10 Best Cycle Under 15000 (Review And Buyer’s Guide) – 2023

In this list of best cycle under 15000 we have talked about some of the best cycles in the range, if you are on a lower budget you can eve consider Cycle Under 10,000.

It is already proven that cycling is good for both psychological health and physiological health.

For instance , cycling on a daily basis keeps you fit, tones your body, activates all your muscles, as well as increases the strength of your bones.

Cycling additionally is also proven to be very effective in reducing stress and depression, thereby helping you to hold on with other work easily.

Many cyclists start bicycle trips to mountains or off-road areas like this specific two-wheeler, they will enjoy nature and compute at an equivalent time. 

Best cycle under 15000 in 2023

1. Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T Cycle

Roadeo model from Hercules has an aluminum frame that creates it lightweight and straightforward to manoeuvre on the roads. It’s a threadless fork, which helps in tightening the front wheels correctly.

The seat features a quick release feature using which you’ll change the peak easily at your convenience.

Coloured dual brake discs are present within the structure; this allows you to suddenly halt and have a better control over the movement.

Tyres remain protected by the double-walled aluminum wheel rims.


  • Soft PU leather seats to assist in maintaining the comforting statement of the bike. 
  • The cycle rides fast, because of the brake assembly. 
  • Since it’s an non gear cycle, the transition is smooth with no complexity


  • Adjustable seat height for better riding convenience.
  • It’s not suitable for off-road drives. 
  • The absence of a mudguard can be a true problem.

2. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D, 27.5T Mountain Cycle : Best Cycle Under 15000

Being an all-terrain bike , this Firebox Grunge-D is formed from a sturdy chrome steel frame, which makes it perfect for bumpy rides.

If you would like to travel on roads, the steel front suspensions will assist you avoid damage to the bike if the wheels cover potholes, gravel roads, and so on.

The mechanical brake discs present within the bike will assist you to halt the motion immediately with none further movement.

Double-walled rims provide an additional cover and safety for the wheels.


  • 27.5″ wheels are present, making this bike best for off-road travels because the tires have enough width to face up to the pressure. 
  • With the quick-release system, you’ll change the seat’s height consistent with your inseam height. 
  • For increasing the speed more faster on hillside discs of power brakes are provided.


  • Disc brakes might make a sound, which may be a priority for the riders. 
  • Gears absence make it even difficult for the downhill commute.

3. Urban Terrain UT1000 21Speed 27.5T all-terrain bike 

Sometimes, you’ll ride on normal concrete roads also. This is often where the Urban Terrain UT1000 mountain bikes inherit the scenario.

This all-terrain bike features a 21-speed configuration, with three front gears and 7 back gears. You’ll be ready to have a better control over the gear , with with a Shimano thumb shifter.

The changing equipment makes riding downhill and uphill easier , especially since you wouldn’t need to pedal much. The bike’s frame is meant therefore the riders have a height between 5.4″ to 6.2″.

The whole bike features a black and gray coating, which make them look quite dynamic and alluring. 


  • The front and rear brakes offer you better control over the bike’s movement. 
  • The tires are kept protected by the double-walled alloy wheel rims.
  • Reflectors are attached on either buttocks for better travel on the roads. 


  • The absence of a mudguard within the bike won’t protect the cycle’s frame from road debris.

4. Omobikes Manali G1 : Best Cycle Under 15000

Omobikesis is one among the simplest bicycle brands for all-age persons who want to commute on roads and trails.

The bike’s frame is formed from lightweight steel with a high tensile feature which will allow you to quickly turn the cycle without putting any pressure on the pedals or the handles.

Then the saddle is formed from PU leather, which makes the seat quite comfortable. Both the front and back wheels have disc brakes made up of aluminum, which can prevent rust formation, and hence, the discs will function smoothly.

The tires are quite strong and have a threaded structure for smooth transit. The rim protects for the betterment of longevity.


  • For comfort and smooth rides, 60mm front suspension is provided.
  • This bicycle is ideal for urban roads, bicycle trails, and outdoor travels. 
  • The handle within the bike features a quill type bar with comfortable leather grips. 


  • It’s a one gear bike which can need extra pedaling effort for terrains. 

5. Hero Octane 26T Dude 21 Speed Cycle

One of India’s best bicycle brands is Hero, and this particular 21-speed MTB framed cycle has become one among the foremost chosen two-wheelers.

It’s an aluminum frame that has reduced the bike’s weight considerably in order that you won’t need to put tons of effort and pressure while pedaling.

