6 Best Car Interior Cleaners in 2023

If you are looking for the best car interior cleaners, then this article is for you. We will give you a list of several different types of products to help clean your car’s upholstery and fabrics. You can also find some general tips on how to care for your leather seats as well as what type of cleaner should be used on carpets or fabric. 

We hope that these helpful hints will make it easier to take care of your vehicle so that it stays in mint condition for! years to come.

I have compiled a list of some of the cleaners that are available on the market today that you can choose from instead. There are many cleaners that work well for both carpets and leather seats, but there are some specific products that stand out among the rest which will be mentioned below.

The best way for you to decide what may work best is to read through these reviews so you can find something that fits your needs. You also need to keep in mind your budget as well as how often you plan on cleaning your car interior if it’s only once or twice per year, then an efficient cleaner will be sufficient enough at keeping the dirt away.

If you have pets or kids, then you will want to keep your car interior clean at all times. This list of cleaners is great for removing stains before they become permanent; it’s much easier to remove them early on instead of having to scrub out dried up stains that have been there for months.

How We Tested 

Testing cleaners seems straightforward. Clean then compare to find out how well it works! However, the dash test initially decided on wouldn’t work and if possible only tells us so much about a product’s performance after performing three basic tests with them instead for more accurate results.


With eight products to test, dashboard space was tight. Instead we opted for a creative solution and used the rear hatch of our Honda Crosstour!

The surface test is pretty standard – I applied each cleaner in its own section with some tape as reference points before comparing them side by side; this way there’s no guessing when it comes time for final verdicts on how well these things work (or don’t).

We had to do some further testing because there were too many similarities in the two samples.


We had the opportunity to test these cleaners on one of my favorite cars, a Charger. We wanted to see how they worked and if there are any negative impacts from using them before recommending them for use in everyday life with different tasks at hand!

We know that every product we’re testing talks about its perfect properties – like being useful when working near things you interact with regularly (i.e., steering wheels). But since dashboard parts aren’t usually handled so much…We used these spray cleaner up close inside an old design detail area.


To test each product’s ability to repel dust, We decided that an old beat-down center console would be the perfect place. To replicate what happens during a dash inspection in cars and trucks today with their plastic surfaces prone (and sometimes covered) from ever so much sand or dirt over time; all without having one ounce of paint thinner on you while still getting rid of grime!

We first taped off various sections for our cleaners before applying them accordingly–to see if they could really clean up anything at least halfway decent.

We decided to shake off a shop broom above each section and give the console another good shake. A quick swipe of tissue would reveal how much dust remained on its surface after we applied cleaners, so this time around there were only light traces left behind from before when we started cleaning!

Our Findings

It’s time to put our car contenders through their paces. We’ll be testing the surface size, steering wheel design and dust resistance of each vehicle before determining which is best for you!

Best Car Interior Cleaner In India In 2023

1. 3M Car Interior Cleaner: 3M Car Interior Cleaner

3M products are trusted by car owners everywhere. This product, designed for cleaning interiors of cars and enhancing the experience, is no exception!

This car interior cleaner is made for cleaning upholstery, carpets and seats. It can even be used on vinyl surfaces or roof lining of your vehicle!

With this product you don’t have to worry about any stains in the backseat because it has powerful yet gentle agents that stimulate both stain removal as well as cleanliness during use.

This cleaner will be a huge help for those who love their cars. It can clean your whole car, not just the exterior!

The best thing about this product is that after using it once you don’t have to worry about dirt getting on other parts of your vehicle because all surface areas get cleaned thoroughly with its large package size and easy-to use design.

The car interior cleaner is a safe and effective solution for those of you who are looking to keep your vehicles in pristine condition.

It will not contain CFCs or chlorine, so it’s easy on any type of material! This also makes them great as a general purpose cleaner – perfect if all else fails when trying find just what kind one needs at an affordable price point too!

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  • It provides great value for money.
  • It is chlorine and CFC free.
  • Easy tp use product


  • Very strong smell

2. Dazlo Vinyl and Leather Cleaner for Car Interiors: Best Car Interior Cleaner And Protectant

The Dazlo brand is known for their powerful auto part cleaners. The newest addition to this list, the Auto Interior Cleaner can be used in your car to get dirt and stains off of different parts easily without damaging surface finishes or leaving behind residue that could scratch windows later on down the line!

This product cleans any surface in your car with its powerful cleaning agents and is ideal for a variety of surfaces. It can even be used on different types of material at home or the office because it’s so versatile!

Dazlo is the best way to keep your car interior looking new and clean. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals so it won’t damage suede or nubuck leathers, but make sure you don’t use this product on bots because its not designed for those materials!

It is the perfect way to keep your car looking new. Not only does it prevent cracking, but also removes dirt particles from surfaces and can be used on delicate or heavily soiled areas without scratching anything!

