Top 10 Best Cycle Under 8000 [Expert Review For 2023]

This is the list of top 10 best cycle under 8000 that are available in India.

A healthy lifestyle is the best medicine. Disregard apples. Riding a bike is the outright method to keep the specialist under control.

As indicated by research, individuals cycling for around 30 minutes five days seven days take almost half however many days off as the individuals who don’t cycle.

Riding a cycle will open you to your city or town’s present climate and assist with securing your skin against the destructive impacts of UV radiation.

To put it plainly, it will assist with diminishing the indications of maturing.  The two-wheeler produces zero pollution, and almost twenty bicycles can be parked in the parking space of one car.

So, not only will cycling help reduce the ecological footprint but help you reach your destination faster by saving the additional time you may require to search for the parking space. 

Ergo, now that you’re aware of the advantages cycling offers.You might need to buy a cycle or need to overhaul your present one.

To assist you with doing as such, in this article, we’ve gathered a rundown of the best cycles under 8000 and clarified the benefits, drawbacks, and components of the equivalent.

To summarize it, you will actually want to settle on an ideal buying choice as taking up bike riding could be perhaps the best choice you at any point make!

10 Best Cycle Under 8000 in 2023

1. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike : Best Cycle Under 8000

Hero Sprint is a mountain bike equipped with an 18-speed transmission mode and is ideal for kids ages 9 to 11. It offers easy cycling on incline mountain roads with high and low gear ranges.

It comes with a mudguard that prevents the dirt from trying to project towards the driver, delivering a hassle-free road riding experience.

The minimum height rider can be 4 feet 2 inches, and the maximum rider can be 4 feet 9 inches.

The Hero Sprint is ideally suited for novices and cycling devotees as it includes an incorporated suspension, spring support seat and twin for suspension that ingests shock and light effect on convey a superior driving encounter to the rider.

The shifter helps the rider ride on an all-terrain and adjust the PU saddle according to their preference.

It is given in 85% semi-assembled condition. The rest can be done before use by the customer or a professional.

  • It is delivered 85% semi-assembled
  • Perfect ride for 9 to 11 years
  • The frame of the cycle is made of steel material
  • Excellent Rear and Front Suspension


  • Robust 17″ Steel construction.
  • A unisex bicycle. 
  • The build is sporty, sleek and aesthetic.
  • Anti-slip MTB paddles.
  • High and low gear shifters.
  • According to riders preferences, the PU saddle can be easily adjusted. 


  • It doesn’t come with any additional components like a chain cover, lock, and horn or bell. 
  • The quality of some components in the bicycle are not up to the Hero’s standard. 

2. The bike’s Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bike : Best Cycle Under 8000

A leader is a brand known for its high built quality and excellent reliability. The Scout MTB is one of the best bicycles, with rigid frames and high group tires.

That is the must for a safe and fun ride. The bike’s frame is a Hi-tensile Steel Frame ergonomically designed by the design studio, and the handlebar has soft runner grips to ensure a proper and comfortable ride to the rider.

It is suitable for 10+ years and people of height 5ft to 6 feet 3 inches. However, it comes with a high adjustable PU saddle that you can adjust to achieve the desired height position for different riders.

By providing robust and proper braking control on all terrain and other requirements.

  • It is delivered semi-assembled
  • Perfect ride for 10+
  • The frame is of steel material
  • PU cushion foam padded saddle
  • Efficient braking system


  • A protective chainguard is added to the moving parts to ensure proper safety to reduce the risk of entanglement. 
  • It comes with high-quality and long-lasting tires for better traction in wet or dry conditions in all-terrain. 
  • Suitable for 10+ age. 
  • The saddle is soft, comfortable, and adjustable.
  • There is a super-strong steel frame and efficient braking system to ensure comfortable cycling. 
  • The design of the cycle is sporty and trendy.


  • Few components of the bicycle are of low quality and are easily breakable. 
  • It doesn’t come with any additional components. 

