Top 15 Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India [Expert Review] – 2023

In the world of moving fast all the technology has to be in a way which is portable .There comes a bluetooth speaker as a great invention for all those who love music and want to have it around them everywhere without trying to stop for any portal or outlet to plug in everytime.

With that doesn’t stop the invention. As a boon is the Bluetooth speakers with FM. This is the list of 15 Best Bluetooth Speakers with FM in India. FM are our part of our life that when we travel, we stress, we relax everything is around hearing FM.

The RJ in FM instantly lights up your mood and you have lot more stories, jokes, facts to hear everyday with songs which is old and updated one.

This one wireless technology device changes your game without relying on your internet or the less playlist you have on your device.

We all see the top Best bluetooth speakers with FM in India. you can also check Best Bluetooth Speakers In India.

15 Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM In India In 2023

1. Amkette Trubeats BoomerFX : Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India

It is kind of great for house parties with small speakers but can get you loud to your choice of volume.Its 12w SuperBoom output.So it does make a great effect on your house parties.

It has an effective acoustic design to reduce the output noise and give you the crystal clear sound.It has an excellent build quality one bluetooth speaker needs and it’s finish with metallic gives a premium look.Boomer FX is one such speaker which fulfills your home party needs.

Product details:

  • Amkette trubeats bomer Fx portable bluetooth speaker comes with high and rich quality sound performance.
  • Worried about the battery charge this comes with the inbuilt battery charger that holds for a maximum of 20 hours.yeah the great news you can use this port to charge your phone.
  • The metallic finish and acoustically designed for the great sound .you will love for its sound quality with punchy beats and crystal clear voice.
  • Yes it has your voice assistant where you command to boom your room with its sound.
  • You can pair it with two speakers to have that party effect at home.
  • Multi Connectivity  feature comes in hand like aux,sd card,pendrive.

Special features


Speaker type:single speaker

Brand:single speaker

Recommended uses of product:smartphones,tablet

Special feature:Radio


  • Good quality sound
  • Nice built and appearance
  • Good battery backup


  • No display watch/notification panel
  • Speaker starts in high volume whenever switched on
  • Needs cable for FM radio for almost all time

2. Philips BT64B – Compact Bluetooth Speaker with FM : Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India

Product Detail :

  • This looks compact and sleek in your space with advanced audio performance.
  • It has an easy connection to the electronic device.
  • It has a microphone inbuilt to switch your calls easily.
  • It has an rechargeable battery built in

Special features:

  Bluetooth frequency band: 2.4 Ghz to 2.48 Ghz

  Sensitivity: 80dBm,

  Frequency response: 70 Hz to 20 Khz,

  Speaker Impedance: 4 ohm

  Connector Type:Wireless bluetooth,aux

  Speaker Type:portable

  Brand:philips audio

  Special :FM,micro SD


  • Good sound
  • Light weight


  • Battery backup low
  • Bluetooth range is short
  • Radio connectivity is low

3. Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0

This bluetooth speaker comes with your bollywood party in pocket.Jam with your preloaded songs of 351 of legendary singers.Charge your bluetooth with android device which holds charge upto 5 hours.This is compact enough to fit in your palm.This bluetooth fills your space stylish and small.

Product details

  • 351 Pre-loaded evergreen Hindi songs
  • USB and Bluetooth modes
  • FM/AM radio
  • 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting external speakers/ headphones and 
  • port for plugging in phones and other devices with aux
  • A rechargeable battery that last up to 5 hours
  • Easy charging with your android device.

Special features


Model year:2018

Product dimensions:11*4*8;318gms

Battery:1lithium battery

Hardware interface:usb 3.5mm audio

Tuner technology:FM,AM

Compatible devices:Android

Special device:Auto speaker setup

Mounting hardware: usb cable


  • Compact
  • Satisfactory sound quality
  • Antenna
  • The AM+FM feature is remarkable.


  • 351 saregama songs are played with no shuffling
  • No mechanism to hear a specific song  or holding it to skip-forward/backward 10 songs.
  • Struggling with radio station seeker mechanism. 4.Need to push the button multiple times till the station is caught.

4. JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

With its powerful bass this bluetooth speaker plays with high frequency sound.It has crystal clear FM radio.It is very convenient to connect with your smartphone with bluetooth.

This bluetooth has an in-built charger which holds charge for 8 hours with uninterrupted play time.

Product details

  • Bluetooth speaker with inbuilt FM radio
  • With optimal audio settings and charge holds 8 hours.
  • Tune your stations with preset buttons.
  • LCD display settings to view your name song listed.

   Special features

Model name:Horizon

Product dimensions:16.5*6.6**6.6 cm

Batteries:1 lithium battery

Compatible devices:Audio player,laptop,Mobile

Special features:Radio

Display type:LCD



  • Backlight LCD Display  to the first-gen.
  • Extended playback time for up to 12hrs.
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • USB Type C
  • Supports Bluetooth playback from mobile or tablets. 
  • Connects to my Samsung TV via Bluetooth 
  • Crisp audio.


  • Lacks deep Bass, distorts at a higher volume.
  • Do not expect the sound quality to be similar to the Bluetooth  JBL speakers.
  • No power adapted, just USB Type C cable included.
  • Has 5 FM channel memory to store.

5. Portronics SoundDrum – Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM in India

This is a budget friendly bluetooth speaker which comes as a simple and sleek with high quality sound and frequency.

Indoors or outdoors it comes with both dust and pollution resistant.You can have it in your backpack to hear your favourite songs everywhere and everytime.small microphone is inbuilt to have hands free calling from your phone.

Product details

  • With the power of bluetooth and wireless it has faster quality.
  • 360 degree sound around your room with its cylindrical shaped features.
  • Special amplifiers with distortion free sound whenever wherever.
  • Water resistant and you don’t want to run for a safe place to keep.

Special features

Model name:POR871

Product dimensions:300gms

Batteries:1A batteries

Compatible devices:smartphone,tablet,laptop

Special features:4.2 speaker with FM radio

mounting type:Table top.


  • Pendrive can be used
  • 3.5 mm cable to play music
  • Bluetooth music
  • SD card supported
  • powerbank
  • Superb bass
  • Loud to your room
  • Battery life is long
  • Build quality is solid
  • Soundrum premium quality
  • Crystal clear sound
  • 10 watt speaker with powerful output
  • Certified water resistant
  • Worth the money


  • The USB port is a bit hard to handle while plugin and plug out.

6. JBL Flip 4 by Harman Portable Wireless Speaker : Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India

With its powerful bass bluetooth speaker it is a next generation bluetooth in this competition technology in speakers.

Just with simple button touch it has access to siri and google assistance.This is the fastest and quality assure speaker.

Product details

  • 12 hours of uninterrupted power charge
  • Waterproof with durable material
  • Bass radiators 
  • Siri and google assistance 
  • Noise and echo cancelling technology
  • Jbl has its signature sound quality.

Special features

Bluetooth version:2.0

Battery type:lithium ion polymer


Output power:2*8w


Charge time:3.5 hours

Cable input:3.5mm audio


  • well balances sound quality.
  • solid build quality
  • charging and battery life good
  • premium quality cable 


  • Sound fills your home
  • No jbl connect
  • No Mic.

7. boAt Stone 200 IPX6 Waterproof 3W Speaker

Don’t get confused by the size of the speaker with its sound quality.It can be connected through wireless device and play all your songs stored in the device you connected.

It comes with a powerful battery with its versatile sound companion for the music lover for its portable size and shape.fill your space stylish and sleek.

Product details

  • Resistant to water splash
  • Its easy portable and mounting
  • Battery backup og 10 hours
  • Item weight- 240 gms
  • Bluetooth v4.1 with 10m range
  • 3W RMS Output
  • 1 mic for receiving calls
  • Bluetooth v4.1 with 10m range; Audio Input via AUX
  • Immersive sound with 3w of audio
  • Integrated multifunction allow access to the device to full range of functions

Special features

Bluetooth version:4.1

Battery type:1 lithium polymer batteries


Output power:3watts rms output


Charge time:30 hours

Cable input:super extra bass.