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  • It improves the lifespan of the car surface
  • It does not have any harmful ingredient
  • It cleans surfaces very efficiently


  • You might face difficulty removing stain

3. Formula 1 Mr. Leather 615163 Spray Cleaner

The Formula 1 brand provides great performance and is popular worldwide. The car care products of this company have powerful cleaning agents that clean the surface efficiently, it contains natural ingredients so its safe to use; another thing which makes these items stand out from others in their class are they’re made with wax derived from Copernica Cerifera trees grown exclusively on islands off Brazil – known for producing some really delicious candy among other things!

The use of the best quality ingredients in this car spray cleaner helps provide great shine. The product is specially manufactured by Formula 1, which makes your vehicle sleek and soft with micro polishing agents that remove dirt from any type scratch or swirl marks on its surface effectively.

Not only does this cleaner keep your leather from cracking and fading, but it also helps fully keeps the surface looking fresh.

The spray-bottle design makes for an easy way to apply just one or two sprays onto any area of interest before wiping away lascannot wait until you try this product!

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  • Made with Natural ingredients
  • It provides superior performance.
  • This spray cleaner moisturizes and protects leather surface from cracking.


  • No major cons

4. Wavex PLVR Car Interior Cleaner: Best Car Interior Cleaners

The Wavex PLVR car interior cleaner is the perfect choice for cleaning your vehicle’s dirty and greasy surfaces.

This formula has been specifically designed with powerful cleaners that work on all types of materials, including rubber or vinyl upholstery; leather seats – even in cracks! It will leave you feeling satisfied knowing this product leaves nothing behind but a beautiful new look inside out too.

The Wavex PLVR car interior cleaner is an excellent product that does not only clean the surface of a leather or rubber component, but also keeps them safe from cracking.

This prevents fading and restores their natural look while keeping you fitter for your upcoming journey with this chemical-free solution!

The pH of this interior cleaner is balanced, so you can easily remove grime and dirt from your car’s delicate surfaces. Regular use will keep it safe for a long time!

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  • It is designed with powerful ingredients.
  • You can use it on leather, rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces.
  • Easily cleans stains, dirt, and dust from interior.
  • Available in different sizes.


  • The spray nozzle could have been better

5. Shell Car Interior Cleaner

The shell car interior cleaner is designed to provide optimal cleaning performance, and it cleans the inside of your vehicle with a triple-action formula that also conditions. It removes dirt from every nook in seconds while emitting an alluring scent for better driving experience!

With the amazing smell of citrus and menthol, this product will leave your car smelling great. The light green hue makes it perfect for any color interior – giving you an even more enjoyable ride!

It also provides protection against UV rays which can lead to fading or discoloration on surfaces if left unprotected; not only does Shell Cleaner protect them from dirt but drying time is cut down significantly due its quick absorption rate (just like lotion). With all these benefits combined into one bottle?! You’ll never want another type again!

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  • Triple-action formula
  • Good smell
  • Protects  from UV rays.


  • Packaging could have been better

6. 3M Anti Germ Foaming Car Interior Cleaner

The 3M interior cleaner provides optimal performance on different types of surfaces, so by buying this product you can clean your entire vehicle with ease.

The 3m car interior cleaner is the best way to keep your vehicle clean without any hassle. It can be used on different types of surfaces, including leather and fabric seats which many other cleaners are not capable for. The spray nozzle makes it very easy-to use because you just have one button that does all work!

The 3M car interior cleaner is a very easy way to keep your vehicle looking and feeling new. It can be applied in seconds with just one spray, then wiped away for an exceptional clean every time! The ingredients are safe on most surfaces so it’s perfect if you need something that won’t damage fabrics or leather seats.

The only downside might be its weight which means backpackers may struggle while carrying them around on long walks but at 580 grams they’re not too heavy duty anyway – plus there’s always room left over since this product comes in bulk form anyways.

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  • High performance.
  • Powerful ingredients.
  • Easy usability.


  • No such major cons

Buying Guide for Best Car Interior Cleaner in India

Buyers guide for Best Car Interior Cleaners
Buyers guide for Best Car Interior Cleaners

When you’re looking for a great car interior cleaner, it’s important that the product be effective and easy to use. The right choice can make all of your time spent in cleaning go much more smoothly- not only will this save money on tedious tasks but also provide better results!

The following are some things to keep in mind while looking for the best car interior cleaner:

Quality Of the Cleaner

The quality of your car interior cleaner is one of the most important things to look at. You want the ingredients to be safe and effective on surfaces that you often use, especially fabric and leather.

Cleaning Performance

Make sure that the product performs well on a variety of surfaces- not just fabric materials! It’s also a good idea to look at the spray nozzle and how it works to determine if you’ll have a steady stream of product without any issues.