3. Dynamite (Rally Series) 26T Full Size Mountain

The Dynamite is a sleek, trendy, and stylish mountain bike designed to conquer all-terrain with ease.

The frame of the MTB is Aerodynamic design, and it comes with a lightweight, high tensile rust-free rims for ultimate road performance, and the structure helps reduce air friction.

The saddle can be easily adjustable for any height, the seats are cushion, and the cycle has attractive grips and a wide tire to work on all-terrain. It is 90% assembled.

Before using, the customer has to complete the rest. 

  • It is delivered 90% assembled
  • Perfect ride for everyone
  • The frame is of steel material
  • PU cushion foam padded saddle
  • Efficient braking system


  • It is very easy to assemble as it comes 90% completed.
  • The design of the MTB is sleek, trendy, and stylish.
  • Its tensile rims have a coating and are rust-free.
  • It comes with Front Suspension and Dual Power Brakes


  • No extra components.

4. Hercules Dynor Pro RF 26T Single Speed Road Cycle

The Hercules Pro RF 26T is ideal for 12+ years and is one of the best cycles you can purchase under 8000.

It is perfect for a rider of height 5 ft 4 inches to 2 feet 10 inches. For ensuring proper safety and security, the front and rear back of the cycle are V-brakes.

The casing is made of steel material, and the size of the edge is 18inches. It is a solitary speed cycle and has an unbending suspension.

It accompanies an Allen key and spanner for gathering, and it comes to 85% finished. It is lightweight and accompanies parts like ‎Tool Kit, Reflectors, User Manual, Stand.

Before use, using the Allen key & spanner in the box, the customer can build the rest.

  • It is delivered 85% assembled
  • Perfect ride for 12+ years
  • Front and rear, V-brake braking system


  • The quality of the product is excellent.
  • It is 85% assembled. The rest is easy to make.
  • The paint coating is of good quality and doesn’t wear off. 
  • Budget-friendly product.


  • Provides no comfort to the rider, as the saddle is very hard. 
  • The instruction manual doesn’t have the correct steps required for assembling the cycle.
  • Most clips are missing or broken, which are required to secure the reflector on wheels.

5. Viva RYDE On 26T Mountain Bike : Best Cycle Under 8000

The Viva Ryde is a cutting edge bike highlighting a 19″ inflexible steel outline, weighing just 2.7 Kg, and an unbending fork that guarantees solace on the uneven street.

The design of 44T Bend Crank Black Crankset and a Cottered BB set limits your endeavors at accelerating and guarantees smooth chain hybrids.

It is great for cyclists with a tallness between 5 feet 4 crawls to 6 feet 4 inches. It accompanies numerous extra parts like Direct Mounted Side Stand, PVC Mudguard, Front Reflectors, and Rear Reflectors It is great for ordinary drive.

For example, the stand included with the cycle will help strength while stopping. The amazing v brakes at the front and back permit route quickly through swarms. 

  • It is delivered semi-assembled
  • Steel fork threaded with v brakes
  • Perfect ride for 12+ years
  • The frame is of steel material
  • Crankset – 44T cotterless with guard
  • Front and rear, V-brake braking system


  • The PU saddle comes with a quick-release adjustment, so it is very easy to pull it up or bring it down.
  • The handlebars are placed adequately, so it is accessible on the hands and wrist of the rider. 
  • It has Reflectorized Moulded Rubber-Type pedals ensuring your feet don’t slip while riding. 
  • The rear reflectors are used for visibility.


  • The build quality is very low.
  • Some components get broken after a few uses as most components are of low quality.
  • The seat is not very comfortable, as it is not cushioned. 

6. Leader Xtreme MTB 26T IBC Mountain Bicycle/Bike

Another product by the Leader is the IBC mountain bike and is highly reliable and efficient.

If you want to experience the fun and thrill of cycling, then go for the MTB 26T IBC, as it comes with a rigid frame and high grip tyres, which provide excellent traction in all-terrain and makes your journey easier.