  • Robust speaker
  • Bass quality high
  • Battery lasts long
  • Premium design quality and look


  • No satisfied customer service
  • Fades for some sound clips

8. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa : Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India

Shortly called as alexa which is favourite for kids at home .Its voice recognition is amazing when you’re in the home or any corners of the room.

With its 3rd generation technology it takes place in every home,news or any type of information is instant when is connected to is compatible and small to any space

This echo dot device in your space gives you a high tech look .using echo dot you can control all your smart devices installed at your home.

It has standalone speakers with versatile usage and simply plug into your mobile to be used as a speaker

Product details

  • Echo dot is smart speaker
  • Operated by voice even from distance
  • New feature can be added 
  • Both in english and hind
  • It has an hands free music solution
  • Operate with a simple voice just ask and get your required information.
  • Comes with multiple layer privacy protection
  • Can delete all your voice recordings
  • Latest app developed with Hindi language.

Special features



Generic name:speakers

Audio:built in speaker with 3.1 stereo audio output

In the box:comes with a power adapter.


  • improved in its sound quality
  • Alexa and Amazon are integrated which can solve half of my daily needs.
  • smart speaker,Bluetooth speaker and also it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • Amazon prime membership per year is low.You can stream in Amazon
  • prime video, music from prime music, kindle ebooks.
  • can control smart devices in your home.


  • No battery power has to be connected to the outlet all the time.

9. iBall Portable Speaker iBall Musi – Rock (Military Green)

Searching for speakers to your kids with sound that is safe to kids ears.This would be the best choice for kids to tap their feet to music they hear and rhymes of their choice.

Good quality and long lasting premium device which is suitable for kids and can be used in birthday parties for kids to enjoy .

Product details

  • Comes with super sound since kids have sensitive ears.
  • It is finely balanced with resonance
  • Designer speakers for kids to fancy about their speakers
  • Charging stand till 6 hours
  • It is a compact and mini bluetooth speaker which can be given as a gift to kids.

Special feature

Product dimensions:169gms

Batteries:1 lithium polymer batteries

Item model number:musi kids

Wire type:bluetooth

Voltage:5 volts

Wattag:3 watts

Power source:battery

Battery life:6 hours


  • Value for money
  • Good sound quality
  • Portable size
  • Sufficient speaker
  • Good battery backup


  • No AUX input facility.

10. iBall Musi Play X1 Wireless Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Looking for a good music companion with pocket friendly budget then this iball musi play would be of great choice.with its cube size comes with great clarity and has built in mic for your hands free call.

Ultra portable and comes with super 12 color options to choose.

Product details

  • It has best connectivity towards bluetooth ,micro sd and radio
  • Easy and portable design to carry indoor and outdoor
  • High bass with superior quality sound of music in 3 watts
  • 6 hours charge backup with charging of 1.5 hours.
  • Multipurpose speaker for your mobile to take calls and end call.

Special features

Product dimensions:169 gms

Batteries:1 lithium polymer batteries

Model number:musi play a1

Wireless type:bluetooth

Voltage:5 volts

Wattage:3 watts

Power source:battery


  • Solid sound quality
  • Inbuilt mic is efficient
  • Fast charging
  • Superior integration


  • Maximum sound value is not upto the range given.

11. Zebronics Zeb-County Bluetooth Speaker : Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India

Zebronics speaker comes with multi portable connectivity and handy in use.solid sound quality and inbuilt mic provides us the call connection and end while using mobile.

With low price this gives high quality sound frequency and can be used anywhere you move .Supported audio format with huge memory has high frequency respondents built in rechargeable battery is an added advantage provided.

