain about poor build quality then I would suggest going with another option instead of spending money on something that will only break down right after your warranty runs out.

Sound Quality

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to music even within genres itself so before buying an earphones read buyer reviews and see what other people think about their sound quality and whether or not they are compatible with different types of music.

When choosing a pair of earphones try and find something that has a warranty in case they break down because it will save you the hassle of going through the process of finding new ones or sending back for repairs.


The term is an important factor, as it can represent a wide range of different things. One might want something that is highly durable yet not wants to spend a lot on it, which means going for plastic sound rather than alloy or titanium options. Also if you are one who often forgets to take their earphones out of the ears then you would probably want a pair that doesn’t easily break down after a few uses here and there.


This all comes down to personal preference but from our testing we have come with certain brands being more reliable than others. It’s always good idea to look at how well rated each product is by the brand itself before buying them online since they do so most thorough testing before selling them.


Colour is purely subjective and everyone has their own taste when it comes to this so we will leave you with our top 5 picks on the best earphones under 500 bucks market which we hope you’ll like and can help your budget too.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500

Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500

What’re The Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500?

There are many different earphones available, so it would be hard to pick just one. However, if I had to personally choose then it would have to be the JBL headphones that seem to be very popular because of their design and capabilities which is something that can’t really be said for all other models on the market.

Where Can I Buy Cheap And Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500?

If you are looking for the best place to buy cheap earphones then I would suggest checking out the official website for JBL headphones since they are very popular and have a lot of great reviews on different models so it should be easy enough to find what you’re looking for.


Our team of experts have been looking for some time at the Best Earphones For Pubg Under 500. We’ve found a lot of options, but we think one stands out from the rest as being perfect for those who want to play Pubg on their mobile phone-the Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones offer amazing sound quality and comfort that you can’t go wrong with. Find them here today and enjoy your new favorite set of wireless headphones.

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