The cycle frames are designed in their in-house studio and are made of Hi-tensile steel, and soft rubber grip handlebars are equipped for comfortable long rides.

It has an excellent braking system to provide a powerful braking mechanism on all terrain. It is very easy to assemble and is nearly 90 per cent completed before the delivery. 

  • It is delivered 90% assembled
  • Without gear single speed
  • Perfect ride for 10+ years
  • The frame is of steel material
  • High-quality tires


  • The handlebars come with soft grips for long rides. 
  • It has a soft, comfortable and adjustable PU saddle. 
  • The ergonomically designed steel frame makes the ride comfortable. 
  • It comes with a chain guard to reduce the risk of entanglement. 
  • It comes with high-quality tires that work on all-terrain; the tread design makes it suitable for wet and dry conditions.


  • The accessories provided are of shallow quality. 
  • The cycle produces lots of noises after a few uses. 

7. Orator 20″ Cycle for Kids : Best Cycle Under 8000

As the name suggests, the Orator 20″ Cycle is for the Kids. The bike is single speed, without the gear and rigid suspension.

It comes with a Calliper Brake, and the material of the rim tubular tire is mild steel and comes with alloy wheels.

It is a perfect two-wheeler ride for kids aged 5 to 8 years and comes in different colours. The cycle comes with shock absorbed and radial tire tubes. 

  • It is delivered semi-assembled
  • It is equipped with Calliper brakes
  • Perfect ride for 5 to 8 age kids
  • The frame is of steel material
  • High-quality tires


  • The seat height is adjustable, and it’s pretty easy to adjust it.
  • It comes with a sponged seat, which helps riders have a comfortable ride. 
  • It has an anti-slip paddle, which makes sure that the rider’s feet don’t slip.
  • The cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition. 
  • It has a heavy-duty frame and a shocker that helps the kids have a comfortable ride.


  • It is only available for certain aged kids.
  • The quality of the products is low. 

8. Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle : Best Cycle Under 8000

The flake 20T 6-speed cycle is one of the cycles one can get under 8000 and with a great isn’t something you come across daily.

It is ideal for rough terrain undertakings and is ergonomically planned with an energetic feel. It is accessible in dark, yellow, dark green tone.

The riders can cycle on all-territories and metropolitan streets effortlessly. 

Alongside the speed transmission, the cycle is outfitted with a twin fork suspension at the front.

In the meantime, the coordinated spring assists with riding on rough landscapes by engrossing light shocks.

It comes in 85% collected structure, and the rest should be possible utilizing a spanner and Allen key present in the bundle for simple establishment.

  • It is delivered 85 per cent assembled
  • It is equipped with linear-pull brakes
  • Perfect ride kids between the age of 7-9
  • The frame is of steel material, and the entire cycle weights nearly 
  • around 25 kgs
  • The speed rating is 6


  • It is a lightweight and vibrant coloured bicycle for kids. 
  • The two-wheel is perfect for longer distances and mountain climbing as it comes with six-speed transmission gear. 
  • The non-slip paddle ensures a good riding experience for the rider. 
  • It comes with an adjustable PU saddle and a robust steel frame.
  • The design of the bicycle is sporty, sleek and aesthetic. 


  • The proper accessories needed for assembly are not provided. 
  • The installation requires help from a professional. 
  • Most components shown in the images are not provided. 
  • Tires are misaligned, and the gears make lots of noises.

9. Lifelong LLC 2001 Tribe 20T Cycle

Lifelong LLC 2001 Tribe 20T Cycle is designed for the age group of 5-8 years with a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

It helps provide a hassle-free ride with a stylish design and high handlebar. The bicycle’s frame is robust, and high-quality components are used to ensure that the bike lasts longer.

Top-notch paint quality is used to coat the body of a bicycle, so the paints don’t wear off after just a few uses.