Ease Of Use

Yes, you want to make sure that the product is easy to use but there are some other factors to consider too.

You always want easy access to your interior cleaner- whether it be the storage location in the car or during usage time by having a simple button spray feature. Then comes weight- do you want a bulky solution?

Or something that’s going to fit into tighter spaces? When considering ease of use, think about what kind of product will work best for your situation instead of just looking for anything quick and easy.


The packaging can also play a role in how well the product works for you. If you’re looking at a spray can solution, how big is the can itself? Are there additional features like different nozzles or attachments to consider?


The pricing of your product is important as well- you never want to overspend on something that doesn’t provide high performance.

But if you look around enough, you might be able to find an option with all the extras and excellent results without breaking the bank! Plus it’s always good to have some money left after normal car expenses so these types of products come in handy.

Multipurpose Use

There are some car interior cleaners that can be used for more than just the inside of the vehicle. This is always an added benefit because you can save money by getting multiple jobs done with just one product! Just note how often you want to use it and if it’s an option for your situation.


A good interior car cleaner will offer you a better experience and mood. You should always look for the ones with fragrant scents to make your time spent cleaning more enjoyable!

Prevention Of Dust

It’s a good idea to find something that will prevent dirt and dust from sticking to your surfaces. This is especially important for those who live in areas with lots of rain or high temperatures. A dust inhibitor can help you avoid building up and stains and keep your car looking great all the time!

Surface Compatibility

You always want to make sure that your car interior cleaner is safe for surfaces that you will be using it on! Look for options that are strong enough to remove stains but gentle enough to not damage any sensitive materials.


Ideally, the option you choose should have a low weight so it’s easier to carry around in your car or during use. Some products also have great storage features so they don’t take up too much space when not being used.

A compact design can save time and effort while cleaning so keep this in mind when considering what size of product might work best for you.

Storage Features

Are there additional storage features with your potential product? If there are bonuses like hooks or attachments, then it’s always a good idea to factor those in!

Protective Features

For years, car owners have been using interior cleaners to clean their vehicles. But what you may not know is that these products also provide many other benefits and enhance the overall experience of driving in your own city or on unfamiliar roads!

The Interior Cleaner can do wonders for protecting all parts inside our cars from dirt buildup- which means better aesthetics as well protection against corrosion because it will protect metal surfaces with acid shields instead​of simply brushing away unwanted particles by hand every time we get behind ​the wheel.

Eco Friendly

We want our car interior clean without worrying that it will have a negative impact on us or anything else in the world. The ingredients used for this product should be safe, so we know they’re worth using!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Car Interior Cleaners
Frequently Asked Questions about Best Car Interior Cleaners

Can Car Interior Cleaners Be Used for Cleaning Glass Surfaces?

Cleaning glass surfaces is a common task for most interior cleaners, so you can bet that it’s also safe with this product!

Where Can I Buy Car Interior Cleaner?

You can find it on Amazon and in most local auto parts stores. This will be the easiest way to find reliable results and avoid potentially dangerous chemicals and materials that might harm your car’s exterior or any passengers with allergies!

How Do I Use Car Interior Cleaner?

It’s simple- just follow the instructions on the packaging! Most come in spray forms but some may offer different options like wipes too. Don’t forget to read carefully when deciding what type of applicator works best for your needs.

Is There a Best Time of Year to Use Car Interior Cleaners?

The best time of year to use your interior cleaner is whenever you want to! Just be sure that the area you are working on isn’t too hot or too cold because extreme temperatures can affect the drying times.

How Long Have People Been Using Car Interior Cleaners?

People have been using car interior cleaners for years now, but it’s still a recent innovation in terms of car products!

The strategy behind this product has actually been around since the 1970s when people started to notice how much dirt was gathering inside their vehicles.

Can I Use My Existing Car Cleaning Supplies With This Product?

Yes! Many cleaners offer compatibility with existing cleaning products but always double check before trying anything new for the first time.

Many chemicals can react to different brands and you don’t want your products doing anything strange or harmful that might ruin all the hard work you’ve put into keeping your car looking great!

Does The Product Have Any Warnings or Precautions?

Some products may require special precautions for how to use them and who they can be used on. There should be a warning label on the product’s packaging that will explain what this is if you need it!

How Long Will The Product Last?

This varies depending on how much product you need, but most car interior cleaners offer a standard shelf life of about two years.

These products also get better with time, so don’t worry if your cleaner isn’t as effective at first- chances are it’ll only improve over time so try giving it another go in a few months!


While there are many types of car interior cleaners in the market, you should consider what features make up for your particular needs when selecting one.

You also want to find out if any toxic ingredients will harm or damage not only your vehicle but also yourself and others around it as well (that includes pets). In this process we hope our buying guide and reviews here help!

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