The disc brakes present on both the front and rear wheels, you’ll have supreme control over the motion and can be ready to stop the bike instantaneously.

Since the chassis features a suspension fork included in it, you wouldn’t have any difficulty driving through bumpy roads, potholes, and pebbled pathways.


  • Absolutely fitting for tall people, with a height of 5.4” to 6.4”, all because of the raised handlebar. 
  • The PU covered seats are often raised or pulled down using the fast release system. 
  • The tires are of high-quality rubber which will withstand abrasions on the mountain terrain. 
  • Its 21-speed gear for fewer pedaling efforts during both uphill and downhill journey


  • No mudguard is present, which could harm the rear chassis of the bicycle. 

6. Frog Viper X-101 27.5 Inches 21 Speed Bike

With an 18.5″ steel framework, Frog has made the bike sturdy and robust enough to handle the rough mountain and off-road terrains.

It’s a shifting gear, which offers you 21-speed options. Three bags are present at the front, while the remaining seven Shimano gear combinations are present at the buttocks .

You will be ready to change the gears with the Shimano Derailleur present on the handle. It’s the Zoom 389 suspension fork for a far better ride through off-roads, and hence you’d feel the jumping of the bike and therefore the seat. 


  • Wide cycle wheels for handling the pressure of the cycle alongside the rider. 
  • Front suspension fork present to form the rides soothing and cozy . 
  • Easy gear shifting option with the Shimano derailleur. 


  • The rear suspension isn’t present, and hence extra pressure is going to be current on the rear wheels. 
  • It doesn’t accompany reflector options, making it difficult to ride on city roads with heavy traffic. 

7. Endless 27.5T 21-Speed steel all-terrain bike : Best Cycle Under 15000

Carbon steel has been utilized in manufacturing this particular bike because it’s corrosion-resistant, standard-weight, and has high endurance for rough rides.

Front suspension is present to make sure that the rider wouldn’t feel the unevenness of the terrain he is going to be cycling.

As usual, the essential 21-speed thumb shifter gear is currently within the bicycle, which can assist you at the time of both ascent and descent.

The mudguard will help to guard your bike’s frame from debris, rocks, dust, and even from the mud. With soft PU grips present within the handle, steering the bike is going to be easier than expected. 


  • Steel framework to handle the surplus stress of off-road commutes easily. 
  • For shifting and reducing the pressure which is present on the pedals 21 speed gear arrangement is provided.
  • The presence of disc brakes to offer you the last word control over the bike’s motion. 
  • A strong and durable stand to assist you in resting the bicycle once you aren’t riding. 


  • The wheel rims aren’t made up of double-walled aluminum, putting the tires at high wear and tear risks.

8. Sturdy Fat Bike with 26X4 INCH Tyres – Mountain Fat Bike : Best Cycle Under 15000

The hero of this bike is its tires. Both the tires have an outsized width, which ensures even weight distribution on the surface, and hence, a Sturdy fat bike is suitable for loose dirt, small pebble roads, and even on concrete urban roads.

With a color combination of black and white, the bicycle looks marvelous. It’s a 21-speed combinational arrangement, with seven rear gears and three front ones. Aside from this, the bike also features a front fork suspension for a smooth ride. 


  • 160mm disc brakes to assist you amazingly in controlling the bike’s motion on all terrain. 
  • You’ll change the speed of the bike using the gear system at your convenience. 
  • Since the frame is formed from aluminum, it’ll be ready to drift against the airflow pressure with ease.


  • It doesn’t yield productive results for riders above thirty, the most reason being the fat tires. 

9. Viva SX 5.0 21 Speed Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is one of a kind. And that’s why you’ve got this fantastic Viva SX 5.0 21-speed bike, which has been specially designed for such adventurous tours. Multiple coatings of yellow colour paint is present on the alloy frame, which goes well with the chassis of black colour.

Since this is often a 21-speed geared bike, you’ll get comfortable while pedaling too hard. The front frame has a suspension fork attached. The wheels are indeed fat, which can assist you to travel long off-road distances frequently without having to suffer from inflated tires. 


  •  Dual brake discs to enhance the movement and supply an instantaneous halt feature. 
  • Thumb shifter gear present on the handle accessible for speed transmission. 
  • The frame’s standard weight will assist you to appropriately manoeuvre the bike without accidents.


  • Here, the mudguard is absent because the rear chassis is at high risk of injury from poor road conditions.