The handlebar is ergonomically designed. A padded saddle, rubber grips, and a lightweight frame offer absolute comfort to the riders. The bike doesn’t require frequent maintenance as the quality of components used are high.

To provide additional safety to the rider, it comes equipped with high-quality brake pads and Steel wheel rims, calliper brakes are used for more excellent impact resistance on rough roads.

  • It is delivered 85 per cent assembled
  • It is equipped with calliper brakes
  • Perfect ride kids between the age of 5-8
  • The frame is of steel material.
  • High quality components
  • Low maintenance


  • The handlebars are the quilted type with comfortable PU grips for longer rides.
  • It is coated with high-quality paints. 
  • The calliper brakes come with a stylish alloy lever to provide a powerful braking mechanism.
  • The tires are suitable to work on all terrain and ae=re strong treaded tires.  
  • to guarantee an agreeable ride for the rider, the High elastic Steel Frame is ergonomically planned. 
  • You can undoubtedly change the seat with the fast delivery change, and the shellfish gathering it accompanies makes it simple for you to pull it up or cut it down.
  • It is a budget-friendly, high-quality cycle and very easy to assemble.


  • The handle and brakes of the cycle do not meet the expected quality.
  • It doesn’t come with any additional components like the lock, horn, bell, reflector and many more.
  • It comes only in two colour combinations, yellow and black. Hence no more choices are given to the purchaser. 

10. RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX Single Speed Kids Bicycle/Cycle

The BMX Single-speed cycle is ideal for boys and girls aged between 7 to 10 years.

The rest of the assembling should be done before use by the customer as it comes with a Multi-Purpose Spanner Tool for installing the Screw and bolt.

The instruction is available on youtube. The customer has to search ‘How To Fix Raw Bicycle 20T Sports’ and can follow the steps for assembling the bicycle.

The size of the bicycle is 20 inches, and it is suitable for kids whose height falls between 4 feet 2 inches and  4 feet 9 inches.

It works on all terrain and any condition with its Real Tyre with inflatable inner tubes.

  • It is delivered 85 per cent assembled
  • Budget-friendly product
  • Perfect ride kids between the age of 7-10
  • The frame is of steel material.
  • High quality components
  • Works in any condition


  • The frame, tyres and tubes of the cycle are heavy duty. 
  • The saddle is adjustable up to 3 inches. 
  • The anti-skid paddle ensures that the rider’s foot doesn’t slip between the journey.
  • The two-wheeler has a full chain cover and wide training wheel to ensure the safety of the kid.


  • Few components of the cycle are made of plastic, which, as time passes, will become breakable. 

Buying Guide

Material of frame

Although the choice may vary from person to person, the steep frames are ideal as they are long-lasting, comfortable, and low-priced.

Though steel is quite heavy and prone to corrosion. So keep in mind the points and also where you stay. For instance, if your place has heavy rains, then rust would corrode the frames faster. 


Look for a bicycle made up of high-quality components, as those cycles require little to no maintenance at all. And also are usually very long-lasting.


Some people may require a bicycle for their daily commute, while others may need it for an off-road adventure. Depending upon your usage, choose those kinds of bikes.


Lastly, look for the cycle that fits your budget and then invest in the same. The higher the price of the bike is, the more features it comes equipped with.

In comparison, the low priced bikes don’t come with lots of features.

These were four significant factors that you should keep in mind when you’re purchasing a bicycle. 


People are pretty passionate while purchasing the two-wheeler in India as it offers a comfortable ride and helps swiftly pass the traffic.

The cycle allows people to reach their destination faster and helps save the time required to look for the parking space.

Not only that, but it also offers a wide range of health benefits, such as weight loss, faster metabolism, reduced insomnia and many more.

The bicycle is an efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle that helps reduce the ecological footprint.

Presently, there are various choices and brands to select from; in this article, we’ve collected a list of 10 best cycles under 8000 along with their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Most of the cycles are budget-friendly and come equipped with many parts and components. The content will surely help make you an ideal purchasing decision. 


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