Product details

  • Zeb county is for multi connectivity facility with BT/USB/micro sd/aux
  • Speaker comes with both built in radio and call function
  • It has aux connecting technology
  • It has sound quality of outdoor speaker
  • Charging time is 5 hours
  • But with playback of 10 hours
  • Stitching the speaker to FM mode by connecting to the usb portal.
  • It is old boom box design with button in top
  • Comes in classy color options

Special features

Product dimensions:390gms

Batteries:1 lithium polymer batteries

Item model number:zeb-county

Wire type:bluetooth

Voltage:5 volts

Wattag:3 watts

Power source:battery

Battery life:10 hours


  • Battery backup of 10 hours
  • Version is 5.0 uses low power
  • Micro usb cable to plugin for fm
  • Volume controls and call controls
  • Charging of aux cable


  • High sound without the bass.

12. iBall Musi Bar High Power Compact Soundbar

With its slim appearance don’t underestimate the sound effect .loud volume with strong solid base of has its own inbuilt dynamic sound effect.easy to carry around.

Can be used in your picnics,house parties and more entertainment purposes.the pairing of devices is easy to do with its inbuilt integration.

Product details

  • Connector type is wireless
  • Comes with soundbar speaker
  • Powerful stereo with super sound quality of output 10 watts with high listening experience
  • Bluetooth range is 10m
  • Easily carried anywhere and everywhere
  • Long play time of 15 hours 
  • Built in mic to connect with all devices without any wire tangled
  • Wide compatibility with control buttons on aux,bluetooth,FM
  • Battery backup of 15 hours in single charge

Special feature

Model:musi bar

Product dimensions:625 gms

Battery:2 lithium polymer batteries

Model number:musi bar


Wattage:10 watts

Power source:battery


  • Best budget speaker to buy
  • Sound quality is solid,sharp and loud
  • Sound is crystal clear at loud volume
  • Connectivity is fast
  • Comes with the remote to operate at distant


  • Average bass experience

13. Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker : Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India

Artis BT90 is an outdoor speaker with loud sound is best used for picnics,house parties,cultural practises,outdoor sport sessions and for your relaxing evening walk.

Wireless connect to your mobile phones and other devices.

The pairing is easy and quick to integrate.usb port to connect your aux,cable,pendrive and micro SD.for proficient battery performance dont charge more than 8 hours.

Product details

  • Designed with robust cubical shape
  • Operating range is 10 m
  • Dynamic sound effect with high and crystal clear sound
  • Wireless bluetooth speaker
  • Connection is easy in bluetooth,usb card,tf card reader
  • Has multiple input modes
  • Designed to compliment great sound
  • Compact and handy

Special feature


Product dimension:475gms

Batteries:1 lithium ion battery

Wattage:3 watts

Power source:battery

Battery life:5 hours

Mounting type:table top


  • High sound inside house
  • Connectivity is good
  • Comes handy 
  • Easy usage of specifications
  • Battery backup


  • Cannot plug usb and aux together.

14. Artis BT22 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker comes along with torch light of LED.It has varied input modes for hands free is made up of soft touch plastic material with crystal clear sound and high dynamic quality of sound.

For a wireless stereo effect you can connect to two speakers to feel the high bass sound effect.It has an operating effect of 10 m with high backup power for hours if you charge initially without interruption.

Product details

  • Wireless bluetooth speaker with the led torch light
  • Handy in use and portable
  • High sound quality with excellent sound bass and trebles of 10 watts
  • True wireless stereo option
  • Rechargeable battery of powerback of 5 hours.
  • Bluetooth with latest version of 4.2
  • Connect with bt22 devices for stereo effect
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Safety hook and easy to carry
  • Rms output with hands free calling

Special feature

Audio output mode:stereo

Output power:8 watts

Speaker connectivity:wireless

Wattage:8 watts

Power source:battery

Battery life:4 hour



  • High stereo effect
  • Sound quality with 2 speaker connection
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Battery backup


  • Sound quality depends upon the environment
  • Not suitable for outdoor

15. ACOSTA SUNO Hits : Best Bluetooth Speakers With FM in India

To provide customer with the best inhouse audio element this bluetooth speaker is designed.this is one of the cutting edge product to deliver customer the immersive music experience.

With its stunning sound it gives a great experience for music lovers with the updated technology embedded in this device.