10. Hero RX2 26T 21 Speed Sprint Cycle

With 21-speed options, the bike features a total of three front gears and 7 back gears. The frame is sort of sturdy, because of the steel material.

This model of the bicycle has a rigid suspension, which is ideal for bicycle trails and concrete roads. Both at the front and buttocks , the bike had calliper brakes, increasing the two-wheeler’s longevity.

With a gorgeous colour combination of the frame, it’s become one among the foremost chosen bicycles under 15000.


  • Bike looks sturdy because of its steel framework. 
  • It comes with a 21-speed combination; this allows you to transit on any terrain without much physical effort. 
  • Wide, flat tires are utilized in the bike, distributing the pressure evenly on the bottom .


  • No front suspension is present within the bike, and hence, you’re sure to feel the pressure of the jumps on off-roads.

11. Montra Madrock Cycle (26T) : Best Cycle Under 15000

Montra is understood for its sort of entry-level mountain bikes and affordable hybrid cycles, and this Madrock 26T won’t disappoint you. First, let’s mention its low weight.

The Montra bike has aluminium alloy frame and rims to form this bicycle lightweight, which provides the rider more control and confidence while climbing and riding off-road.The bike employs dual discs within the front and rear wheels for top braking efficiency.

It also features 26-inch wheels with a saddle made from high density foam, providing more comfort and stability while learning.

It’s more suitable for riders over 5ft 6 inch tall .With tons of gears, Shimano integrated brake levers, adjustable seat, and therefore the funky look, this is often one among the simplest gear cycles under 20000 INR.

If you’re particularly trying to find an aluminium bicycle, then don’t hesitate to urge this Montra bike.


  • Adjustable speed with 21-speed gears
  • The wheels are wide, which ensures that the load is well distributed.
  • The model has Easy fire Shimano shifters; these ensure easy shifting of gears for speed changing.
  • Durable aluminium frame; lightweight.


  • Needs improvement within the performance of the suspension
  • The thin gear system is claimed to scale back the performance.


Here, we’ve discussed tons of the best bikes that you simply can get under 15000. All you’ve got to try to do is study these bikes properly, then choose the proper one consistent with your convenience.

It might help if you bought the simplest bike to last long, and you won’t need to face any problem with gear shifting, terrain transit, and so on.

There are tons of the best bikes under 15000. If you would like the simplest bike within this price range, you’ve got to review the small print first, check whether the specifications match your needs or not, then make the ultimate selection.

To buy the best cycle under 15000, all the above mentioned details should be considered so that you will have the best bicycle which is under budget and which will give you comfortable and smooth rides as well.

There are tons of bicycles which are best on their own but what matters is what is your choice? What do you want from a cycle? Comfort or just for the purpose of showing off, the higher the amount, higher will be our standard in the society.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting a cycle for yourself is often tricky especially if you’re not clear with the aim of shopping for. Thus, the clarity with reference to the aim of the cycle is important .

Whether you’re trying to find it as a daily commute or for adventures or is it for the cycling practices early within the morning.

A subsequent step comes in budget selection. you’d not want to spend like a 4 wheeler while purchasing a cycle. Would you?

You must check out specific gears and suspensions, as they prevent any physical damage or injury. If you’re trying to find a light-weight cycle, choosing ones with dual disc brakes with a carbon-steel frame, would be preferable.

The biggest reason is that there are many cases when the seat isn’t comfortable for extended rides and it leads to back pain.

Hence, make sure that the seat is adjusted to your convenience, if you’re within the growing stage.

Also, confirm that your selected cycle is simpler to succeed in and you don’t gotta stretch an excessive amount of .

The proper saddle position and therefore the frame size also are crucial. With differing types of bicycles available within the market, choosing a specific piece has proven to be too overwhelming for several riders.

Not only do they need to think about the budget but also the features of the cycle. It weighs more than many other facts. 

To help you select the simplest bicycle within this price limit, here I have discussed a number of the facts you would like to think about . 


the primary thing one must also know to consider is the budget. A cost of 15000 is the maximum price limit for bicycles. But, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to settle on bikes having prices on the brink of this limit.

you’ll choose a motorcycle whose cost is within your affordability, which can be 5000 or 10000. 

Sort of bicycle

Three sorts of bikes are mainly present within the market.These cycles have different features to deal with different kinds of roads. 


This specific bicycle type may be a crossover between the regular touring bike and therefore the agile all-terrain bike . The models come with greater suspensions and wider tyres, which permit you to travel perfectly on gravel or uneven roads. 