Product details

  • Sony music gives this speaker with preloaded songs of 1000 songs and 7 stations to cover.
  • Rich music of legendary singers and music directors
  • Powerful sound experience with two speakers attached to get stereo effect  and treble range and bass experience.
  • Fm radio allows access to stations across a total of 8 station frequency.
  • Connectivity and wirelessly compatible
  • High battery charge power
  • Hands free calling

Special features

Model:suno hits


Battery:1 lithium ion battery

Model number:suno hits

Item weight:270g

Battery life:5 hours

Power source:battery powered

Connector type;wireless,bluetooth,aux

Mounting type:table top


  • Good sound quality
  • Many stations to hear
  • Preloaded song
  • Stereo effect with bass and treble
  • Sleek and stylish in look
  • Inhouse audio effect with quality assured


  • Battery charge is bit complicated
  • Bluetooth range gives low volume

16. Portronics Dynamo

Enjoy the stereo effect sound without messy wires and avoid large speakers occupying space in your can canary around to enjoy your music above mountains,during travel,sunrise witness with some melancholy voices.

Experience the sound effect with these portable speakers and multiple connectivity.

Product details

  • High quality amplifiers for your inhouse party
  • HD sound effect with punch premium and sound bass
  • 12 hours of charge battery comes in long way for your road travel
  • Hassle free connectivity with range of 5 m range
  • Portable design
  • Crystal clear sound effect

 Special features


Model name:por-737


Battery:1 lithium polymer batteries


Wattage:5 watts

Power source:battery

Connector type:bluetooth,wireless,usb


  • Sound quality is premium
  • Sound intensity is clear
  • Build quality and inbuilt integration good
  • Overall features enhance the quality of the speaker


  • Should have embossed buttons
  • Usb mode performance not markable
  • Battery performance
  • Forward / Revine mode is missing
  • Audio-Out is needed for enhancing sound.

How to effectively use Bluetooth Speaker 

Everything going online and digital is the invention of devices which satisfies our needs and perform our task efficiently.

This bluetooth speaker with FM is one such device which dont make us lonely at any time when it is around. With one touch and one voice command it will do tasks for us. Span of time we can hear information,news,songs belonging to old times and updated songs.

Many options available in the market it is our duty to select the speaker to our basic necessity to perform and last long.

Conducting parties with this inbuilt audio device is now easy.portable, easy to carry ,comes in light weight, stylish and cutting edge technology.

With these varied advantages we can explore the music experience in our hand.regardless of your location it can perform without worry about signal.

Bluetooth speaker with FM is a very good option to carry anywhere and everywhere.Relaxing your time and enjoy your party with music with this compact,stylish and portable device.

Smart devices at home can be connected to this bluetooth speaker to control over your smart home in voice command.

There are a lot of options to select your bluetooth speaker depending upon their performance frequency, sound quality,power output,charge backup,durability,connectivity port,portability.

Bluetooth speaker is a wireless transmission which connects device to device and performs tasks.speaker is set to discovery mode when bluetooth speaker is gives alert to all tiny devices connected.supports multiple music audio devices.

Make your space look stylish without any wire intervention in your party area no fear of getting tangled between wires with this wireless device!!
  • Long lasting battery power
  • No wire
  • Connecting devices within optimal range
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Hands free call connection
  • Kids speaker according to their ear capacity
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Stereo effect
  • Voice over command
  • One touch control of music
  • Preloaded music songs
  • FM stations

You can customize your home theatre using bluetooth speaker.controlling and interacting between devices are made easier with bluetooth speaker.

Surround sound system gives you a perfect theatre effect if it is connected wirelessly in your space.bluetooth speaker with FM is designed for audiophiles who wants to enjoy music not only from their devices but from FM stations which play songs from old times to updated one.

Bluetooth speakers in cars are used to take calls while driving which is very safe without holding your mobile in speakers with noise cancellation because it will cancel all potential sound from the surrounding.

Bluetooth speaker with good microphone pickup calls easily and cut unnecessary noise around.

As discussed above, many speakers select a suitable one and experience its varied connectivity options thus making your work the best bluetooth speaker with FM and light up your space with music.

Why the wait music lover? Buy one and rock your house parties!!


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