Because the name suggests, these bikes are mainly designed for off-road travels where the surface is formed from loose soil, clay, rocks, pebbles, loose dirt, and so on. The models are characterized by their firm suspensions and highly durable frames for tolerating the surface’s bumps and roughness. 


They need standard features like average-sized tires, proper gears, and so on. 


To shop for the simplest bicycle, you would like first to make a decision about the two-wheeler’s purpose in your life. If you would like to travel on straight, smooth roads, you would like a road or touring bikes.

For off-roads tours, mountain bikes are the simplest choice.

If you would like to alternate between concrete roads and uneven surfaces with sight elevations, hybrid bikes are going to be ideal. 

Age bracket and inseam height

The cycle choice will depend upon the age bracket . If you look closely, you’ll find not all cycles are perfect for 15 years old teenagers, while not every bicycle is going to be suitable for adults.

Aside from this, it might be best if you furthermore may consider the height, inseam, of the bike as well as the checker. 


Lastly, you would like to seem into the parts of the bicycle. This may include the gears, wheel types, suspension, handle grips, spokes, brakes, and so on. confirm the bike’s features match your convenience the foremost .

Types of cycles available

Though there are various sorts of bikes available, I might wish to share four sorts of cycles during which you want to have a glance .

Comfort bikes

These are the foremost common sort of cycles that ensure a cushty journey as they provide more room . With a good area, the cycle also offers a far better grip and better designing of the pedals.

With proper aerodynamics, the cycle is often pushed seamlessly, thus it’s perfect for daily use within the city.

Mountain bikes

These cycles are preferred for off-terrain activities. With a strong structure, efficient suspension, and sharp durability, they’re the right ones for an adventurous person. Wider the diameter better stability.

Road bikes

Some of the simplest features of the road bike are light-weight and narrow tires. These bikes can’t be wont to travel longer distances, and if you’re slim, it’d just be for you.

The road bikes, however, do not come with rear or front suspension and are available across a good variety of shapes and sizes.

Using the disc brakes and smooth decrease of resistance make them better to be utilized in road trips.

Fitness bikes

If you’re into exercising, then you want to buy this one. It is often utilized in gyms to scale back weight, lower vital signs , and increase the metabolism of the body.

The toning of the muscles, fat burning, and cardio fitness are the explanations why you want to buy fitness bikes. Also, the probabilities of getting injured using fitness bikes are very less.

How do I choose the simplest gear cycles under 15000?

As I made a decision to get a gear cycle, I considered the situation I travel frequently and therefore the simple maintenance.

The gear cycles fit rough terrain, so, I researched the front suspension and therefore the disc brakes. I made a bound to select those which will tolerate wear and tear.

Disc brakes decide if you ought to travel within the town or travel the long mile. If you opt to travel within the town , the disc brakes are alright. Yet, the trip to longer aisles might need you to try to go away with them.

Even though I’m not curious about selecting the frames, yet if you would like an entire package in terms of safety, frames should be your priority. The right frames take up the whole pressure of your body and not just your hands.

There are a spread of frames to settle on from.If you’re trying to find the old-schooled frames, accompany the steel frames.

The lightest frames are of aluminium. Getting used frequently, they’re sure the higher ones, though a much bigger hit to the pocket.

My next step will be checking upon different brands and prices and then finally deciding the brand to buy from.

I always like to buy a branded bicycle. With brand comes good servicing, so, I made a decision to zero down on those brands which have nearby service centers and good reviews about themselves.When it involves price, it should be within my budget.

Obviously, the expensive ones do accompany stand-out features and supply years of performance. But, the simplest cycle under 15000 should equally perform.

As soon as I decide about my final selection, I will ensure that the warranty period of the geared cycle is as per the industry standards.

It gave me a good idea about the sturdiness of the merchandise too.

Which is better: gear or without gear?

Selection could be difficult if you’re not very clear about your needs. A geared cycle is something which suits an adventurous person with a feisty mindset.

On the other hand, an ungeared cycle is preferred if you’re looking to drive it within the boundaries of the city, or for work.

Both the models have their own share of advantages, but i like to recommend you to pick one as per your needs.

Geared cycles allow you to have more control over the speed of the cycle. As per the terrain, you’ll maneuver the speed of the cycle, which makes it a far better bet than a non-geared cycle.

The power to take care of the cadence between 60 – 90 RPM makes geared cycles better.


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